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September 25, 1980     The Hinton News
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September 25, 1980

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4-Hinton News Thurs. Sept. 25, 1980 HINTON NEWS Published Tuesdays and Thudays By Me Hintoe PtlbUskiag Cor pore t ion 210 Second Ave. Hinton, W.Va. 25951 Bob Front, Co-Publisher Jane Front, Co-Publisher Richard Mann, Editor sPs 216-180 ' By Carrier 15 Cents Daily Subscriptions: By MaLl $10.00 per year U.$. Poel plationt requtre payment In advance, ......... Second clus postage paid at Hinton, W. Va. I i i iii Physician's Career Called Demanding So you w.ant to be a doc- tor'? Man)' young men and women give some thought to a medical career some time during their growing up )'ears. What does it take'? An American Medical Associa- tion pamphlet points out that to become a doctor of med- icine demands more of a per- son in man)' ways than do man)' other career choices. To be responsible for the health and sometimes the lives of others at all hours of the day and night, regardless of fatigue or other commit- ments, takes an enormous amount of dedication and motivation as well as physi- cal and emotional strength. .. The high school student who plans to study medicine should be sure to take courses required for admis- sion by most colleges. These -, alrrst-always-include En glish (preferably four years), several years of laboratory sciences (biology, chemis- try, physics>, three or four years of math (preferably four) and social studies. Par- tncipation in a variety of ex- tracurricular activities also is important, and participatmn x ' ;\\;? _.,   I in a Future Physicians Club. Science Club of Americ:t or Medical Explorer Post will help. In college, the premedical curriculum is more tqexiblc than generally realized, Man)' students major in hol- ogy or chemistry in prepara- tion for medical school, but this is not required. The college course should include chemistLv, biology. physics, math and English. Most accredited colleges and hniversities offer the course of study needed prior to tllctl- ical school. About 750 col- leges educate most of the medical students in this country. The American Council of Education can provide a list. The typical medical school curriculum is four years, with the first two years in basic science and the last two in clinical training (working with patients). In recent years the trend in med- ical education has been no- ward tntegrahng lectfire and laboratory learning with ob- servatmn, diagnosis and treatment of the patmnt Beyond medical .school comes the residency -- tram- ing in one of the specialties, including family practice. The residency period varies. but the resident usually fs eligible for a license to prac- rice medicine after compmt- ing the first year. Many high school and col- lege libraries and most pub- lic libraries will be able to provide refet'ence materials for the doctor's career, October, 1980 Frank Chappell Science News Editor AMA Money Management A recent survey indicates that of the top eleven hedges against inflation, eight are " collectibles" such as coins, ge- ms,;paintings, and rare books and: stamps. Although eollect- iblei are a popular form of investment and available to the smll large investor, you sh- ould[know just what you plan to do wilh these " things" bo- for you invest says the West Virginia Society of CPAs. Will you invesl for long term caplal gain or short term speclnlatlon? Do you want to provide fulure capital for your heirs or will you donate your eollction to charity and reap a tax :benefit? Remember also, therk are some disadvantages in iflVesting in collectibles. Ge- ner,lly, colleclibles are not iiqu -r that is, you can't easily .+ sell t,hem _for+cash on. short nohee. Some collechbles can be exlnsive to keep and you may havfi,+to pay for storage, ins- uraffce, and appraisal. There may also be dealers or bro- kers fees when you sell. Don't be drawn to a " fad" collectible. Only the best qual- ity Objects are sure to appre- ciate-- and that's because they are rare and good, not trendy. A less than perfect object - even with a minor flaw -- cmld end up being worth- less after the fad ends. Began investOr rather than a -+" ' lecba- fop a'better tax bene- " fltT"CP'A$ say. In either case yOUr rmprofit from the sale of an appreciated object is subject to a 40 per cent capital gains tax. However, a collector cannot deduct from" his income any losses he might incur -- an investor can. But before you decide to call yourself an in- vestor be aware of tax - law requirements: Youmust show a reasonable profit from your in- vestments in two out of five years. There are more requir- ents, so consult with your tax advisor. Americans have been donat- ing collectibles to charity for years -- not only because they want to fill our museums with great paintings, but because they receive a substantial tax benefil for these contribut- ions. Normally, you can don- ate appreciated objects to a tax - exempt institution and deducl their market value. Bul don'l give your collectibles to anyone who is planning to resell them for cash. Then you can't cl- aim the full deduction. The objects must be given to re- stitutions like museums or sch- ools that use them for scien- tific, educational or esthetic purposes. Before you leave your coll. eetibles to your family, CPAs suggest you investigate the tax aspects. You could give them the coilectibles now, or as part of your estate after you die. There are advantages and dis- advantages both ways, so check with your tax advisor. By Bil]- 00ross00 Mr. Ike and Mrs. Eloise Bennett, who live in the West End of Hinton, W. Va., cont- inue the story of their lives: Mrs. Eloise Bennett laughed and said. "I want to tell you a funny thing that happened. After we were first married, and we hadn't been married very long, Ike got an old dog named Shep. He was a pretty big dog, and I liked him pretty good, although the dog liked Ike too. The dog liked me. but the dog especially liked lke. One evening Ike went over to his dad's h ome for milk, and when Ike came back, the dog was lying on the front porch. That dog wouldn't let Ike in the house; no way would that dog let him in that house! I had to go out on the porch and speak to the dog, "Shep. sit down th- erel" The dog finally let Ike in the house, and that dog wouldn 't let a soul in that house in no, way. We kept that old dog a long time, and he came with us here at this house. He was so good and he stayed around the house. Our son, Jerry, was born in the little red house that is across the avenue from our house". Ike remembered how he used to hook old Shep to the little red wagon and pull their son, Jerry, all around the place. Eloise continued, "One day that dog was on line porch, and Jerry started crying, and for no reason at all, that dog took off. We haven't seen that dog to this day. He wasn't an old dog as he was only about two or three years old, and he didn't want any part of that baby crying". Ike remarked, "I remember a funny thing thai happened one day when we were over where Ballard Bennett used to live, and we were hoeing corn on the side of the hill. Now there was anolher dog that was with us in Ihe cornfield Suddenly, old man John Fox fell down. and that dog ran and got John's hat. but he first got him by the hair of the head. John began slapping at him to get him off. and that dog picked up John's hat and ran far down the hill, but he came back to John with his hat in his mouth". Mrs. Bennett continued, "Our daughter's name is Ev- angeline, and I think it is a pretty name:She and her hus- band and children live at Min- eral wells, W. Va. as it is close to Parkersburg, W. Va. She married Buster Adkins, who is a son of Tally Adkins from Sandstone, WV, Buster was a good basketball player, and they had a good basketball team when he was playing with the team. Harry Bennett is our baby boy, and we didn't lose any children. When my babies were little, I bathed them and took care of them. I didn't ask anybody to take care of my babies, and I made their little clothes; lots Of their clothes.. I look care of my babies just like anybody, who took care of ttmir own babies." I asked Mrs. Bennett if any type of writing could be prin- ted inn braile, and she repl- ied, "Oh yes! I can do that myself, because I can read and write braile,: and I can type just like you would type, or anybody who types. I used to type one hundred and five wor- ds a minute, but I very sel- dom type any more. I know that I should type more, but I have so many other things to do. I know that I couldn't type as fast now as when I was in school, She arose from her chair and walked into the next room and soon came back with a large book, She said, "f have a Bible that is written in braile, and it lakes twenty big volumes to complete all of the Books of the Bible", She handed me one large volume that contained the Book of Acts and Romans. She laughed, as she handed the volume to me, and remarked, 'TII let you read it awhile". I laughed too, and replied, "You know I can't read braile". She gave a big laugh and replied, " I thought you could read braile. Besides the twenty volumes of the Bible there are fourt- A professional for 8xl 0 color portrait een volumes of concordance and anyone couldn't very well carry the Bible around. Mrs. Bennett continued, "When I went to school, I was late and the first grade stu- dents had already started in their classes. I arrived there on Friday evening and by Satur- day morning the third and fourth grade students were tea- ching me the lessons on how to read and write. By Monday morning I was about just as good as the ones who had st- arted tO School. They didn't want me to get behind, bec- ause I was older than the first grade students". Mrs. Eloisa Bennett conclu- ded, "Ike and I have done pretty good together." She add- ed, "Our three year old gran- dson, Jeffy, was with us one day and our next-door neigh- bors, Evvie Adkins, came over to talk with us. Everytime she went home she took our gran- dso.n with her and gave him a cookie. Evvie and I stood on the perch and talked, and our grandson exclaimed, "All you do is Talkie-Talkiet Talkie- Talkiet Evvie said, "I'd bett- er go hornet" Jeffy said, " I think you had better go home I" Mrs. Bennett explained that Mr. Haskel what Jeffy wanted was for Ewie to go home and get him a cookie. Evvie would laugh ev- ery time she thought of what Jeffy had said. Mrs. Eloise Bennett showed me her fine collection of Ch- ina Baskets that she had placed neatly on her shelves, and she has been collecting these pre- tty glass baskets as a hobby for many years. They are made of different sizes and shapes, and it surely is facinating to see them. I told Mrs. Bennett that I certainly will let everyone kn- ow that if they see glass bas-. kets in stores or shops dur- ing their visits, to be sure and send one to her. She also plays the guitar and sings hymns, but she stated that she seldom picks up the guitar account of having so many other things to do. Mr. Isaac Bennett also has a hobby of collecting wooden it- ems such as bowls, spoons, or any unique thing that is made of wood. I thanked Mr. Issac and Mrs. Eloise Bennett for being so kind to talk with me, and I told them that I had certainly learned a lot during my pleasant visit with them. Shttmate Guest Speaker Alderson, W. Va. The Sen- ior Citizens group was most honored to have Mr. Haskal Shumate ( The Monroe Co. Historian) with them Friday P.M. September the 19th. to share covered dish dinner, af- ter which he was presented a Beautiful Birthday cake. In exchange Mr. Shumate showed the group colored sli- des of his most recent trip to and from California. All who attended had a most enjoyable evening and a bount- iful dinner. The Senior Citiz- ens gather at the Site 5 days a week, to visit with their friends, paint Ceramics, make and quilt quilts, paint with liquid embroidery and Greetis Simmons teaches Crochet eve- ry day from 11 A: M- 2 P : M: Etholine Butler offers Blood Pressure Clinic each Tues. also the Site has a good selectionof library books, and a quiet comfortable conference room, for reading, or just meditat- ion. Those who choose to work jig saw puzzles, play dominoes, or checkers are cordially invited each day and the public is also invited to the covered dish dinners and gospel sings of which the Base singer of the Travelers Quartette is present each day and says Grace be- fore lunch is served. All attending all of these activities are greatly blessed from day to day. ( If you do not attend, YOU are the loser). A wall or fence six feet or higher can help block cold winds from your house and cut heating costs. In addition to our regular offer, Now You Can Get An Exciting 10xl 3 Dual-Image PortraitJ Ask photographer for details. These Days Onlj Daily: 10 A. M.-8 P. M. September: Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. .24 25, 26 27 COUNTRY ROADS PLAZA, HINTON ,,,,,,,,,.,-,,,,,,, Ittos' per sign 9. No.datge for ocldldonal 9roup sol::,jects. One  pet penmn.. Ood,,gtoo,-x:ts may  d'x. Remm'nlc d'/kJren mint De ooomponmo by parent. Satisfaction always, or your money cheeully refunded. Copies Available Copies of FY- 80 "The Ed- ucation of Handicapped Act" are available to any interested citizens from the West Virginia Department of Education in Charleston. The Education of Handicapp- ed Act, as amended by Public Law 93- 380 and Public Law 94- 142, requires that each state submit a state plan for prov- iding educational services to handicapped children. The U. S. Office of Educaiton has approved West. Virginia's 1980 Amendments for Title VI, Part B, as required by the act and copies will be provided any- one interested. Requests should be made to Keith Smith, West Virginia De- partment of Education, Capitol Complex, B - 337, Charleston, WV 25305. Aff00er00hne I A regular feature prepared by the American Cancer Society, to help save your llfe from cancer. Question: "I took DES during pregnancy Is my daughter in danger of vagi- nal cancer?" ANSWER line: This synthetic hormone has been implicated in vaginal cancer among a relatively small number of young women whose mothers took the drug during preg- nancy. The risk is small but you should discuss the situa- tion with yGur physician, es- pecially if your daughter has developed vaginal bleeding or spotting. Question: "What is a bi- opsy?" ANSWERline: It is a surgical procedure to obtain tissue which can be examined micro- seopiealiy. There are three kinds of biopsies: incisional, excisional, and needle. The ineisional cuts only a part of a tumor away for examina- tion. The exeisional removes the entire tumor, as, for example, a growth on the skin. The needle is used to withdraw fluid or tissue for examination. Question: "How manychem- teals cause cancer?" ANSWERline: About twenty chemicals are regulated as carcinogens by the Occupa- tional Safety and Health Ad- ministration. As of October, 1979, 2,590 substances have been reported to" cause a tumorigenic response in animals, although not neces- sarily in man. These were tested by the National Can- cer Institute (NCI) or review- ed by the United Nations International Agency for Re- search on Cancer (IARC). Since eontrolied studies that would expose humans to sus- pected carcinogens are dif- ficult to carry out, evidence for human carcinogenicity has to be projected from ani- mal studies or epidemiological data. In view of the long latency period for human cancer, it is possible that only now, evidence may be showing up of human cancers that could have been trig- gered many years ago. Question: "What is multiple myeloma?" ANSWERline: It is a type of cancer which originates in the bone marrow. It causes the bones to become fra- gile and brittle. It occurs most often in middle-aged men. The chief symptom is pain of the bones, and there may be fractures. Treatment may involve both chemo- therapy and radiation. Question: "Do young men get prostate cancer?" ANSWERline: Although cases of the disease have been diagnosed in young men, it usually occurs after the age of 50. Incidence and mortality rates are higher among black American males than among whites. Cancer of the prostate $1and also occurs more fre- quently among married men than among single men. 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