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March 11, 2003     The Hinton News
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March 11, 2003
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..c y 2 - Hinton News Tues. March 11, 2003 More and More People are Reading our Newspaper di-.n '';.- Because a recent survey found that The HINTON NEWS is the favored source for three out of five for local news and advertising items. Save $$$. Call (304) 466-0005 Monday through Friday, or send this coupon to the address below and we will bill you for your 52 week subscription. Name (plene print) Address City. State .Zip__ TEAR & MAIL TO: THE HINTON NEWS R O. BOX 1000 HINTON, WV 25951 "I Letter to the Editor Abortion Definitely Is Murder Dear Editor: I would like to say =thank you" to Perry Mann for giving me the best laugh I have had this long, hard winter. I wonder if Mr. Mann has considered writing fictional comedy? He certainly has the talent as demonstrated in his letter on March 4, "Killing is not Murder." Statistics are that one out of every three women have had an abortion. It is likely that everyone reading this letter has been touched either directly or indirectly by abortion. Many of these abortions have been done out of ignorance because we have bought into the lies: it's a fetus, not a baby-- it's legal so it's not wrong-- it's the woman's right to kill her baby-- killing is not murder, and the asinine reasoning continues. When one kills defending life, liberty, and country it is to be __J clear, precise thought process. Furthermore, there is no reason whatsoever for any child in America to go hungry. Anyway, thanks for the laugh. Janet M. Thompson Wayside NAMI SUPPORT GROUP MEETING The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) New River/ Greenbrier Valley will hold a public meeting on March 18, at 7pro at the Hinton Wellness Center. Come prepared with your questions, concerns and issues in dealing with mental health issues for your family. This meeting is open to the public and is FREE. A new film, "Day for Night - Recognizing Teenage Depression" will be shown. This film offers an in-depth look at the commended and those men and ......... signs, symptoms and treatment of :ho:;,aeIenazng r,n.Zs " country teenage depression: It includes ou o vepratsel anddorteu . , . ! .,,:  : _, _ ., . , .,, ., , ...... '; ::" 'interViews With- ten8 Who ,are ....... , ldttllr#Wrtl clinicliblhiofi'd ........... definiteby is murder. Whoamongus bipolar disorder. It features the is more innocent than the unborn child? FAC Fetus is a Latin word when translated into English means baby. Why use the dead language of Latin when we haveour modern-day language of English? I gave birth three times and I never had anyone ask me how my fetus was; nor did my doctor ever ask about the health of my fetus. Elementary science explains how life begins. Without the meeting of our father's sperm and mother's egg none of us would be walking around today. Our lives began at conception and no intelligent person can dispute that fact. Mr. Mann says the God of the Old Testament might side with the fetus but the Father of Jesus would side with the mother. The God of the Old Testament is the God of the New Testament and Jesus was with God from eternity past and will be through eternity future. Yes, God is love and God does forgive. Mr. Mann's statement that 35,000 children in the world die daily from malnutrition is questionable. Even if true, how does that justify our aborting 40-42 million babies in America in the last 30 years? His rationale does not appear to be a teenagers' families and friends as well as interviews with health professionals. NAMI's goal is to provide education, support and hope to teens suffering from this debilitating, yet very treatable disease. For more information on NAMI activities, contact Carol Jones, 445-7608 or Joyce Bolt, 536- 1623. Email: Offered Internship Placement Summers Co. High School ProStart-Culinary program is proud to announce Mr. Craig Lilly, a 2001 graduate and currently a Johnson and Wales University culinary student at Charleston, S.C. has been offered an internship placement at Emeril's new restaurant in Orlando, Fla. Craig will work for 3 months at Emeril's before returning to Johnson and Wales at the Providence, Rhode Island campus to complete his bachelors program. Craig is one of three Summers Co. graduates presently at Johnson and Wales and three students studying culinary at Mountain State University. Craig is the son of Mr. Ran Lilly of Hinton and Threase Camara Riggs of Orlando, Fla. Grandparents of Hinton are Jack and Janice Lilly and Jean Camara Bolinger of Pipestem and the late P.B. Camara MD. of Hinton. Congratulations Craig !! KINDERGARTEN PRE- ENRONT Parents of children who will be attending Kindergarten at Talcott in 2003-2004 please call the school at 466-6029 so we can get an estimated number enrolling. Thank You. LETTERS POLICY Letters are welcome, but no more than one letter each month will be accepted from the same writer. Preference will be given to letters of 300 words or less. Longer letters may be shortened or rejected. Letters must be signed and must include an address and phone number. The telephone number will not be published. Letters will be edited for grammar, spelling, taste, syntax, and libel. Names will not be withheld. Address them to Letters to the Editor, P. O. Box 1000, Hinton, WV 25951. , St. Patrick's Catholic Church Annum Baked Potato S al Friday, March 14, moo a.m. to 2.'oop.m. Chili, Broccoli, Sour Cream, heese and Butter & Drink $5 .00 Call466-3966 by to a.m. for delivery i By Roy C. Long BIG BEND AND LITTLE BEND TUNNELS: In March of 1930 a survey was started at Big bend Tunnel by the C&O to determine what course of action should be taken to eliminate the single track through Big Bend Tunnel. Freight business had increased pulling longer coal trains. Additional passenger trains were being planned and trains were being delayed entirely too much because of the single track. When the engineers completed their work, it was decided by the C. & O. officials to drill a second tunnel parallel to the existing one instead of enlarging it to accommodate double track. Although this tunnel was known as Big Bend Tunnel its name was really Great Bend Tunnel as this is over the archway to the west portal. Great Bend Tunnel was begun early 1870 and completed in 1872 requiring two and one-half years to finish. During earlier years, Big Bend Tunnel presented a serious operating obstacle to the railway. Noxious gases would gather in the tunnel and in order to overcome this, powerful ventilating fans were installed at the east and run by steam power to force a draft of circulating fresh air. Several years later this method ws eliminated and the latest type of ventilating fans, all electrically driven, were installed at the west portal. They operated only as a train passed through and blew the smoke and enhaust gases through ahead of the train. Construction on the new tunnel was begun in September 1930 by contractors, Haley, Chisholm and Morris Company of Charlottesville, VA. C. B. Porter was resident engineer for the railway company under the supervision of Mr. E. O. Rice, district engineer, of Clifton Forge, VA. About the same time the new tunnel was being bored at Big Bend, Hinton's own J.D. Ferguson was located on the job at Alleghany, VA.; while forces drilled a new tunnel parallel to Alleghany Tunnel. During construction of the new Big Bend Tunnel, approximately 120 men were employed. It was estimated that more than 400,000 cubic feet of dirt and rocks were removed from the tunnel including the outside work. In addition to the tunnel work, extension improvements were made at the east end as an embankment alighment change was made extending from the passenger depot at Talcott to the tunnel which was used for the main line. By doing this, a long curve was eliminated. State Route 3 through Talcott in 1930 was only a dream in the planning stage. The only road through Talcott from H'inton was a county road, the present Willowwood Road. Just east of the golf course the county road veered to the left up to the railroad tracks and over Little Bend Tunnel. It went on past Hilldale telegraph office where E. B. Huston and V. A. Meador worked and on past the school house to the fan house at the west end Big Bend Tunnel. It crossed over Big Bend Mountain past the John Huston Home to a point up Hungarts Creek where a bridge took it over the little creek. It then followed the Creek under the railroad trestle and again followed the Greenbrier River to the west end of Talcott near the cemetery where a crossing at grade was and still is located. In addition to aligning the tracks at the east end of Big Bend Tunnel, the railway company wanted to put Pinecrest Family Council Forming  a duble track detur arunclw ' " " i, 7'. U nneY SO themovemgnt.qf tq, 4 in an under-lass and closethe road crossing at grade. This would have put a hardship on the citizens of Talcott and it was not permitted by the County Court. Instead, a crossing at grade was put in where the county road originally passed under the railroad trestle at Hungarts Creek. This crossing was eliminated after Route 3 was constructed. When the old tunnel was completed in 1872, as most of the work was done by hand, it required two and one-half years to complete despite the fact excavating was directed from six separate headings. With modern equipment, consisting of compressed air drills, the new tunnel was completed in a year and one-half with work being directed from only two headings. The big "holing through" day of the $2,000,000. project came at 3:15 p.m., Monday, March 28, 1932 when the last "shot' of dynamite was set off to remove the last barrier of "mother earty  so daylight could be seen from one end to the other. Prior to putting off this last shot, in order to prove the accuracy of the engineering, a drill was put on one side of the tunnel and when it drilled through it came out exactly on the mark on the opposite side. Elevation at the east end was nine feet higher than the west end. By the time the last dynamite charge was put off, more than three quarters of the tunnel had already been lined with concrete. By October 1932, the concrete lining was complete, new rail laid and the tunnel placed in operation. In April 1933 Holey, Chisholm and Morris.Contractors began the task of enlarging Little Bend Tunnel in order to provide clearance for the latest locomotives and equipment. Little Bend Tunnel was first constructed for single track in 1872 and was enlarged to a double track tunnel in 1895. The $350,000, project employed 70 men who built By C.Olr dns Federal guidelines $483.15(c) states that family members of ,patients who live in a long-term care facility may organize and participate in meetings of mutual support. Family members Of patients at Pinecrest Hospital are forming a Family Council to meet monthly for open forum sessions. The goal of the Family Council is to provide the opportunity for family members to voice concerns and facilitate honest feedback for the continuous improvement and quality of life efforts for family members who live in the facility. It is hoped that this group can be a creative enhancement to th e ongoing administration of daily care for the residents. This family group will meet regularly to: Discuss and offer suggestions about facility policies and procedures; Affecting resiflents' care, treatment, and quality of life; , Support each other; Plan activities; Participate in educational activities; Serve as an information collection and dissemination center on events; Important to patients and families on topics such as latest research; "" w  " .....  i"' v, ,,., could eondrme.without interuption. services, recovery, policy and laws. "The tunhel was enlarged from 27 We hope to build a trusting relationship between patients, family members and the staff of the facility. The next meeting of the Pinecrest Family Council will be Wednesday, March 19, at 1:30. Meet in the Lobby of Pinecrest Hospital. This meeting is open to all family members of patients at Pinecrest Hospital. For more information, please call Helen Weeks, 255-4517; Carol Jones, (304) 445-7608; or Frankie Capocefalo, (304) 776-2666. feet wide and 21 feet high above top of rail to 34 feet and four inches wide and 27 feet high above top of rail. The work was completed in five or six months and the detour tracks taken up. RED CROSS BLOODMOBILE A new year and a new beginning for someone in need of Blood. The Bloodmobile will be at the Summers County Memorial Building Friday, February 7th. from 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m. Bloodmobile dates for 2003 Friday-May 9th. 12-6 p.m. Friday, July llth. 12- 6 p.m. Friday, September 12th. 12-6 p.m. Friday, November 28th. 12-6 p.m. Our Heartfelt Thanks to each one that has given blood in the past and to each business that has helped in so many ways. A special Thanks to all the Auxilians that are so faithful to volunteer their help. Coordinator Ruth R. Thomas 4' 231/2 Hour Towing 4' Road Service 00Unlocking Service 'General Motors Warranty Towing ,/'Ford Motor Company Warranty Towing 4'Light Mechanical |epalrs ,/Roll-Back 4'Complete Autobody Shop. ......... ,/'Alignments . 4' Bake Oven 4'AND MUCH! MUCH! MOUH NOTICE The Summers County Health Department would like to remind all residents in Summers County that before any installation or modification to individually own septic systems, a validpermit must be obtained from the health department. A certified installer licensed by the State of West Virginia must be used to do all work relating to the installation or modification of the sewage system.This is a state law and individuals not abiding by this rule can be subject for fines. BIG FOUR DRUG STORE Cot. 3rd AVE & TEMPLE ST. HINTON W, Va., PHONE 466-2323 " .... :: o: .::iiiiilli Mark Value of Pharmacists' Consultations Medical complications related to.drugs are being reported with increasing frequency. Previous studies have reported that many people are hospitalized due to drug-related problems and that over 70,000 people in the United States die each year because of complications related to their medi- cines. Health experts report that a large percentage of the population do not talk to their physician or pharmacist about the medicines they are taking. A new study suggests thjat many of these drug-related com- plications couMbe spared if pa- tients would talk more to their phar- macist about prescribed medi- cines. The study, which involved the monitoring of 5,000 patients, evaluated the impact of different types of pharmacist-patient inter- action and pharmacist counseling. The most involved interaction dealt with potential side effects in high-risk patients. In this group, those who received intense phar- macist counseling experienced a r,q.i,onm the risk,of death by 8% and a lower i!ddence of hos- pitalization when compared to the other groups (less intense consul- tation). Those who conduced the research want to expand the study to see if intense counseling has any effect on patient survival rates. Hailey's Restaurant & Catering 313 3rd. Avenue, Hinton Ph:466-6600 Specials for the week of March lOth. Monday: Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes w/Gravy, Green Beans, Rolls, $5.00 Tuesday: Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes w/Gravy, Broccoli, Rolls, $5.00 Wednesday: Jumbo Baked Potato Stuff w/your choice of Butter, Sour Cream, Bacon, Cheese, Broccoli or Chili $2.50- $4.00. Add a side salad for $1.00 extra. Thursday: Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich w/a side of Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad or Pasta Salad $4.50 Friday: Chicken Parmesan w/a side of linguine, tossed salad and Italian bread and dessert $5.00 We have a full breakfast menu available all day. We also have bagels w/cream cheese and Danish. We have fresh baked goods daily. FREE TRAINING Take the first step toward a successful career as a Certified Nursing Assistant Summers Continuous Care Center will offer free training to individuals interested in a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Register in person today! Class size is limited! Opportunities for employment may exist upon successful completion of the class and meeting certification requirements. Class begins on March 31, 2003 You must register by March 21, 2003 For more information please call Connie Cyphers, Director of Nursing at 466-0332. Applications for this program will only be accepted in person at the facility, which is located on John Cook Road, Hinton EOE/M/FN/H ! I