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The Hinton News
Hinton, West Virginia
September 18, 1990     The Hinton News
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September 18, 1990
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frozen tight and he was unable to "" reverse it. He immediately waved 2 - Hinton News Tues. Sept. 18, 1990 theengine back. The engineer on the F ingo 'N 1 yard engine reversed and started M0"~;n-d M%~-P~=e"ar;~a(~ ewspaper back in the other direction. Engi- ~ I~ ":"~'H~~ ~' |~ ~I neer Kilgore, seeing the yard engine~."F coming back toward his engine at I considerably speed and desiring to j ~fi~ ,~'~,~.;:~,~- .~. ~.i~.'lA~~ I avoidacollision, thatseemedimpos- .~-L', i , , ==. - sible to prevent, reversed his ~, el Jj - -jy open. He was not quick enough, Jj J~" ~lj3 ~ ~t~li~ ~~II~~ J ~ #~' however,engine caughtand thehisfrOntengineOftheaboutYard ' ~H I Because a recent survey found that TheI "J midway tearing the cab off and .-F I knocking Mr. Kilgore to the ground. .- I HINTON NEWS is the favored source The collision caused many of the : !~ I for three out of five for local news and steam pipes to break. With the colli- J advertising items. I sion of the two engines, the engineer -, v on the yard engine reversed his " ~ ! [71 SIGN ME UP. ' : enginecausingittoback away, thus ~(. releasing the passenger engine, l Send me a ful year of THE HINTON NEWS (52 whose throttle beingopen dashedoff I Issues) at the low basic subscription rate of $11.50 : the si de track on to the mat n li ne an d I (in state residents add 69 cents state tax.) through Montgomery finally stop- ~ S I : Continued on page 3 h | I.,etters are welcomc, but only a [ I City State Zip ! | selection will be published. Prefer- J O J wordsorless. Longerletters may be J; t~ / shortened or rejected. Letters must J ir [ Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery of the first copy | be signed and must include an ad- [ J TEAR & MAIL TO: THE HINTON NEWS J / dress and phone number. Thetele- | :S | phone number will not be published. J :a J P. O, BOX 1000 [ J Letters will be edited for grammer, J ,. L_ HINTON, WV 25951 j j spelling, taste, syntax, and libel. J B J Names will not be withheld. I "~ | Address them to Letters to the [ ib~ LETTERS TO THE EDITOR / Editor, P.O. Box 1000, Hinten, WV [ ! 2s951. I ~ : P ' Ot *:- Dear Fred; Editor Hinton News- paper, On Mar. 12, 1989, I was raided by the city and state police for having my private club open after hours. On this same date, I waived probable cause on the citation and was ar- raigned before Magistrate Jefferies upon this single charge. The next day, I was assigned a Mr. E. Skaggs as court appointed counsel, but when I contacted him, he stated that he could not see me until the date of the trial. I fired Mr. Skaggs. On Mar. 31, 1989, Magistrate Jeff ries called Trooper Miller into his office to have him file a new complaint, upon which Jeffefies is- sued, but did not execute, a warrant , with twoadditilmal violations of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commissioner's =Operations Regu- lations. However, someone also annotated on a case document that I came in and stated that I would represent myself. On Apr. 12, 1989, at a pre-trial hearing, now before Magistrate Beasley, during which a defense coun sel did not show, I filed a motion to dismiss the charges because the warrant did not state the "intent~ element required by the code. On May 11, 1989, at an additional pre-triat hearing, now before a Greenbrier County magistrate, dur- ing which a defensecounsel did not show, I filed a motion to dismiss because the warrant did not state the "i ntent" elem ent required by the Code. On June 22, 1989, Judge Lobban dismissed the warrant because, he stated, "the charges should be three separate and distinct charges, and on June 29, 1989, Judge Jotliffe, the "chief judge", Ordered the case back befbre the same Greenbrier County magistrate tbr reissuance of three warrants. On July 20, 1989 was the date that Prosecutor Aucremanne sched- uled the trial before the Greenbrier County magistrate, However, there was no trial,in fact when I arrived at the court room, I found no one around or even the magistrates offices. On July 21, 1989, I received an eviction notice evicting me from the club for criminal misconduct and for failing to "acquire liability insur- ance that no one in town would provide. During the month of Oct. of 1989, the oldest charter for the American Legion in the State was taken away from Post 51' named after the Pack/ Parker family (Crawfords). Almost immediately, the VFW announced a revival. On Jan. 9, 1990, without notice or opportunity to challenge the array of the grand jury members, as re- quired by law, I was indicted for the same "three separate and distinct= violations against my ABCCLicense Privileges', before a grand jury with six to ten members who are directly or indirectly associated with the First National Bank of Hinton, which bank I do business associated with my closed licensed business" and my '~home~. From the beginning, my business was doomed, for there was just too much potential to make money. Legal tipboards, poker machines, being affiliated with the American Legion, being black, being a Crawford all at the same time must be too much for the estab}ishment, for all of them conspired to t ke private property without paying compensation. Our local and State Governments are doing it to everybody, especially those with potential, but void of ANOTHER RUNAWAY status qua. It's really obvious and a ENGINE: matter of public record, for the day Last week I wrote about a run- school starts, a principle gets in- away ACL engine, No. 240, that ran dictedforsomethingthatmighthave through five ACL switches and two or might 'not' have happened five on the C&O to reach the main line. years ago. I'm told she was not af- The engine then ran unattended on fordedachancetochallengethearray a sixty-seven mile journey before it of the grand jury either. Denial of was brought under control about one the right to be heard is repugnant to mile east of Strathmore, Va. Amend 1, as is denial of procedural Wordsofpriase wereheapedupon due process is too Amend 5 and 14, all the men involved in bringing the and for prosecutors, judges and dieselenginetoastopwithoutdoing magistrates to make law is violative damage. of Article 5; Division of Powers Act, At the request of C&O President of our, State Constitution for the WalterTuohy, Mr.MiltDolingerwas commissioned to write a ballad de- Legielature must make law. In addition Fred, slander, scribing how the C&Omen stopped intimidarion,and denial of vested the ACL engine. Mr. Dolinger, civil rights (liberty), and arbitrary manager of the news divison of the State Action against privileges, pri- public relations department was rate property and jobs is also elected poet laureate at the share- Another view of the construction ofthe Overhead Bridge 1928. Paul D. Marshall & Associates, Inc. Photo. A lot of folks from now on have something to remember- The sage of Two-Four-Oh and her partner, One-Four-Eight, A pair of lonely diesels who tried to change their fate. A beaming Walter Tuohy, Presi- dent of their line, Commended all the men involved, saying they did fine; He sent congratulations via West- ern Union wire, To Nuttycombe and Bickers for putting out the fire; The president of the Coast Line, W. Thomas Rice, Expressed his admiration in a manner quite concise - "The efficiency and teamwork of C&O personnel "Deserves highest commenda- tions from us at ACL." through without sounding the whistle and vanished from view in an instant in the east end of town. When the writer started working on this. division the only stations between Handley and Deepwater were Montgomery, Eagle and Mr. Carbon. When the railroad first opened for business, there were sta- tions such as Cannelton instead of Montgomery, Crescent instead of Eagle, Frederick instead of Mr. Carbon and Loup Creek instead of Deepwater. Shortly after the turn of the century, coal mines opened in great number in this area. There were nine mines within the six miles between Montgomery and Deepwa- ter, namely: Coal Valley Mining Co.; W. R. Johnson Coal Co.; Carver Brothers; Wyant Coal and Coke Co.; The St. Clair Co.; Forest Hill Coal CUR. Srd AVE. & ~PL~ fir. HINTON, WV=, PHONE 4~&~$~ Mark Ellison, Beta Blockers: Helpful in These Conditions Beta blockers, such as pro- pranalol, atenolol, nadolol, and ti- molol compete with adrenalin-like substances for stimulation of the so-called "beta receptors" in the body. Blocking these receptor/ causes different types of effects, depends. 911 receptor location and type. , High Blood Pressure: Betablock- ers are thought to lower elevated =grossly"repugnent to the Republi- ownersannua] meetingin Newport A runaway on the Hinton Divi- Co.; another Wyant Coal and Coke bloodpmssarcthroughamduction can Form of Government guaran- News in Apr. 1957. sion, preceededthisincidentbytbrty- Co.;Mt.Carbon;TheGreatKanawha inthehcartratcandadecrcasedrc- teed by Article III of the U.S. His ballad appeared in Vol. 4 No. seven years. It was about 4:05 p.m., CollierCo Limited' Plus two mines .... Constitution. 2,Chessie News, Jan. 15, 1960. The Wed. Jan. 15, 1912 when a wild run elthe Mr. Carbon we. Limiteo on tne ROGER L. CRAWFORD last two verses are as follows: was made by a steam passenger Powellton and Pocahontas Railroad Angina: When used aloneor with =Just another job," was what the locomotivefrom Hand]ey teSt. clair, up Armstrong Creek, Inter pur- nitroglycerin, beta blockers cause Hooking Into The men from Chessie said, ~ Hundreds of persons on Front St. in chased by the C&O and named tim heart to require less o~ygcn 1 - 800 Number Asthanksandpraisewereheaped Montgomery were startled as the Powellton Subdivision. With that through their effcct on reducing upon each and every head, mamoth engine, completelyengulfed many mines in the area, plus many blood pressure, heart rate, and the Dear Fred: That runaway had traveled over in steam, sped through the town more west of Montgomery no doubt contractility of the heart. TheSummersCountyConvention sixty-seven miles, going at a speed estimated at from there were hundreds of people on . Causing lotsofworriesthatwere fifth to sixty-five miles per hour. the street when the huge "steam- Glaucoma: .While not complctct & Visitors Bureau will soon be hook- changing now to smiles, Trains and engines passing through shrouded engine streaked through understood, It ~s thought that beta ing into the 1-800-CaII-WVA tele- From four a.m. to half past six on Montgomery commanded very little the town. blockers lowexey pressure byde- phone number, the 30th of December, attention but this engine zipped The runaway engine got away at creasing inwaocular fluid produc One of the services we will be Handleyin a most unusual manner. Con. bringingup is reserving rooms for our out-of- to Summers County and '"'=...,, t ealth----- Y ~yard ....... engine wason the westbound ...... Southern W. Va. through this hook ........ Migrmne eatmcaes: Betablock- track at the west ena at rianatey .. . HflW ers am prcscnbcO to prevent ml- yara aria an a~emp~ was maae ~o ...... town visitors. The Summers County '" ~it v ~o"~ ea ~u 't ack gralne ncaoacnc attacks. It is sw~cn o er~ ~ne s~Do no r" . .,__ - ..... Convention & Visitors Bureau will ill y'" lll=-- " " ,o mougm umt acta blockers may The passenger engine, m charge f ...... becoordinatingeffortswiththeW.V W OU be the year .......... engnneer r~ugore was mHowmg ~ne ......... a. Department of Commerce to book " . O[ O1oo(1 vessels m me nea(1 yard engine for the purpose of get- PipestemVerflWLynn M.reservationandsandersBluestonerequeStSparks fOrlo, l 2!1 )0? ring on the other track also. The Irre-ular Heart Beat Ablock yard brakeman, whose duty it was -... ~ ....... It: ..... cally, in our hotels, motels, Bed & ........ ut mc ell Ct oI am nalm-ltKe to throw the swi~cn waves ms en- -- . - to chemicals on the heart may pre- Breakfast's, privaterental units, etc. gine ahead before attempting ~ - Sincerely, ........ was vent c rmm types of irregular heat reverse tne sw~tcn. ~ ne sw~cn be, aL lhe u timatc objecti c "s to improve your health. I At Weight Watchers we support our government's guidelines for healthy Americans and want to help Telephone you and your family achieve goals that promote Solicitors good health- eating well, maintaining a healthy ON THE HINTON BY-PASS weight, exercising and practicing positive lifestyle HOME OF THOSE DELICIOUS HOT DOGS Dear Sir: In the past few months or so I have been inundated by very persis. tent telephone solicitors selling one thing or another, occasionally a computer does the calling, but in most cases it is done by a real live person with a pulse. It seems as though you can never get rid of them without being rude and hanging up on them. I as well as most folks find it easier to tell a little white lie than to be rude, kindly tell the caller that you are the maid or butler and that you do not have the authority to honor their request. Since I am the mechanic, butler, painter, as well as a lot of other rifles real or imagined, it would not really be a lie at all. The little white lie should not hurt anyone, it will get you off the hook without rudeness, and it makes Summer= County look very affluent having all these hired servants. I personally like playing the gar. dener. Yours Truly, Leonidas R. (Leon) Moten Route 86, Box 20-A Jumping Branch, WV 25969 habits. The overriding goal is to increase not only your life span, but also your health span. With this in mind, for a limited HEALTH twoweekpcriod(Septem- W C-H bet 16th thru 29th, 1990) Weight Watchers invites 2"0:0"0 you to... e You know it makes sense. For further information throughout West Virginia call Outside of West Virginia call O~r vMid tn Area 97 o~ly. , I I IIII IlL I We offer a full breakfast menu. large selection of tasty sandwiches and choice droners. Our salads and desserts are made fresh daily. NEW HOURS OPEN DAILY 6 am to 10:00 pm Breakfast 6:00 to 11:30 am Phone 466-1700 Below Bluestone Dam 'D it , ~-t~ m t :M , al $ 'G ,T ',d, :u i i , af .M ; al ! tl :.b : ti ;L iS : ci : - at ~C : at I' ~C ,ll c ~r $