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October 20, 2015     The Hinton News
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October 20, 2015

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-, ' ' .... otice ...... N ....... Monday of the month. In the event "i l''H'n(tn3 Ne0 200Z500 I he best he One Negro was k,lled Next , r.--------" ...... "---"--'-'--=-- " I I ' i I Moreand More People are Reading our Newspaper I - i i Bingo every Friday night at the: I '" I ,. ! ~,: II / II Hinton Senior Citizens Building on ~ ~r~i~~ ~ ~.~l~, , i ' li SecondAve. Doors open at 4:00 p.m. [] L a ~ ~ 'l COMMISSION MEETING ~! !~.i I II i The Summers County i ............. ' ..... Commission will meet at 9:00 a,m. : B R C. in the County Commission Office at. " Y J the Courthouse on the Second i Incredible Journey part four. After encuntermg laendhl~d~s ha;ing a passenger, car attached. ~h:::~ ~iodaLfi fl: :~naM:gdaw~Y"l ~h: : Poor A atha kept up bravely, but after landslides that., the m The conductor came and escorted us moved to the followmo" ~ Tuesda,.~ : he track and be killed or wounded track and smasmng up cars aiter Poor Agatha was very brave andM,nA~v November 9 Contact Mary ll ry " - . r& - ' o no further all night, wherever it went . . " r who is the food cheese, crackers, pmkles and [i City T H!EoI [ iiL!0 0WS Zipi r here Per apples, wh,ch we devoured h afterward . : A sma. nursing nome mca(ea 1 w s mud father Kept on all mght running off , u. ~u uuuf m ~Ul, m,~ ~~'~ De artment Meadow Brxdge Boy I I I Because a recent survey found that The I ! HINTON NEWS is the favored source I I for three out of five for local news and I it was a t~'lng and most dangerous shovel out (often delaying us many back to that car, which was a trifle The next session of the County : I.- advertising items. Save $$$. Call ! time, newt fully expected to run off hours)and after, running off the more comfortable, but not much. Commission will be held on : t " " h ....... ~' " --" ' "t 466 eve minute Thus we kept on, in cars, whxchhadtobeprmdoffte calm all the time, not giving way, but Beth Merritt Countv Clerk at 466-'~ extreme discomfort and danger, track and t,pped .over .the human endurance is fimte, andsoon, 7121if you have questions or!f you until we reached "Bow er's Ferry" embankments - we finally, at mght after we reached that passenger car, h~,~ !tAms for the a~enda : I Monday through Friday, or send this coupon to I that evening 25 miles from had progressed about a dozen mfles, on Thursday noon (having been out . . I the address below and we will bill you foryour52 I Kanawha Falls. No house of any No place to stay in - only log huts since Monday morning), she fainted -. .... I. el' _'-" ..... ~. " ,~, : I week subscription. I kind, only squalid log shanties filled fi~lkdeW'tohnN:?:::,ab:o::d:cld:dn dead away. I l*lam 5tr?et C;are I with Negros and miserable white e p " g'P There was no brandy, whiskey, or I CerUfied nursm assistant I I;;: .... I!men. (The train could g _ _ any restorative Of any kind to be I app|lcat|on$ being accepted I ,. (pJease print) ! that day, so we had to stop there, but Hungry and cold and wretched, obtained for love or money I had I 1 ! :,* Address I Mr. William Baird, a Kentuckian At one place I managed to get some some cologne left and that was all. I NOW accepting pr'.wate ,I : [!i : ' ' I and ex-Rebel soldie , " -- " A kind-hearted Negro started away, ! pay and Medicaid 1 telegraph operate t , y " and after a longjourney through the :l residents I " kindly provides a resting place for ravenously, but which made us sick mud with a small quantity of weak I ........ I us m a caboose or box car. Then xt enoug . camphor that he had unearthed m ~l ................... I ' rained hard and al a ( " " some cabin. He wouldnt allow me il ..... 1 ' will tell you about Virginia mud). track, smashing cars, etc., until we to pay him at all and was attentive I ~ACynt~/nospJ~t~A I : eat S uahd became so used to ,t that we were - miserable, wretched, not disturbed at anything, only continually L~ /: HI::.~:N' . [ Nothing scarcely to . q ", " and kind, offering, his services ! J~U'f-'f00-0U/U I vile coffee nowondering (really) how soon we :,--=---------- ................. ! Baird got some " ( " finding the avalanche to be worse I LETTERS POLICY ' F : wretched fried should~be wounded or killed milk) hoecakes and " ." and worse, the earth sliding down I Letters are welcome, but no more I i iLetter To The I=dltor"' development. We certainly_ do _net beef for us, which was t . as fast as dug out- I de~ermined to I than one letter each mouth will be [ " need the kind of water disaster that could do In that squalor we had to morning (we had no sleep or rest) get away from there somehow, as it I accepted from. the same writer. I : :Cmmissin. thanksreCently happened in CharlestOnto lax controls on the s:y:n~alWt~day::t'olhee:v: a~.~liiwcmh~e~~a ednasshbi~! ?:;a?::t:::::dn ae~odth:::~:h:: [ 3Pm~!:bi~!~ifilr~ebeSens~:Zi~j~eet~cti!i!i Considers chemical industry, eastward. Not knowing where we ........ the carin ] Letters must be signed and must I o ion upon the track Doumers nan [o De ~ ,,. " The first proposal is for an would bring up- nor caring s g . that dangerous and wretched I include an address and phone I ' '~ rcl | n a n c e s addition to the building code which ....... ot awa,, and were nrom-essin~ blasted and removed, and the nlace in the mud bank I number. The telephone numberwfll I .... ~ J r o- o , . r , " not be published Letters b E mail .... would require any firm proposing: East - we left there in a caboose full Herculean labor couldn t be fimshed Continued next week I ..... " - -- Y. - . I : tO ~rotec~ new industrial construction to~ - "- ~-~*" ....... ~hours " I wmno~oeaccep~eaumessmuowea I'- of rough men and as dirty as a tburm ............. . ' up with a signed letter " ' Another train came up behind us : finance research studies on theratehog-pen. I Letters will be edited for grammar, I : S U m m e rs effects of the proposed structures [ spelling, taste, syntax, and libel. J : ~.~ -- .. and operation on county water ~ I Names will not be withheld. I ,zounty anu supplies. What effects would M----" .... ~!~ ~/"':: .~ / Address them to Letters to the I :., __.,. construction and operation have on' .:. e ~l ~l g W ~~:. :.~: . [ ~o~I'~tan, ~Yvl: , its ;Itlzens private water systems, wells, and Bridge Area springs? On public water resources " Newe ] summers co-uniy I : -1-, .... so important for drinking water and i=ar r~al.~or: .... .. .... for the County's base of tourism . I Humane Society/ I ! a. na~we wes~ wr,~man w_no income derived from recreation? By: Alvie Martin [ ACWP I ! was, p,sed m the 1950 s w,t the What effects would construction and . I isa non-profit group of local I po,,u e? and water o! the operation have ou the movement of The ra,n never stoped the ~aanlwna v.a~3ey, z am all ~oo groundwater and surface water " g IlJl~~~l~~ | volunteers that is here to he p | . Homecoming Parade. In the parade [ Do you need to have a pet I unres~ra,neaXn ,ar. w~n ~ne ?IIeC~Smaus~ria~OZ supplies? The proposed ordinancethxs" year was Meadow Bridge" f,re" ~'~a ~t~ :|. spayed or neutered or need I i development. As the natron" rapidly modification would also require_ a p . " ~~: ~ i assistance with vaccinations? [ exPands exploitation of our energy company to a.gree to pay .Ibr any Cub Pack 170, 8 girls ran for Miss ." [ Please call [ ' resources ,t ~ 1 damages to pmvate or pubhc water , " "s ikely that we will , wildcat for 2015, 9 floats, Meadow "~A. ..... " " I- 855-WV4-Pl=T$" | witness expanding industrial uses of resources. Bridge Cheerleaders Winner for Mr ~ a . " - " " and Leave a Message the energy provided. Some of that . .The second proposal imposes & Ms Wildcats for 2015 was seniors | . I ~,, " ........... I Do you have a litter of puppies I '' development will directly affect s,mllar _requ,rements for all ~nane rtarmss, ann ~atee rtarran ............ a more ru?r~l~nhi, ts:of~hecb~t~ and ,- industria! g(ms~qction sites over Fxiday,~ightt)e~iJ~ca~ts~n~l~L, Ta~cgt~ BementawSeptembgr 0ter,. [ the, I ora~og to!urn .n or have seen I i g Vernmen~S in places like ' , , , . -~ . Homecom g g .... g m ....... ; tF btii e l]:-R) F/ont Row' Bt~ Onn ,Ldltan Wh ttrlslah[Pluml /, [ .......... :~-. ~ .... "--..: , -~,,-~ J ~A StmamersCount wil " construction,is litce~y ~o crea~e "" "':~ ~"24 ..... ~ ,-,-: -- ~: : " - ~ - , ..~: . :; " :. / our~mmaJuontro!unic~rzt~r4-- 1 , y l be.w~se to be .... vaew rnuay,.ou:~ .......................... Sebastian Logst0n Carly Persinger, BaCK .HOW: .Ho,ee Harper ,,I, 4i B:4860 Have you witnessed ! ': I " j pro-active in protecting the future problems of run-off and Nohce Brooklyn Caldwell, Logan Jones, Sarah Turner, Ab!gay e / an animal emergency9/ ; health and safety of their citizens, sedimentation of streams. The PIPESTEM RURITAN CLUB Persinger, Christopher Fox. | Please call 911. "| My wife and I have owned our compaction of soils by construction home and re ert x and the effects ofpavmglarge areas P p y" n Summers " The Pipestem Ruritan club meets ...... , County since1974, so we are pleased for parking or construction of every fourth Saturday at 6:00 p.m. | | , that the Summers County Co~nmiss~oa is pressing forward on a series o~ ~ropc, s~]s that will provid~-~ ,~,~ty ~'~ide~t~ with substantia! protections from some of the potential dangers of industrial development. On Tuesday, October 13, 2015 the Commissioners received four detailed drafts of ordinances prepared by their attorneys for their formal consideration. These proposals were first presented to the Commission im much simpler form 6 months ago. I was part of the group which drafted those original proposals so it is gratifying to see the basic ideas detailed in full legal language, carefully reflecting the extensive legal research required to effectively protect the fiealth and safety of the citizens of the county. The group who"~submitted the original proposals hoped that these requirements could provide the inIbrmation needed to inform county officials' decisions to issue building permits, thereby giving local government a tool for guiding industrial development in the county and insuring protections for residents. This tool should prove useful to the Commissioners who know that the state code expects county government to protect the health and safety of residents. Mr. Lightner, Mr. Woodrum, and Mr. Williams sre clearly familiar with the words of the code: "Commissions are hereby authorized to enact ord'inances, issue orders, and take other appropriate and necessary actions for the elimination of hazards to public health and safety and to abate or cause to be abated anything which the Commission determines to be a public nuisance (paragraph 7-1-3kk). ,The issues addressed include the following: The let and 2nd proposals are designed as modifications to the existing building code to help protect the water resources of the county from pollution and sedimentation resulting from industrial construction and development. These proposals are basically extensions of the Commission's earlier commitment made in the form of a resolution passed in 2014 to protect the waters of the county. The or~b~ances seem crucial given the role clean water is likely to play in the county's future economic buildings can cause major damage to streams and groundwater supplies with serious impact on private water sources. This is a significant problem throughout our region where geological conditions like steep hillsides increase the likelihood of destroying head water streams through increased run- off. Continued on page 3 PI We have a wonderful dinner before our meeting. We would like to invite anyone interested in learning more about this service club to come and join us. We have a gospel sing the Friday before our meetings. Come join in the fun and fellowship. For more information please call Brenda Garcia at 304-." 923-1622 or 304-466-680~1. DHHR Estimates & Repairs, Inspections, Tires, Brakes, Oil Changes, Repairs Mon. - Frl. 8-S, Sat. 8-12 Ph: 304-466-4S00 ..... [ .............. 11 "~ ................... ~ ...... ~'= ..... I1' "Your Full-Service Service Station" 466-0133 For Pay At the Pump Gas & Diesel Fuel ,,ILL TIRES." FREE MOUNT FgEE BALANCE FREE TIRE VAL VF_ Head Mechanic Johnny Reel Mechanic Nick Connell BRAKE SPECIAL: FRONT PADS ONLY LIFE TIME WARRANTY WEAREVER GOLD $69.95 WAGNER $79.95 COMPUTER SCAN We're drivers too. On Living Faith TV 5 p.m. Thusdays on cable and satellite. Also can be viewed online at To be a sponsor send email to or phone 304-309-4039 or simply go to johnnyl