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October 29, 2002     The Hinton News
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October 29, 2002

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2 - Hinton News Tues. Oct. 29, 2002 More and More People are Reading our Newspaper Because a recent survey found that The HINTON NEWS is the favored source for three out of five for local news and advertising items. Save $$$. Call (304) 466-0005 Monday through Friday, or send thls coupon to the address below and we will bill you for your 52 week subscription. Name (pleue print) Address City. .State Zip.__ TEAR & MAIL TO: THE HINTON NEWS P. O. BOX 1000 HINTON, WV 25951 "1 Letter to the Editor Woman's Right to Reproductive Freedom Pharmacy & Your Health Dear Editor: In anticipation of West V]rginians for Life, who appear to have more empathy for fetuses than people, pouring ashes of hellfire upon the heads of pro-choice candidates, I hereby commend to the sisters and brethren of that entity and others so disposed the words of the Rev. Jeffrey D. Lang, a member of The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice: "As a Christian, I am sickened that anyone would make God a co- conspirator with fundamentalist terrorists. [As did Jerry Falwell when he pontificated that 9-11 was God's vengeance for the sins of women who chose to have an abortion,] ............... :: "The .eligious oaliti0. Tor Reprgdtwve,Chcce is being siged out because this moderate, 29-year- old organization speaks for people of many faiths who are pro-choice because of their religious convictions. "I am one of many people of faith who believe that God has vested human beings with the ability to make complex moral decisions. I believe women facing an unwelcome pregnancy have the God-given freedom to choose the course of action that seems most responsible within their circumstances. "The Falwell-Robertson types are certain that they alone know the will of God and the intentions of people's hearts. They are not only terribly offensive and insensitive to suffering; they are arrogant and intolerant." As candid as his judgment is, I agree with it. And further I remind readers that what anti-abortionists are striving to accomplish, whether they are aware of it or not, is to criminalize abortion; that is, to make criminals of women who have one and criminals of anyone who in anyway assists a women to have one. Do Anti-abortionists really want to send women who have abortions to prison for murder and also the doctors who perform them? So when the Anti-abortionists attack candidates that believe in a woman's right to reproductive freedom and her right to absolute privacy with respect to her reproductive choice, I appeal to the more rational voters to consider the above words of the member of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. Sincerely, Perry Mann P. O. Box 1416, Hinton Letter to the Editor Promises! Promises! (But never Kept) .J Dear Editor: Have you worked hard all your life trying to prepare a nest egg for your later years? Is it taking everything you get your hands on to pay for your medication? I recently purchased eye drops to keep me from going blind. The cost $98.00. I also purchased one more prescription. I had to work three days to pay for these and clear the taxes on my wages. Had I not worked I could have gotten it free or probably pay $1.00. Is this right? Our political representatives in Washington and the state of West Virginia have been in office till they're wrinkled ,and gray (or dyed) promising us a prescription (l .rug plttteWe ,eanJ fo r d.  [{f.l [iaplened? Al6llitely nfifi d (  Now they're begging for another" chance. If it hasn't happened by now, it never will. Come election day you can make a difference. Ask your family and friends to do what you're going to do. Go to the polls and vote for new faces to represent us. Give them a chance. It sure can't be any worse than what we've had for a number of years. The Washington group take good care of Mickey Mouse's rights' but forget all about us till election time. They could have and should have put a freeze on the price of prescription drugs a long time ago. Wonder why they haven't? A funny thing to me. Our veterans are neglected. People seem to have forgotten the sacrifices they've made for our freedom. I know one who recently retired. He lost 2 months of his sodal security only to be told he would get nothing from veterans, although he served overseas. Our coal miners are being forgotten while we pay more and more for our utilities because of importing oil instead of using coal. The Charleston "bunch  keeps trying to make coal white and clean. Coal is black, dirty and warm, and "KING  in West Virginia. God put the coal in the mountains for our people to have jobs. I raised four on coal miners wages and proud. Think about these things and let your conscience be your guide come Nov. 5th. if you're fed up. If you make your bed hard, you're the one to suffer. Sincerely, E. "Estella" Akers 107 Park Ave., Hinton i I I'Lordy! Lordy!! [ LookWho's 40 Darrell Mann "Jr." .00ppy 4oth. RAILROAD RECOLLECTIONS By Roy C. Long .MORE ABOUT ENGINE 1642 EXPLOSION The tragic explosion of engine 1642 at CW Cabin June 9, 1953 was classified as the worst train wreck in the history of the C&O's Hinton Division. For months following the accident, when two or more railroad men gathered, the topic of. conversation centered on the accident. There are few railroaders of that era in the employ of the C. & O. today. However, those who were young boys at that time and lived in the west end of Hinton, remember it quite well. Their bicycles provided quick transportation as they hurried down Route 20 and stood, in awe, at the top of the hill above CW Cabin, as they viewed the huge boiler and the destruction below. Following are excerpts from a report by John Faulconer taken from Letter to the Editor Where Is Compton's Compassion? Dear Editor, In recent weeks, I have read with great interest various news articles proclaiming Mary Pearl Compton as an advocate for children and families. While I am certain Delegate Compton does, indeed, fight for children's rights in some capacity, I must respectfully ask, at what stage of life does a child become eligible for Ms. Compton's "compassion"?. Ms. Compton has consistently supported pro-abortion measures that insure the extermination of West Virginia's true future our children. When we support candidates, regardless of political party affiliation, who favor liberal abortion laws and policies, we compromise the future of our state. The unborn hild :tlt is aborted doctor tha t would have saved your life thirty or forty years from now. So when we think of our teachers and our doctors, who are absolutely crucial, and certainly, deserve to have our legislators and senators fighting for them, let us also not forget our future doctors and teachers who cannot yet speak for themselves. This election, I ask the intelligent, rational voters of West Virginia to consider supporting candidates who value the lives of children at all stages of life. If you feel this isn't an important enough issue to consider when voting for a candidate, please remember that it is not unimportant to our future fellow West Virginians who are not yet able to speak up for themselves. Respectfully submitted, Lisa Coburn Rt. 2 Box 30-C Sinks Grove, WV 24976 LETTERS POLICY Letters are welcome, but no more than one letter each month will be accepted from the same writer. Preference will b given to letters of 300 words or less. Longer letters may be shortened or rejected. Letters must be signed and must include an address and phone number. The telephone number will not be published. Letters will be edited for grammar, spelling, taste, syntax, and libel. Names will not be withheld. Address them to Letters to the Editor, P. O. Box I000, Hinton, WV 25951. the Hinton Daily News of Wednesday, June 10, 1953: "Phe engine blew up with earth. shattering force as it was hauling a string of 125 loaded ears into the Hinton yards about 300 feet west of CW Cabin. "Pelegraph Operator H. S. Gwinn, who saw the explosion from his office .... said, 'It sounded like an earthquake, I thought it would knock the building down.' A terrible scene of confusion and twisted wreckage greeted early arrivals at the site of this area's worst railway accident in history. "Mr. Richmond who lives on the opposite side of the river from the railway witnessed the accident and said the cab of the engine blew so high that he 'could see daylight underneath the cab and the top of the hill that borders Route 20.' This is estimated to mean that the cab went approximately 200 feet in the air before falling into the New River .... "Phe force of the explosion must have been terrific as it is said that the grates from the engine were found on the hillside above Route 20. "Nearest person to the explosion .... was Henry Gwinn, second trick operator at CW Cabin. This is his eye-witness account of what happened: "By Henry Gwinn (as told to John Faulconer). I was alone in the CW Cabin and was watching the approach of the train from the west. Suddenly there was a deafening explosion, and the brick building started shaking. It felt like an earthquake.' "the terrible noise was followed by heavy black smoke that momentarily blocked the train out of my sight, but just before the smoke hid the train from view I saw the boiler move, and moments later it seemed that boiler went through the air by the window in front of my desk and landed about .100. feet east.' oai 'u:out'of meqi|dg:'as debris  felling on the'roof, and all around the outside.' "Ie engine was less than 300 feet west of CW Cabin when the explosion occurred.' 'After realizing what happened I called the train dispatcher and had ambulance summoned to the scene.' 'If the explosion had occurred closer to the building, I am sure the building would have been destroyed and that I would have been seriously injured or killed.' = While talking to Jimmy Sampson the other day he remembers that he was at a filling station in Bellepoint and heard the explosion about four miles away. Jimmy hurried to CW Cabin where he was put to work at 7:00 p.m., assisting telegraph operator H. S. Gwinn. In my article June 26th. I mentioned a long train order Jim had copied of which I had saved a copy and presented it to him a few years ago. The train order in reference is as follows: Train order No. 10, - June 11, 1953 To Operator - at CW Cabin Eastward home signal located 550 feet west of CW Cabin has been destroyed. Dwarf signal has been installed in its place displaying stop indication as per Rule 292. All Eastward trains on eastward main track approach this signal prepared to stop and must not proceed beyond this signal without hand signal from operator as per WATCH YOUR FAMILY GROW. NOT YOUR RENT. n do fo, y,u WE LIVE WHERE YOU LIVE? Regina Gwlnn eckle, LUTCF  B 211 Pleasant Street Hinton, WV ,, 304-466-3290 LIKE A G(X)D NEIGHBOR, STATE FARM IS THERE." Memlr FD rule 663 aRer which the train may proceed to the next signal in advance and then be governed by the indication displayed by that signal. Signed - M.C.C. Made Complete - 12:37 a.m. - Sampson Operator. Funeral arrangements held Friday, June 13, 1953, for the three who lost their lives in the explosion are taken from I-Iinton Daily News issues of June 11 and 12, 1953: Funeral rites for Fireman Joe Sullivan was held at 9:00 a.m., in the St. Patrick's Catholic Church by Rev. Fr. James Pietersma. Active pallbearers were: Hobsen Marks, Mason Helmintoller, Randolph Quisenberry, Darrel Bias, James L. Davis, Robert Jones, Jack Mann and Charles Henne. Honorary pallbearers were: Harry Honaker, C. H. Ballard, Paul Hannah, J. B. Ashley, W. R. Scruggs, L. Bryant, Fred Crawford, R. T. Richmond, F. C. Richmond, G. S. Richmond, j. H. Bragg, T. B. Youell, Dan Leary, Frank Meadows, Lynn Miller, T. T. Davis, E. B. Lilly, E. D. Burnette, C. R. Gleason, M. H. Maloney, Howard Miller, W. L. Glass, N. O. Wright, A. E. Moses, E. M. Hunter and Ernest Ellison. Funeral rites for Engineer W. H. Anderson was held at 1:30 p.m., in the First Christian Church by Rev. Ezra Dunnavant. Active pallbearers were: H. C.' Maddy, Robert Wygal, Gilbert Wygal, W. E. Talbert, Mason Deeds, Douglas Carte and William Sheppard. Honorary pallbearers were: W. H. Arrington, Lacy H. Wood, R. G. Fridhy, W. F. Hurt, Cecil Lively, R M. Deeds, Charles Wygal and Mason Helmintoller. Funeral rites for Brakeman O. L. Richmond was held at 3:30 p.m. in his home by Rev. Fred Dillon and Rev. David Dubois. Active pallbearers were his brothers-in- law. Honorary pallbearere were: T. A. Honaker, Charles Cantrell, Ch .almer Richmgnd,.HenTy Hgryex,_ Dn D.,W. Ri'tte Charl,Kncaid, m E. Morgan, L. A. Kincaid,,ntt Charles S. Briers. From page 1 Fiber Optics courthouse complex at a cost of $400 for 32 man-hours per week. Rob Sovine, President of the Summers County Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB), addressed the commissioners regarding additional nding for the Bureau to promote tourism and market the county. The total additional and unbudgeted requested was $15,000. Sovine said the Bureau would request a like amount from the Hinton City Council in the near future. Commission President Lonnie Mullins was named a member of the board of directors for the CWB. SOLID WASTE AUTHORITY Summers County Solid Waste Authority meets on the 3rd; Monday of each month at 4:30 pm at the Memorial Bldg., Hinton. 466-0695. Everyone is welcome to attend. Day Care Center Welcomes New Director The REACHH Family Resource Center DandyLions and Ladybugs Day Care Center is pleased t announce that they have founki . another very special lover ofyoun children to fill the generously largo shoes of former Day Care Direct Dee Coffman. Julie Free Merriam joined the staff in July, just as Dee was departing to care for her ailin mother, and was promoted to the position of Acting Director in September. ,2 Julie brings with her five years of experience in a variety of chili] care and preschool settings in other states. She has held may position in her career, starting as a teacher's aid and leaving the last center a which she worked as the Director. During these five years of related employment, Julie worked with wide age range of children, as well as with children with a variety f special needs. I Along with valuable experienc Julie also brings with her a profound" affection for children, dedication tO the program, a sweet caring and calm disposition, an unfailingly positive attitude, as well as a talent for organization and attention detail. The staff of REACHH-FR feel fortunate that Julie has "found them and look forward to continued positive growth and improvements in the day care program. , BIG FOUR DRUG STORE; Cot. 3rd AVE & TEMPLE ST. HINTON W.Va. PHONE 466-2323 "L, ; . EIHson, R. Ph. "' New Hope for Heart Attack Victims A heart attack (medical term i  myocardial infarction) occur( when blood that supplies th6 muscles of the heart is cut off or, restLcd i$Qme manner, stare-. ,L of nccdexi ytmm clots, vessel wall spasms, or by en larged or bursting plaques of cho-= lesterol attached to vessel walls. During the heart attack symptomi may include pain in the chest, ab-'.  domen, or arms, faintness, sweat,. ing, or a heavy pounding of the heart. Some people have only mild i symptoms or nosymptoms at all.'. On the way to the hospital, a' heart attack victim may be told ta chew an aspirin tablet to enhance' survival. Different drugs may be given to slow the heartbeat make the he work with In some cases streptokinase (Strcptase) or tissue plasminogen activator (TPA) are given to bre up formed clots. Surprising ne/ animal research is showing that  sildenafil (Viagra) may decrease the size of a heart attack an.. damage to heart muscle. In a , different study, people given simvastatin (Zocor) in the hospital emergency room seemed to experience fewer complications " sometim Se,n after b.cart attacl I YO [JR "R E IN VI TED CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE NOVEMBER lt, 2rid. & 5rd. 10.'00 Tm to 50pm THIMBLE 7V " PLOW GIFT5 FO2 rt-lOSE ON got/g CHglSTMA5 LIST& DECORA T/ON5 FOR THE HOME THAT PVILL PVAP.M YOUR HEART. SNOWMEN-ORNAMENTS-CHRISTMAS DECOR CANDLES-BERR Y WRF_A rHS dr 4RLANDS HOLIDA Y SOAPS-HOLIDA Y TOLAND FLAGS . GLASWARE-PICTL/REY-PAINTED LA YES-LAMPS PLACEMA 7" dr NAPKIN.S-O'ALITY HANDMADE D ECO2,A I I VE I I'EMS  MilCH!! M L/C/-/.I! MOREl1/ FREE GIFT DRAWINGS AND REFREYHMENT t.,4r In ralcoff at the cross/n 9 J