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December 13, 1983     The Hinton News
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December 13, 1983

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/ a (] .Itinl,i,l Ih,' llinttm l)aih .Ne"vs "Home of Lake Bl.estone' Yolme 80 No. 78 ilinton. West Virginia Tuesday, December13, 1983 By Fred Long Superintendent of Schools Jim Tassos said expenses are exceeding anticipated revenue at an alarming rate and "if we continue along this road we are probably going to have a deficit." Tassos said a few years ago the Board had a surplus and "we had to spend more money. Then last year the Governor knocked us for a loop when we had to send $I~,000 back to the state." Then the State cut back' 3 per cent. Tass~ said they weye using "carry over money, which we are not going to have forever, and anticipated inter- est to balance the budget." He said "we have reached a point where we have to say NO" when the Board is. asked for funding from other organiz-. -ations. R Tassos said they now have an emergency that wasn't budget- ed "the furnace at the Hinton High School can go bad any day. I'm going to ask for permission to buy a new furnace for the school tonight" and have it installed over the holidays "if the furnace goes we have no choice but to turn out classes." Tassos said a recent inspec- tion revealed that the furnace was had. 'lassos asked that the furnace be purchased "without putting it out to bid, because it is an emergency situation." Richard Lawrence, purchas- ing director, said under an emergency situation they could purchase the furnace without putting it out to bids. He said that the furnace would he bought from the firm that had submitted the low bid on the past two furnace jobs. Lawrence said Vest Heating, of Beckley, would install the furnace for $17,000. The Board approved the purchase by unanimous vote. Tasses said $I00,000 in inter- est the Board may not receive has been placed in the budget in order to have a balanced budget. "I realize we can't go on like this." In other action the Board renewed a one year contract with the Summers County Council on Aging, Inc. for use of the vocational building at Sand- stone for the senior citizens nutrition center. Repairing the Sandstone School gym ceiling was award- ed to Gary Sears with a low bid of $16,735 to complete the job in 30 days. The next meeting is set for January 12, 1984. Christmas Hinton Christmas Parade is a success for youngsters whenSanta Claus appeared throwing Santa candy from the City fire truck. Photo by Fred Long. A picture of Sandstone Falls in muted blue tones, with the caption "' Sunglistening waters of Sandstone Falls tumble th- rough the New River Gorge in West Virginia." decorates the front cover of a major new publication of the National Ge- ographic Society entitled Am- erica's Wild and Scenic Rivers. Jim Carrico. Superintendent of New River Gorge National River. of which Sandstone Falls is a major geologic feature, stated " I am pleased that this internationally - recognized or- ganization selected a picture of this beautiful West Virginia waterfall to introduce America. and really the world, through pictures and written word to more than 20 selected remote and unspoiled rwers in the contiguous 48 states." The 200-page, hard-bound book, generously filled with breathtaking pictures, includes a spectacular double - page picture of Sandstone Falls, the first of four double-page pict- ures in the forward in the book. In the main text devoted to the New River, five double - page pictures illustrate the river and its environs, more than any other river described in the book. "We are beginning to receive the kind of national and Continued On Page 3 Dr. and Mrs. B. Payman donated $I00.00 to the new Summers County Library in the memory of the members of the Baha'i Faith who have been martyred in Iran. The follow. ing is a summary of Dr. Pay- man's comments: % "The present Islamic regime ][ran has unleashed a new wave of anti-Baha'i terror. In the last three years more than 150 Baha'is, virtually all of them belonging to the leader- ship, have been killed on var- ious trumped-up charges. "In reality the hatred is based on the fact that the Baha'i Faith, a separate and independent religion, is seen as a challenge to the Shiite be- Fief that Islam is the fianl religion and that Muhammad was the last Prophet ever to appear on earth. "The hatred is further fed by E~flm'i belief in the unity of mankind, the equality of races, the equality of sexes, univer- sal peace, univermfl education, and the harmony of religion and ~ience. "The clerical regime has declared through the chief By Fred Lmtg "You are never going to eliminate all of the problems that you have in your schools.'" Superintendent Jim Tassos said in giving his report on discipline to the Board of Education at the last meeting. "By this I mean the isolated incidents," be said, "the pro- blems we have are isolated." Tassos said the school system i ~ay never be tO0 per cent, but it .ho eon , to the i endof the schoel year I will be t. e judge of Islamic court of Sh- iraz that there is no place in Iran for Baha'is. "Since the U.S. Congress passed its concurrent resolut- ion ( Sep. 30, 1982) the sit- uation has not improved. "There have been 27 execut- ions, the latest having occurred on June 16 and t8 in Shiraz where six men and I0 women were hanged in spite of the appeal of President Reagan to spare their lives. "Of the I0 women, three were teenage girls. Thousands of Baha'is have been deprived of pensions, tens of thousands have lost their jobs, other th- ousands have left the country, becoming homeless refugees. Thousands of children have been denied an education. "The Baha'is will continue to he harassed, maltreated and killed in a country where the jail and the hangman's noose have become common instru~ ments of persuasion. "On August 29 Iran's Attor- ney General announced com- prehansive ban on Baha'i ad- ministrative institutions, out- lawing all Baha'i community activities, whether national or most happy to report to you that this has be(m one of my finest years." Tassos said that now studenis "are not permitted to go to their lockers between periods." He said this "is a step in the right direction to keep them in the classroom where they need to be." Tams said this year they do not have two teachers in each physical education class. "There are two periods a day," he said where only one teacher is present. "However this will be corrected, in sdmtulln8 classes noxt year." Tassos said they have added "student help" By BillEllison T.V. Mart outgunned Nimitz Auto. 94 - 83, and Moose held off a determined effort by FNB to post its 4th win. 93-92. T.V. Mart used balanced scoring against Nimitz Auto in the Ist half to pull out by 7, 44 - 37. Theron Huffman led the way with 10, Rushion Colin had 9, Buck Yates and Roger Bolen 8 apiece. Nimitz Auto stayed elese as .Steve Tassos hit 10 from the outside and Dick Gunnoe pumped in 9. In the second half Nimitz Auto cbarg- ed to 2 1 - 3 - l defense which did not prove to he as effective as the 1 - 2- 2 they had used in the 1st half, Rushion Colin erupted for 24 second half points as he put on a one - man scoring show, while Huffman, Jett An- drick, Bolen. and Yates held their own on the boards ag- ['ire Levy Voted Down local, on the pretext that exist- ence Baha'i organizations is contrary to Islamic constitut- ion. Membership in Baha'i ad- ministrative institutions ( gov- erning bodies and their comm- ittees, youth organizations, ed- ucational or charitable groups ) now specified as criminal act. "Though Attorney General stated that individual Baha' is may practice their beliefs in private, this latest onslaught is d~igned as another step in genocidal campaign to destroy Baha'i community. "Faithful to principle of obeying laws of their country, National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Iran has diss- olved all Baha'i administrat- ive institutions in Iran. "Long victimized community has now been deprived of its democratically elected leader- ship and its internal struct- ure. This tragic development is fought with far reaching con- sequences for the very lives of hundreds of thousands. "American Balm'is call upon all who cherish freedom and human decency to protest the new barbarity." in these classes, "and ff there is conduct unbecoming in the dreaing rooms, t ds will remdt in an automatic suspension." Tassos also explained that parents can visit the schools anytime. Taseos said a parent that wishes to meet with a teacher need only schedule a meeting with the principal to lfind out when the teacher is available, and make an appointment. He also said they plan to have a day "where we will invite parents to come to school with their ch/ldren. I want to stress," he said, "that any parent should feel free to visit the school anytime." By Fred Long The Summers County fire levy took a beating last Tues- day when it failed to capture the required 60 per cent of the vote needed in order to pass. Only lC69 county voters turn- ed out to vote on the three year provided about $28,000 a year for each of the five county volunteer fire departments over a three year period. The county emergency ser- vice office would have received funds totaling $10,000 a year for three years. The City of Hinton would levy which resulted in a vote of 'have received about $63,000 a 626 for the levy and 463 against year for three years which it. The levy required at least 60 would have been used for a new per cent to pass, however the fire station. vote was 57 per cent therefore The present fire levy will the levy failed, expire with the tax period The fire levy would have ending June 30, 19@I. VOTING PRECINCTS 42 VASS_' S 32 LI BRARY 42 CITY HALL 28 MEMORIAL BLDG. 33 ELE, SCHOOL AVIS 1 BELLEPOINT , ?CREST HI LL 19 UPLAND 8 WIGGINS 28 GREEN SULPHUR 12 SAND. STONE' 19 11 i 41 JUMPING BRANCH OA , MA,I)A, MS CREEK , 5a 8o 52.5 16 48 66.6 24 10 ,7 49 85.7 . 5 53 . 84.8 12 45 73.3 5 14 64.2 ~ 30 ~0 27 85 68.2 63 82 2~.I 27 35 22.8 r-1. 26 54 [~ 8 11 25 52.1 67.8 10 21 52.3 ,i ii 35 76 53.9 26 50 48 25 35 28.5 PIPESTEM 71 i )5 106 66,9 TALCOTT SCHOOL 9 41 78 VO-AG BUILDING ., 78 26 104 75 PENCE SPRINGS !4 36 50 28 QTAL 626 .46 1089 57.4 CITY 259 5 67.4 COUNTY 367 705 52 ainst the superior heiRhi-of Nimitz Auto. Colin led the victors with 33. followed by Huffman with 2t. Bolen chipped in I0. Nimitz Auto's effort was paced by Tassos with 25, Gun- hoe, with 21, and Mike Boland with I0. The second game proved to be the real thriller of the evening as Moose luckily es- caped an upset. Down by I0 points and in considerable foul trouble. Moose still played ball hawking defense and used good shot selection to pull ahead by 3 in the closing minutes. FNB contributed to its own donwfall with poor shot selection and bad offensive strategy. They failed to take advantage of Moose's foul difficulties and allowed key players Butch Gore, Randy Willey, and Jackie Scott to complete the game Continued On Page 3 The Chamber of Commerce of Summers County held it's annual Radio Auction Saturday December 10th. The Chamber would like to thank all the merchants and business people who donated merchandise or services, the Board of Educat- ion for use of it's offices, WMTD for the broadcast, and AGENDA 1. Roll Call. 2, Devotions, 3. Delegations. 4. Approval of Minutes. 5. Citizen Input. 6. New Business, a. Appointments to City of Hinton Development Authority. B. Adoption of Resolution declaring Blighted Areas in City for redevelopment action. Railro lied Mike Pullen a resident of Hinton was killed early Tuesday morning in a C & O Railroad accident at Ronceverte. Accident is under investigat- ion. No other details were known at press time. m Cuts Demolition of Lincoln ! I Postponed By Fred Long Ziegler said when the matter came up before the Board decided if a group "particular- ly in the black community" wanted to take it over they would lease it to them. Tassos said leasing the pro- perty to a group for a oommun- ity building met with his approval 100 per cent and "we will postpone this till the next meeting. I just thought, with all of the problems we have been having I would put it on the agenda, but there ts no rusb." Ziegier said the building "has become a nuisance." He said people are breaking into it and setting fires. "It represents a problem," he said. "I think if some group has the ambition to tackle the project they should realize it is not going to be an easy one." The Board would be willing to lease the building for St.0o a year to a group, such as a church orginization. ate Action by the Board of Edu- :ation to demolish the Lincoln 3igh school building was delay- following a request that the ~roperty be made available to '~he citizens for a community ~uilding. An attempt was made about one year ago to have the building demolished. Superintendent of Schools Jim Tassos said the Board would "not pay anything to demolish the building" but would give all the materials in the building for the work. The matter was brought before the Board again during the meeting Thursday. Fred Long appeared before the Board to ask if the building could he made "available to some group for a community building or try to find some use for it before you take any action to demolish it." Board President David phone service un-affordable for the lower income members of this group. The petition advocates for a "lifeline rate" which would assure that basic telephone service including a specific maximium number of calls, would remain available at an affordable rate. Anyone who has not yet sign- ed this petition but would like to, can contacl the Hinton' Senior Center at 466-4019. Since it is recognized that personal letters have more impact than signatures on petitions, those who are truly concerned about this proposed rate increase are urged to voice their concerns by wriring to the PSC at the following address: West Virginia Public Service Commission Mr. Howard MeCunningham, Executive Secretary State Capitol Building Charleston, W. Va. 25305 Since C & P's requesting that the increase take effect as of January 1, 1984 concerned persons are urged to write and mail their letters as soon as possible. According to a consumer re- presentative on the staff of the Public Service Commission the C & P Telephone Company has requested that the rate increase that they asked for last June become effective as of Jat~ua~/:y tstr" 19~ of June tst 1984 as they had originally requested. This rate increase, which would amount to an increase of 86.9 per cent for residential customers reflects an increase in the charge for telephone lines. It does not include any increase in rates for equipment nor does it reflect the access charge that C & P is also requesting. A petition with the signatures of over 1200 Summers County residents has already been filed with the PSC opposing this rate increase. The petition also ex- presses specific concern for those elderly and handicapped persons who rely on the tele- phone as a primary and ess- ential means of communicat- ion. Coneern is expressed for the fact that such a dramatic rate increase could make tsle- everyone who participated in ration. The library contains the auction. Again, the auction information concerning all was a huge success and the aspects of starting and operat- funds generated by the auction ing a small business and all will be used for Chamber pro. members are welcome to use Jeets- this valuable resource. To The Chamber has received a check out books please contact complete Small Business Chamber PresidentEmily Library placed in the office by Briers. the Small Business Administ- merit of Cabot gas bills. E. Department Heads. 8. Discussions A. Meeting of City of Hinton Development Authority. B. Payment of Bills. C. Approval of November Financial Statement. D. Date of next meeting. 9. Personnel Actions. 10. Adjournment. I C. 1st Reading Historic District Ordinance. D. Purchase of property. 7. Repents a. Slide Presentation: Hinton Historic District. B. After-Action Report: October 6, Fire. C. Approval of revision to' GEEP funds, D. Collection point for pay- BINGO The Summers County Fire Department will hold Bingo every Saturday night beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the fire station. The public is invited to attepd. Ai_I proceeds will gn to tho fire department. Bring the family and enjoy the night of Bingo. No one under 18 allowed to play unless accompanied by an adult, CANTATA C~ristmas Cantata will be held at the Keller Presbyterian Church at Lowell, West VtqPnla, Sunday December S, II, Time is 2:~} P.m. " TELEVISION PRAYER SERVICE A spec/al ST. PATRICK'S PRAYER SERVICE will be presented on Channel 2, Hinton 's cable television station. The local television station will air several of these relig- i0us broadcasts on the following dates: Monday, Dec- ember 19 at 2:00 p.m. - Wed. nesday, December 21 at 6:00 p.m. - Monday, December M at ~:00 p.m.. - Wednesday, Dec. ember 28 at 6:00 p.m. Father Paul Tedesco at St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Hinton may be contacted for additional information. ! J