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January 28, 2003     The Hinton News
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January 28, 2003
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The HINTON NEWS 00'00Volume 100 No. 42 (Continuing the Hinton Daily News & The Weekend Leader) Home of the W. Va. Water Festival Hinton, West Virginia Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2003 50 Cents 00Summers County FEMA Funds Missing Signage Potential Hazard ummers County has been funds awarded to Summers County organizations are apply. iawarded federal funds hnder the ergency Food and Shelter National Board Program. ..Summers County has been chosen to receive $5,790 to 'supplement emergency food and helter programs in the county. This amount represents a 25% reduction from the previous years funding. . The selection was made by a National Board that is chaired by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and consists of representatives from The Salvation Army, American Red Cross, United Jewish Communities, atholic Charities, USA, National  Council of Churches of Christ in the U.SA. and United Way of America 'wich will provide the dministrative staffand function as fiscal agent. The Board was charged b. dstribute funds appropriated by 'Congress to help expand the :capacity of food and shelter programs in high-noed areas around the .country. i:A Local Board made up of representatives of the County Commission, American Red Cross, the-Ministerial Association, Catholic Community Services, CASE of WV, Frst Presbyterian Church, Loaves and Fishes, the Senior Center, and local clients will deterimine how the are to be distributed among the emergency food and shelter programs in the area. The Local Board is responsible for recommending agencies to receive these funds and any additional funds available under this phase of the program. Under the terms of the grant from the National Board, local organizations chosen to receive funds must: 1) be private voluntary non profits or units of government, 2) have an accounting system, 3) practice nondiscrimination, 4) have demonstrated the capability to deliver emergency food and/or shelter programs, and 5) if they are a private voluntary organization, they must have a voluntary board. Qualifying Summers County has distributed Emergency Food and Shelter funds previously with Loaves and Fishes, First Presbyterian Church and CASE of WV participating. These agencies were responsible for providing 1,706 meals, 150 nights of lodging and 40 utility payments in the previous period. Public or private voluntary organizations interested in applying for Emergency Food and Shelter Program funds must contact Jane Duffield for m application. She may be contacted at 466-2110 (on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) or 466-3740 or by writing her c/o Loaves and Fishes, P.O. Box 56, Hinton, WV 25351. The deadline for applications is no later than February 3. SHARE Packages Offered For February We have some special SHARE packages for the month of February. .Regular Package: 1 Ibs. chicken drums, 1 lb. salmon, smoked sausage, Ibs. boneless chicken breast strips (fully cooked), 10 oz. Canadian bacon, macaroni and cheese, lb. Colby cheese, potatoes, onions, oranges, additional fruits and vegetables. Style Barbeque Ribs in Sauce (fully cooked), 3 Ibs. Chicken Wings. T-Bone Steak Package: 6 - 10 oz. Steaks (2 Porterhouse and 4 T-Bone Steaks). We welcome all to enjoy our SHARE packages offered in February. The cost of each package is $15 food stamps or $16 cash, with no limit on the number of packages Special Package: 2 lbs. St. Louis Continued on page 8 MovcOn.orgwants U. S. to "Let the inspectors do thcirjob" By Peggy In a mass |obbyi,ctmptt members of the activist Interact group paid a personal visit to virtually every local congressional office in the country o Tuesday, January 21, to deliver this message about a possible war in Iraq: "Please let the U. N. ipectors do their job?  In Beckley a group of 13 !!! representatives, including six Summers Countians, met with the staff of Congressman  Nick Joe Rahall, and conducted a . conference call with members of the C0ngressman's Washington DC i;st00, i The visits to more than 400 offices , aV part of a campaign to protest a i:}rush to war by the Bush ! adnihdstration. ,'" The Beckley delegation expressed i; their appreciation for Congressman Rahall's personal initiatives on alfofa peaceful resolution to the  current conflict. Group members "expressed concerns about the -srepancies in the budget aplLopriations process between spending for the military versus : nding for domestic programs and e effects of the anticipated costs ;Ofwar. " The Beckley delegation also lfse.nted a petition signed by 194 :#bters from the Congressman's rmtrict, including 16 from Summers Cbunty urging President Bush and theunited Nations to "Let the Inspections Work'. Many of the ititioners included personal notes and comments addressed to the President including such sentiments as:  t War brings only more war. We drg you to work with the iitternational community for peace tl/rough diplomacy,  World opinion towards the US, well as the fate of an indefinite namber of innocent Iraqis, are hanging in the balance. Please put your full support behind letting the inspections work. "$ Neither Christianity nor democracy include "preemptive strike  as a way to solve problems. " I' Stop this senseless war before it is.too late. :i $.Please, please giv e diplomacy d dialogue a chance. I pray that the US may not be responsible for the death of innocent children and ohr own military personnel. Violence liteeds violence. I implore you to rsert to all non-violent means at ypur disposal. ; t..We must be a better friend to the Arab people in order to stem the tide of anti-American feelings that create a climate that is conducive to ttrorists. A delegation of 13 area representatives of the national organization MoveOn, visited the offices of Congressman Nick Joe Rahall in Beckley to express their concern about the Bush administration's apparent "rush to war," and to convey the message "let the inspectors work." t Please cooperate with the UN and the weapons program inspectors in every possible way. Our national integrity, I believe, depends on it. t Lead by example, not by force. t Mr. President, Your administration's threat of unprovoked attacks on Iraq is making Americans into pariahs all over the world. Your actions are putting us at risk. I urge you to work within the framework of the UN resolution and give the inspectors the support they need to accomplish their mission without prejudging the outcome. t History-if we have a history-will condemn us. To hold back information and then berate the inspectors only suggests that you want war. t Any bloodshed, we commit will come back to haunt us. I don't want that on my country's conscience. $ Please reverse course. You clam to follow Jesus Christ. As Prince of Peace, he would never condone such an action. Be true to God first. t As Evangelical Christians, we are deeply concerned that instead of justly representing the Pri.nce of Peace, we will be seen as bullies who do not keep their word: Please give the inspectors and inspections a chance and show the world that our faith does make a difference in the way we conduct foreign policy. If you kill innocent people, you are killing the only part of yourself that makes you human. Do you want to risk that to save face for America? Does it not bother you how much we are isolating ourselves? Even polls taken in the UK and Canada are showing negative sentiments toward this country. Please don't do this. War and hatred will bring war and hatred to us. Let my child and your children and their children learn love and negotiation, not brutality and horror. Oil and big business are the only winners in a move to war. Neither you nor any of them or their children will take an active role. I have two little girls and I don't know if my husband would be called 'to fight in this war. I would hate it to come down to that. I love our country and want what is best for it. Please wait. Thank you. Please listen to the heart of the children of the world who want to grow up and live. t War is NOT justified and will NOT be tolerated by the citizens of this country. We must not harm the Iraqi people. They are fathers, mothers and children just like us. Going to war with Iraq will cause more problems than it solves. Keep your word that war is the last option, we face losing too many young adults. It shames our democratic aspirations as a country to make preemptive strikes on powerless countries. No war. We as a nation stand to lose our friends and allies and be vulnerable to terrorist attack as a result of careless decisions made by you and your advisors. History will condemn you. Please don't destroy the world. I am seventy years old and I believe that we need to lead the world in peace, not war. t Money spent on war should be used to address, some of the problems in the United States. t Please don't send our young men and women to die in an unnecessary war. t I have two sons ages 19 and 16. More than anything I want peace for their futures. What s the ultimate goal? Who will pay the ultimate price for the decisions your team is making? Our children and the innocent people of Iraq. "AS soon as the first shot is fired against Iraq, the war could easily get out of hand and result in catastrophe," says Wes Boyd,. the president. "Therefore it's in everyone's interests for the Bush administration to proceed with due caution and let the U. N. process workY In various worst-case scenarios drawn up by American military experts an Iraqi war could destabilize the region and risk the possibility that nuclear weapons will be deployed. Experts have also raised concerns about the use of chemical or biological weapons in such a conflict. The Busl administration is trying to impose a February deadline on the inspections, even though chief U. N. weapons inspector Hans Blix has said he does not expect to complete the inspe, ctions and file a report before the end of March. "This is a critical moment in history, and the U. S. ought not plunge ahead reckiessly when the risks are so great," says Eli Pariser, also of The lobbying of Congress at the local level is the second stage of a grassroets effort by to influence U. S. policy toward Iraq., which has signed up more than 600,000 members nationwide, launched a TV advertising campaign last week with the same theme. The group raised $400,000 from its membership to air the ad in 13 major U. S. cities, including Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia. The TV ad shows scenes of an Iraqi "war spinning out of control. A narrator announces in a voice-over, "War with Iraq... Maybe it will spread. Maybe extremists will take Over countries with nuclear weapons." is a key player in Win Without War, a coalition of organizations, including the National Council of Churches, NAACP, Sierra Club, NOW, and others, representing millions of Americans who favor allowing the U. N. inspectors to finish their work in Iraq. !I Missing street signage throughout Hinton make it difficult for tourist, or just out-of-town people that are looking to visit with a friend. But nowhere in Hinton is the probhmJztore dominant than the area along Main St. above *he Avi Overhead Bridge. Above, top left, going counter clockwise, shows that no street sign is at the intersection where the Bridge connects with Main St. A street sign is missing at the corner of Main and State St., Main and Reservoir St. and Main and Cross St. Signage is also missingon these streets from Hermon and Lower Hermon St. But the problem is everywhere, Hinton Chief Timmy Adkins said. It sometimes makes it difficult for law enforcement officers and emergency medical teams to locate homes where distress calls have originated, he said. A survey should be made by the Street Department of signs that are missing and signs that are in disrepair, or painted over, so the City can begin correcting this potential hazard this summer. Photos by Everett Crawford Last Drug Defendant Sentenced By Fred Long ordered them both served The last drug defendant from a concurrent. He has the right to do Sept. 2000 undercover police sting that and I'm happy with the was sentenced in Circuit Court sentence. I looked at his record. It's yesterday, a long one and I don't think he has "He was the last one,  County ever been sentenced to prison Prosecutor Jim McNeely said of his before? 100% record of a conviction against McNeely, shaking off his 100% every defendant, except for one that conviction record of the first drug died, that was indicted in March defendants returned under his 2001following the police undercover tenure, said the credit goes to the operation, police officers that conducted the Osbey Dell Cox, 56, was found investigation and the undercover guilty of selling OxyContin to police informant. informant Billy Jack Cales, Jr. Cales contacted Hinton Police following a throe day trial in Circuit Chief Timmy Adkins, he told the Court last Sept. He also entered a court during his testimony, to get the guilty plea to another felony count drug dealers off his back. Adkins of selling OxyContin. Both carried and Cales, working with State a possible prison term of one to 15 Trooper A. S. ronf' Reed and NPS years. Officer Christ Shrader, successfully "I wanted the court to issue a convicted 17 area drug dealers. consecutive prison sentence on each "I guess that wraps up the Sept. count," McNoely said. Phat would 2000 drug bust," McNeely said. mean a prison term of two to 30 Now the ones we sent up will be years, but Judge [Robert] Irons coming up for parole? --'This and That By FredLong This year marks the 25th The Hinton Elks Lodge will be Anniversary of New River Gorge 100 years old this year. The exact National River Park. Much has date of its beginning is not know, but happened in this quarter-century as back in 1903 twenty-seven citizens the NPS worked to develop a park" of Hinton were initiated as the from acres previously mined or charter members of Hinton Elks logged to fuel America's Industrial Lodge, No. 821. In 1907 they built Revolution. 43,000 acres of public the Elks' Building on Second land are now set aside to protect Avenue, now the home of Hinton's important natural and cultural Antiques &Artisans Guild. The Elks resources, and provide recreational organization has been a part of opportunities. The NPS is Hinton's history since that early sponsoring a photo contest until July. time. On July 25, 26 and 27th., the 1, in various categories. Details are Hinton Elks Lodge will celebrate provided in the 2003 Photo Contest this historic event at its present brochure, available at visitor centers home on Willewwood Country Club. or by calling 304-465-0508. The Further information will be Anniversary's grand finale will be published as plans develop, the dedication of the new Sandstone #g Visitor Center in November.