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The Hinton News
Hinton, West Virginia
October 29, 1991     The Hinton News
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October 29, 1991
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10- Hinton News Tues. Oct. 29, 1991 COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD Summers County Profile HALLOWEEN Halloween will be observed in the City of Hinton on Oct. 31st. from 6:00 to 8:00. This is for children 12 and under. U.S. GOVERNMENT COMMODITIES AVAILABLE Loaves and Fishes (127 Ballengee St.) is authorized to give out the remaining three items (raisins, rice, and corn meal) once a month to in- come eligible residents of Summers County. Return each month until the supply ends. Bring a bag or box. Quantity given is based upon num- ber of family members. Bring proof of income. There is an abundance of these items. There will not be another distribution in Summers County of food items unti! Mar. '92. Please take advantage of receiving rice, raisins and corn meal at Loaves and Fishes (M.W.F. 10 A - 2 P). FREE BOOKS, coRN FLAKES AND SOUP AT LOAVES AND FISHES We have been given cases of dry soup which we want to share with others in Summers Co. We have on our shelves boxes of expired-dated cornflakes (absolutely safe) which need to be distributed before we make our last J1 orders. There are also many children's and adult books which will make fine fall reading. Come to Loaves and Fishes for these items as well as our customary services: Bread, pas- try, emergency utility assistances, etc. Loaves & Fishes (127 Ballengee St.) is open MWF 10 A - 2 P. DEMOCRATIC FUNDRAISER 'Pickets are available for the Annual Democratic Fundraiser, The Jefferson Jackson Day Dinner, to be held in Charleston on Sat., Nov. 9th. U.S. Senator Bob Kerry of Ne- braska, announced presidential candidate will be the guest speaker. Tickets are $30 each. Contact Summers County Demo- cratic Executive Committee Chair, Cleo Mathews, at 466-1515 for tick- ets and details. DEMOCRATIVE EXECUTIVE CO The public is invited to attend a meeting of the Summers County Democratic Executive Committee to discuss legislative redistricting. Hinton Visitors Center. Tues. Oct. 29, 7P.M. Everyone is welcome. REVIVAL Revival services will be held at the Lerona Memorial Methodist Church on Nov. 3rd. thru Nov. 9th at 7:00 p.m. nightly. Rev. Carlton Wilson speaker. Special gospel singingnightly. Nurs- ery will be provided. Nov. 3rd. is Youth Night. SHOOTING MATCH A Shooting Match will be held on Sat. Nov. 2 at the Pipestem Fire Station. Starting at 10:00 A.M. B.Cg][ TOURNAMENT The Summers-Monroe Jr. High Girls Basketball Tournament will be he]d Nov. 1, 4, 5 and 7 at Hinton High School. Game Time Fri. Nov. 1 is 2:00 p.m. Game Time Nov. 4, 5, and 7 are 6:30 and 8:00 each night. ATTENTION HINTON: LEI's sAvE s DEPARTMENT STORE If you want to save Ames then you have to take action and write to the head office. We need this store. It is for many are unable to travel let Ames close doors and leave us all hurting for a place to shop and jobs that will be lost. Write today to: Attn: Steven Pistner CEO, Ames Dept. Store Inc., Mailstation 0300, 2418 Main St., Rocky Hill, Ct. 06067- 9947. ECUMENICAL CHURCH SERVICE | Ecumenical Church service will be held Nov. 3rd. at 7:00 o'clock at thet,cension Episcopal Church. !!icipating churchss: Ascension EIIcopal, First United Methodist, First Presbyterian, Second, Saint Patrick's Catholic, All churches who do not have evening services are invited to at- tend. RUMMAGE SALE The Ushers Board of Camon Baptist Church will be having a Rummage Sale Fri. Nov. 1st. begin: ning at 9: AM in the basement. Also they will be selling pork chitterling dinner also on Nov. 1st. beginning at 12:PM. The cost will be $4.00 for the dinher with corn bread, beans, slaw, or i5otato salad and drinks. Mrs. Louise Gibbs, Chairman and Pecvlia Carter and Madyl ene Woods. :  PARKWAY AUTHORITY ' he monthly meeting of the New Rivbr Parkway Authority will be held at the Student Center of Concord College, Conference Room A, Athens, WV, on Mon. Nov. 4, at 7:00 P.M. SUMMERS COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT SCHEDULE Office Location: 151 Pleasant St. (Avis). Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mon-Fri. Telephone: 466- 3388. Nov. 1991 4- Immunization & TB skin tests (9.11 & 1-3). 7. Diagntic Olinic (by appointment). 12 - Diabetic & Blood Pressure Testing (8:30-!1:00). 14 - Pediatric & EPSDT clinic (by ap- pointment). 18 . Immunization & TB skin teeta (9-11 & 1-3). 21- Family Planning (by appointment). 26 - Diabetic & Blood Pressure Testing (8:30 -11:00). AUCTION An auction will be held Nov. 2nd. at I0:00 A.M. at the Lerona Memo- rial Methodist Church at Lerona. Jimmy Mayberry, auctioneer. A Bean Dinner will be held from 11:)0 a.m. to ? Price: $3.50 and chil- dre under 6 $1.50. ,dl proceeds go toward the build- ing fund of the church. State Receives Money For Cancer Prevention Program The lives of hundreds of W.Va. women could be saved thanks to a new grant from the Centers for Dis- ease Control. The state's department of Health and Human Resources has received a five-year grant from CDC for the Bureau of Public Health's Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control Program. The first year's funding is $2,789,815. In most cases, early diagnosis and treatment can keep women from dying of breast and cervical cancers. Yet, W.Va. ranks third in the nation in the number of cervical cancer deaths, and the state is experiencing an upward trend in the number of breast cancer deaths to women in some age groups. The problem is, many women in the state can't afford the routine examinations which can detect can- cer very early, when the cure rate is high. More than 304,000, or about 40%, of WV women age 15 and over live at or below the 200% poverty level. With the CDC grant low'in- come, uninsured and underinsured women will now be able to receive clinical exams for breast and cervi- cal cancers, including mammogra- phy screenings and pap smears. The Bureau staff hopes to reach 14,000 women the first year. One hundred fourteen health care providers around the state are avail. ECho Farms Dairy Co. of Few York introduced the milk bottle in 1879. by sheri benson We've all met West Virgivia State Police from time to time, usually under circumstances we'd as soon forget. But maybe it's circumstances they'd as soon forget, too. How do they feel when "meeting" the public while on duty? Is there any way we functions, in the larger city stations." About being a state policeman he stated, "The laws are, unfortunately, more on the side ofthe criminal than those honest citizens. I don't like that about my work. Butifwe weren't here, the criminals would run ram- pant. "A state policeman," he contin- ued, "can enforce laws throughout the whole state, whereas the city police enforce only within the city municipality. There are only three state police here to serve the whole population. "Domestic disputes are one of my least favorite to cover. We end up being the arbitrator more than any- thing else, although we can arrest the husband or take the woman and children to a place of safety (the magistrate). We are also respon- sible for enforcing criminal and traf- fic laws, anything any other agency didn't want, we're responsible for. Our job is to arrest." Does a State Police officer want to be viewed as tough and unapproach- able? =I would like to know that the able to provide breast and cervical cancer examinations. These include local health departments and pri- mary care cnters. can "meet" them under pleasant circumstances? This brief profile of State Police Sargeant H. (Hoye) C. Ryan gives us a clue. H.C. Ryanlivesin Monroe County, but works in Summers County, has since February of 1990. He's mar- ried and has a 17 yr. old boy and a 14 yr. old girl. He is a quiet and private person--but warm and friendly. Ryan has hobbies he enjoys-- playing golf, turkey hunting. Both are relaxing. He's a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Fater- nal Order of Police, andWVTA (West Virginia Trooper Association). He like's helping people. Helping victims. =I've been 21 years as a state po- liceman," he said, =and each day's challenge makes the job interesting. I like being able to help the victims. In a smaller police station, getting to know the people in the community is possible. The work is mostly admin- istrative and serving other police troopers here are viewed as treating everyone fairly and the public feels that they will be treated justly." The West Virginia State Police in our area are people. They have families, tragedies, joys, and fun common to people with other jobs. Their job is to protect the honest public. A wave and a smile shows we understand and support them. Even a friendly word or two ('thanks for your work!') goes a long way. They enjoy the public and are "tough" when there's that need to be.That choice is the publics. There's no law against being a friend to your West Virginia State Police officer. If there is a profile you would like to see, write: Sheri Benson, P.O. Box 1000, Hinton, WV 25951 (466-0005). All responses are considered. Next week's profile will be John Bennett, U.S. Postal Clerk. Ms. Watermelon Visits Forest Hill School by sheri benson Thursday, October 17, was a real treat for the students at Forest Hill-- a nutritious treat! School Lunch Week brought them Ms. Water- melon, Karen McBride, to talk with them about, nutrition and good health. Karen is the elementary guidance counselor in Summers County and with the help of Concord College social worker student Miss Riley Reid shared activities to pro- mote better nutrition. The fifth and sixth grade class had a mini-lesson on stress and nutrition, played the game "Fishing for a Balanced Meal" and had a nutritious snack called "Oriental Mix". The third and fourth grade class complel;ed a worksheet on the amount of each food group that should'be eaten to stay healthy and then were offered nutritious yogurt "SAMHAIN", LORD OF THE DEAD --Then and Now by sheri benson The Druids of Ireland, ruling the Celts with an iron hand, instituted & demanded the celebration of "Samhain" centuries before our common era. But what is the "Samhain", who are the Druids, and why should it matter today? Druids were magic practicing sorcerers of the Celtic people. They, and only they, performed all rites: Mistletoe cutting, human sacrifices, headhunting and spell casting. In honor of their Lord of the Dead, Samhain, a three-day festival was mandated, beginning on the first day of November. In preparation for this ritual, they commanded the peasants to put out all hearth fires, on October 31st. On that eveningit was believed menacing spirits of the dead rose up and roamed the earth. The Druids built an enormous bon- fire on that night to keep the =ghosts" at bay. The peasants were coldly safe. When the Romans conquered the Celtic people some centuries later, but many centuries before the Chris- tian era, they liked the Samhain celebration. To be proper conquer- ers, though, the name was changed Women who need breast and cer- to Pomona", in honor of their god. ' cancer examinations should' dess of fruits & nuts & apples cn|ettheSummersCountyHealth__ symbols of winter stores. Depe r tment at 466-3388, or call the But the Samhain would undergo Bureau's toll-free Women and Children's Hotline at 1-800-642- 8522. still another name change. In A.D. 837, needing converts to their religion, Christianity, the "Church" made a decision. The pagans could keep their Samhain" or "Pomona  or whatever they wanted to call it, but the name would be changed. It wouldn't do for Chris- tians to celebrate something having a pagan name! It became =All Hallow E'en" by decree of Pope Gregory IV. Samhain? Pomona? Halloween? Pagans believed the future could be predicted on October 3l, when nor- mally sane persons jumped over lighted candles seeking predictions beyond =youql get burned!" In the British Isles, bonfires blazed and =guisers" came to be; people wearing grotesque masks & carryinglanterns carved from turnips, all laughing and frolicking. Mayhem abounded. They celebrated in grand style the supposed worldwide meeting of witches and ghosts on the eve of O4t. 31st, and participated by cosmetic imitation. Then the Puritans were formed. This strict religious group, also the early settlers of America, abol- ished Satanic Halloween. It was not celebrated again i n the United States until the 1800's when itwas re-in- stated by adulterated religions. During the 1900's, modems doc- tored the Samhain up with trick-or- treat, pranks, costume parades, dances, skits, community celebra- tions, black paper witches & cats, jack-o-lanterns, apple bobbing, corn- stalk decorations and various other activities. This has left unanswered the question, why should it matter to- day? Or has it? lili lIli BeautiControl. Carrie L. Talbott Image Consultant PO Box 196 Talcott, WV 24981 304.466.0010 1-800-624-4573 Color Analysis Skin Care and Cosmetics Instant Image Makeover Personal Image Profile Corporate Presentations THE WORLO'S PREMIER IMAGE COMPANY TM raisins. And the first and second grade class played "What Food Am I?" and enjoyed tasty peanut butter and crackers. Information on nutrition was sent home to the parents of each student. Before leaving, Ms. Watermelon visited the school cook, Mrs. Carolyn . Williams and they shared nutrition knowledge. 164 Portraits il 4-8x10 4-3x5 / 16-Wallets js4oo s.# s 12700v= [ i PLUS FREE BONUS !  FRIENDSHIP ,..,. WALLETS With Purchau of Adve,li Specil! Groups $2.00 Each Additional Subject Posing Our ChoKe One Spectal Per Subject One Speoal Per Family Addttlonal Portratts Available At: ATTENTION PREGNANT WOMEN WITH A MEDICAL CARD The Summers County Health Depart- ment announces that Dr. Pulliam from Associates in Obstetrics and Gynecol- ogy in Beckley, WV will begin seeing patients in the health department on November 12, 1991. Call 466-3388 For More Information And Appointment. Tots & Teens Hinton, WV. Friday, November lth Hours: 10 to 5 Bluestone Satellite Systems We sell the Best! Pipestem, W.V.   General Instrument Drake Uniden and Sales & Service Vescramblers Benny Wills 466-5409 Rich's Liquor Store Has Moved To A . - New Locab'on , 148 Pleasant St. (Rear) Hours: 9 AM to 7 PM 00o,o. ,,c,, LIQUOP, sTORE Mon.- Sat. Phone 466-3981 Did you know that 5% of all sales of Liquor and wine goes to help run your local City Government.