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September 19, 2017     The Hinton News
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September 19, 2017

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Tues. Sept. 19, 2017 H ton News - 7 HOME C 0 M r~,t C_l N I T Y in Communities N aflonwide (gtat~nt) As we imcasingty reihmt on disiml coatgm a~ailabtc on.demand, what happens to om n:positogks for fainted Sl~ The answer may bc ~mp|a than ~ think: ~ aren't jest about books any mere. Most have focas from ~ cotlctious to tho 0mmuuifics they serve, ami tail moat thei to mttch. as chikir~ s ~ end job. aem~k amistaoee ~ssioas. are hol~fiaS many tmughes" outreach and ~ucatioa effom. A 20t6 tigary u~ study ~ the Pew italcat~ an inc~m~ in the amd ofpu c visiig Ibnui for educational ~; 27 percent of lilnry mer said 0 .y'd cissse~ ~ or lectur~ at their kgal im~tu~ a i0 lggcnt imma~ ova2015. But the breadth nf events a modern lilnry can Ins1 relies upon the ~ spaee w~hm ea~ ~Mm~ is why n major pan of this e.lum~ comm in the from of mconfigu~d Waees. To shiRs/n usag~ 5bra~ haw been ins plbOuk:al smgm=' Adjw/e Auagistes and the Fna~n Gtoup, of Natioml Mu~um d Anameaa W, toW& Culta~ fnm, etm'~tly ca the haizon in DC iaclud/og a fgnovati~ a~l additim m L~8 M~ ~m 4er Robe's Martin Luther K~ Jr. Memorial Li~. An ladiimermll team eompt'is~ of Mardaez + Jobas~ Archittctore md Meealmo ~l modaroii~ tit ttility, aiming to improve overall tram~au~noy and visibility while addins amenities as a ~f& s ~oc~ tona~ ~m sla~ and music pr J 0ou fnbdemio~. 11~ e~d PaL acemdi~B m DCPL k to position the likeaty as in enSt~ for social impro, emem at oppos~ to simply being a place to up or drop ~fa book. To learn more aboul bow lilxadcs are l~alging in cmllniniic~i natiouwide, viti to lit, ,rs'e.eom. Even as new digital tec en~a~c, mod~ |i~iil Idl| ah~ remain hom~ to large hoMiap of Vmned mata~ml, Manyol~ hayc already cxpandkd to include e- reader ~rsica~ of polmlar titles. For imlmlple~ ~ ~ by mu~ mid video on a vilie~ of mn~'nnd liillii~.shive ~i. B~ the l~r,~ Isill llttnvilplitd ~ Wlthiqlton, DC, imp~enu to librark.s make fl~m Pablk ~ (DCPL)system, with nol only ~ljopbl veiiuts for IS ~ t~atcd~ls (two of which ~, b~ also welcoming plac~ W cl~illa~ by the ~1 of build eommmity. HEALTH Top Tips for Allergy Management ( StaiePoint} A.ih~ sympioms can lead to a major disruption i, quality of life. And lmfommaiely, d~-y affect a lot of penl~. Nmdy 60 milfon Amet'/~ suffer from allergic rhin/tis (aim c~gatmnl~ imow~ as hay fever). aceo~ling m the American College of All~rl~ Altlmiind lmmuuology. talkie, many aller~ s~fferers are intmted in learning more about what ~altsthe~ ~ies and how ll~ cam meaase ihem. In fact. 70 .ofidlmgy suff~ say wish they had a ~ ~Smtandmg ~ ~a~ ~hmd ~r allergies, accom~ag to a iacent survey of over I;0D0 ~ mffmas m the US. minimize them whenewr pomible. lamra the Stmre ~M~ Your Sy~ma: When an aHer~ sufferer comes iS con[act with certain ailerons, their body produces a variety of chemical responses that cause those symptoms that can make them feel miserable. A~cording to the r~eat surtey of aflerlly sufferers, more than half of 8am ,mid histamine is the only chemical response m allergens that they am familiar with, hut there are actually several - iuluding g, ukarica~, cy~kit~, pr0staglandins and eesinoplfils. To relieve allergy sya~toml, it's important m stop these chemical whkh Wu slammed by Sanofi reactiomfremtakingplaco. Commme~ Healtbcare andgndq~., , ~ldt the Allergy Aisle: Several mlth0dol0tl~. .>.~;< " optiims are available over-&e- With thtt in ~dad, Ssaofi h sha~g o~mwr for the relief of llerly some helpful iafonnatiou and tips for symptoms. For example, Nasaeort is a allergy suffere~ ~ keep in mind this seem. and al~hoi-free nasal spray season, that provides 24-hour refi~f of nasal Kmw Yew Tril~em: I~mim~ allergy syruptorrgs 5ke smezi& itchy what or "~riggers" cause runny nose and cogestion ~br your sympmm~ whether it's pollen, ad~dts and children ~ro years of age pet dander, etc. While yo may and older. It ~s this by stopping aheady have some idea of what ~he body's chemical responses to ~l~m your symptoms, an allergist alle~m~ and reducin8 inflammation mm give yen a comprehensive check- ill the nasal passages. To learn mete up f~a proper diagnosis, and download a coupon, visit A~id Expeeare: If pollen is one Nuacon.oom. of yma,, tr~ check the pollen This season, be proactive bout cmatt before phasing that pkafie. If your allergies. Educate yourself it's your fam/ fficad giving you griel~ about your tiigsem and make swe spend some time vacatoning your you have an effective ireaunent on mlg~ ~ fmaitt~. ~ you know hamJtopmvide sympmmmlie[ yo~ Iriggg~, take steps to avoid or **** * Screen To Keep Spine Trouble (NAPS)--The end of summer is a good time to re-establish healthy hab- its and back-to-school routines. In ad- dRion to dental checkups and annual physicals, pediatric medical specialists recommend adding a scoliosis screen- back-to-school checklists. What Is Scoliosis? Scoliosis, a musculoskeletal disorder that causes an abnormal curvature of the spine or backbone, is the most common deformity of the spine, affecting an esti- mated 6 to 9 million people in the Unit- ed States. Although 10 percent.of ado- lescents may have the condition, not all will need care. Early detection, however, can be key to successful treatment. "Because most causes are unknown, it's best to find the condition as early as possible to provide the best possible out- come~' explained Amer Samdani, M.D., chief of surgery for Shriners Hospitals for Children "--Philadelphia. Signs And Symptoms Children and teens with scoliosis rarely exhibit symptoms and sometimes the condition is not obvious until the curvature of the spine becomes severe. Some markers to watch for in a child who has scoliosis are: Clothes not fitting correctly or hems not hanging evenly Uneven shoulders, shoulder blades, ribs, hips or waist Entire body leaning to one side Appearance or texture of ribs stick- ing up on one side when bending forward Head not properly centered over the body. Diagnosis and Treatment When confirming a diagnosis of sco- liosis, a doctor will review your child's medical history, conduct a full exam- ination, and discuss treatment with you and your child. According to Dr. Samdani, there's no one-size-fits-all treatment for scoliosis. "Some cases will just need to be watched; others will need physical ther- apy, bracing or surgical procedures to stop the curve from progressing;' he From Getting Worse Before the school year starts can be a good time to screen for ~coliosis. said. 'At Shriners Hospitals, we offer the whole spectrum of treatments under one roof. We also treat children regard- less of the families' ability to pay, so that often provides a huge relief to parents:" Learn More For more information on scoliosis screenings, care and treatment, visit www.shrinershospitalsforchildr scoliosis. App Hdps Parents Detect Signs of Scoliosis You can also check your child's spine for scoliosis with the help of your smart- phone through the SpineScreen app-- available for free on the App Store and Google Play. For more information on the app and the importance of routine screenmg, go to www.shrinershospitals If your child does have scoliosis or any other orthopaedic condition, you should know that Shriners Hospitals for Children has 20 locations in the United States, Mexico and Canada that provide expert orthopaedic c~re. 5 Home Maintenance Projects to Tackle this Fall (StziePcint) Fall is the peifeet tini to dean your dr)~-r vent. Ou in fwe to ca~mplcte those pesky bmne f21 lanai|admit they never,P~an rmintenan~ Wojects left on your to the/r clothes dryer ducts, tmlcss they do fist. If you've been putting off hav~a problem. But lira b~ld~p can these chore~ you're not akme. but it catch fire easily. Over ISD00 dryer onM cost you. ! lack a national fires occurred riat~n~li~ from 2010- survey from Eric lmmnmee shows 2014. with the majority being igm,ed mmly An~rieam are puKi~ by due, fiber and tint. according to th~elves and ~k honl~ m the National Fire Protection rum~ial ~ by delaying i~ Annotation. Avo/d this disaster hememaintenaneeta.~k~, with a thorough leaamg at lean Make sure you're proleO.ed by once aycar. ~bcusil~oa~fivean:alg " The Fkeplace Chimmey. Eric -The RoogTwenty-thr~ pcromt |asunmc~ found ra:ad~ half {~6 of hemee~rs admit they never percent of people who own a home import their roof or bare it impegted wilh a fireplao: never have their mde~ them is a potlem acceding ~ima~,s ciea~. However, to Iba Erie iamram~ survW, um:ieamai chimneys an: a leading U=fmtnmte4y. repi~ a r~of is cause of stn~e fires, rel~rts the also one of the biggest expenses a Natim~i Fie Protection Assoc/atiou. lmmeowaer may ba'e ff nat So.. get the chiumey cleaned before maisained properly. NalimmHy, the the cold weather hits and you fk~I average h0tnl~lwner spends about y~lf tossing logs in the hearth to $6,600 to imtall a new roof. 10ut p~ keep the hou~ toasty, and then have ca sager upwards of $20.000. it cleaned annilly, Don't he stuck with a hefty roof The Sump Pomp sad Pit, Smnp n~i bilL Have it insured m s~ tf pumps remo~ excess water from any shingles are damned and need homes that woutd otherw/se cause to be replaced. The fall season is the property damage, tt's important oI~imal time to do ~o, ~ noting is la~ a su~ pump at~ i~ ~t best ~ttalled l~en temperatures are annually to keep balments dry and cooler. Pk~ you'll catch any help proven moki growth and waft before wimer weather kicks damage. Do this tmintenanee proj~t i. in fall t~ help prmect against heavy The GaReth. Make sure ramfidls and aecunmhl[ed mekinl; downsl~Otas drain a,~ay from the snow and ice of ~,i~te~r. f~Ul~n and are clear of debris. For more Inforrr~i~-~ ~t how you Ck~8d g~g~ ca~ trod to ma)o can irao4eet you~ home through the Eke uneven floors. ~acks in seasons, visi! waist end interior walet damage, This www, t~peefe.him, also known asseepage, Now thai you ha',~ your cl~-cklist. is a mainumam-~ issu~ and often not ifs time to roll up your s~'m while cowed ruder your home insiiranoe iCs still ni~e Outside. Whether you'n: pdky To lag'year any major isgtes, a DIYer or prder hiring a clean gutters at lp.~a twice a year in professional, crossiag these projects fall amiapdng, off your list will help ensure - The Dry~ I~kmm DurL Do~ it yo're safe and sec~e before take you two to three cycles to dry a temperatures drop, load of I~uadry? If SO. you may need * ***" 5 Helpful Hints for a Clean and Clutter-Free Home (StatcPoint) Paperspiling up? Toys taking ov~ If your home i~ mc~ luttemt than clean, yoffr nm alone - 85 ~t ofhomeow~ts say that mlpnb~ioa and smmg~ is the mo~ 6creed ~eam~ in a, should be rq~aeed Wawtcrty, this is @an pcrfcc~ tiree to pro'go. Empty drawers and linen cabinets and toss out iteras tha~ arc oldo~ arcdt beia~ used, Shelf finer can once aBain be a ustful a~itioa befoll ~tiiil kems b~k. sintm Wodacts like Easy Liner b~md w~dm:ts w~h C~x lm~nl~ial~ l~ottin rill add an extra tiel of cteffia hy h~Ipi~ pce~m fl~v growth of oda~ausmg mold and mihkw on ~he 5her. PI,.~,~ you ~ toss it in tl~ wa~ for coy G r4 p Gamp Org imi . Omtq~raO~K~beL Frocn toys to too~ ~ slsoal With a wealth of Its. it's no gear, the garaI has i! all, wader the kichm is a cluner uipri~ Un~naMt~ly. 2~ ~ of To slat1 yol leense, reax~ i~art[es tm so luitaed thm ire everything from drawers all isrCt roum to pa~ ear, ~epons die ~tp~oard~g If you hawn't m;~! an U.S. J~m c~ Eaeq~, in the imt tnonth (unless it's a Atonally, remove everything and hooray neeewity)- place it! Neat ~ lens into "keep;" uP, lean and line drawer and shelf '~~,"and "~-ash" pare. surfacei with a quality shelf lal~, dmislttl~ ~ of ~ 8ama~ for web as Euy Liacr brand shdflia/s "work" (hm'd~m and prden~ng by Duck brawl. Net only will it tools) and "play" (toys. bikes and paten lima from dirt real 8~ime, but balls), Create vatical silage by it also offew~ n ~ gaulw~ if yo~ adding hooh m~ flo~4o-ciling can't ~ee the dhelf liszt, it's ume i s/Ivei. ~nily, bhtl bini. ho~mi l/ lagaia! lholves to eacottrag cvmyoae to G~t Nm~ Spln ea tl~ tamatlt~ maintain the row-found oW, en~aion. g~aetii~ tha hmadr~ room maids Humm~ aren't ti~ only oozes a bit of k=miq it~l Detcr~nts m~-umulal~ eJlult~ or making aad ~ build,up can cause ~+ I~ fact. Trulamioa~om wa~iall machine odors. Run white di~mered that the a~-ag number vicpr ~ullh a cYck to m~hiz~ it of pet toys ia a In,me was 341 Siml mu~. Next. improw ~ each s~=sou by io~iuli out talt~rol md ~/e~ tm hmuu'll by pet to~ ~ll lllirougbly dilinfeciinll lllouSMy ekuiuil lint from dryer the keepers - dmlll ~th ~, vents - b~t inmda and out. Finally, boxes and bedding. To k~p areas use labeled baskO~ to ensure treat end clean, place non.adhee~ve evcry~ has ~ pi~. And. sitlo shelf lima" ~ food and wale~ thohamdw memitoltat a catch.all howls to la~gp them in pla~ aud 10cmion, label one as a "put away" Sl~ilh o0~, A piece tm~r i llt b~ ill to eltly ~ ~li~, litler hot mm ~ ~ 5~ter satIer pmSn~ its .~m back in their ~=om floom and tl~ ~ip surfac~ glans, bell ~ litter from ~ prow ~~Cix For morn iaformstion ea unique From towels to toiktfi~ ways to mac sh~f liner in ~lr bad~ooms hold a lot of ~tuflU' visitwww.dkteklxand,emn. whk:h I make orgmiziv4g feel like a By fdlowinlt ~ helpful lipl ~ battle. Creme a de.eluuorin~; uielm your heine will ~ be clean, ~ehe~k. Sa~e numytoiletri~ me.h orpni=edamldutmr, free. as tmtnilhes and nl~.u~ .e*** " ' I " I By Alvie Martin Anniversary of participation. And The Chestnut Knob Christian Alvie Martin's 5 year riding on their Church of Layland participated in floaL Chestnut Knob Christian the Meadow Bridge Homecoming Church received 2rid place in the Festival Parade marking its 5th float competition. It's Not Just Personal, it's Business by Jeff Allen (NAPS)--According to Pew re- search, eight out of 10 Americans have smartphones and many of them bring their phones to work and )usa about or- This BYOD (Bring Your Own De- vice) world can be good for business because it can save a company money as employees bring and use their own de- vices on the company's networks. It can also lead to security difficulties. Fortunately, I have found four things that can be done to hetp your business succeed: "" 1. Gatekeeping. Decide who can use personal devices on your premises and how they can use them. Establish poli- cies on handling and protecting sensitive data and what sites can and cannot be accessed. Determine who, if anyone, is allowed to access personal sites or surf the Web during downtime. Make sure employees are well trained about this and clearly outline the consequences of vio- lating these policies. 2. Go beyond passwords. Set up your system so it takes more than a password to get in. Some devices require thumb- prints. Some systems will ask a specific question or test users with a picture. 3. Prioritize the data. Determine who's on the network--employees, cus- tomers-and what they're doing. De- cide which data relates to business and which is personal to your employees. You might even consider setting up a separate network just for nonessential data. That's where Comcast Business's Wi-Fi Pro can make a real difference. It lets you offer customers their own separate Interact while they're on your premises. Meanwhile, you can use it to promote daily specials or link to social media to ~ncrease