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December 26, 1995     The Hinton News
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December 26, 1995

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' OFFICIAL LEVY BALLOT / Board of Education - Special Levy ition Special election to authorize additional levies for .lt beginning July I, 1996, July I, 1997, and July I,/I9 ,d IV.e purpose of authorizing the Board of Fxlucation o County to contract for and assume indebtedness, including ith.on for the following:  ' a. To provide support for the neeAs of in schools by allocating $20 per chile pu00ose of reducing anger raisers .............................................. / 4o,ooo b. To provide support for the Su"ty Public Library, the West Virginik. Extension Service (4-H Clubs,tc.) Summers County Health Dcp- $ 35,000 To pro,do up0000,ora,uoorRO0000' k._J/ d. To provide support for thjmprov of present sites, furnish artN"t-- school buildings and correct fircar ....... $ 100,000 L/ . To provide support for opcrat/on and maintenance of plant, Lung utilities, trash disposal, custodial supe-rp_ntenance of hull00ngs 000000me00,0000pacement of maintenance vehiJq, s ..../.:/.._.../. .............. S 450,000 t.4 / / f. To provide support for summend/or after school programs ........ , ..................................... $ 54,946 g. To provide supppr student extracurricular and cocurricula progarm.jncluding athletics, field trips, playounc,fe%-i]/ ......................... $ 70,000 -V I/ I / h. To provide sut..t//performing arts, including bot art, band, drama, and music...:_.... ....................................... S 50,000 To p000000doio00000000.pp.os audiovis.,'u/onal" ' x- equipment ...... $ 125,000 j. To prov.e support for substitute personnel, both profes .................................. s 100,000  -- . . TOT,CS FOR AEL"PURPOSES A-NIAL APPROXIMATE AMOUNT ......... $1,064,946 The 'alapproximate amount to be expended during the term of is 197 and the total approximate amount to beflpended during the three (3) year term of this levy is $3.194.838. The Board of Education of the County of Summers is herzed to match any state, federal or other funds be- co]bi, to expend at the end of each fiscal year or at end o lvy period tY resuRing surplus accruing and any surplus ac- c/g from thjb]evy for any or all purposes set forth in this proc- la.Ladyschool____ purposes it may desire. According tO the order of the Board of Education of the County CSummefFntered on the 26 day of Oo'l,: ' ii onal levies shall be on Class I property, 22.95 cents; on Classy[I/property, 45.90 cents; on Class III property, 91.80 cents; ahd on lbss IV property, 91.80 cents. ] For the Levies -] Against the Levies INSTRUCTIONS: Those favoring the additional levies place an x in the square before "FOR THE LEVIES". Those against such lev- ies place an x in the square before "AGAINST THE LEVIES". In the Library December for the Summers County Public Library has been punctuated by headlines - one after another as follows. December 1st. Frank Parker wins $100 bill in library raffle JR Bowles drew Frank's name out of the hat box but Frank has been out of town and does not know yet about his good fortune. The Library cleared $529,00 which was used to pay all expenses connected with The Christmas Homes Tour December 2nd Response to this event was once again overwhelmingl It takes the Friends a year to prepare and they harass almost everyone in the County to get involved. We do owe special thanks to Dave Springston for sketching houses for our brochure, Fox Photographics for printing it, Debbie Cole for painting bricks , The Baptist Youth Group, The Hinter Woman's Club, The Kiwanis Club, the BPW, and the Chamber of Commerce for decorating downtown windows, Mrs. Mary Los Upton for lending antique quilts and Mrs. Lois Wills for letting us display her old clothes. Larry Meador supplied music. Bob Butler in a gorgeous Santa suit greeded people outside the Library until he got too hot and had to return to the North Pole. The Jumping Branch Nimitz Homemakers sewed banners which the Hinton Fire department struggled to put up (and take down). The Home- makers also baked cookies to be served in the Library before the tour. Local newspapers printed stories. The Methodist Church Congregation cooked delicious soups for lunch, decorated their santuary and organized groups to provide music in the Church all afternoon on Dec. 2nd. Almost 90 people agreed to serve as hostesses in each of the homes. The Upper Crust offered dinner. The home owners scrubbed and cleaned and decorated all during Nov. and the City acted as Tour co-sponsor. Behind the scenes 101 Friends of the Library zipped around organizing, working, never complaining. The results: The day was lovely. Between 200 and 300 people came to "tour'. The Library is $2284 richer and the Librarian has yet to find words adequate enough to say Thank You. December Book Sale Now in Progress The tireless Friends of the Library were back on the job Monday December 4Oh., setting up for our annual book sale. The sale is now in its third week and prices have been slashed drastically! Best stop by and see for yourself. Go@ There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. -Edith Wharton LEGAL NOTICE full emmidtti thereof, tha mid Board of Zdumtba of th Coun or Summe be/nZ of t flon Umt tl mmdmum il for tmt ptmm tuflmchl I& II oftlmCod of West fimk I tim imyamat of pnmtl cunmat awnm of n0dm in 8,snore Count,, indudinz peaLt,r f the  heenimdlar toted during the flal yr Iim/ Jul 1,1. July I, lift/, sad July 1, 18, i Imvin utl that tl mte M  dm in m of tl smn nd by minr im wfil M nmd by Um BalgdumUon of tl un of 8mamm durlnl eh et the thrm &rod INms azal that a Slag'hal dation  be hl  such  in mafonaity with law. it l L   of whloh addlUonal levies needed, toaethm' uth the apprmdmato 8momt eon- meeemu for arch proposul 8re folhm 8. To prmle support for the needs ofindivldual eohsuls by nilaeeUnlr 110 perchild for the purpees om- du  mting fund ml .... $40,0, b. To  pert for the Summer Count/ INfl)ll Library, the Wut Virginia Unlvemity Exton- lion Service (4-H Clubs, og) and the Summers County Health Department ..................... $35,000 e. To provide support for a Junior ROTC program ........................................ $40.000 & To podde support for the Improvement of immmt t furnish and/or equip heol bulldin and mrat fin hmmed ..................... 8100.000 L To pvidl 8upp for operation and saint,- lance of p]ant lneludir utilities, trash dispeml, eustodtol supplies, repelr/maintenanco o4' build/ng stayer equipment, and roplammnt of maintenance vohid ............................. $450.000 To provide support for Summors und/or otter pogram ........................ S4.98 |. To provide support for studio traurdcular and lPrurdeulat prsrams, including athletics, field tripe, plaPlFonndk et ........................ .$70.000 I, To prodde rapport for the pscfunz art,, ira:iudi but not limited to art. ben& drama, and mud. ............................... jO,000 L To povl lntmcttonai supplies, iibrm books, audiovtmmM, and lmgrmgtorl qulpmout....$1sgD00 J. TO pdde support for mdtltuto lau'mnd.b.h ixofomlemd and ms, vlm ...................... $10o,000 TOTAL8 FOR ALL PURPOSES ANNUAL AP. PROXIMT AMOUNT .................. .$1,04,946 L The annual total appradmate moont to be expend during the term of this levy is 81,0G4,94fi and th total approz/mate amount to be expended durln the thrsu (3)yesr term of this levyla $3,194,83& The Boa of Eduestton oftbe Coun of Summers is authortsud to match any state, federal or oth nd beeomln available and to expend at the end of h fiscul year or at end of levy period any rutllng surplus accruing and any surplus accruing from this levy for any or all purpems mt forth in this prolasso flon ot any luml purpom it may 3. That the olmte and aggregated assessed vahmUon of each lau of taxable property within the Summoro County District for the suteaamont year of 1996 la as follow Clam I ..................... 89,513,734 Clam H ..................... $58,67,047 Clam HI ..................... $63,623,054 Clam IV ..................... $26,T82,772 Aggregate ........... 8158,576.607 4. That the proposed rate or levy in et on each clam of property within the 8mmmars County School District for the fiscd years beginning July I, 1996. July I, 1907, and July I. 19L la ae follow.: Clam I .gfi emta per $100 Amod Value Clam 11 4&) to per $I00 Ammmod Value Clam HI 91.$0 cont per 8100 Aemod Vahm Clam IV 91.80 cent pe 8100 Aad Value The your to wh/h midJttomd la/shall apply, ffaut by the voger, are the final ymrs begin- Ring July 1,19, July 1,1997. and July 1,1998. 6. That the qumtien of such additional levies he submitted to a vote in the kmmr County Schod District whkh embrum Summers Courtly, Wmt Vir- tnkt, at special elertl to be held In mid eunty on . Juntmty 9.1996. Ab ballots, for thi election autll M aPldled for, btoinod from and re- turned to the Oe of tM Summ County Circuit Clerk, Summm Count)" Ceurthoum, Htnt4 West Vtrn. 7. That ntieN of thk epschd lev ele shall be 8ivm by the publkatlon   erdor once mch week for two tve week8 within u 14 day period next pmeng the da of th  oped lccU in tha Hinte Now, tmwapeper of grul eircultkm in the dlWR'8 Cotm, S,ho Dlatrkt. Printed copies of this urdor droll lm  st such yogin8 place in the sclumi dhArigt iwior in the 81ghd  in be held on Tumdey, Junum7 S, 1. All ptwtdom of the law mmdngZml ettm ohaB npp. T  of the  k hereby 0 to aequlm und tumioh tit officials all  a4sction suppikm, niteR4 to the puldicstlon of this ke und to tha peogin of th mma in 'h voging I in the 8urn- mere County hod Diottlt al te de any and all tql streamers te prot qtest prpmm by thla order to the votm.s In the Snmmen County Shool District 8. The baBog to be m,ed in the elestlm hereln In.ideal ohail he in t, form u fllowz LEVY BALLOT Beard et gduettim -- 8pestal Lev tion Junust 9,1996 8ped election to uthorl addKtonai levi,- for th fi-..- ysumbqinningJul I. 199.J. 1.1997 .and July I. 1998. and for the  of autlrl-ng Boar., of Education of Summe County to mntract for and tame lndabtodram,induding it thereon for the fldlowl a. To provide suppmg for the needs el'individual tehuelsby all,sting 0 per chikl for the purpose or re- during ml/or ullmlnating fund mhm .... 840,000 b. To provide support for the Summers County Pub|l l,,laP, the Wut Virginia University Exten- sion vlce (4-H dubs. ogeJ and the Summers County llealth Deportment ..................... $35,(]00 . To provide support for s Junior ROTC program ........................................ $40.000 d. To provide support for the Improvement of preterit slts, furnish anti, or equip school buildings and orra t fire hagard- ...................... 8100,000 L To ptovid |uppet f opmtio and mainte- Irene of plant, intlding utilities, tra disposal, custodial supplies, repai#maintmmnes of buildings and/or qulpmont. and rephtmmont of maintenance vohklu. ............................ .$450.000 To poie support fat ammer md/or progmm ......................... $4,94 IG To Ide rapport br mtmlt tracucular and -urflur  tiudlng aridtit1, field k q provl mpl't N the pmormtng am, IrJuding but net llmltnd to art, hel, drama, and mu.. .............................. 0,000 L To pemde tm supplim Bbrm book mlldmmi and inam'tlonal ltpmt ........ ........................................ t00 |. TO pf'M supper m'suhettuto Immmd, both mlzv, ..................... $100,000 TOTALS FOR ALL PtWOS ANNUAL AP- lOglA'l AMOUNT ................... $1,064 The mmual total ptwlamto amount to be su- pondd during the t,ma of tld, Isvy is $1,04,s4e and the tobd ppnadmate mount to be expended durln$ the them (3) year term of this levy b ,I4,1K The Board of Edmmtlon of the Count of Summers is hereby autherla in match an stoto, federal or others fund beeomlngavailable, tomqond at the end of mob final ye er at end of le pfd any rsulting surpu aecrulng and say mrplu a,rtng from thb levy for any or all purim mt forth In this prolarao- tl er m, hl p it mw dlr Azrding to the order of the Bom'd orEduation of the County ofkmmm  on the 26 day of Octo- her 19;. The ddltlonai levk ohai] he on Class I property, .0 coRse;on Clam II property, 4JOntm; on Class HI loperty, SI.S0 cente; and on Class IV property, FOR the Lm AO tim Lvl INff/'RUrlONS Them the additlmml lIm Idmmang in tlm mpmmlmm "FOR thelvi'. Them lnog 8uoh levi  an X in the oquars bofwe "Asalnst tha Levies'. vein.s prom m  o  sm eem pmemmt m tmm Pmmmt ttm tlmm mm from Imm PalmiST mlmm ram lm vdumw t ;t pmamm, ama amq smsam CIRCLE OF LIGHT As you walk in your divinty upon this glorious planet, know that there is a world full of sacred, holy and beautiful beings that urround you. Some have remembered this truth and some have yet to recall. Doubt not that all shall one day know their divinity. For it is only a matter of timing. Each bleared Spirit has it's own perfect time u to when it will blommm into it's tall glory. Seeetm' CAFFEINE When you '.'think of the world's most popular drug, what do you think of?. Alcohol? Marijuana? Cocaine? Although it would be difficult to gauge, more than likely you'd be wrong. The world's most popular drug is probably caffeine. It is found in coffee, tea, soft drinks, and choco- late. While occurring naturally in cola nuts, coffee beans, tea leaves, and cocoa beans, caffeine is also added to some foods and beverages for flavor. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and causes people to feel alert. It also can increase heart rate, urine production, body tem- perature, sugar levels, and stomach acid secretion. It has been known to decrease appetite, lessen coordina- tion, and cause tremors. Although caffeine may not produce adequate stimulation to prevent sleep, it often lessens the depth of sleep and re- duces REM or dream sleep. For the average American adult, small doses of caffeine do not pose a threat. However, when taken in a large quantity, caffeine can lead to restlessness, diarrhea, and head- aches. Researchershave linkedregu- lar caffeine use to dependence on the drug, complete with withdrawal symptoms when caffiene use is stopped abruptly. To avoid caffiene withdrawal problems, caffiene use should be gradually decreased. While caffeine can produce both dependence and tolerance, it has obtained the status of Generally Recognized As Safe by the Food and Drug Administration. Although you may want to avoid caffeine use be- fore bedtime to improve the quality of your sleep, a moderate amount of caffeine provides only a minimal health risk. This message has been brought to you by Appalachian Regional Healthcare and The Hinton News. People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in cir- cumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can't find them, make them. ---George Bernard Shaw The first newspaper photo- graph was a halftone illustration of a New York Shantytown, which ran in the New York Dally Graphic on March 4, 1880. There is no freer investment for any community than putting milk into babies. Healthy citi- zens are the greatest asset any country can have. --Winston Churchill If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly. ---G.K. Chesterton Rt. 1 Box 86 Ballard, W.Va. 24918 FOREST HILL GREENVILLE ROAD - Rt. 122 near the Monroe-Summers Co. line. 3 BR. brick home, app. 1960 eq. ft., large family room witb fireplace and Ices rock waIl LR., DR. and kitchen with custom made cabinets, I 1/2 bath, front porch, sun porch, partial basement, large cedar lined closets. 2 car detached baths, fireplace in both living room and family brick finished garage. Large room. Many extras like a full kitchen in family room. Beautiful covered patio. Two car garage. Located in Bellepoint. 12 1/2 acres of vacant land in Cool Ridge. Cabin on the Greenbrier River for rent by the week. Fred Autrey Ritch, Jr. Broker and Certified Appraiser #0222 i i ,,i i i JONES REALTY 466-4246 #466 33 ACRES, Private, good hunting. Well, Creek. $23,500. #487-1321 Templo St. $25,000 #486 - Mini-farm. 6 plus acrfo,',/4 sn home._ private ..rp ozrlles tO Hlnton. Beautiful view. Very nice $89,500 #482 - 233 Main St. 2 story home aluminum siding, garage. Walk to stores. $30,000. #477 Brick Row: 809 Temple StreoL $29,000 #498 SANDSTONE: GREAT Commercial location near exit, two stow bldg. $21,000. #496 JUMPING BRANCH, acre building lot, water and Good location. $9,000. #493 NIMITZ, coz| axtra bldg. for shop or storage. $55,000. #494 NIMI'I7., 4 BR., 1 1/2 nice LR., Kit/din combo, level loL $65,000. #499 BUCK AREA: 27 acres w/3 BR, 2 Bath, home private, good hunting, cleared & woods$85,000 #492 3 acres Will Dodd Rd. Well and electric, creek. $12,000. #504 6 acres Clayton. Older 3 BR. home, needs some attention, creek. $25,000. #501 JUMPING BRANCH, 199414 x 76 mobile home on acre lot. Like naw $56,000. #488 MUDDY CREEK MT. Alderson. 3 BR. homo on 1 1/2 acres, nice out of town place. $59,5OO. #473.510 Temple SL duplex plus garage apt. Good Income property $39,500 #4741871/2 wooded hunting la nd $69,500 inground swimming pool. Located on approx. 58 seres of land on the Monroe County side, fronting on hard top road, barn, tool shed, ponds, ideal retirement farm, call today. $144,000.00, HINTON AREA - on Green- brier River on Camp Light- foot Road. 1 1/2 story, 4 Big. Rivera stone home, com- pletely restored. Large Hying room with Rivers fireplace, comb. kitchen and DR., with built-in cabinets, bath, new off furnaee, new doors and new tilt windows, new plumb- ing and wiring. Situated on approx. I acre of land joining and overlooking, Greenbrier River on bard top road. The home is high and dry, never flooded. Ifyou are looking for a home on the river, this could be the one. Call today. Only. $79,000.00 BOZOO AREA SUMMERS COUNTY- near the Monroe line, the former J. R. Keatley Cloverleaf Farm. Consisting of 228 acres of land with a 2 story, 4 BR. brisk home.Also a 3 BR. frame home very con- veniently located. 3 barns, many out bldgs with concrete floors, rome with running water. A beautiful 3 acre lake. 2 large ponds all cked with bait minnows. Several other small ponds. 3 developed springs, 4 water troughs. Approx. I mile of hardtop frontage. 800' paved driveway. Joining the Bluestone Hunt- ing Area. Approx. 90 of this land is cleared and rolling to level. Plus many other in- provements. You must see to appreciate the beauty and quality of this farm. For Listings Or Auction Sales Call 466-3210 Anytime Paul "Buddy" Light Broker & Auctioneer Licensed No. 478 #433 BARGER SPRINGS, 32 acres woodland X'k'r, Ig. creek, paved roa.."''ontage, near river, nice land... $35,000. #500 SAND KNOB AREA 6 112 acres, adjoins Bluestone State Park, greet home abe. $16,500 #491 Indian Mills: 150 yr. old log house hidden under sldlno thls classic 2 story far m.k 112 acres land, o ?'"t ';, garden, bord..".,e Public Hunting & Fish.. Walk to Indlen Creek. Speclel Pie ca. .J'd'$'/9,500 Please call for more information on these and other listings! Eugene Jones Diannia Perdue Linda Turner Broker Sales Assoc. Sales Assoc. 466-4246 466-3046 466-5688 i nl ii i LEGAL NOTICE List of real estate sold in the county of Summer, in the month (or months) of November, 1996, for nonpayment of taxes thereon for the year (or years) 1994, and purchased by individuals or by the State of West Virginia. Name of perum Lod description quantity of Whole amount ,lurpd with um lond, Is,4 mid p,b r-.,. I HINTON .POTION Hinlm lhlklm ggPly CO la ware Drog 'IT" GiUN IKn.i'HUB Dls,ntic'r camc,r U,,ww "m," DIs'rRICY .tr,, ALOTIY DISTRICT CO]. /arpmt S Lu,krah. Vt & gt Lmme. Bmd, K & Brenda 8eql John H Jr 8map, John H. Jr eggs. John H Jr John H Jr John H Jr Scasj John H. Jr Simmons, Charles D & Sharon Simmom Chmdes D & 8huron Nsmof ltto St Fan Wnnl Fnyogto 8t Pan Ward Pmmum Hk 400 Frmtm Adkm llthA Oak Hall Summam t Oak Hall Mill Creek "Minerals" Stone of WV Li Crmk "Mimnls" State of WV Sun Val'iq, Lnim qnt in iris" Wm aidmmd Sun Valk Leks "lnt" WId Indian Hill WM ltkhmd  Rlvece Hllb WM Ridmmd Greenbder Idand W R/almond Mt Piqah KD WM Rkhmond Rlverdo ]gUt W M aldlmld Pence Swln 8/I) W aldmeml S/D If River Rest W Rlchm Riverside Pest 'AM Rkhmond Riverside Rest WM lgKm end S/D H River Peg WM Rlehmed OroenbHer SpHnss WM Rle.hod OreenbHcr SpHnf Edward Lowo It77 lt iI Upp,im5 ofLet 8 mk  moekJLet  80 aerm mS0pek.. LetSSeeA Let1 a-- & 8 atom end S0pdm 1LeYakott Ssam t aemLetP ltmkS Lo I$ & SBIk2HT Logo 0.81-S2-&q Btock [I L6to 14.g9 Blk 2 Let 12 Blk Iota 15-1@-17-18 B U Lts 22 & 21 Lot 23 BBB SaD HY 0.00 mOO 108.4 I.W0.00 0.00 48.61 1000 100.00 10000 00.00 eoo.oo lOOOO 00.00 700.00 2100.(10 Tm Oor of any rmd estoUt litod above, or any ether pemn entitled to pay the tag thereon, muy. however, redmra sth teal utoto Im provided by law. Cleon under my hand this 20oh day of November, 199. John M. Plumy, Jr,, her/if& Treasurer HN Dec. 19 r 25 :/