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December 19, 1995     The Hinton News
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December 19, 1995

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/ Volume 93 No. 35 Hinton, West Virginia Tuesday Dec. 19, 1995 30 Cents Anderson Will Challenge Jay for U. S.. Senate Seat the work was only short term and his first five years in office he has __,---- By Fred Long =because there wasn't any jobs in been directly involved in projects :t,,NmC * Senator Leonard Anderson, D- West Virginia I had to leave the within his district, some completed Summers, today, filed precandidacy state." He worked in Kentucky for and in the works, totalling approxi- papersinCharlestontochallengeU, abeutayearandreturn0dtoHinton mately $100 million. He has also 4G BRIDGE S. Senator Jay Rockefeller; because, to work for the railroad. =I worked served on numerous committees. he said, Rockefeller is "completely as a union man for eight years, so I =The state image is being turned .-- , out of touch with West Virginians." know what it's like when the union around and West Virginia is becom- Y Anderson announced early last people wonder about benefits. I know ing more of a business climate," he week that he intended to file against what it's like to be a union person, I said. "We do have good employees, the ll-year veteran of the U. S. knwwhattheirthug htsare' that will work, and won't strike i: -- .l,,:,:v:= 'I' Senate and former State Governor He bought a grocery store, be- every time that the soap is not in the   aRer considering the challenge, he came involved in logging, cutting bathroom. I want that to continue,  {;X said, for a couple of months, mine props and sold real estate, but I think that we need aggressive   : , "' -"-'...] / " -. '4., r Rockefellerisknownineverycorner savingenoughmoneytomakeadown people that were born and reared  ;.X - It--1 ............... ,., ofthe state and the race would be an payment on the Dairy Queen and here and educated in West Virginia, "' " ...... interesting one, Andersoncenceded. Sandman Motel in Jan., 1972. Since unlike Mr. Rockefeller. He wasn't Preliminary, Division of Highways, drawing of the new Avis Bridge. In addition, Rockefeller is known to thenhehasbeeninvolvedinssveral educatedhereandhedoesn'tunder- ............ spendmil]ionsonacampaign,some- small business ventures in ancl out stand the pains that we are suffer- where intheneighborhoodof$12 ofthestate, includingamotelbusi-ing. That we want to see ourldds New Design for Avis Bridge million when he was re-elected in nees in North Carolina. stayhersandworkhere. Wewantto 1990. I don't care,  said Anderson, Irememberoneemployee lhired, see our grand-kids raised here and "rm taking the David and Goliath something rm very proud of, hewas not havetoonlyseethemonceor Old Bridge Will Stand approach. I'm going to hithim head on welfare in Summers County. I twice a year, depending on how far on." hired him to do maintenance for me away they have to go to get a job. Anderson said he would makehis in North Carolina. I gave him a One of my biggest concerns, I By Fred Long for the construction of a new one, lower Main St. will be discontinued; candidacy official early next month place to live, he and his wife and believe 90 percent of all graduates Demolition of the old Avis Over- last Tuesday; however, at the out- although Anderson said he was not with an announcement from the three children, helped him with his from Hinton High School leave the head Bridge will not take place and set, demolition plans halted because sure aboIt thiq. Right ofway cal|s to Senate Chamber floor. I welcome meals. He's still working in North state each year to get ajoband that's a new bridge, below the present one, federal clearance was next to zero, theacquisitionoftanreeidenceL The every citizen in Summers County Carolina, now he has a nice brick frightening. It's just a shame that will begdn construction sometime in he said. total eoet for the bridge will be about and in my district to be there. I home. He's doing very well now and we have to educate them for the the summer of 1997, State Senator "They don't care about safety," $4.6 million. would feel very honored if anyone it makes me feel good, even though other states. West Virginians are LeonardAndersonsaidafterameet- Andersonsaidofthehistoriealagen- The oldbridge will be used until that went to school in Summers rd rather for him to be in West known to be the best workers, the ing with state officials last week. cies. hey are interested in pre- the newbridgeiecomplated, Ander. County could be there with me. I Vlrg Inia. most loyal w6rkers and they do good Anderson had scheduled a meet- serving our past antlIttitttand son said. Air that it will be con. wanttoinvolve them, in everythlngl Since announcing, "I've been get- work. Everywhere you go you hear ing with highway officials and ofl-, that;it's theTordyo in the Ldtod vetted into a walking bridb and do." 4g from all overtlat, that. :We need to create many more cials with Culture and History to State,b--one oftwin-the world. I -eloHd4ff-toautomobiletranaporta. Anderson, elected twice unop- a lot of people are dissatisfied with jobs." discuss demolition of the old bridge didn't know that." tion. He said Caperton agreed to posed tothe State Senate, said the hisperformance,'hesaid, qt'sbeen $500 After a briefmeetingin highway expend about $1,000,000 to repair main reason for running =is he has overwhelming. The support I'm Skaggs fined commissionerPredVanKirk'soffice, the bottomportionofthebridge justlosttouch withWestVirginians, getting is more than I ever dreamed un with assistant ommigioner, Joe whersehunksofconcretehavefallen I don't feel that he's done that much it would be," he said. Shelton; the Governor's chief assis, out, and spray the entire structure No jail sentence for West Virginia. He'soutoftouch "Every Senator that l've ta]ked to tent, John Perdue; Hinton Mayor with a coating to protect it from with labor and he's out of touch with so far has been in support of me. I, , James A. Leslie, Jr. and Council- further deterioration. The city will business. I'm not aware ofanything think all of the coal association will man Larry Mender, "it was decided also install lights on the bridge and that he has done in my dJstrict, but be in support ofme. I think many in ByFredLong Hollidayruledthatthetestimony tdiscontinueanydemolitionplans,  possibly place park benches so it can I can tell you numerous things that the teacher's union will be in sup- Fayetteville attorney G. Ernest was not sufficient to set aside the Anderson said. =Wedidn'tmeetwith be developed into a tourist attrac- Senator (Robert) Byrd has done. I've port of me because Senator Skaggs was fined $500; but will not plea and sentenced Skaggs to the Cu]ture and History about it." tion, he said. talked with him on the phone and I Rockefeller, there again, doesn't spend any time in jail for his no maximum fine. He would also serve Construction ofa new bridge and "I think everyone will be happy can work with him. I went to Wash- understandhowtheyfeel. Hedoesn't contest plea to obstructing an officer six months of unsupervised proba- restoration of the old one will cost with this,  said Anderson. "We're ington to eee Senator Rockefeller, on understand the educational system during a courthouse altercation on tion and repay DNR officer Charlie about$5.Smillion,morethandouble getting a new bridge and keeping the one thing that I wanted to do in West Virginia. He cut out the Jan. 6, 1994. Hunt for any personal property the original t.ot, but Anderson said the old one for a historical site.  with him, andit didn,t workout.  sales tax on food, which now he During the sentencing hearing, damagedin the incident. Gee. Capertonagreed to the addi- Local public hearings will be held Anderson said he felt he could admits was a mistake, and when he Thursday, Skaggs again tried to Skaggs faced a possible year in tionalexpenditure. "I do,'Andereon on the new design sometime early gain the voter's support because, "I did that all state employees lost convince special Judge James Holli- jail.  =aid, =want to thank the Governor next year, Anderson said. can relate to every West Virginian. money. He made promises just to day to set aside his Sept. 26 plea, The entire incident began during publicly because this is a major TbeoldAvisOverheadBridgewas Because I have been that person.  make political gain and we went in offering three witnesses in an effort a courtroom break when a verbal change in the cost." vimm]idin 1927when Hinton,Avis Anderson grew up in Hinton, about thered. West Virginia is just now to discredit his former attorney, altercation developed between The new bridge will cross the andBellepointconolidated. Actual 2O0-yards from an open burning getting that turned around. Now MichaelFarber.Skaggsrepreeented Skaggs and former prosecutor Joe railroad tracks just above the old cormtruction began July, 1928; and incinerator in the West End. Inthe we're probably $70 million to $90 himsslf at the hearing. Aucremanne. However, whenJudge abandoned brick Tomkie's building the bridge opened to the public in early 50's, when the steam engines million in the black instead of $500 ........ Robert Irons called Skaggs into his on lower Main St., cutting through Juno, 1929. It wa a joint effort left Hinton it put, maybe 1,400men million in the red." 0, tu"'ues'-ne office itescalatedinteabrawlin the that structure andextending to the between the CJtyofIinton and the out of work. "Se," he said, along Anderson alsosaid he understood floor with Skaggs, HuntandSheritrs lower side where a new road will be C & 0 Railroad. Its cost was fi- with many other people in Hinton, the health Care concerns of the eld- DeputyJohnnyMann, now :$ ,ton's constructed to the corner of Pleas- nanced by a city bond issue of I'dgowithmyfather, withourwhite erly, %ecauselhavea 77 yearold Drift a Debris O,,e, o, ,o,,.. Apparently $160,000 and the railroad gave sacks, once a month to go get com- mother that's frightened of lomng Skaggs claimed it was political $75,000. modities. I know what it's like to be her medical card. I've got an 86 Study Loaves & Fishes poor. mother-in-law in the same position date against Irons for the Circuit VIy brother was 15 when he died and is scared of losing her benefi ts. Judge seat anarearlier had served as and my parents didn't have any My opponent's family would never Apubliemeetingtoreviewand medical card. My parents had to have to worry about that because dist-mm the current Bluestone aspecialprosecutorinadruginves-. - ,Un00e"enan* ,.n- ='v" Issue borrow money for his hospitalbills, they are worth millions ofdollars. I driianddbrisevahmtionly tigation involving a man that, still earlier, accused Aucremanne of and they had to borrow for the fu- live in reality with my neighbors willbeheldattheHintonVisitm,'s physically attacking him. A jury neral expense. So, there again, I because Ia here. When I go to Center, 206 Temple St., in Hin- found Aucremanne not guilty ofthe ByFredLong ing for Loaves and Fishes, whowas know what it's like to be in a home Washington I intend to be home on ton, at 7.'00 PM, o Jan. llth. without health insurance. I know weekends, as often as possible. I Informatimdevelopedduring charge. Aucremannealso'supported Citing a misunderstanding, Jane not represented at the meeting. Irons in the election. Skaggs main- Duffield, head of the local Loaves & Duffield contacted Gunnoe some- what's it's like for parents to go to intend to spend my vacations here. the udy will be presented along tained bitter blood existed between Fishes program, tmld the only in- time before the establishment of the bed at night wondering', ifa child got All off time from Washington, I in- with detailsabeut the preferred themandbothwereworkingtogether volvementtheywillhaveintheforth- committee, she said, and offered sick at 3 o'clock in the morning, could tend to be hers listening to my con- planforaddressingtheproblems, to damage his reputation, coming school levy election will be assis/ance, but never intended to they take them to a hospital or a stituents. Because, even in Char- including an environmental as- The argument, Hollidaysaidprior taking voters to the polls, call people before the election, she doctor and be treated properly. I leston, I discussed pending legisla- easement. Opportunities for don'tfeel that my opponent has ever tion withmyconstituentstogettheir comments by interested parties to sentencing, was no excuse for his 'avee and Fishes," she said, said. actions aRer Judge Irons ordered =isn't taking any stand on the else- The only involvement, she said, worried about something like that." opinions. 'What do you feel about on the drift and debris study wilI Skaggs into his chambers or for tion, one way or the other. Our LoavssandFishesoNeredisprovid- Anderson said after graduating such and suchT And I've done this be provided.,In addition, written resisting the police. Skaggs main- position is strictly neutral; but we ing transportation to the polls. "We from high school he secured a job for five years and I'll do the same comments will be accepted until tained that it was not a lawful ar- areveryintersstedinhelpingpeeple want to do this for every election with a power line trimming crew, thing in Washington." Feb. 12th. rest. exercise their right to vote." because people say they didn't vote =one time I had 22 blisters on my Anderson's record with the State Comments on the study are After being jailed overnight on The misunderstanding surfaced because they didn't have a ride." hand, blisters under blisters." But Senateisanimpressiveene. During invited. Oral comments ars wel- charges of civil contempt, and a during a pro-levy meeting held at She maid drivers would be in- corned at the public meeting, hearing before the Stats Supreme the new Summers County High structed =not to have any discussion Loaves & Fishes Fund Drive wo comments are accept- Court which upheld Irons' action, School auditorium, earlier this about the levy in the car and we able. Comments also can be Skaggs apologized to Irons and the month. Duringthis meeting, chaired don't want any literature in the car." TheLoavesandFishes1996Fund LoavesandFishestoassisttheneedy mailedto: twoofficere. He was flned $1OO but attheopeningbySchoolBoardPresi- Duffieldsaiditwnsamistaheon Drive has gotten off to an excellent in Summers County in 1996, has Continued on page 2 =till faced two counts of battery in dent Karla Gunnoe, a committee, her part to oontaet Gunnoe to offer start according to its director, Jane been reached.All donations are used Magistrate Court. =Summers County Citizens for Bet- mmi;anee. NDf course, she wants Duffield. Through the first fifteen within the county to reach out in a Absentee Ballots This was later transferred to ter Schools," was formed, tlmlevytopmm;andlknawabout days of the drive $2,984 has been variety of ways; to fill emergency Circuit Court, placedin thehandsof GunnoemadereferencetoLoavee the meeting, but I thought it was received. It makes me hopeful we food orders, to provide emergency Allvoterswhowillbeoutofcounty threespecialprosecutors,andmoved and Fishes offer to help during the Just going to be an informational will reach our goal of $5000 by Dec. utilities assistance, to sponsor a on Jan. 9,1996, may vote an Absen- to Greenbrier County where it fi- election, saying a hone bank" mtingcoumrningthelevy, ldidn't 31st.  holiday dinner and much more. tee Ballot for the Board of Educa- nelly came to a head, after nearly would be set up shortly before the know a group of this type was going The $2984 raised means that five All contributions to Loaves and tion.Special Lbvy Election in the twoyears, last Thursday. election and that they don't want to tobeformedwhenldidthis. Loaves slices of bread now partially fill the Fishes are tax-deductible. In addi- Circuit Clerk's Office. But Skaggs still faces possible call people and remind them of the and Fislum wanta to be disconnected loaf that appears in Loaves and tion, a beautiful 1996 Wolf Creek Absentee voting will begin Dec. discipliharysanctionswiththeState levy if they think they will vote with this organization. If people Fishesstorefrontwindow.Eachslice calendar will be given to contribu- 26, 1995 thru Jan. 5, 1996, during Bar, charged with upholding the againstit2 needtiontothepoUsthey relresents$S00ofdonated-dollars; tore donating $50 or more. Calen. regular office hours. The office will standards ofprofeesional ethics and Gunnee said she was speaking cmn call tm and we will help them get a full loafoften slices will mean that dare will also be given to two win- be open from S:30 am till l:00noon to investigate and prosecute viola, strictlyher=opinionandnotspeak, to tlm palls. We are neutral. Weam the goal of $5000, needed to enab|e Continued on page 2 on Sat., Jan. 6, 1996. tions, not taking any poiion.