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November 21, 2000     The Hinton News
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November 21, 2000

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v 2 - Hinton News Tues. Nov. 21, 2000 More andMore People are Reading our Newspaper I " . . " I " i I BecaUse-a recentsurvey foundthat The HINTON NEWS is the favored source for three out of five for local news and advertising items. Save $$$. Call (304) 466-0005 Monday through Friday, or send this coupon to the address below and wewill bill you for your 52 week subscription Address c.v (mm rd) State p_ TEAR & MAIL TO: THE HINTON NEWS ..... Re; BOX 1000 - HINTON,  25951 Letter To The Editor Post-Abortion Syndrome Dear Editor: Most of us voters will survive Ronald S. Seaton, M.D. 102 Greenbrier Dr., Hinton RAILROAD RECOLLECTIOH$ By Roy C. Long MACHINES DON'T SING: With the-many technological. changes in the railroad industry, all we "old timers" have left of how it used to be is our memories. Machines have taken over so much of the work it would be prohibitive to try to name them hero. One group of employees replaced by machines is the rail layers using tongs to left and carry the rails, lining bars to move the rails to gauge (proper width) aRer they are connected and spike hammers to drive the spikes In sections Of track where old worn rail would be replaced, a work train would unload new rail. The rail laying gang would then come in and the slow task of taking up the old rail and laying the new would begin. Now, in modern railroading, solid trains of ribbon rail, enough for several miles of track is moved to places needed and all of the Work is COUNCIL ON AGING done by men using machines. ..... Laborers jn _the_ Maintenance of Way Department working on track sections and rail laying forces in earlier years were called "Gandy Dancers." Being so called had nothing to do with their ability to sing or dance. They were called Gandy Dancers because the tools they used were made by the Gandy Tool Manufacturing Company. True, they did sing but no one danced to the tune. It was work, all day long. Most of the laborers in those days were freed slaves or their descendants following the railroad where the working man was in demand. It was the chance of a lifetime to be in the proximity where a force of Negro laborers were engaged in heavy labor such as laying new rail. The big boss man, who was white, was insignificant and really not needed except to keep the time sheets and records relates to the work being performed. There would always be the leader of the group, a big, brawny, black man who took charge. He would take the lead in singing, or chanting, and the work was performed in time with the, or chanting if you please. Those driving the spikes would sing a song, each line ending in "huh" as their hammers struck This is a weekly pubhcation of the Summers County Council on Aging, Inc., 120 Second Ave., Hinton. Patricia McDaniel, Executive Director. Funded in part by the WV Bureau of Senior S-rvices, Another chant they would sing would go_ sOmething like this: I'm goin' down town, To carry my backer down, Backer sellin' high, And nobody wants to buy. I pawn my watch, And I pawn my chain, O, go %ng Liza, Poor old Liza Jane. She lost her lover, And found him again, Up old Liza, Poor old Liza Jane. She lost her lover. In the bottom of the sea, Up old Liza, Poor old Liza Jane. She lost her lover, Gone on the train, Up old Liza, Poor old Liza Jane. During certain intervals the workers of each group would stop for water and a brief rest period. Suddenly, when it was time to get back to work, the leader would start singing the first part of the following song and the rest of the men would follow with the second part and soon all would be back to work. We're fallin'behind - ain't no rest, We're fallin'behind - ain't no rest, after this election year, but a lot of ..... little children may_.._not. Thenew ........ RU486 chemical abmdon-re(ig ..... LetterTo-The ldztor ..... donations. Any older pe.son is two chemicals and at least three POlL:Zlm encouraged -to participate-in the Jg. 4, l.,, JL JL JL t=, .m. visits to the doctor will be available V I " program regardless of race, creed, to the public from this November. It makes abortions more freely available, private, and non-surgical if successful - 8% fail and require surgery. Abortions in general can have many complications (over 100) and even death. The RU486 should not be taken if the mother has high blood pressure; diabetes; obesity; asthma; multiple allergies; blood clotting Find Relative Dear Editor, Just wanted to let you know that I found my cousin that I was looking for. Had several calls and letters that led me to his location. Found out his phone # and address and e-mail address. We have been communicating with each other ever Appalachian Area Agency. on Aging, the spike head. other grant and local resources and This old hammer - huh, handicap or national origin. The Summers County Council on Aging is an equal opportunity employer. Wednesday, November 22nd. Menu: Turkey/d ressing/grscvy, mashed potatoes, shellie bean, lemon ice box dessert, cranberry sauce, bread, milk/butter. Activities: Special Thanksgiving Program will be presented by Reverend Larry and Greta Bolen: 11:00 am. Killed John Henry - huh. ...... This old liainmr ;-huh,- ...... Killed him dead - huh. it** Aint no hammer - huh, In these mountains - huh, Aint nohammer - huh, Rings like mine - huh. I tole Minnie - huh, To whop those children - huh, I tole Minnie - huh, Make 'em mind - huh.  disorders; anemia';- irregular since:Tryingtocatchuponlostt'e.  T@.,1p:y,,lr 23 ........ Pa,'' #,,itiH': hh ,menstrual perttlelidmmrmtl.dI@,.qntepenpalmhigh Menu.; . ,,,,C.S.ED - .,o ,.,.2I^ , ,, , fibrozd tumocezpsy; ei col 'tnl  thanks to mode:y n SG(. ........ Wonti, alsed rightliuh technology, we have been writing infection; history of liver, stomach, intestinal, or kidney disease; has used steroids recently; is over 35 or under 15 years old; or smokes. In up to 20% Of cses RU486canause abdominal pain, excessive bleeding, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, fatigue, fainting, palpitation, mood changes, hot flashes, fever, increased chances of future miscarriages, premature births, cancer of the breast, or failure to complete the abortion. The psychological effects, called the Post-Abotion'Syndrome (PAS) may be even more serious when an intact human fetus is passed at home (In a surgical abortion at a clinic the parts of the fetus are not seen and .the pieces are trashed.) Any abortion may cause PAS (a post-traumatic type of stress disorder) which may lead to depression described by some as a letters through the computer. I am really glad to find him again. Thanks you so much for your help. I _couldn't have found him without your paper. Communication is a wonderful thing! ! ! ! ! Thought you'd like to know that the article worked. Thanks again, and thanks to everyone else who wrote and called. Grateful in Ohio, Sandy Mathys 10505 St. Rt. 47 West Mansfield, Ohio 43358 Celebrates Annual Holiday Open House Wakerobin Gallery in Forest Hill, celebrates its seventeenth annual Holiday Open House Saturday, December 2nd. Marcia Springston welcomes all friends and visitors to enjoy refreshments, games and 'qiving hell," even up to ten years music. Playing the dulcimer will be afterward. A parent is a paren _ Pete Belcher ofPrinceton, WV. The forever, even of a dead child, and PAS causes a sense of Daniel Vineyard0fBeckley will host a wine tasting during the afternoon. incompleteness and confusion, as a Linda Weischowsky will woman's nature is to nurture, not demonstrate the art of making SOLID WASTE AUTHORITY destroy. The initial denial of grief with stained glass. Summers County Solid Waste relief by freedom from responsibility The gallery features the works of Authority meets on the 3rd. Monday in up to 20% ofcases gives way later Appalachian craftspeople and of each month at 4:30 p. m. at 211 to a physically and emotionally artists. Complete your holiday Ballengee St., Hinton. 466-0695. debilitating sense of guilt as is oRen shopping with handcrafted items Everyone is welcome to attend. found in parents faced with the including pottery, paintings, stained sudden loss of a child by accident or glass, oak split baskets, handwoven NOTIC4E SIDS (sudden infant death goods, rag rugs, hand dipped To the families of descendants syndrome) Additional emotional candles, jewelry and old-fashioned buried at Green Lilly Cemetery on risks are having had prior abortions, toys. Leatherwood Road. Anyone no supportive telationshil)s__orlow The festivities begin at 10 a.m. interested in making donations to -and-will.continue until 6 p. m maintain and unkeeu the cemetery self-esteem. . . .............. Additional signs of Post-Abortion Wakerobm Gallery m located on Rt. can-send tem to: City National Syndrome, sometimes triggered 12 in Forest Hill, between Hinton Bank, P. O. Box 220, Hinton, WV. annually by the anticipated birth and Peterstown. For more 25951. date of the aborted child, the yearly information, call Marcia at 304-466- All donations are welcome! 2227. date of the abortion, seeing a pregnant woman, visiting a nursery, even just holding one's own or another child may be: depression; reduced ability to express affection; explosive outbursts with hostility' toward oneself, one's children (who may be abused), or others; withdrawal from social activities; recurring nightmares of the abortion experience or children calling from trash cans; uncontrollable weeping; eating disorders; sexual promiscuity_ or dysfunction; alcohol, tobacco, or drug abuse; loss of purpose in living with suicidal thoughts; trouble d0nCeiitratlng; and even reliving.the -. abortion experience over and over. These negative psychological results may also affect the husband or boyfriend, parents, grmidparents, aunts or uncles, other children in the family, and even medical personnel involved in abortions. There are alternative and better solutions. Call 1-800 848-LOVE or 1-304-291- LIFE Friday, November 24 Menu: CLOSED - THANKSGIVING. Monday, November 27 Menu: Macaroni/cheese, luncheon meat, green beans, tomatoes, sliced pineapple, cottage cheese, bread, milk/butter. Activities: Charleston Town Center Bus Trip: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. Bible Study with Reverend Eddie Johnson: 11:00 am. Tuesday, November 28 Menu: Chili, coleslaw, baked potato, fruit jello, crackers, milk. Activities: Exercise: 10:00 am. Bingo for Prizes: ARer Lunch. Menu changes may occur due to the availability of foods or due to circumstances beyond our control. NOTE: Lockbridge Area goes shopping every Monday Thursday's opt. Hinton Area goes shopping every Friday. Pence Springs Area goes shopping every Friday. Meadow Creek/Sandstone Area goes shopping every Wednesday. Any and all bus schedules are Subject to change. This Little Guy With His Trusty Gun Is Going. Hunting This Week For Deer. If You See Him In The Woods Or Elsewhere Wish" Him A Big HaPpy 30th. Birthday.- HAPPY The men handling the tongs carrying the rail and putting them in place would chant a different tune. The leader would sing the first part followed by the rest of the gang -with the second part thus: ...... I told her - bargains a bargain, Done no good - not a bit, Change her mind - right away, Wants a yard - foot aint enough, Got my baby - honey too, Got a big farm - house on it, GOt a fine horse - barn full o' corn, Got a fine buggy - ridin' out, GOt a water mill - best in the world, Pharoah's army - got drowned, Fallin' in - the Red Sea, Forgot to lay - a rail across. Hour after hour the men would sing their songs and work to the time They seemed to be moving very slowly but at the end of the day a lot of work had been accomplished. LETTERS POLICY Letters are welcome, but no more than one letter each month will be -accepted from the-same writer. Preference will be given to letters of 300 words or less. Longer letters may be shortened or rejected. Letters must be signed and must include "an address and phone number. The telephone number will not be published. Letters will be edited for grammar, spelling, taste, syntax, and libel. Names will not be withheld. Address them to Letters to the Editor, P. O. Box 1000, Hinton, WV 25951. My old hammer - ringin' in the mountains, Nothin' but my hammer - fallin' dbWn. ..... This is a part of railroad folklore that will probably never be heard again. The Negro workers were gifted with the ability to sing the songs, make uptheir own songs and improvise as the work changed. They were experts in singing the blues and spirituals as they worked to the time of the singing. When we "old Timers" are gone, our memories will go with us and the only thing left will be loud noises made by ,c, ands= they,..tuo will :eventtmlly fade intothe pst. NOTICE SCRABBLE CLIB ....... Anyone interested in forming a Scrabble Club in the Hinton:rea please call 466-2611. . Mark '" Emsen;  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ""'::::.:" .:::::.::i::i: ]E Ph. ,. Potential Problems : from Supplements : Used by Athletes ,-, Use of performance cribb- ing substances by athletes often'is considered inappropriate artd sometimes against event rules - cause it violates the ideal of fair , . t t compem ion. In addmon some spp- plements can threaten the athlei;s health. ;.. Anabolic steroids are used to increase muscle strength and jo recover more rapidly from intell." training. Unfortunately, such ste- roids also can cause liver dysfmlc- tion, breast enlargement, and ptre, mature baldness. Eo'thropoietinr EPO may effectively increa'e physical endurance. It can be d,ri- gerous, however, due to its blbrGd thickening effect. Blockages iri tl heart or brain can occur. Some sources of growth hormone (hG1) carry a risk of Cruezfeldt-Jakob disease. Also, high dOseS Of h6/,-/ can cause a progressive enlarge- ment of the head, face, hands, ihd feet. Creatine is used to delay f- tigue, and speed muscle recovery. However, studies have shown.thtt creatine does not have muscle- building capability and is not ef- fective for enhancing endurance. Athletes whose natural tevel, s"f creatine are low may benefit frbi supplementation, but most urs will not. Judge Robert A. Irons Pol. ad paid by Committee, Shane Ashley, Treasurer Polith Admlleing ..... TO-THE CITIZENS OF SUMMERS COUNTY I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate your Vote and.Supped during my campaign for Sheriff. ! thank you for inviting me into your homes and taking Ume to listen .to my goals as Sheriff. - - Now that the election is over, it's time for Summers County and the Sheriff's Dept. to unite and move forward. I thank my family and friends that were with me at the courthouse election night and being so patient as we tried to count votes. I especially want to thank the group of teenage kids that was them to supped me that night. You are not only a great group of kids, but the future of SummersCounty. My door will alwaysbe open to you, and every citize, of . Summers County. Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my head, and look forward to serving you. FOR A BETTER SUMMER COUNTY THE PEOPLE'S SHERIFF GARRY E. WHEELER Pet m me by ny whm THANK Y0U ,,= FOR YOUR SUPPORT Happy Hour 8 pm to 9 pm Open to Publle: r $5.00 Single - $8.00 Couple Dance at the Willowwood country club Friday, November 24, 2000 9:00 pm till ???