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December 25, 2012     The Hinton News
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December 25, 2012

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:I0 - Hinton News Tues. Dec. 25, 2012 men o use on it' p. t~ The American people have been bill, with about 70 percent of the lost can " ~ clear that they will not accept an revenue going to households making t i economic approach that places too more than $1 million: More than 90 ~ big of a burden on the middle class, percent would go to households with ~: . seniors, students and the most incomes over $500,000. " i vulnerable Americans while asking • Lose another $120 billion in ii 'too little of the " wealthiest revenue by providing million dollar iiAmericans. tax cuts for the 3 in 1,000 wealthiest 'I The Congressional Republican estates: Plan B makes permanent 2- 'Plan B" legislation continues large the current estate tax levels, which =r~tax cuts for the very wealthiest provide an average of more than $1 • 'individuals on average, million in tax relief to estates worth millionaires would s~e a tax break more than $7 million, relative to the • of $50,000 - while eliminating tax President's proposal. '-cuts that 25 million students and • Raise taxes by an average of iJi:families struggling to make ends $1,000 on 25 million working ..: meet depend on and ending critical families with children and students: .:,,incentives for our nation'sPlan B does not continue the • .,, businesses. American Opportunity Tax Credit an $360. (See Table.) • For this reason, 70 percent of the $~400 billion lost by increasing the expiration threshold from $250,000 to $1 million goes to households making more than $1 million. More than 90 percent would go to households with incomes over $500,000. Tax Cuts Under Plan B Relative to the President's Approach (Preliminary Estimates) Income Group: Below $200,000. Average Annual Tax Cut Relative to President's Approach: 0 Share of Additional Tax Cuts: 0% Income Group: $200,000- ,'~, It would also cut off a vital lifeline and improvements to the Child Tax $500,000 of unemployment assistance to 2 Credit and Earned Income Tax AverageAnnual Tax Cut Relative million Americans fighting to find a Credit. to President's Approach: 360 ~:~ob just a few days after Christmas, • Fail to continue critical tax Share of Additional Tax Cuts: 6% ~nvhfle deeply cuttmg Medmare. incentives for business, like theIncome• Group: $500,000-$1 *~i ~ ...... ~= The deficit reductmn is mlmmal, Research & Development credit,million ~, and perversely, gwen its authors, energy incentives, and temporary Average Annual Tax Cut Relative ~ip . > solely through tax increases with no measures like bonus depreciation, to President's Approach: 11,000 spending cuts. ~ • Leaves in place a sequester that Share of Additional Tax Cuts: This approach does not meet the threatens education, research, and 25% :~ test of balance, and the President our national security. ~.~ '~vould veto the legislation in the • Pushes 2 millionAmericans off ~ unlikely event of its passage their unemployment insurance The President believes this benefits starting in January. At moment presents both sides an Christmas time, Plan B would cut .,)pportumty to reach a slgmficant, off benefits for 2 million workers "~balanced deal that is good for searching for jobs, something Income Group: Above $1 million Average Annual Tax Cut Relative to President's Approach: 50,000 Share of Additional Tax Cuts: 69% @ Provides a tax cut of $1 million per estate for the wealthiest 3 in 1,000 estates, all valued at more American families, the economy and Congress has never done before for our nation's future, when unemployment was still 7.7%. He has put forward a proposal • Cuts reimbursements for than $7 million per couple. Plan B ithat meets the Speaker halfway on doctors seeing Medicare patients by would spend $120 billion over the both taxes and spending, offering to 27 percent. work with Republicans to cut Plan B would extend all of the spending byanadditionalmorethan 2001/03 tax cuts - including the one trillion dollars beyond what he reduced ordinary income tax rates has already signed into law. and the lower dividend and capital The President urges the gains rates- on the first $1 million Republican leadership to work with of income and would repeal the pre- next 10 years on additional tax cuts for the wealthiest 3 in 1,000 estate. The large majority of that amount would be spent on thel in 1,000 estates valued at more than $5 million. , O Less than 0.5 percent of the l ommunlc on resslona IS on MEDICARE, CONTINUING . whicl~ is UNCERTAINTY, AND ALLOWING THE SEQUESTER Plan B does nothing to address the other elements of the fiscal cliff, including the expiration of emergency unemployment insurance benefits, the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) for Medicare or the sequester. In addition, it does not do anything for jobs, certainty, or anything significant for deficit reduction. • 2 million Americans would lose their emergency unemployment benefits next month. Plan B doesn't extends emergency unemployment insurance (UI) for Americans pounding the pavement looking for jobs, meaning 2 million Americans would lose their benefits next month. • A27 percent cut in doctor's pay in Medicare. Unlike the President's plan, the House Republican Plan B does nothing to fix the Sustainable Growth Rate formula (SGR) or "doc fix," continuing uncertainty for doctors and patients. Without a fix in this formula doctors will face a payment cut of 27 percent next year, or $14 billion. Reducing doctors' payments by $39 million each day that is it not addressed would jeopardize the care for 50 million people with Medicare and unnecessarily destabilize the program. • Continues to threaten default on our. nation's debt, heightening uncertainty for businesses and families. The House Republican Plan B continues to threaten default on our nation's debts in order to achieve partisan goals: The full faith and credit of the United States of America is something we should ons critical to long-term economic growth, would suffer profoundly, with about 700 fewer new grants from the National Institutes of Health and up to 1,500 fewer grants from the National Science Foundation. 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With a :rub- ber spatula, gently fold in the blueberries. Turn batter into prepared pan. Sprinkle the us to resolve remaining differences Bush tax expenditure limits - the benefits of Plan B would go to cherish and should not be used as a ½ cup reduced-fat sour topping mixture evenly on and find a reasonable solution to this Personal Exemption Phaseout business and farm estates valued at bargaining tool by any side. cream top; press lightly. Bake until a ............ Ό cup fat-free half-and-half ~tuatmn today instead of engaging (PEP) and the Item]zed Deductmn less than $5 mflhon: The Tax Pohcy • Does nothing to replace the wooden pick inserted in the ~n political exercises that increase Phaseout (Pease) - even for Center estimates that only 40 defense sequester, which will 1 teaspoon vanilla center comes out clean, 40 to :~he possibility that taxes go up on households with incomes over $1 businesses or farms in the entire undermine national security with an 2 cups fresh or frozen (not 45 minutes: Let cool in pan 30 . . thawed) blueberries :~very American. The American million, country that are valued at less than 9 percent across-the-board spending minutes before serving, ~eople are watching closely and • Plan B would raise about $300 $h million would owe any estate tax cut. The President's plan would Preheat oven to 350° F: Yield: 16portions i: :~eserve no less. billion from high-income under the President's proposal. Less replace the automatic 9 percent cuts Spray a 9 x 9-inch baking panPer portion: 216 calories; 33 g i:The Tax Pro-osal= households, based on a preliminary than 0.5 percent of the additional tax to defense programs scheduled to with nonstick spray. Make thecarbohydrate; 8g total fat;:5 g ~:~ 1~ o saturated fat; 1 g fiber~/i ~ , ~r.. T. estimate. This is less than one third cuts under the Plan B estate tax take effect nextyearwith a balanced topping: In a small bowl, stir lnl-'lanl of the revenue offered by Speaker plan would go to these farms and package of responsible savings an4. ii ~busm~es ~= • reven ~an B nues ;~ •~R~ordF~ut $300 billion B0e~e~:~:~t •yen falls short of the ~'i ..... -: ~:4~2 ~~a ~ ~ 4~ ~i~en~e:h~seholds- les~rough~:$400!~ioa t;hat Wou~ be ~ • Raises~n~me taxes on 25 to t~ten o~~'~:::~ee~ ~an b~e third of the amount ralsedfromrepeaIii~allofthe~2001/ ~mflhon m~d~Ie-class famlhesand poorly-targeted cuts. .' ~ ~ ~ehner offered: Because it cuts 03 tax cuts for incomes above $1 making less than $250,000 by an O The Defense Department has i~comes tax rates on the first $1 million. : average of $1,000 apiece. This alreadyput into place aresponsible includes strategy to reduce spendm and ~illion of income and repeals tax • Millionaires would get a " : g ~penditure limits for even the very $50,.000 tax cut. The largest ~ghest earners, Plan B raises only additional tax cuts under the :i ~out $300 billion from high-income Speakers plan would go to ~useholds, less than one third of e revenues in the most recent publican offer. • i Provide those making over $1 llion average tax cuts of $50,000: ~e 0:3 percent of households with ~omes over $1 million would get cuts averaging $50,000 per year. ~ • Lose about $400 billion in high- income revenue, relative to the Senate-passed middle-class tax cuts households with incomes above $1 million (the top 0.3 percent of households), who would get a tax cut on the first $1 million of their income, rather than the first $250,000 of their income, and would avoid reductions in tax benefits due to the PEP and Pease provisions. In contrast, the average tax cut for households with incomes between $200,000 and $500,000 would be To NEWS ARTICLES ' General Information and Writing Tips • The newspaper welcomes news submissions concerning club activities, sports, birthday announcements and anniversaries, engagements and weddings, academic honors, church activities and all community activities. • Everything submitted is subject to editing and all news articles run without charge and run on a "space available" basis. • Either type or legibly print your article, using upper and lowercase letters (NOT all caps). If possible, double-space between lines to allow room for copy editing marks. • The basic elements of a news article are: Who, What, When, Where and Why. Make sure your story includes all five W's. -Write yodr news article in the third person (he, they, their), not the first person (I, we, our). • Double-check the spelling of names and places mentioned in your story, and make sure the date(s) of your event matches the day(s). • Always include the name and daytime telephone number of a contact person in case there are questions about the news item. ! E-Mailed Articles !: • The best way to send an article via the Internet is to include the text of the article in the body of the e-mail and not as an attachment. Text in Word format is acceptable, but the newspaper cannot accept Wordpad, WordPerfect or Publisher files; To be safe, cut and paste into the e-mail. Do not send text as a jpg or any other type of graphic file. An accompanying picture should be sent as a high-resolution jpg. i. See "How To Get Into Print - Photographs" for more information on submitting photographs. The Hinton News P O Drawer 1000 Hinton, WV 25951-1000 O College: Eliminates a tax strengthen our armed forces for the incentive for college education for 11 coming decade, resulting irr $487 million families, raising their taxes billion in cuts and adhering to the by an average of $1,100. strict caps put in place in the Budget O Child Tax Credit: Reduces the Control Act. The Dei~nse Sequester refundability of the child tax credit would add an additional $500 billion for 12 million working families, in cuts. raising their taxes by an average of O As Secretary of Defense Leon $800. Panetta put it, "[Sequestration] is a O Earned Income Tax Credit: blind, mindless formula that makes Eliminates the increase in the EITC cuts across the board, hampers our for larger families and increases the ability to align resources with EITC marriage penalty, together strategy, and risks hollowing out the raising taxes on 6 million families force." by an average of $500. • Leaves in place the 8 percent • Fails to continue critical tax cut for non-defense discretionary incentives for businesses. Plan B spending, which would devastate does not extend key provisions that key national priorities like research Congress routinely passes with and education. Estimates from the strong bipartisan support, such as Office of Management and Budget tax credits for clean energy and the show that the sequester would cut Research and Development Tax domestic non-defense spending by Credit. These incentives would all about 8 percent. Over the course of go away in both 2012 and 2013 a year, this would mean: under Plan B. In addition, Plan B O About 100,000 children would would not extend the 50 percent lose access to Head Start. bonus depreciation that was in effect O Some 10,000 special education in 2012 and is a cost-effective teachers and related staff would be temporary measure to support out of jobs. investment and growth. O Close to 700,000 women and OTHER CONSEQUENCES OF children would lose the nutrition PLAN B: LOSING assistance they need. UNEMPLOYMENT, CUTTING OAnd research and development, ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE FROM HOME *Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice, *Hospitality Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV authorized. Call 877-205-2502 COLLEGE 209 2nd Avenue Hinton, WV 25951 Ph:(304)466-8200 Requests Sunday Service and Children's Church,-10:30 a.m. Wednesday Fellowship Groups-- 6:3.0 p~m. Open 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. "There's No Place Like The Ministry Place" .... The sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog." uses every letter of the alphabet! , Free initial SHERRI R. FREEMAN Attorney at Law consultations available in Consultations Gunnoe Law Office Local lawyers with over 30 years of combined experience serving the residents of Summers and surrounding counties. ~, Ii I City of Hinton General Election, June 11, 2013 Filing dates for the Office of Mayor and City Council for the City of Hinton's June 11,2013 General Election will be from Monday January 14, 2013 through Saturday January 26, 2013. Individuals wishing to file for office may pick up a form at City Hall Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. In accordance with West Virginia Code 3- 5-8 a $5.00 filing fee is required. This is a nonpartisan, election therefore there will be no primary. If you have any questions or concerns contact the City Manager Cris Meadows at 466-3255. 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