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October 31, 2017     The Hinton News
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October 31, 2017

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t Q LEGAL NOTICE (Cert. No. 45747 Garnet Gas Corp. & H3 LLC) To: Melissa Brewer, Nieele Thomas, Melissa Brewer - Regular Mail, Nicole Thomas Regular Mail,, Carl Bcagg, Carl F Bragg JR, Carl Franklin Bragg JR, Carl F Bragg SR Bessie Bragg, Helen Bragg, Melissa Bcagg Brewer, Paul F Bragg SR, Robert D Bcagg Michael A Bragg, Janice Baker, Alice Bragg, Lon M Bcagg, Mrytle Bragg, Amy Wood, H M Wood, Dora Ira Heirs, Charles W Ayers, Belva MCkinney, Arlie Mckinney, Luther E Brngg, E E Richmond, W L Barkedale, or heirs at law, deviasee, creditors, representatives, successors assigns, all known heirs, guardians, conservators, fiduciaries, administrators, lienholders, co-owners, other parties having an undivided interest in the delinquent property, and other parties that may have any interest in the subject property. You will take notice that Garnet Gas Corp & H3 LLC, the purchaser of the following real estate, Certification No.45747, located in GREEN SULPHUR District, 66.5 ACRES NEW RIVER HILLS which was returned delinquent or nonentered in the name of BRAGG CARL, and was sold by the deputy commissioner of delinquent and nonentered lands of SUMMERS County at the sale for the delinquent taxes on 08/15/2017. Garnet Gas Corp & H3 LLC requests that you be notified a deed for such real estate will be made on or after 11/2072017, as provided by law, unless before that day you redeem such real estate. The amount needed to redeem on or before 11/20/2017 will be as follows: Amount equal to the taxes and charges due on the date of the sale, with interest, to 11/20/2017 $249.23 Amount of taxes paid on the property, since the sale, with interest to 11/20/2017 $8.00 Amouht paid for Title Examination and preparation of the list to be served and for preparation and service of notice with interest to 11/20/2017. $558.33 Additional Statutory Fees with Interest to 11/20/ 2017. $0.00 Total Amount Payable to Sheriff- cashier check, money order, certified or personal check must be made payable to the The Honorable Garry Wheeler, Sheriff of SUMMERS County. $807.56 You may redeem at any time before 11/20/2017 by paying the above total less any unearned interest. Given under my hand 10/5/2017 G. Russell Rollyssn Jr. G. Russell Rellyson Jr. Deputy Commissioner of Delinquent and Nonentered Lands of SUMMERS County, State of West Virginia Please return this letter and payment to the West Virginia State Auditor's Office, County Collections Division 1900 Kanawha Boulevard East Building 1, ReemW-118 Charleston, West Virginia 25305 Questions please call 1-888-509-6568 HN Oct. 17 24, 31 LEGAL NOTICE (Cert No. 45735 Main Street Hinton) To: Gary Skidmree, Keith D Skidmree, Keith D Skldmroe, Karen Zuant, Karen Zuant, Karen Zuant, Charles Skidmree JR Estate, Sherry Lynn Jackson, Sbelia Renee Preslar, Gary Skidmore - Regular Mail, Keith D Skidmore - Regular Mail, Keith D Skidmore - Regular Mail, Karen Zuant - Regular Mail, Karen Zuant - Regular Mail Karen Zuant - Regular Mail, Charles Ski.dmore JR Estate - Regular Mail, Sherry Lynn Jackson - Regular Mail, Shelia Renee Preslar - Regular Mail, Charles Edwin Skidmore, Rosaiyn Virginia Skidmore, Charles Skidmore JR,, or heirs at law, deviseee, creditors, representatives, successors, Lowest Support for Death Penalty in Decades Dan Heyman CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- The Critics of capita] punishment number of Americans who favor the point to examples of wrongful death penalty continues to drop, convictions and- instances with a new Gallup poll finding the of mishandling of evidence. level of support is at its lowest point Supporters say it's justified for the since 1972. most heinous crimes. The survey, which recorded According/~o the Death Penalty 60 percent in favor of capital Information Center, death penalty punishment last year, found support cases cost almost twice as much had declined to 55 percent this as those where it is not sought. year, with that number dropping Collins said people are beginning to 39 percent among Democrats. to understand the cost of the death Kristin Collins, associate director penalty to the criminal justice of public information at the Center system in the form of time and for Death Penalty Litigation, said money. society is beginning to understand '~rhere really couldn't be a more that a death sentence isn't always inefficient way to punish crime," the worst punishment, she said. "Death penalty cases go "Being against the death penalty through years, sometimes decades doesn't mean you're against of appeals and we need those punishment for people who commit appeals because we have to make murder,!' Collins said. "It means sure we don't execute an innocent that you see that there are other person." equally effective - maybe more Collins added that with life effective - ways to keep our society without parole, the automatic safe and to punish the worst appeals process isn't triggered by" crimes." the same mandates in the system West Virginia does not have that go with a death sentence, and the death penalty, but legislation there are fewer attorneys involved is introduced each year to change in the process - reducing the that. demand on the system. Tues. Oct. 31, 2017 Hinton News- 7 Those who trim themselves to suit everybody will soon whittle themselves away. --Charles M. Schwab Richard Ojeda will host his first fundraising dinner on November 12, 2017 at McKeever Lodge at Pipestem State Park. The dinner will begin at 4:00 p.m. where guests are invited to turn out and hear Richard Ojeda talk about his agenda politicians. "We have spent the last five months speaking with people and traveling across the entire Third Congressional District," Ojeda said. "While my oppcnents have been sitting on the phone raising money and keeping quiet The Simpler, More Affordable Way To Invest (NAPS)--Iust as innovation is changing how people order food, shop and make travel arrangements, financial services companies have found a way technology can make investing more convenient and affordable. This latest trend is often referred to as automated investing. Before jumping for West Virginia and the nation about where they stand' on the "-' ..-: to help create job opportunities, issues, we have actually been strengthen the middle class and listening to people, inviting them to support working families, our functions and spending time in Food will be provided as well as these communities to see what we things we want are more than possible. The biggest thing holding us back are politicians who are enslaved to their big donors. It has helped create a government Where the wealthiest people control Washington while the rest of us suffer. It is time for the people to stand up and fight back. When we realize that our government is there to serve us and we s tai~ electing live entertainment by The Change. can do to make their lives better." people who have no other agenda .i Guests can RSVP online throughRichard will speak about his than selfless service, we will begin Ojeda's ActBlue page where adult plans to improve infrastructure to see that anything is possible." assigns, all known heirs, guardians, conservators, in with your own finances, however, it's tickets are sold for $40.00 each and create jobs in West VirginiaThis makes WV State Senator fiduciaries, administrators, lienholders, co-owners, . -" " ' -" J " il" to other parties having an undivided interest in the nnportant t.nat you learn me ueta s t 0attps-// as well as Other rural states with Richard Ojeda's fourth visit to delinquent property, and other parties that may have determine If an automated investment Don't have the time or expertise to . " any interest in the subject property, advisor is for you. manage market fluctuations? Con- plpestem ). struggling economies. Summers County this fall. He has You will take notice that Main Street Hinton, the . . What's automated investing? An sidernewtechno[ogiesthatcanhelp AccordingtotheOjedacampaign, He will also talk about the previously attended the No Pipeline purchaser of the following real estate Certification .~,t~m~t~,t inv~,~tmPnt m]x igor (s ' a ............................ ' ...... some- you grow yoursavingsefficiently, support in the region is ~rowing importance of keeping jobs in Fundraiser at ~he 4-H Camp, No. 45735 located in HIN2~N CORP District, 12,000 ........... SQ. FT.NEARTOWNwhich.... turned delinquent times referred to as rooo mves!,!'~g ) ...... . . nearly every day and there arethe United States and as local as Pipestem Spa & Event Center's or nonentered in the name of JACKSON SHERRY uses sophisticated computer algor,thms a top portmuo manager. An automat- LYNN "ETALS', and was sold by the deputy to offer low-cost managed investments, ed advisor can solve the discomlectby high hopes for a good turnout of possible. Creating jobs with fair Oktoberfest, and Hinton's Railroad commissioner of delinquent and nonentered lands of . " " Users answer a series of intu,twe ques- making professionally managed portfo- supporters, wages, plans for giving middle Days. SUMMERS ceunty at the saie for the delinquent tax ............. - ..... lios accessible to more people7 In less than 5 months, nearly class families tax breaks, lowering Individuals' ifiterestedin on 08/15/2017. Mare" Street Hm" ten requests that you hans aooui ine,r nnanclm goals, 11~1% be notified a deed for such real estate will be made on tolerance, and investment time horizon, ......... Automated advisors sift through 600 people have signed" up at www. student loan interest rates and volunteering for and supporting or after 11/20/2017, as provided by law, unless before and the automated advisor recommends tlaousanus of ~lrs to invest your money' to ~e e" implementing a public option the campaign should visit www. that day you redeem such real estate. The amount ........ ~llvt~t invegtment no folio into a range of diversified low-cost in- pledo thlr i~ ETFs support and volunteer eftorts tar into healthcare will also be on the ~olleledooweds:te redee ..... before 11/20/2017 witI ~ as t SU!t~ t, thse,ue~i~.'~'eiii ~:ii: ;~ 'deXthe ETFs.flfdrle~,Likesf,mutual funds, pool "~ ....... Amountequaltothet~~~-" -.-y~M humeru~'tt~'e~.'~~'~ ~r~:~i~Jf~:,~ r~l~: -~-~9~~0~'~ ~ ager~d~,as Ojed~ plan~ on providing By signing, up on the. site the dat#~l~thinte Vfade~l I1~ designed p~ase ~t~gr'oti~ of stocks. L,~~)-:~~~lmrt a cle~':~tt~r~i$ ~s'in ~est'" 'v~oltimeei':', ............. 'gtiIli~b~i;~i~en'~ a'c/:ess~ ....... .,~,l~..,,,,.; to ~63a/Spai~~"(o~t dtve~An mind. m!!tt~[f0hds, !host!,,~mbm~efitum dr-) what " " Virginia and ~ti~\ "~ r,:,0ne, of,t,he e,9~y, ~C,~o'~ pages preparation ofthelist te be ssrved and for prepacationSate'AmuntWitn intereStpaid tofor11/20/'2017Title Examination$11~e'~and" ": the"~lne nnancm,investment" ~ ~serv'ces company execUteand' automatically'~ m man-- " s the performance of a specific index suchaged: which means they work to mimic Richard" sayo ;~, ,'a,,he'~ tamed' " at ,, "We deserve betterf said Ojeda. .... such as Riclaard Ojeda i'or Congress and service of notice with interest to 11/20/2017. ages it for a fraction of the cost of a tra- as the S&P 500 or the l)ow lanes Indus- giving power back to the peopleI cannot do it alone. I need the Greenbrier County (https://www. $125493 of West Virginia rather than well people behind me," he said. "We ditional advisor, trial Average. Additional Statutory Fees with Interest to 11120/ 2017. $0 00 Total Amount Payable to Sheriff- cashier check, money oraer, certified or persona[check must be made payable to the The Honorable Garry Wheeler, Sheriff of SUMMERS County. $1564.59 You may redeem at any time before 11/20/2017 by paying the above total less any unearned interest, i Given under my hand 10/5/2017 G. Russell Rellyssn Jr. G. Russell Rellyson Jr. Deputy Commissioner of Delinquent and Nonentered Lands of SUMMERS County, State of West Virginia Please return this letter and payment to the West Virginia State Auditor's Office, County Collections Division 1900 Kanawha Boulevard East Building 1, Room w-n8 Charleston, West Virginia 25305 Questions please call 1-888-509-6568 HN OCt. 17, 24, 31 LEGAL NOTICE WEST VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Division of Highways Notice To Contractors Bids will be received electronically by the West Virginia Department of Transportation, Division of Highways through the Bid Express Bidding Service ( and by sealed proposals (only when prequaiification is waived) being received at its Office in Building 5, Room 843, 1900 Kanawha Boulevard East, Charleston, West Virginia until December 12, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. (Eastern Standard Time). The bids will be downloaded and/or opened and read publicly thereafter for the construction of the following project(s): Call: 080 Contract: 1704633; StatePreject: S389- GDPJL-17 02; Federal Project: HSIP-2017 (113) D; Description: Guardrail; 2017 D9 IDIQ Guardrail; District Wide, County: Fayette, Greenbrier, Nicholas, Other. Note: Mandatory Pre-bid 10/31 @ 10 a.m; D-9 Headquarters, Lewisburg Proposals will be received from prequalified and West Virginia licensed contractors only except that.on Federal-Aid Projects a contractors' license is not required at time of bid, but will be required before work can begin. Registration is required with the Department of Administration, Division of Purchasing, in accordance with Chapter 5A, Article 3, Section 12 of the West Virginia Code. All contraetore submitting bids on prDject(s) must include one of the following forms properly executed with each prepoeel: Proposal Guaranty Bond, Cashier's Check, or Certified Check for $500.00 or 5% of the total hid, whichever is greater. *These are projects on which any contractor with a Category W~' Prequalification Rating may be eligible to bid. The West Virginia Department of Tcansportation, Division of Highways reserves the right to defer, delay or postpone the date for receiving and publicly opening proposals for any project designated in this advertisement, without the necessity of renewing such advertisement. All bidders holding valid bidding proposals will be notified of such deferment, delay or postponement and the date that proposals will be received and publicly opened. The West Virginia Department of Transpertation, Division of Highways hereby notifies aibbidd~rs that it will affirmatively insure that i~rnny contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, minority business enterprises will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex or national origin in consideration for an award. West Virginia Department of Transpertation Division of Highways Robert Penningten Deputy State Highway Engineer - Planning and Administration. HN. Oct 31, Nov 7 ! *. - , " PSD MEETING The Meadow Creek Public Service District meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Green Sulphur District Volunteer Fire Department ,~t 6 p.m. Meetings are open to the public. How does it make investing easier What do they cost? With an au- and more accessible? Not everyone has tomated advisor, you dofft have to pay the time or know-how to manage an in- exorbitant tees, earn a six-figure income vestment portfolio, or the inclination or or have thousands of dollars in savings ability to pay potentially hefty fees for a to reap the benefits of a professionally portfolio manager to do it on their be- managed investment portfolio. Industry half. Access to an account professionally average fees for a human financial advi- managed by human advisors, however, sor hover around 1.02 percent, meaning was historically a problem for those who costs start to add up as your investme,lt did not meet their high minimums, of- portfolio grows. Generally, autbmated tentimes $500,000 or more. advisors provide customized portfolios Enter the automated advisor, which more affordably. For example, at Ally automatically monitors your invest- Invest Managed Portfolios, the annual ment portfolio and, as the stock market advisory fee is 0.30 percent of account fluctuates, rebalances holdings based assets. "[hat means for an account with a on your risk tolerance, projected in- $10,000 balance, the monthly fee is $2.50. vestment timeline and wealth outlook, Plus, there are no trading fees and you to help keep you on track with your can start investing with just $2,500. goals. Can I talk to a person? A purely "Some people are very good at ,nan- automated service isn't always enough, aging their own investments;' said Rich even when 24/7 phone support is avail- Hagen, president of Ally Invest, the on- able. Some firms, such as Ally Invest, line brokerage and wealth management provide customer service from knowl- arm of Ally Financial. "Others just don't edgeable professionals. have the time or expertise. Younger in- How can I learn more about au- vestors, in particular, often don't have tomated investing? Visit the assets needed to get the attention of and click on "managed portfolios: When, Where, How And Why To Change Your Vehicle's Oil (NAPS)--Basic vehicle maintenance is an easy, inexpensive way to prolong the life of vehicles and avoid costly re- pairs down the road. "When thinking about vehicle main- tenance, regular oil changes likely come to mind first" said Rich White, exec- utive director, Car Care Council. "A quick review of the why, when, where and how of changing your vehicle's oil is a good way to see the value of basic anto care:' Why , Motor oil lubricates the moving parts in your engine, preventing wear by keeping the engine clean, removing contaminants and regulating engine temperature to prevent overheating. Neglecting to check and change your ve- hicle's oil can lead to expensive repairs, including engine failure. When Check your vehicle owner's manu- al; most will recommend changing the oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Howev- er, other factors such as harsh weath- er conditions, driving in stop-and-go traffic or on dusty dirt roads, towing a trailer, driving at high speeds and the age of your vehicle can all bring down this time interval; making it a safe bet to have the oil checked at the lower end. Where An oil change performed by a pro- fessional technician is a quick, low-cost vehicle service. When taking your car in for maintenance or repairs, be sure that the shop employs ASE-certified techni- Regular oil changes can help keep your car on the road to safety and savings. clans. ASE certification means that the technicians take their training seriously and have passed tests to demonstrate their skills. How Do-it-yourselfers can access the Car Care Council's website for an instruc- tional video by DriverSide on how to change your vehicle's oil. To help drivers "be car care aware" the Car Care Council has many free tools available at, in- cluding an 80-page "Car Care Guide" and a customized service schedule with e-mail reminders to=~ake it"easy to fol- low a routine auto care program. The Car Care Council is the source of information for the "Be Car Care Aware" consumer education campaign promoting the benefits of regular vehi- cle care, maintenance and repair to con- sumers. For a copy of the council's "Car Care Guide" or for more intbrmation, visit connected and wealthy lifetime have to start realizing that the 15837/?ref=group browse_new). The time to begin most things is 10 years ago. The ability to concentrate and to use " --Mignon McLaughlin time well is everything. --Lee lacocca Neigh New Neighborhood Investment business franchise tax or corporate our students seeking additional Program (NIP) tax credits are net income tax. New River CTC financial aid to attend college, and available to businesses and Foundation awards the credits it is made possible by our many individuals interestedinsupporting to eligible donors on a first-come, wonderful donors. student scholarships at New River first-served basis. These are the students with the Community and Technical College. Businesses and individuals greatest financial need whose lives -This year the New River CTC who donate $500 or more to thecan be improved the most with Foundation has been awarded Foundation are eligible to receive 50 workforce training and education $57,500 in NIP tax credits, percent of the contributed amount programs," said Green. NIP was established in 1997 byin the form of state tax credits. For more information about the West Virginia Legislature to "As a direct result of NIP taxNIP donations, please contact encourage charitable giving to local credits, New River CTC Foundation Michael Green at 304-929-1042 or non-profits, had a record year, awarding more It is administered by the Westthan $85,000 in scholarships to New River Community and Virginia Development Office, and students enrolled in degree and Technical College serves nine NIP is the only state tax incentive certificate programs at the College. counties in southeastern West available for charitable gifts. This program is single handedly Virginia from the Greenbrier Valley Donations are also eligible for a the largest tool we have in raising Campus (Lewisburg), Mercer federal deductiom funds to assist our students in .County Campus (Princeton), By donating to New River CTC pursuing their dream of obtaining a Nicholas County Campus Foundation, contributors can degree or workforce certificate." said (Summersville), and Raleigh support their community and Michael Green, Interim Executive County Campus (Beaver/Beckley). earn tax credits to reduce West Director at the Foundation Virginia personal income tax, '~rhe NIP scholarships allow Study Finds Too Many WV Kids Growing Up in Poverty Dan Heyman CHARLESTON, W. Va. A high proportion of West Virginia children are living in stubbornly persistent poverty, according to a major new study. The Annie E. Casey Foundation's "Race for Results" report looked at a variety of health, education, family stability and income data by state. In West Virginia, it said; a quarter of the state's children were living in poverty in 2015 - the same percentage as in 2010. Sam Hickman, executive director of the National Association of Social Workers, said research is finding that adverse childhood experiences - more common in poor homes - can limit a child for life. He said experts now can even predict some results of a hard childhood. "Whether or not you will be divorced, whether or not you'll be able to hold a job or become incarcerated," he said, "even to the point' of how many medications you might be taking in your elder years." Hickman noted that West Virginia does a good job of providing health coverage to children; 97 percent now can access medical care when they need it. However, that progress is threatened by Congress' failure to continue funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program. helping their families succeed. "As they get older, these kids are going to drive local and :state economies," she said. '~rhey're going to contribute to their communities, and they're really going ~o:be ti~i'e: driving force in ensuring that we're ,( all better off in the long run." Hickman said a state Earned(: Income Tax Credit would be an effective way West Virginia could help these families gain more~: financial stability. Too often, he According to the Race for said, poor families are blamed for~ . ,'. - ..~ ~ ~i, , Results report, nearly 70 percent being poor, when:the real issue m a! of West Virginia's Hispanic children and more than 70 percent of its African-American children live in households that struggle financially. Laura Speer, associate director for policy reform and advocacy at the Casey Foundation, said it would make sense to invest more in lack of resources., : ~. : .~ "If we have the supports - the i working environment;!~in terms o~ living wages andgbenefits ,:thesei are structural thi~ags that: soclet~!I can influence" he shid!~'"I~s no~~ personal failing across the board." The report is online at raceforresults. ' ,, ~ ?