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November 25, 1981     The Hinton News
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November 25, 1981

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r . . . i I People, Places T i & Things By Frederick D. Long; HISTORY OF HINTON IIIGII SCHOOL PART LXXV By Frederick D. Long Mr. q11otnas Parker Fitzsim- mons was elected County Superintendent July 25, 1980. Mr. Fitzsimmons was born in Hinton December 4, 1944. He graduated from Hintun High School in 1962 and was Presid- ent of the senior class. Attend- ed West Virginia University 1962-66. He was a chaplain in the U. S. Air Force and served in Korea. He received a B. S. Degree in beyond June 30, 1981. Mr. Ziegler said that Dr. Camara had obtained an opinion from Dr. Trudy, State Superintend- ent of Schools, which stated that Dr. Trudy's opinion was that Mr. Fitzsimmons contract was not valid past June 30, 1981. Mr. Ziegler said that "he would be loath to cause more instability in the school system but to ignore this matter would not be fulfilling his oath of office...." Mr. Ziegler again asked Mr. Fitzsimmons to acknowledge that his contract was not valid after July 1, 1981 and that he social studies and a. M. S. should reapply for the position' Degree in guidance and counsel" at that time and that he would ing from Troy State University in Troy, Alabama; also a M. A. Degree in educational adminis- tration from the West Virginia College of Graduate Studies He was guidance counsellor at Hinton High School from 1972 to 1980. Mr. Donald F. Mock, Sr. took the oath of office as a new member of the Board Nov. 13, 1980 replacing Mr. C. W. Boyd, appointed temporarily to the vacancy of Dr. J. D. Woodrum. On January 5, 1981 Mr. Clyde Grimmett and Mr. David L. Ziegler were sworn in as new members and Mr. Ziegler was elected as President of the Board by a 5-0 vote. At the meeting of January 8th Mr. Ziegler stated that he had asked Mr. Fitzsimmons to ack- nowledge that his contract as superintendent was not valid be considered for reappoint- ment to the position. Mr. Ziegler said that if "Mr. Fitzsimmons does not ack- knowledge that his contract is not valid past June 30, 1981 the only action open to the board would be to ask for a declaratory judgment from the Circuit Court." Mr. Fitzsimmons said that he would give his answer, in writing, at a later date and suggested that the Board ad- vertise the position of Superin- tendent. Dr. Camara made motion seconded by Mr. Mock and by unanimous vote that they send a memorandum to all county boards of education in West Virginia advertising the posit- ion. The Board met again Jan. 22nd to take action on Mr. Celebrates 4th Birthday David Michael Patrick, son of Susan Patrick of Princeton and David Patrick of Dunfries, Virginia celebrated his 4th bir- thday on November 19 at his home in Princeton. David Michael opened and displayed many useful and fun gifts. Refreshments were serv- ed to his guests. Those attending or sending gifts were : Grandmother Mrs. Ginger Sears of Princeton, Great Grandmother Mrs. Naomi Deaver of Hinton, Great Grandmother Mrs. Edra Sears of Jonben, Steve Sears, Mr. and Mrs. Run Taylor, Ronnie and Sarah, Gins Taylor, Cindy Tay- lor all of Hinton; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Deaver of Richmond, Va. ; Mrs. Barbara Shaffer, and Be- cky, Jim Shaffer, Bohby Sh- affer, all of Sandston, Vs.; Mr. and Mrs. Eslie Bowling, Mrs. James Bowling, all of Spanis- burg, Susan Patrick of Prince- ton. Byrd's, Eye View Robert O. Byrd Developing a Realistic Middle East Poliey--II Concern over the poten- tial compromise of top-of- the-line ttchnology devel- oped by the United States played a significant role in my decision to oppose the sale of sophisticated radar airplanes to Saudi Arabia My concern rested not only on the five aircraft themselves known aa AWACS and which contain highly advanced electronic equipment in our military's inventory -- but also on the 1,1'/7 Sidewinder missiles that are part of the mili- tary hardware package. The U.S. technology em- ployed in these missiles and aircraft is far superior to that of the Soviet Union. If the Soviets should somehow acquire possession of any of this military equipment, it would give them valuable duea for developing effec- tive deterrents against some of America's most sophisti- cated weaponry. The AIM-9L air-to-air Sidewinder missile is a highly-advanced weapon, in- volving classified technol- ogy. Its advanced maneu- verability Mlows the missile to be fired at enemy air- craft from any angle rather than only from the rear. With this weapon, Amer- ican pilots believe they have a realistic chance of surviv- ing when attacked by an overwhelming number o enemy aircraft Deupitc this classified technology, cotmideration of the sale of the missiles to Saudi Arabia did not pro- ceed through normal chan- nels established to safe- guard America's advanced weapons systems, protect- ing them from risks, com- promise, and misuse. The National Disclosure Policy Committee, composed of representatives of the Secretary of Defense and the various military branches, is charged with weighing the risks of com- promise on any proposed transfer of classified weap- ons technology to another nation. In the case of the proposed sale of the AIM-9L Sidewinder missiles to Sau- di Arabia, however, the committee was bypassed. The AWACS sold by the United States to NATO countries have strict con-, trois applied to their use. The United States has joint command and control of these aircraft and can veto any decision regarding their use. On the contrary, the United States has no treaty relationship with Saudi Arabia, nor any defense ar- rangement. There is no sys- tem of joint command and control over the AWACS being sold to that country. The United States has the edge on military weapons technology over that of the Soviet Union. It is in our beat interests to guard this technological superiority, rather than running the risk ,;r compromise by mak- ing it available to volatile areas of the world. Fitzsimmons letter in regard to his contract. In his letter Mr. Fitzsimmons stated: "I have consulted with one of the largest legal firms in West Virginia and they also have informed me that it is their opinion my contract is valid until June 30, 1984. I might also mention that .the Summers County Board of Education has the option of offering me a contract for the period of July 1, 1981, through June 30, 1984, if their only concern is with the legality with the contract past June 30, 1981." After reading the letter Dr. Camara made motion to ask Harold B. Eagle, Prosecuting Attorney, to petition the Circuit Court for a ruling on the valid- ity of the contract after July 1, 1981. The motion was seconded by Mr. Mock and passed with a unanimous vote. At the February 12th meeting there were four applicants that would be considered for the position of Superintendent of Schools; Thomas Fitzsimmons, Demetrius Tassos, George School...." Upon motion by Mr. Grim- mett, seconded by Dr. Camara, , by a 4-1 vote, Mr. Fitzsimmons I was appointed principal of Htnton High School. Mr. Doyle voted against the motion. Mr. Mock then made motion to accept his resignation. It was seconded by Mr. Grimmett and passed 4-1. Doyle voting against the motion. The Board went into execut- ive session and upon returning Dr. Camara made motion, seconded by. Mr. Mock, to re-appoint Mr. Demetrius E. Tassos Superintendent of Schools. The motion passed 4-1, Doyle voting against the ap- pointment: The term would be for one year beginning July 1, 1981 and ending June 30, 1982. On July 1, 1981, Mr. Tassos was sworn in as Superintendent Of Schools hy David :Ziegler, President of the Board. The End. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT LaNeve and Rich Powell. On March 20th Judge L. D. This history was written literally one week at a time, with each chapter researched the week prior to publication. Many hours were spent reading the minute books of the Board of Education and without the aid and cooperation of the staff at the Boards office this history could never have been written. Material was gathered  from' many records without acknow- ledging the source, in most cases, in the text. A list of works consulted will follow and I hope this will provide adequate acknowledgement. I wish to thank all those who helped me in completing this work. First of all, I wish to thank Jerry Allen for giving me the idea to write a history of the high school Several times we talked about the High School fires and he suggested that I research this and write a column about these fires. This became the history of the high school. Special thanks go to Bruce' Richmond for his drawing of Egnor issued his opinion and ruling that the Superintend- ent's contract was valid for a term of fotw years, however, he suggested that this decision be appealed as it involved a law that was not clearly construct- ed. On March 27th, upon motion of Dr. Camara, seconded by Mr. Mock, the Board voted to appeal the decision to the state Supreme Court. The motion passed by a vote of 4-1, with Mr. Doyle voting no. Superintendent Fitzsimmons said that he had already incurr- ed over $2,000 in legal expenses and that this appeal would probably cost him an additional $2,000. He asked. President Ziegler that if the State Supreme Court upheld the decision of the Circuit Court, "would the Board pay my legal expenses." Zieglar said this would be considered at a later date, if the decision was upheld On June 11, 1981, Fitz- simmons resigned. He said, "In an attempt to settle a current legal issue, and for other reasons, I am willing to resign as Superintendent of the Summers County School System effective midnight on Tuesday, June 30, 1981, if the Summers County Board of Education is willing to employ me as principal of Hinton High the first school building in Hinton. Lois Hutchinson helped me get started by loaning me a copy oft. L. Perry's "History of Education in Summers County" Jimmy Coste, Jr. loaned seceral old newspapers and early school publications. And Superintendent of Schools' Jimmy Tassos and Tom Fitz- simmons gave me permission to read the minute books of the board of education Interviews were conducted with: Charles Saunders, Weldon Boone, O.B. Yancey, C. D. McCormick, Jimmy Coste, Sr., John Faulconer, Sam Boland, John Lively and Hobson Marks. I also wish to thank my wife, Kathleen, for giving me encour- agement to continue this pro- ject when, at times, I felt like quitting and starting something else. This history is, by far, no great literary work, but it is an accurate history and I hope written intelligently. Several people have asked me to publish this in a book form. And one person expressing that thought said he hoped I would have enough foresight to leave out "more next week." I would like to hear from the readers and know what they think of this idea. If enough are Pepsi's Got A Lot To Give Pick up a carton of Pepsi at your favorite store bottled by Pe:psi-Cota. Inc, of Alderson, W. Va. under authority of Popsico, N. Y. interested in having a copy of this history published as a book I will look into this. BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS Boone, Weldon, Student Hand- book, Hinton High School (1970) Dart, the 1912, 1921, 1931, 1960 Journal of Fire Calls, Hinton Fire Department Miller, James H., History of Minute Books of the Greenbrier District Board of Education Minute Books of the Summers County Board of Education Summers County Clerk Records and Court Records NEWSPAPERS Hinton Daily News various issues Hlnton hiTimes various issues Hinton News various issues Independent-Herald various Summers County West Virginia issues (1908) Mountain Herald various issues Minute Books of the Board of Orange and Black various Education of the Independent issues. School District of Hinton ,[Tribute to, Stokes Stadium who passed away on Thanksgiving Day 1 November 27, 1980. Sadly missed by t r-- WE UNDERSTAND We offer a service pre- sented with dignity. It is our aim to relieve your family of all burdens... make all arrangements. Ronald Meadows l Wife -Bernice, Children g Grandchildren. l Funeral Parlors 130 Temple, HMon Phone 466-!!79 .__ _ . ..... _: ... .......... , . ' CHURCH SERVICES t HiNTON-'] Baptist . Nimitz Methodist Clarg, e " |'. I . . , ' B am - - , i JameaToltr |'astor Rick e Cth')l'c Cook's Chapel KKWbY]fd;'=t. Sopt." St Patrick NEWS *1 tRegularbaptist. Pllstem) GaryTroot, YoothPastor. '. I"irstSumla> Father PaulTedese ! 4660005 !I JohnS. Atldnaon. Pastor unUay chool; W0rshtp. It .. & 3rd Sunda) Mass Schedule . ' l0 a.m. Sunday School; Supt. a.m.;EveningWorship. 7p.m.; Brooklyn 9:15. ') Saturday 5 am.; Sunday, 9 Charles Bow,es; It a.m .Morn- Wed. Service. 7 p.m.; Young Mt. Zion lO:f'5 A,M. a.m.: ing Worship; 6 p.m. BYF: 7 People's Meeting. Wed, 7:3G Sand Knob 11:30 P.M. ;" p.m. Evening Worship; Wed., 7 p.m: Mark Ellison. Sr. youth Nimitz p.m. Prayer Meeting. director: Juniors each'Tuesoay al 7 p.m: ,Senior Youth each Beech Run Wed. nighl at .7'30 p m. Pastor' Car' Slmde Griffith ,Creek Supt. C.L. Ratliff, Sunday chool, l0 a.m.: Worship Ser- Donald Spade. Pastor vieeeach2nd&4thSundayal II Sunday School, 10 a.m.; S.S t=.m.: Prayer meeting, Weds.. 7 Supt. Melvin L. Ryan: Preach- p.m tng 1st & 3rd Sundays, It a.m. ' River Valley First Re. 12 Forest HIll Road 2nd and Ith Sattda) Ih,thal 9: :10-1lulo Martha Chapel 11:00 Mad. 's am's Creek Bellepoint Charge Rev. David Schi,l Miller Memorial Reverend Pastor Church School. l0 am.; Morn- Lance Yoot ing Worship, 11 a.m.: Evening Service. 7:30 p.m.: .UMYF Wednesday. 6 p.m. Mount Pisgah . Morning Worship, 9:30 a.m; Church School. 10:30 a.m.; UMYF Tuesday. 5: pm. Talcott Ch urch BII, Jenkins, Pastor Sunday School l0 a.m.; Steve It; , m. Sunday School. Oalley McCoy. Supt.: Mnrning Wor- Gnmmett Supt .ll a.m. Morn ship, 11 a.m.: Midweek Service. 7:30 p.m.: Evening Service. , ing Worship; 7:30 p.m. Evening Service; 7 p.m. Youth Fellow- 7:30 p.m. .ship. Thurs. Meadow Creek Ce n tra ] Rev. William ('a rter S.S Supt. Mrs. EE Johnson: Holy Days. 6 pm. ; First IaIMSIiOalDOID:, Friday,, 8 p.m. t _L .... .' ' Christian  B[[ tn. t ' Con) m unity Bit, Neei., M.i.--. t FURNITURE t :: Worshio Services. Sunday. It  a.m. and 7:00 ptm.; Bible Study HIN TON " l0 a.m.; wednesday; 7:00 p.m First Christian |,,'*|', :; .,chard Via Man,seer ] BIG 4 DRUG i Sunday School, 9:45 a.m.; Mor ning Worship, II am.: Evenin I I escripti0n and I " * Wet'ship. 7 p.m.: Wednesday Evenn. Scrvice, 7 p m I drug needs | .. - Sunday night6:00 ;i fountain.service |'..:. ,tu.m. Ftrstand00.00sun- I''"''" |" :: 9.' t'-d*Yma"t ' Say 2 e: c:VeedSUnGd3 y: days, Holy Communion ,. 5 a m Church School' I1 ^ ' " :,' : It a m Second and Fourth '] ' compllmenfs | " . ' worsnip ervice third Sunaay. un a s ' " " a.m. Morning WorsMp; 8:30 .. S d y. m. YF: 7:00 p.m. Evening I1 a.m. . t "I the W'orsl p: 7 p.m Wednesday Indian Mi s TAI.COTT-CILIBGE f, ,,k .- .... | : Mid ' " k Service.' Pas orBi lBush at." " - . ' .lame.. E. Itaih.00_ pastor ,, u, "' FIRST NATIONAL | eeSecond sStSupl.:IaamesaKeatley FOBEST ,lit.l Church School (" h ri-t ' ' Talott Sunday School I,) AM. Classes)): Worship 10:00 lsl and 3rd "  ' ' " ...... ^r ,,,ttv^u I n aunoay  30 2nd Sunday ntgh, hockle H ANK UI" tIINIUII Rev. C.C. Lop for all ages " ":' ' " " , - v ill , IJ " - FirstSun Service It AM u . TB,NITY " " t " Third S Service 7 Pi" . Worship ,Service t, AM. and 7WOBSIIIP II '041 'nd and 4"h  Tug Creek Road lai'qItllnBl ' "' .... S ' 2 t Sunnay-M,,ship tl am ,Sun Bible Class each , P M. every . utlay ' ..... ' ' ' ' '; " " .'" ,'^,,-, - ,,,'-,,^-" . unoay , l0 3rd unoay ntght day Even ng. 6 30 m S .unit at 3:oo P.M. B.Y.F. 6:30 P M. every Su .aYchurch School 10 00 .......... ...." ' i 0At[J I'AOUW) . New Salem Baptist ( hureh " . " " ' - : t,iVl, * 'wcunesuay ervlces 7".m p m t Prayer meetmg Wed 7 P M N ' " .....  p E  II(IPE" Elton astor I E llatcher / Sunda : .L t'p and ' ' ' ,,,,RS,ilP :,, oo, ':s, and r B,,'G,pso"MI.,steS', 'tl FUNERAL PARLORS ' y School 10:00 Church ' ' ," : : : d "Sunda ' "- ' " y Mdrnmg l]tble Stu o 11:00 , ",'p . S y :urch .'chool 10:00 AM r" ' IX 1// ||70 Don F S ade Pastor Sunda (h S Fundamental ,renny Allen Supt.. Sunday 7:30 4th Sunday night. ,,.,., ,,= ........ *.  __ !  IVV', t t/ . SCUool, IO u.ln.; Preaching 2nd ,- , .,,... -.amV, ez. . , .......... vice. I l AM. ' I In Hlflton V ) anu 4th Sundays II a m OAK (,R()% E .i i leactc w (,.reek " " " SundaSEvenlngServites;P'lh. ; mm.(t.m.o.lm.( - - Feamster Freewill WORSIfiP: 10:00 2nd and 4,h Wednesday evening s,,'vices 7: Stmday Church School II:00; Lad. Iible study Tuesday,'10' ._ ..; .. Pastor Leroy Pack 10 A.M. Bible 8hool It A.M. Morning Wer|h,p g:15 P.M Youth MeeU-g ?: P.M. Evening Worship 7 P.M. Thurs. - Mid- Week Prayer & Bible Study Tv*o miles north of Alderson on the Alta Road Sunday School. 10 a.m. : Baptist Youth League, 6 p.m : Evening services. 7 v.m Bel lepoi n t Pastor 7:30 ,st Sunday night. l.indside Red Sulphur Marshall Fowler. Pastor Ser ice every secund Sunday. 7 Hinton AM. 1621 Sammers St. Minister _Philip StratUs Sunday mnrningBible Study. 10 I.WS,l,. A ,_' - a.m. ; Sunday morning Worship Service. 10:45 am: Sunday l'e m pa ilarley N. Towler Jr. ,h)hn Mann, S,S. Supl: Sunday am. .School. 10 am.: Morning Wor- W.W. Beaer. Pastor ship. II a.m.: BYF. Wed.. 7 Sunday School, 10 a.m. Mel -'m'' Evening Worship, 7:30 .. m ' M dweek Prayer Serv ce van Williams, Supt., Preacnmged',' .. 7:30 p.m :" AWANA," ' 1st and 3rd Sundays, 11 a.m. ;ed. s an n m L I:estnut Grt)ve F,',.,.d,.,, Itaptit ('hurrh Pastor Eddie Johns m 1I'. Adkins .: S.S Isl & 3rd Sundays at II Supt. Charles Wyant " Ioh non Minister, Iiubert (;roves Sam Groves, Lay Leader. ': Sludy. 9:45: Worship, n a.m Beckley Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Sunday Worship - 9:30 AM Sunday Sehoo,. 10:45 AM am.: S S. 2nd & 411"1 Sundays at . ..A.. it:.Supt. " Jack Cales to a ,n.: Preaching services 1st Rural Acres Garden Club & 3r , 3undays at 9:45: Preach- ,'r,'achmg I I a I:1. 7 p m each 512 Rural Acres Drive wg 7" It, pro: every fourlh Sunday, II Evening Service, 7:oo I,.m. YOU Wednesday Evening S0rvice 7 0.,'"'.,.o,", .......... FOR Others CARING Riverview Chapel Speaker.llarr)sundayPilkingt0n __GIVE BLOO r b 9:3o Lord's Table: | t :00 Family Bible Itour; 4:00 Junior Young  Americau People;' 7:3tt Evehing Gospel W Servicc Wednesda> ' 'The Second Baptist Church .rvtce 4th Sal nighls a SundaYl,raver St.'v ccA, Ved ," t) m. Drlves)(Between Valley & Eisenhowerl 6:3(1Senior Young People: 7::;0 Rev. Jume Cox. Paltor Prayer meeling and Bible 212 James Street Littlv Wolf Creek Robert L. Hoepner, Pastor Study. ' 7.52-5820 . Services the 2nd & 4th Stmdays: Little Wolf Creek Independent Baptlst Chureh Off Rt. 12 on Llttle Wolf Creek Road. Pastor Donald L. Hannah S.S. Supt. Thomas Lowry Sunday School I0 A.M. Worship Service 11 A.M }  r ()() I," S 'Youth Meeting 7: P.M. Sun, em. lve. Service 7:30 Pastm', lit," .lames E,,Inhnsou M d Week Service Wed..7:30 Edward (" 'rus. Supl. Sunda> IL. M. School. to a m Preaching II Hi, Eer'E? ,a m., 2nd ,& 41h Sundays. Sur day nighest 7 p,m Prayer meelmgs. Thurs 7':tn (.. a 111 ( ) I1 I'aMor. ne. Bilh (.alloa Sunday Sch(ml. EG ('rawford Supt: II am. Mornmg Worship every Sunday Preaching Is! and3rdSundays at a.m. and6 DAn Sandstone Baptist Church Pastor George Cook Sunday School Supt, - Buren, Meadows Sunday School I0 A,M, Morning Worship II A,M Evening Service - 7:00 P.M. Wed. Prayer Meeting and I! .Youth Meeting 7:/}0 P.M. Keatley prin,s WillitBriers. Pastor II a.m Preaching Sunday: 10 cvcning, 7:31i p m . a m Sunday School every Sun- Frtda') 7:30 p.nL "' day. Harold Meeks. Supt. Leatherwood Pastor Tom Treadway tO am. unlay School: n a.m Preaching Service. Sun. 7:3 'ILm, Evening Service: 7:301. Wed. Bthle Study. Rollinsbur,1 I).1.. Stalnaker. Pastor 10 a.m. Sunday Schml. classes for all ages. Richard Hnlloran. Presbyterian Keller I)ean K. VPItlilan, PaMor !'30 Worship%rvices hehl (m ,st and 3rd Sundays. C'cntervillc t;reen tile " 10 am Sunday School: 7:45 l':ddie Ilarris. Pastor Sunday School. l0 a.m: Morn- pro. Community Wurship mg V ,wship. I1 a m. each Sun- Service. day; t'vening services Sunday at 7 pro: Prayer meeling. McElhennv Wed. at 7 pro.; BYF. Sunday al 6 p.m Grassy Meadows 10 a.m Sunday School; Worship , }) ne Grox, u Service on 1st and 3rd Sundays.. Pasto, W. C. Sampson Sunda 'School Supt. Bill tlawks Han's Creek unnay (.'11 O IU a nl ' t q(.t)t, Greenv,lle , Morning wor- l0 a.m. Sunday School; ,7:45 ship. I I a m ; Evening Worship. p.m. Commumty Worship 7:30 pm: Wednesday Evening Scrvict. 7 3o pro. Service. [.aurel Creek First Presbyterian Pastor. Eddie .Iohnson Rev Tom Q. Johnston, Ministe' .Sunday School 9:45 A.M. Sunday School. It) a.ol.. I'reaching. lsl and 3rd Sunday. Worsh p II:gQ.A.M. It am: lsl and 3rd Sundav ,Prayer Meeting Wednesda: ship7P.MWed, eveningTpm. BYe. ,1'7:00 P.M. ChurcJ) of God t00afViff Daptii! Chmh Rev. Ronald Eockhart , . -- Sunday Schtml. lit a III I Morn- - Jt, mpin Branch l'ahernacle Ehno Alderman. Sr., Pastor, Tom Coffman. Supt, Sundayi SOuml. 9:45 a.m.: Morning Worship. 10:45 a.m: Youth Felh>wship. 6:30 p.m. : Evening W.rship, 7:30 p.m.: Prayer Service, Wed. 7:3{I pro. 1 Pentecostal Holiness 199 Main Street Granville Marlin Sunday Serv ce, 7 pm.; Friday Service. 7 pm t tinton Gospel Tabernacle 1112 Main Strel I,arence Bennet|, i astor Sunday School, 10 a.m.; Morn- ing Worship, II a.m: "t'nuth mceling. 6::1o pro, : Evangelist- ic service, 7::;0 pm: Bihle Sttldv Wed. 7::;(I p.m Mount ()liw t at 11 o' clock each month 9:45 Sunday School each Sun.. Mr. James Nichelson - Sul. i M. Edith Geeda, Atstant , GoOd Shepherd Lutheran Church of Beckley Sunday Worship 9:30 AM Sunaay Stool 10:45 AM Rural Acres Garden Clut $12 Rural Acr*s Drive 92-S820 Angfican Church ST. M|CnAEL'S ANGLICAN Fort Savannah Inn Lcwisburg. W.Va. Ft. Harry B. Scott hi. S.S.C. . P.r lest'In'charge ('larence E. 'tart'It(f, Iastur SUNDAV WORSHIP .... 4:05 Sunday School 10 am .Morn,ng All services conform to worship ll am. Evening wor- 1928 BooK OF COMMON PRAYER Coffee and discussion following service. noh' ('till Mhmar) nllhl Card Ed.ars pastt.r Sunda' k'hool 10 A.M. F M I" er ,tpt A:' el' Worship tervice, II Sunday Prayer ocrvtce. Bie Ilu yourh meeting Wed t pm Methodist James Chapel Pastor Rev. ll.B. Shresburs Supt I I a.m Mnrning Wor. Services. 9 am.; Sunday ship: 7 p.m NigN Service. School. l0 a m. serm,,n h.v pastor, Mary Jane emorial ML Cllvsr FrIwla ' Pastor Reno II. Richmond Baptist Church Sunday School, 10 a.m.; Morn. Juuday School 10:00 a.m. . ing Worship. II am.; Evening .Preaching I,l:00 a.m. Worship. 7:30 p.m.': Wed. Pray. .Preaching un. Night 7:00 p.m. r meeting. 7:30 om. Prayer Meeting Wed. 7:00 p.m. Pastor: E. R, " Buck" Tyree Hi ntou Rev, William Ynung Judioa Freewill Baptt Church School. 9:45 a.m. ; Mor. Chm'h Paator Robert Ktt ning Worship. I1 a m. ; Evening Sun. sch. 10 AM Worship. 7:30 p.m.; Midweek Preach,ng 11 AM Prayer Fellowship, Wed.. 7:3(, Eve. worship 7 . p.m. 'l'u. 7 p.m. Prayer meet. EVERYONE WELCOME" mg Worship. tl a I,,.; E,angc. Jeh,,vah's Witness [ ! lisiic Servicc. 7:3(I pro: Wed Sunday'School - lO A,M. nlghl scrvices. 7 pm Sunday. I0 a.m, public talk; Sunday. II am Wtchtower . Randy Redges- Superintendent ! adam's Creek Study: 'l'ues. 7:30 p.m Theo- : Morn,ag Worship = II.00 A.M. . Evening Worship '- 7:30 P.M. \\;Vesleva n eratic School; Thun 8:3' p.m, , Wednmday Worship - 7:30 p.m. Warren it..M(llugh, Pastor Service Meeting. Pastor: Rev. Rleb Henderson 10 am Sunday Schfl: II am. Pipestem Sub d ib MorningService:TpmSunday" . . s r e night servit,e: 7':;0 pro. Wed. .hurch of God prayer meeting, charge of the n)h nanlhrJvk, Pashlr Th class h, ader Ila', Keah,n. Snnduy School e PerleL' prin,s Supt.: Sunday School, 9:45 RonaldCook. Pastor p.r,, : Preaching Service, tl a m : Sunday Evening Sunday School. 10 AM. Charles Worship. 7 p.m.: Bible Study, Barker. Sup,., Worship Service Wed, evening 7 p.m. S i g av n s ,l A,M Mid-week Prayer Ser- vice and Youth Fellowship - Wed.. 7:30 PM Pills Night services 7:30 P.M. ex- r of' Are cept 5th Sundays. , Truth Church Nazarene to Tcmple St. a t Barger Springs @ Pastor Rev. Robert Wiseman . Pastor Major Holt G at ! s s sup, Ma,.y 00a,,c s,,.,,,,, s,.,,,.,, ,,,:,,,, ,, re r Sunda.vschool. 10a.m blorning 'M,q'nmv V,,,rsh;n ?1:11 A M Wvrship. tl am.: Evangelistic s=sr titserer'0rx ,Service, Sunday night, 7 p,m,: ;t,.11 Bit)h, dtlfly , INI P l Thurs., Prayer and Bible Study, "Tpm.  ..... .- ,\