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October 9, 2012     The Hinton News
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October 9, 2012

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6-Hinton News Tues. Oct. 9, 2012 Council on Book Review: 'Don't Buy It': flging Weasle Words Can Lead to 'TalKing Summers Middle School 5th grade student, Logan Bennett, scored Distinguished on the Westest in both Science and Social Studies. Logan wa the only 5th grade student at SMS to do so. Congratulations Loganl (J.L, Massie Insurance Inc.) Insurance Agency Earns Top 10 Nationwide Independent Agency Award The J. L. Massie Insurance has been named a Top 10 Nationwide Independent Agency (ath.) by Allstate Insurance Company for their achievement in superior growth, high standards in customer satisfaction and customer retention in 2011. J.L. Massie Insurance placed 8th. in 2011-2012 throughout the Entire nation. The award recognizes the J. L. Massie insuranceAgencies as one of the top independent agencies in auto and property insurance for Allstate and is a testimony to the dedication to assisting customers. "Being named an Allstate Top 10 independent agency is a great honor," said Wanda Massie-CEO. =It exemplifies our commitment to meet the personal insurance protection needs of our clients and provide the best service available to our customers. The J. L. Massie Insurance Agencies are located in Historic Hinton and Small Town Gem Lewisburg serving customers in every county of WV including the counties of Fayette, Greenbrier, Mercer, Monroe, McDoweil, Raleigh and Wyoming. LEGAL NOTICE City of Hinton COMBINED REVENUES AND EXPENSE June 30, 2012 General Fund Revenues GasbRevenue $0.00 Taxes $1,343,830.72 Licenses and Permits $48,979.58 Intergovemmental $0.00 Federal $0.00 State $24,800.00 Local $1,650.00 Charges for Service $70,110,26 Fines and Forfeits $7,042.32 tnterest $741.6S Miscellaneous $18,808.33 Total Revenues $1,515,962.86 Expenditures GasbExtenee $0.00 General Government $753,705.23 Public Safely $640,168.7 Highways and Streets $315,060.80 Health and Sanitation $6,500.00 Culture anci Recreation $141,427.85 Social Services $12,023.35 Total Expenditures $1,868,885.98 Expenditures ($352,923.12) Fund balance at beginning of year $658,426.06 Fund balance at end of year $305,502.94 Special Revenue Funds Revenues GasbRevenue $0.00 Taxes $17,578.85 Licenses and Permits $0.00 Intergovemmental $0.00 Federal $11,235.50 State $0.00 Local $1,087,352.08 Chargee fat Service $418,262.69 Fines and Forfeits $0.00 Interest $68.98 Miscellaneous $0.00 Total Revenues $1,534,498.10 Expenditures GesbExpemm $0.00 General Government $453,575.70 Pub,c Sldely $1,064,326.52 Highways end Streets $0.00 Health and Sanitation $0.00 Culture end Recreation $0.00 $oal sa.cea $0.00 Total Expenditures $1,517,902.22 Expenditures $16,595.88 Fund balance at beginning of year $4,271,464A0 Fund balance at end of year $4,288,060.28 Enterprise Funds Revenues GasbRevenue $0,00 Taxes $0.00 Licenses and Perm;ts $0,00 Intargovemmental $0.00 Federal $0.00 State $0.00 Local $0.00 Clarges for Service $686,172.28 Continued on next page Nonsense' About the Economy Reviewed by David M. Kinchen t.. it is clear that the decline of a language must ultimately have political and economic causes: it is not due simply to the bad influence of this or that individual writer. But an effect can become a cause, reinforcing the original cause and producing the same effect in an intensified form, and so on indefinitely. -- George Orwell, "Politics and the English Language," 1946 "Don't trust anyone who grew up not having to do without" -- Natasha Yuhas I think George Orwell wrote the best description of the uses and abuses of the English language in his 1946 essay "Politics and the English Language" Channeling her inner Orwell, Anat Shenker-Osorio diagnoses the political discourse as it pertains to economics in "Don't Buy It: The Trouble with Talking Nonsense About the Economy" (Public Affairs, 256 pages, notes, index, $24.99). Shenker-Osorio diagnoses our economic discourse as stricken with faulty messages, deceptive personification, and, worst of all, a barely coherent concept of what the economy actually is. The business sections of most newspapers -- and the business reporters on cable news -- exposes us to economic doomsaying that treats the economy as an ungovernable force of nature. She says that, by calling the economy "unhealthy" or =recovering" as we so often do, we unconsciously give it the status of a living being. No wonder Americans become willing to submit to any indignity required to keep the economy happy. Shenker-Osorio says the left doesn't have to self-destruct every time economic matters are being discussed: There are metaphors and frames that liberals can deploy to win, and Shenker-Osorio shows what they are and how to use them. Shenker-Osorio wants liberals, progressives, whatever they call themselves, to learn a valuable lesson from.seasful.coa=o, rv.atie mu|age-m (mfneo, especially Frank Luntz: "It.was.his messaging that in 1994 sold us the Contract with America, helping usher into Congress a Republican majority for the first time in forty years. Luntz also authored such doublespeak as 'clear skies initiative' to market overturning air quality protections and 'death-tax' to make unpalatable to all something that applies only to 0.3 percent of taxpayers." (Page 34). On Page 144, Shenker-Osorio tells her liberal audience that they could learn from the on-message propensities of conservatives: "They are on the record as wanting a fiat tax, privatization of Social Security, vouchers for schools and public funding for churches." I'm not sure what she means by the latter, but you get the point: Conservatives are positive (even when they're dead wrong) while liberals are needy, pleading with us to listen to the =better angels of our nature", as Lincoln said on March 4, 1861 in his first inaugural address. Good luck with that! In his essay on politics and language, Orwell said the passive voice is used to obfuscate and mislead and he includes a prohibition against it in his list of basic rules to follow: 1. Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print. 2. Never use a long word where a short one will do. 3. If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out. 4. Never use the passive where you can use the active. 5. Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word, or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday %0 ]00ri00l+ Suil+s 00ruif 00m00f00ios This is a weekly publication of the Summers County Council on Aging Jumping Branch Elementary September's Perfect Attendance PREKINDERGARTEN: Emma Angell, Claire Massie, Mason English equivalent. 6. Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous. Similarly, echoing Orwell, Shenker-Osorio (on Page 141) says "versions of this passive voice 'mistakes were made' rhetoric is a staple in the economic realm. It's a meaningless collection of words sometimes masquerading as milquetoast apology. No one actually, has to admit anything deliberate went wrong. Is it any wonder, as mentioned earlier, that we have yet to see a single CEO held liable for the double-dealing, evasion and outright fraud that inflated the housing bubble until it burst into a full fledged recession." The author is right about that, but she could go further in saying that the current administration should be responsible for prosecuting the errant, fraudulent, criminal "CEOs" -- and has done nothing. Both parties rely on campaign contributions from these fraudsters -- and no one is going to cut off that money. You ask: "Who is Natasha Yuhas'? She's my kid sister! The message in the epigraph above is as good a warning as I've seen this campaign season, especially if you pay heed to the words about "sacrifice" coming from billionaire Mitt Romney and his millionaire running mate Paul Ryan. In an email she reminded me, as ifI needed reminding, that all too often the ones calling for us to "sacrifice" to "save the economy" are those who never had to sacrifice or do without, as our family had to do. Ms. Yuhas adds: "As a small business person I not only paid towards my own Social Security and Medicare, I had to pitch in equal amounts for my 10 or so employees, including my ex-husband, who got a larger salary to assuage his manhood. So here I am, pulling down a smaller SS check than him even though I worked harder. Of course, after I left him high and dry, he did have to go back to work as an ironworker and made a lot towards bdl't:i+s-iI'S6iJHty and his pension. Are we an outspoken family or what?H As I was writing this review, listening to CNN on the adjacent TV, I finally found something from President Obama that I wholeheartedly agree with. Discussing Medicare and Social Security at a campaign stop, Obama said, in effect, don't believe the people -- mostly Republicans -- who say the two programs are entitlements. He said, correctly, they are something we've paid for and earned. In the case of Medicare, in addition to all the deductions from our past paychecks for this program, retirees continue to pay just under $100 a month premiums for Medicare. What our president did was something I wish more liberals and conservatives alike would do: Tell the Freakin' Truth! I wish Obama had gone a step beyond and called for cost controls on medical procedures and prescription drugs, like Canad} does with its Medicare, but fhat's probably too much to hope for, given the campaign contributions -- to both parties -- of Big Pharma and the Medical-Industrial Complex. Here's an excerpt from this excellent book: Our blindness to income inequality and its effects isn't pure ignorance or apathy. It's partly a function of how we talk about the issue. We say things like "the wealth gap" and "bridge the divide"- phrases that obscure basic truths. It's automatic to explain the world in metaphors--to describe abstractions by comparing them to concrete things. In the case of inequality, we're characterizing the differences between rich and poor as objects affixed on opposite sides of a chasm. But viewing inequality as an economic canyon makes it hard to argue for policies to diminish it. "Gap" isn't a stirring call to action; it's a clothing store. It may provide a ready image of where we are, but it says nothing about how we got here. Studies of cognition and decades of experience tell us that when we don't provide an explanation, audiences invent one. The cause-effect narrative for our "gap" generally goes like this: The poor have chosen their condition. Whether character flaw (lazy bum), moral failure (welfare queen), inherent defect (the bell curve), or all of the above, this story tells us what have-nots have not is ambition or intelligence. If rich and poor are described as the result of differential effort, each seems like a lifestyle choice. According to the way we frame the discussion, inequality is then a sign that our economy is rewarding the deserving and motivating the lazy. Our language has us--wrongly-- believing that vast inequality is not only natural, it's fair! About the Author: Anat Shenker- Osorio is a strategic communications consultant based in Oakland, CA. She crafts messaging for issues from immigration to contraception and completed research on how people make sense of and come to judgments about the economy. She has worked with the ACLU, Ms Foundation, America's Voice, Ford Foundation and dozens of others, presenting findings to members of Congress, and as a keynote speaker at Netroots Nation. This is her first book. I Inc., 120 Second Ave., Hinton. Funded in part by the WV Bureau of Senior Services, Appalachian Area Agency on Aging, other grant and local resources and donations. Any older persons is encouraged to participate in the program regardless of race, creed, hardicap or national origin. The Summers County Council on Aging is an equal opportunity employer. Wednesday, October 10, Light 'N' Lean Lasagna, Raw Vegetable Salad, Oil & Vinegar Dressing, Applesauce, Whole Wheat Garlic Bread, Margarine/Milk. Activities: Swimming At Pipestem State Park. Please Sign Up To Go. Thursday, October 11, Hot Dogs/Chili, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Oatmeal Cookie, Bun, Pop. Activities: Picnic at Vest's Farm At Jumping Branch. Friday, October 12, Meat Loaf/ Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Fruit Mix, Whole Wheat Bread, Margarine/Milk. Activities: Gospel Singing At 11:00 a.m Shopping Trip To Beckley Sign Up To Go. Monday, October 15, Spaghetti] Meat Sauce, Raw Vegetable Salad, Oil & Vinegar Dressing, Unsweetened Applesauce, Whole Wheat Garlic Bread, Milk. Activities: Bible Study With Rev. McLaughlin, Aurelia Mills, Levi Okes, Kara Ramsey, Kaitlyn Rona. KINDERGARTEN: Gage Cales, Lyndzee Childs, Gavin Cyrus, Keira Hardy, Mickenzie Loudermilk, Mia Lucas, Drew Mansfield, Joseph O'Neal, Linley Pack, Halley Phipps, Jonah Pugh, Quincie Stennett, Jason Underwood, Stephen Ward. FIRST GRADE: Joshua Albright, Nathan Angell, Caynan Bowling, Brian Cooper, Sean Cooper, Benjamin Dunford, Sydney Farrish, Joanna Kessler, Ella Pack, Jacob Richmond, Bryce Taylor, Malachi Treadway. SECOND GRADE: Shawnna Adkins, Preston Ballengee, Taylor Basham, Madison Cales, Kase Crook, Devin Mansfield, Peytan Matheny, Noah Norman, Steele Pritchard, James Sharp, Keegan Sharp, Keegan Sykes, Miles Turner, Brittney White. THIRD GRADE: Gregory Angell, Elizabeth Bolar, Hannah Bridwell, Haley Deeds, Trista Erskine, Emily Justice, Janessa Karim, Ashleigh McLaughlin, Grace Quesenberry, Brittany Richmond, Madison Rollyson, Timothy Sears, Jordan Seigler, Darrell Sharp, Nathan Stennett, Jonah Zimmerman, Justin Zimmerman. 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