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November 17, 1987     The Hinton News
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November 17, 1987

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10 - Hinton News Tues. Nov. 17, 1987 From page 1 99 As to the liberal interpretation of the laws in favor of the employees, I feel sure that the bearing examiners and Judges of this state have been practicing law longer then the ghost writer and have had much more suo~ess. Second, the ghost writer stated that "in this order, a hearing examiner ruled that during areduc- tion in force, jobs vacated by a less senior teachers must first be posted as vacancies. This is the only reason used by that hearing examiner in ruling in favor of the grievant, although numerious decisions at Level IV have held that it is mandatory for the grievant seeking relief to prove the allegations mak- ing up the grievance by a majority of the evidence. This was not the case in the recent ruling against us. Twelve separtate allegations and issues were raised by the grievant as reasons for reinstatement. The board prevailed in eleven of these issues and lost on one, even though circuit court and supreme court rulings have reversed such opinions as the one used in t~e reinstatement "order." In the next paragraph the writer states that "we feel that, at some point in time, the courts will rule that positions being terminated by a reduction in force do not constitute a vacancy." This is rather confusing. At one point the writer says the courts have reversed such opinions and then turns around in the next paragraph and states that he feels that at some point in time the courts will rule on this on whether or not a vacancy exists. The question is? Have the courts. ruled or not? Apparently the writer is confused. Apparently the writer of the article received a different order than the one my wife received. The only point the hearing examiner ruled on was job posting, which is required by law, but was not done and therefore the favorable ruling. As to the hearing examiner ruling in favor of the beard on eleven of the issues, nowhere in my wife's order does the hearing examiner uphold the board on one single point. The hearing examiner did deny the recovery of attorney fees as they are not recoverable under WV Code 18-29-I and costs and expenses are not generally recoverable in the grievance process. However, WV tBA-4.Sb provides for the recovery of these costs. Third, the writer stated, "the same hearing examiner ruled in favor of the beard in another case with the same issue on posting a vacancy." The decision of the hearing examiner in this particular case did not mention job posting, The hearing examiner ruled that the grievant had not filed her grievance timely and therefore her grievance was denied; however, the writer would have the public believe that the examiner ruled on the job posting issue. I have both decisions the writer refers to and would be happy to let anyone read them. Then the public can determine for themselves if the writer was providing the public false or misleading information. It is no wonder the beard members have trouble making the correct decisions if the information they receive is as misconstrued as the *'Focus on Education" article. Fourth, anyone who would make a statement that "we would never want to take away our employees basic rights of employment and due process, however, we do not feel that the rights of the employees should infringe upon the right of our children to the very best education we can give them nor upon the right of the county administration and board of education by making personnel changes when necessit- ated by drops or changes in enroll- ment" needs a good basic course in democratic principles. That person should also re-evaluate what is the best education we can give our children. Terminating science and math positions when there is a crying need for teachers with this certification nationwide, in my opinion, is not providing our chfldron the b~t education. Furthermore, basic democratic principles teach that government exist for the people and not the people for the govern- meat. The framers of the consititut- ion were very careful to guarantee individual rights, among these, due process of law and equal protection of the laws. Fifth, during the p~st year, the administration has spent much more than "several thousand doll- ars" in attorney fees and court cesta. On July 21, 1967, they received a bill for $8,109 which was not even itemized as to the number or hours spent on the various cases nor was an hourly rate specified. On August ~, 1967, a blanket purchase order for rM,o00 for legal services was issued and $1,654 has been spent in court reporter cost out of $23,317.85 budg- eted for these two services. This amounts to much more than several thousand dollars. If they had follow- ed the law as it relates to per- sormel in the first place, this money would not have been wasted and could have been used for the bene- fit of the children of the county and for whom the taxpayers provided it. If they were spending their own money instead of taxpayers money they4Nvould not be so loose with it. Sixth, the writer refers to the results a small, but vocal minority can accomplish. The writer might be surprised that the minority is not as small as he thinks it is. If my wife and I are included in this vocal minority, the writer can rest assur- ed that we have stood up for our rightw against the injustices attempted in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Some employees may lack the intestinal fortitude to stand up for their rights and take anything that is handed down to them but that will not occur in our case. Over the past several years we have had six legal confron- tations with some of the present administrators and they have not won one yet. Last but not least, the writer states that "we feel it is time that all citizens become more informed and involved ~n our school system and in the educational process." I whole- heartedly, agree with this statement. You might be s~ised what youl will find out if you become involved. You might even find thatyou can't become informed because the person or persons who are asking you to become informed in the article presented a new policy to the board last Thursday night which would deny you access to informa- tion. If the purpose of the ghost writers article was an attempt to regain credibility with the public, "pro- poganda and being loose with the truth will not work." PECANS The Church women of the As- cension Episcopal Church ( Temple Street and 5th Avenue) are now selling the new crops of Pecans. Halves $4.50 lb. Pieces $4.25 lb. NOTICE To party who stole the Gold Mirror off Cottage Porch at Pence Springs Hotel - You were seen. Return mirror and you will not be prosecuted. Ashby Berkley. Rockefeller's Mobile Office To Visit Raleigh And Summers Counties Senator Jay Rockefeller's mobile office, which has traveled over 140,000 miles in the past two years, will again be on the road during November. Dennis Altizer, the Senator's South- ern Area Coordinator, will be avail- able in Raleigh and Summers Count- ies to discuss citizens' problems and concerns at the following times and locations: Raleigh County Monday, November 23, 1987 Sophia City Hall Railroad Avenue Sophia 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. Summers County Monday, November 23, 1987 Summers CountyConrthouse Ballengee Street Hinton ! !:00 p.m.~- 2:30 p.m. "My mobile office has handled over 10,000 cases since the begin- ning of my term of visiting each county regularly. It's the best way I know to keep in close, personal contact with the people I have been elected to represent", Rockefeller said. "I want to encourage everyone to visit Dennis at my mobile office stops and give us the opportunity to share and help with your problems and concerns. I will be working closely with my staff to ensure you receive the services you deserve from your government." ~ i ! iii !?~ !:i:!:i:~::: :i ! i i i!i i i:i:i:!:i:i: :: :: .... n i.Send any question or problem to J'Ask Hilka K", c-o The Hinton lNews, Box 1000, Hinton, WV 25951. Dear Hilda K., Could you give me the feminie view of the May-December marriages? I am thinking particularly of the older man and younger woman. I worry about the almost twenty years difference between myself and my wife. Some of my friends think we don't have a chance, I hope they are wrong. I wonder if I am not in for a broken heart. ANSWER: ..I don't know if I could give the fcminie view, I can give the Hilda K., view and I am female. So one woman's opinion is; Age is so often a state of mind that I am constantly amazed at the" old" people walking around in young bodies. Maturity comes at all ages and often never comes to the oldest people I know. Therefore, with this in mind, relationships between two people should have very little to do with the chronological ages of both but the emotional, intellectual, and " inner" ages and com- patabllity of both. Often the older person in a relationship feel threatened by younger friends of their partner and essentially ruins the relationship by unnecessary jealousy. I have said before, remember what attracted you to each other in the first place. It was an intangible quality that set each of you apart from the crowd. That quality and others still remain inside you and your wife stills loves that intangible you. Love, naturally, looks beyond physical appearance many times so what you see as possibily a deficit because of natural aging, your wife is blind to. My feminine view is then; youth is nothing more than growing, being interested in life, learning daily and being open to change. I admire principles and personal integrity far more than the Mr. Beautiful turning all the heads at the beach. I am confident youe wife feels likewise. Relax, enjoy yourself. I don't see a broken heart in your future. SUMMERS COUNTY November 20, 1987 from 9:00 - 12:00 The Dept. of Human Ser- vices, COA and various other agen- cies will be disturbing Surplus Food in the following locations: HINTON AREA Old Senior Citizens Center behind Fire Station. C.O.A. 2nd. Avenue. PENCE SPRINGS - TALCOTT Fire station at Talcott. JUMPING BRANCH - NIMITZ Senior Citizen Center. PIPESTEM AREA Pipestem Ruritan Community Cen- ter. SANDSTONE AREA Fire Station at Sandstone. BENEFIT AUCTION The Tri-County Vol. Fire Dept. of Alderson will be sponsoring a benefit auction at the fire house on Fri- day, November 20th starting at 7:00 P.M. Truckload-all new - brand name - factory guaranteed mer- chandise; furniture, tools, electron- ics, watches, country giftware, dolls, toys, lamps, clocks, cook- ware, 100's of other items. We'd like to invite everyone to attend this auction. The fire dept. proceeds of the auction will be used to purchase new equipment for the fire dept. If you have any questions, please contact the Tri -County Vol. Fire Dept. The auction will be conducted by Meadows Auction of Rainelle, West Virginia. FLU VACCINE The Health Department in Avis will be giving the flu vaccine on Friday, November 20th . Hours are 9 til 12 and I til 4 p.m. The vaccine will be given at the Health Department in Avis. UNIVERSITY WOMEN The Hinton Branch of the Am- erican Association of University Wo- men will meet Tuesday evening, November 17, at 7"0Q, in the home of Jane Humphries. The program will WOMEN'S CLUB The Hinton Business and Pro- fessional Women's Club will meet November 19, at 6:30 for dinner at the home of Millie Meador. Guest speaker for the evening will be Mr. Richard Gunnoc. His topic will be " Family Law Masters Progeam". All members are urged to attend. OPEN llOUSE Avis School is holding an Open House on Tuesday, November 17 from 9:30 until 2:00 as part of American Education Week. Tuesday is Community Appreciation Day. Several people and businesses will be honored for their support of Avis School. lANK - UP AMERICA Link - Up America is a pilot program. The purpose of the pro- gram is to provide access to a telephone to tow - income people. The phone companies will be work- ing with the Department of Human Services and local senior centers to get senior citizens signed up. See the local paper for more details and eligibility requirements. Then call the Senior Center for application assistance. BLOOD TEST The Muitiphasic Blood Analysis Program (MBAP), sponsored by the Hinton Business & Professional Women's Club will be held on Saturday, 7 AM to 10 AM Nov- ember 21, 1987 at the Memorial Building. Elizabeth Bare, Chairperson for the sponsoring BPW Club, stated that participation is by appointment. Anyone wishing to participate may call for an appointment at the following toll - free number: 800 - 245 - 1289, between 9 A.M. and 5 P.M., Monday through Friday. The total time involved at the program is approximately 15 - 20 minutes. " The $2000 tee, is paid to Kiski Valley Clinical Laboratory of Jean- nette. PA., for the entire process, which includes analysis reporting, supplies, personnel and maintenan- be arranged by Kayetta Meadows. ce of a permanent test data file. All members are invited. Cloo Mathews' Mayor Leslie and an unidontifiod person. nvesttgatton The federal Advisory Council on Historic Preservation has asked the Eastern Coordinator of the U. S. Postal Service, in Philadelphia, to find out why the Advisory Council was not notified prior to the con- struction of a handicapped access ramp for the Hinton Post Office building. "We have reviewed our records and find no evidence that USPS requested our comments or consult- ed with the West Virginia State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) as required by Section 106of the National Historic Preservation Act and our regulations, 36 CFR Part 800." Den L. Klima, Chief of the Council's Eastern Division of Project Review, states in a Nov. 10th letter to Sandra Bander, with the USPS Philadelphia Facilities Ser- vice Center. "Compliance,"i states, "with Section 106 is prior to project approval to ensure that an agency has taken into account the effects of an undertak- ing on historic properties. Regret- WHEREAS, The public schools are an important and integral part of our society; and WHEREAS, The concept of a free and equal education is an American tradition and this country's strength; and WHEREAS, The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow; and WHEREAS, All citizens have a responsibility to support the public schools; Now, therefore, I, James A. Leslie, Jr. of City of Hinton Do hereby proclaim November 15 - 21, 1987, as AMERICAN EDUCATION WEEK and urge all citizens to make a commitment to public education and to the future of Summers County children by visitng their local public schools and by donating their time and talents to help make the public schools even better. WE THE PEOPLE ... BUILDING SCHOOLS TOGETHER SCHOOLS OBSERVE AMERICAN EDUCATION WEEK Summers County Schools will part- icipate in the state and national observance of American Education Week Nov. 15 - 21, Demetrius Tassos, County School Superintend- ent, announced. In keeping with the 200th Ann- iversary of the Constitution, this year's theme for American Educat- ion Week is "WE THE PEOPLE ... BUILDING SCHOOLS TOGETHER". Cleo Mathews, President" of" the Summers County Education Association (added) To educate a child it takes the combined effort of the school, the home, and the community. During American Education Week, 1987, we want to get all facets of the in- fluence in a child's life to realize it takes all of us to educate our children . And they are all our children. Join in. Visit a school. Volunteer to be a resource per- son. Volunteer to tutor a child in your community that is having trouble. How about helping a Sum- mers County student that may be having trouble with reading, math, science or social studies? Call and-tell me what you would like to help with. Remember, it is " We the People Building Schools". It is also" We the People Building the future of Summers County, West Virginia, and the United States of America. tably, it does not appear that USPS took the necessary steps to identify the historic properties affected by this undertaking or to evaluate potential effects. We therefore request that you investigate this matter and advise us why USPS failed to fulfill its Section 106 responsibilities." Last month a handicap ramp was added to the front of the Hinton Post Office which completely altered the entrance to the building in the National Register listed Hinton !Historic District. Hinton News Editor and Publisher Fred I~ng, member of the Summers County Historic Landmark Commission, complained that prior notice was not given which resulted in the Postal Service issuing a work stoppage order. Postal officials in Charleston said they were responsible for the con- struction and called a meeting in Hinton with the County Landmark Commission and the State's Dept. of Culture and History where all agreed to turn the matter over to Mike Gioulis, President of the Preservation Alliance." Gioulis, an architect, has been asked to design a handicap ramp for the building that would fit the historic requirements. "We feel," Klima states in his letter, "that every effort should be made to mitigate adverse effects to the Hinton Post Office and preserve the character of the Hinton Historic District." From page 1 absolutely ludicrous because it not only cost us II professional and 4 service personnel. We lost $253,000 in Step 7 funds. We lost $500,000 in additon to the personnel." Kessler said every year the school system is audition on the enrollment records and no "discrepancy" in the records has been found. Tassos said the records originate with the teachers who turn monthly report into the The principal compiles turns them into Mr. Irwin who g them into Charlestion. Mr. Ball diNS the same thing with the special education count. "Last year the special ed count was 422. The enrollment report was 2436. Now, I guess, we will have to prove these figures." Irwin said, following the meeting, that the state requires enrollment records three times a year. For the first and second month and the tenth month. "We do it 10 times a year. Every month, because we want our records accurate. We don't want to miss a student." From page I ONLY A TEACHER? "lam a teacher? What I do and say awe being absorbed by young minds who will echo these images acr~ the ages. My lessons will be imm- ortal, affecting people yet unborn, people I will never see or know. The future of the world is in my class- room today, a future with a pot- ential for good or bad. The pli- able minds of tomorrow's leaders ,will be molded either artistically or grotesquely by what I do. "several future presidents are learning from me today; so are the great writers of the next decades, and so are all the so-called ord- inary people who will make the decisions in a democracy. I must never forget these same young people could be the thieves and murderers of the future. The first system of writing was in- vented by the Sumertans in ancient Mesopotamia about 3500 B.C. "Only a Teacher? Thank God I have a calling to the greatest profession all all ! I must be vigilant every day lest I lose one fragile opportunity to improve tomorrow." *Decks Stairs .Porches All custom lumber cutting and shaping done in our own full service wood shop I Panelling .Tongue & Groove Flooring Railings Quick Delivery Highland Center, Railroad Ave., Alderson, WV PH: 445-7137 Take Advantage Of Our Seasonal Slow Down And Get The Best Prices Year-Round!