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November 27, 1979     The Hinton News
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November 27, 1979

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r t .." U r 7:, {i / ' r c .y x :4 / lj !' 4 ,i i 'i L' d t 4 ] | ! 5' i I ' r r . 4 6-High: ews Tues. Nov. 27, 1979 Oct. Observed As Conservation Month Twenty major industrial oil- consuming nations, including the United States, jointly ob- served October as the first International Energy Conserv- ation Month. During the month, the 20 nations, all members of the International Energy Ag- ency t IEA), shared energy- conserving informat- ion. ideas, and techniques th- rough conferences and technic- al meetings and sought to . create greater public aware- . .hess of the critical need to use r" f , . energy wisely and more effic- , iently, both now and in the ., ft!ure. . .[bout United States Particip- ;ilion. " In proclaiming ()clober as In-  t_ernational Energy Conservat- 3 ion Month in the United St- ews. President Carter said: Willie considerable progress f has been made in reducing Ihe Eate of growth in demand for em,rgy, much more remains to .be done if the t ;niled States is to mCel its reslmnsibilily to red- , tie uts dmnand fl}r pelroleum in fhe u.}J"id markel., As the ,.'hl "s major consumer of energy, it is essential Ihat the.' I ifiled Slates become a leader m c, mservmg energy by curt- allm unr|('cessary and waste- I,d uses. by improving the eff- leivm.Lv Vcilh which we use en- erv.y, and by switching from nler(,asingly scarce ix,h-,deum ilrld pelr0)h,um producls I, more ilt)tlllda/)l al[(,l'lla[(, Sq}lll'L'Cb. .{!:ven/s in the l!niI,,d :-;lares include industrial c, mferences, c,)llege seminars, elemenlary school pr,)jccts, and scientific " meelings There haw been dehol,Sll-lmns exhibits, and :mv hall nl,"lqil|gs on energy U(' t',Wl),wa i )as citizen org- Convention Held anizations and State and local governments have promoted energy conservation, and the media has played a major role with articles and programs foc- using on the energy problem. About the International Energy Agency lEA was established in 1974 in the wake of the 1973- 74 world energy crisis. It is comprised of 20 industrialized countries, in- cluding the United States, and is headquartered in Paris as an autonomous body within the Organization for Economic, Cooperation and Development The comprehensive aim of the lEA countries is to bring aohut a better structure of energy supply and demand over the near and longer term. Recog- nizing that this important ob- jective would require collective efforts, the countries are work. ing together to reduce their individual and collective de- mand for oil. The basic ele- ments of this cooperation in- clude: 1> Reducing excessive dependence on oil through en- A recenl investigation cond- 'hal activity to occur between ucled by three California psy- male educators and female st- chol.gisls reveals that sexual udents is more the result of aclivily belwcen college educ- discrimination or imbalance at ators and their students is in- a different level of the train- creasing-- and it's increasing ing program ( such as) re- along scxisl lines cruitment of faculty and stud- Kernu.lh S. Pope, Ph. D. ents. In the recent past, the Ilanna I,evenson, Ph.D., and ratio of male to female faculty Leslie R..Schover. Ph.D. und- in the typical program was 9 to t. " ertook a nationwide survey of the approximately one thousand Bul the authors also note that members of the .:merman Psy- chological Association's (APA) l)ivision of Psychotherapy. The responses they got back from almost half their sampl- ing revealed some fascinating, disturbing trends. After analy- zing the data. Pope, Lcvenson, and 'hm,er concluded that " Sexual conlacl-- such as inter- course or genital stimulation-. obcurs between a substantial hi,tabor of studenls and educat- ors.'" Secondly thai the " con- aef is mostly between fmale sydonts and male educators, jus as sex in psychotherapy u.4nally occurs I)etween a fem- oh, clienl and a male lherap- lsl ' l'hey also learned that the incidence of such sexual inti- macy is increasing at a rapid rate t)n(,-haw[h ol all recent fem'ak, t'll.I).'s reported sexual 'onhgcl with an eductor. And sexual contact is similar to x(hat is mos alarming in their rape, hopes other disciplines ' findingi is qat only 2 per cent ot will open themselves to studies [i,osv wh, ,'esponded said that of this kind. such s*'Xl{al coarse! " could be Pope, Levenson, and Schov- .. I)!'nef ,,  1,, bolh parties." er presented their findings in a ., Th(' ('alifornia psychologists seminar called "'Sexual Con- poi;( -ul Ihal many factors duct Between Psychology Edu- t'oqld c,mribue to the prevail- cators and Students: Ethics and . ing sexism in campus sexual Practice" held during the 87th .ac!ivii,s In a summary of Annual Convention of the Amer_ their l iadings in the August, lean Psychological Association ..17:), ,.merican Psychologist, in New York City in Septem- Ihoy state, "It may be, howev- ber. cr, that the tendency for sex- ..::: Holiday Recipes "Radiant Shadows" is a sculptured plush carpet chologically warm and "cozy" a room. with a variety of color variations that psv- " 'Two popular holiday sausages that. look very much like are braunschweiger and liver saus- age. Frequently we speak of these two interchangably, but they are distinct products, th- ough similar in flavor and nut- .rition. As pre- cooked meat products, both are ready to eat, making them ideal for the party planner. The National Hog Dog & Sa'us'age Council suggests blending either braunschweiger or liver sausage with cream cheese and forming a delicious gpread. This mixture also can be shaped into a ball and rolled in nut meats ot parsley flakes. Place on a platter and circle with snack crackers For an even more exciting centerpiece, make a giant pine cone by garnishing the sausage ball with rows and rows of sliced almonds. The following recipe will make approximately two cups, ennugh for two dozen finger sandwiches. Double recipe for ball or pine cone. IIIIAUNSCIIWEIGEll MIX ergy conservation, develop- meat of alternative energy re- Wall-to-wall carpet adds sources, and research and de- much to the prestige and dig- velopment: 2) Developing bet- nity of a home, but most of us ter information on the intern- never consider the peripheral alional oil market, as well as benefits. consulting with oil companies: Carpet is a tranquilizer. It and 3) Planning and preparing helps reduce household sound member countries against the levels and virtually eliminates risk of a major disruption of oil impact noise supplies, and sharing available Carpet's soft pile relieves foot oil in the evenl of an era- fatigue; it fee.Is better under- ergency, foot than hard unyielding floors. IEA members are : Aust- Carpers non-skid surface prev- ralia. Austria, Belgium, Can- ents many slips and slides, and ado, ])enmark, West Germany, cushions falls that may occur. (;reece. Ireland, Italy. Japan, In addition to comfort and I,uxembourg, the United King- safety, carpet also offers easy dora. and the United States. care. Only a frequent vacuum- ing is necessary for a neat picked-up look. Carpet actually keeps dust and dirt from being tracked through the house since it " brushes" shoes and, holds soil high in its pile ( but out of sight) until it's vacuumed aw- ay. Some maintain that carpet also helps reduce energy con- sumption in the home by in- sulating against warm air loss through the floor. While it's true that carpel feels warm to the touch ( when you walk over it barefoot, h)r example) it's doubtful that carpeted floors Ihese ratios fail to explain why a actually conserve energy. Why smaller percentage of female ? Because relatively little room versus male faculty engage in heat escapes through floors in sexual contact with their stud- the first place; most loss oec- eats. Reports describing sexual urs through other openings and harrassment are increasing and surfaces such as windows, doG- tend to involve males in pos- rs, roof. etc. itions of authority and females In fact, the Council of Bet- who are students, clients, and ter Business Bureaus specific- patients The APA declared ally rulesoutadvertisingwhich such contact unethical following claims that carpet can reduce a 1975 report from its task force home heating bills on Sex Bias and Sex-Role St- However, in these days of ereotyping in Psycho therapeut- rising prices, carpet itself is a ie Practice. To build on this real bargain. It's one of the few effort, Pope, who is Director of home furnishings that's effect- PsychologicaI Servicesat Gate- ively defied inflation. While ways Hospital and Mental Heal- most cousumer products have th Center in Los Angeles, says doubled or tripled in price, he is " interested in working carpet is actually less experts- with students and psychologists ive today than it was a gen- - teachers to set up meeh- eration ago. anisms to deal with these sit- We haven't forgotten beauty. ualions." Pope, who feels such Today's carpets and rus offer '12 ounces Braunschweiger or liver sausage One 8-ounce package cream cheese, softened :l tableswmns finely minced 'gr.n onions Carpet Investment Reaps Extra Dividends I tablespoon lemon juice I-t : teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce  teaspoon Tabasco Sauce , teaspoon red pepper  teaspoon garlic powder  teaspoon salt frames" other furnishings se that they look more important and distinctive; it is often the basis of an' entire color or decorating scheme. A carpeted floor makes the entire room seem complete with a min- imal amount of furniture. Note: You may wish to taste mix before adding salt, as you may prefer to decrease or el- iminate lhe amount. PINE CONE Combine and mix all ingred- ients thoroughly. To make pine cone use one 2- ounce package of toasted almond slices. The pine cone may be made ahead and frozen. Set cone on a plastic lid from a 2-pound coff- ee can. Garnish with almond slices and freeze. Wrap with foil after frozen. It can remain frozen for one month. PINWIIEELS 24 slices of thin sliced sand- wich bread Trim crusts and spread with Braunschweiger mix. Roll up, wrap ( about six to a package) and refrigerate or freeze. To serve: Spread outside of rolls lightly with mayonnaise and roll in chopped parsley. Slice each roll in 4 smaller pinwheels. a tremendous choice in'colors, The consumer who wants to textures, and designs. Carpet " make the best possible choice in carpeting should begin the sel- eetion process by consulting a reputable dealer. According to the experts at Armstrong Cork Company, if you sacrifice qual- ity, you lose the advantages of better performance, longer life, and easier maintenance. "Living With Inflation" Robert S. Maust, president of the West Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants and professor of accounting at West Virginia University, ann- ounced today that a state-wide speakers bureau has been form- from the audience. "A penny saved is 'a penny earned' may have been solid advice in Benjamin Franklin's day," he added, " but in these inflationary times it would have to be updated to: 'A penny ed to discuss the problem of " saved at less than nine per cent Living with Inflation." is a penny that's shrinking fast. The program is available '" without cost to clubs, organi- Any group wishing to learn zatiuns, churches and business how to live with inflation can groups, arrange a program simply by Lectures are complete with a writing to The West Virginia slide-show, certified public ace- Society of CPAs. P.O. Box 1142, ountants as speakers and the Charleston, 25324, or calling 342- expertise to answer questions 5461. Hospital Note Summers County iiospilal , November 20, 1979 Dismissed: Waymond Adk- ins, Rainelle; Orah Lilly, Jun- ior Smith, both of Jumping Branch; Amanda Meadows, Mary Meadows, Jesse Brad- berry, Mabel Bragg, Jack Les- ter, Donna Berry, all of Hin- ton; EdwardFox, Micha Gore, both of Talcott; Donald Adkins, Meadow Bridge; Janice Hubb- ard, Danese; Emerson Mart- in, Meadow Creek; Houston Bragg, Shady Spring; glenna Brooks, Alderson; and lmog- ene Burns, Fort Spring. Admitted: Amy Bragg, Lou- is Cole, Betty Yancey, Joyce Mock, Nina Wood, Margaret Hawley, Willie Bennett, Jose- ph Brown, all of Hinton; Dar- lene Cook, Talcott; Della Gill, Forest Hill; Cathy Cales, Green Sulphur Springs; Emerson Martin, Me.adow Creek; Illeta Deitz, Fairies; Bertha Camp- bell, Nimitz; William Neat- hawk, Lewisburg; Patricia King, Rainelle. Inflationary Times your 49'er Christmas Club makes next year's shopping easier. You can bank 0n itl Open your club on or be[ore (Fourth .in a series of artic- les) In these inflationary times would it pay us to rent things we need rather than buying them at sky-high prices? " If so, there are places where you can rent, at daily rates or on lease for a month or more, boats, clothes, recreational ve- hicles, power tools, sports eq- uipement, musical instruments, cameras, TV sets - just about anything you can name is av- ailable somewhere. Railroads even rent freight cars, and Workshop To Be Heid- Clinical bacteriology- a sub- jeet of growing interest to health personnel- will be the topic of a workshop to be held Saturday, December 8 at Blue- field State College. The 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. event is being sponsored by the college's division of con- tinuing education with grant support from the U.S. Office of Education's Title I Community Service and Continuing Educat- ion Program. According to continuing ed- ucation director Mark Rowh, the workshop is designed to acq- uaint and update nurses and other practicing medical per- sonnel with information con- cerning advances in the field of clinical bacteriology. Discuss- ion topics will include the mak- ing of good clinical specimens, "stat", smear reports, faster culture results, the nosoeomial infection and new clinically significant organisms. Martha Kittle will serve as the workshop instructor. A bachelor's degree graduate of McMurry College, she received a master's degree in microb- iology from the Ohio State University. She has had exten- sive expereinee in clinics and hospitals and is currently ser- ving as supervisor of bact- eriology- mycology at Bluefield Community Hospital. Participants will earn 0.4 con- tinuing education units for succ- essful completion of the work- shop, which will be held in the Student Union Building. A fee of $2.00 will be assessed. Advanced registration is re- quired, with enrollment limited to 50. Mail registrations-- in- eluding name, address, tele- phone number and social sec- urity number -- will be accept- ed. Additional information may be obtained from Rowh at 325- 9545 or 325- 7102. Personal Mr. and Mrs. R. James ( Jimmy) Rice spent the past weekend at Pipestem Park and visited his mother, Mrs. Mary Rice. at airlines some of the planes they The CPAs use. dollars-and-cent But aren't rental rates in- must be consi, flated also, thus nullifying the each instance; advantages of renting? What iversal rule of must the ratio of rental fee to be applied in every purchase price be to make one "People also have preferable to the other? tions other than cost Certified public accountants, buy-lease-or-rent who regularly help business cl- CPA ients make such buy- lease- or- "There's rent decisions, follow a line of ownership, love of! reasoning that might help faro- ce, or the desire to flies, too, arrive at sound dec- model each year isions in this area. latest im According to the Society of, ther's that very CPAs, the first step is to det- ement, taxes. ermine the relative costs of the "If the three alternatives in terms of one's business or what each method will cost per tment the tax day ( or other unit) of ex- can override all pected usage. If an item will be the CPAs advise used only one day per year, for example, obviously the daily 00gire-a00 rental is the best bet. If it's to be used every day of the year, Fid" purchasing the item is the only answer. But what do you dec- The accounts, ida when usage is likely to fall fiduciary are somewhere in between ? settlement: The CPAs cite the hypothe- Mary tical example of an electric stratrix of the typewriter that costs $900, let's Butler, deceased. say, rents for $7.50 a day, and Given under my can be leased for 50 a month. To the 7th day of determine the full cost of own- F.W. Sawyers,,Ca of Accounts for S County, West Vir Nov. 13, 20, 27 ership it is necessary to add to the $900 purchase price the in- terest expense- either intere st paid on borrowed money or interest income lost - plus such other costs as insurance and maintenance, all of which might bring the total close to $1200. Amortized over a life exp- ectancy of eight years, own- ership cost is a modest $150 a year, or $12.50 a month, but it must be remembered that this cost would be incurred for the Legal N, NOTICI To the Creditors al iaries of the Esta Butler All persons ha against the estate I Curtis Butler decel er due or not, are lie: Pots " 3534. ,5.0o , ff:27p INGs? ! S Pan built etUrers. 10' X 72' X 14' for Ior $5, e. F.O.I FOR YOU! ' !1 11.5 j ... o. o.,, ,o. oo. ,.,o...on ,. ..... Jan. 5 1980, make 49 regular payments and ..... WE MAKE THE FINAL PAYMENT Tempi, St. NATIONAL BANK of $00iddy November i SUMMERSL 3 HINTON' WEST V"'( ;INfA 11 i2" 5 / "7 Saturday Dec. 1st | ..... *: ONLY .95 wheat/ photographed It Join...... $16.00 When you p|i / up pactage. , L Our 49' er Christmas Club! notom00ar w,,h i, It will secure your Christmas next year Cato's r- no extra 1-16xl 2-8x1{ 2-5x7 ]0-W.i00 Group famiiypot Get all big living color packs 00peclaL National Studi( "Life Size" e xercl trainin I! ng the i :ed by k missii Stl agair 'rgets su gradua ol, Hir ed the "1977. {)rso )aVe RifR reSentati rance rt 'a a tra Corpor 10OS With l e ir thre . railer Pal Charge. full eight years, regardless of 614. 294- how much the machine is used. exhibit same, with. thereof, legally vet 0- 27p If you use the typewriter no undersigned, at .. more than 6 days a year, Hinton, West Vi' therefore, your costs will be $45 before the 10th daY;t,,,,  for daily rentals, which is less than either alernative. 1980; otherwise tl.'""z Ifyouuseitmerethan 6days, law be excluded freD butall within one month, the $50 ficiaries of saidtei't ne fits of said estate ,I..rle monthly rate is the best deal. If usage falls in different ,g ebra K appear on or before' b ,, months, the daily rate remains examine said cla' preferable until usage reaches wise protect their I, /and l I va 21 days a year, when owner- Given under my M  2: a:$ a P, ship becomes preferable, day of November, , ., Frederick W Sa . wire If you lease by the month for " f mSch more than three months per Commissionero y. year, ownership is a better bet. Summers County, Nov. 13, 2O, 27 .j,tered ka 197' q tigh Sch e Cpl. T, ' . . ., ,: 0f Charl ( -. , P"------I, W. Va. - I..P'IET { [ Pirex 14 ': ii- Aircn A rat can go without water longer than $! .,_aerry I -a at