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September 18, 2012     The Hinton News
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September 18, 2012

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2 - Hinton News Tues. Sept. 18, 2012 [ M0re--an--d- lo-rePeople are-Read-]ng o-ur News pa per ] I [ Because a recent survey found that The HINTON NEWS is the favored source for three out of five for local news and advertising items. Save $$$. Call Monday through Friday, or send this coupon to the address below and we will bill you for your 52 week subscription. Name Address (piease print) City State Zip____ TEAR & MAIL TO: THE HINTON NEWS P. O. BOX 1000 HINTON, WV 25951 THE RICHMOND AND ALLEGHANY RAILROAD A murder 100 years ago Part 2 of 3 parts On Friday morning, June 29, 1894 Captalp Thomas A. Goodman shot and killed Colonel H• C. Parsons in the lobby of Gladys Inn at West Clifton Forge, Va. Colonel Parsons was born at Burlington, Vermont, in 1940. He was a colonel of the First Vermont Regiment in the Union Army of the war between the states• He settled in Virginia after the war and purchased for himself the famous Natural Bridge property• Politically he affiliated himself with the case he [Goodman] kept within the rules of the company," adding, "a boar is generally honest." The above charges were mild in comparison to the following in the malicious letter. First - that a lady passenger on his train between Richmond and Lynchburg saw Captain Goodman an officer of the R & A he affiliated himself with high ranking officers of the C & O and no doubt it was through his enterprise the R & A eventually became C & O property• He and his family were extended preferential treatment and were given annual passes over the C & O line. Captain Goodman, of the James "take a woman into the lady's closet River accommodation train, must and believed the brakeman saw it have been in the classification of too• some passenger conductors we Second- that a servant at Natural remember in the 1940s who worked Bridge told him a black girl a~ strictly by the rules of the company• Maiden's Adventure had boasted It was said of them they would put that Capt. Goodman had taken her their mother offthe train if she had on the train to Clifton Forge for his : no ticket. Those entering his train purposes• Republican party• He was a chief without a ticket were required to Third - that he had once tried to stockholder of the R & A Railroad purchase one from him or suffer the induce the wife of the station agent and carried the title of Viceconsequence of being put off the at Salt Petre Cave, ¥a., to take a trip President with the company• While train at the next station• with him but the agent intercepted American Cancer Society Quilt Tha drawing was held on the stage at Festival of the Rivers Sunday, Sept 2 for the American Cancer Society quilt. The lucky winner was Liz Niswander of Bellepoint. The lovely quilt was hand made by Wanda Sea of Hinton and donated to the local group working to raise money fbr the American Cancer Society• Over the past few months raffle tickets were sold and almost two hundred dollars was raised on this item alone. The local group had a booth at the festival, selling cold water, and soft drinks• They also had a couple of items on silent auction• Large bag that was donated by Big Four Drug Store was won by Robin Turner of Bellepoint as the high bidder• An ice chest with a radio and i-pod in the lid was donated by Miller Lite.The high bidder for this item was Maxine Trader of Roncervert, WV. PSD MEETING The Meadow Creek Public Service District meets the s_econd Tuesday of each month at the Green Sulphur District Volunteer Fire Department at 6 p.m. Meetings are open to the public• Letter to the Editor Once a lady boarded his train the letter and a fight was narrowly Tools For Rent! .j without a ticket• Having no money averted. ....... 7.----- .- -:-,-- - - YOU Never to purchase one from him he put her Col. Parsons went on to say in the concermng me way I Ieel aDOU£ most . • Letter,to the Editor ........... off at the next station. On another letter that another man told him OUtnotall mlna you oI my IellOW , • - - -- . ....... Know Whose occamon, alady did likewise. Hewas Goodman threatened to kill him and man, posslDly may oe one oi mem. . t4 t-esuval that he had bo I n "h ...... • about to put her off when the astedofhavmgtaught RENTAl. : , o t e omer nana, nave not . . . T~,~e,~w~ ~, V~| | ............................... af'£ororl ...... id~d .... hnll,~t~ ¢o~ Wtchlna ~ .... | brakeman, out of the goodness ofhm the R & D Railroad (Rachmond and ~lrP Jl : HI IK211 11% l qtJI, JI z- j ~.w ........... heart, paid her fare On another Danville, later becoming part of the lilTl/J P omers to snoot m mmr nrearm to Dear Editor" - - " ..... - IV ~ • Dear Editor, use me for their own --ersonal tar-et ^ . " ..... occamon a lady w th first class boutnern ystem), an extensive It takes manyhands to produce a nractice v s ~ un ~unaay m~ernoon at 3:26PM,accommodation boarded his train lesson for having dismissed him START RIGHT. START HERE. music festival and we would like to v I have learned the hard wa,, in ~eptemoer z, wn~l.e returning irom with her dog. Goodman would not without cause. The letter was Railroad Ave., AIders0n, B'V acknowledge and thank the hands some instances that if ,,ou don't watcmng ann ~stemng t.o ~ne permit her to take the dog in the first unsigned. CALL: 304-445-2920 that helped to make this vear's ~ ....... L^ ~. .... c ..... ~. _ ~ .... wcnaerrui perIormers at the class sectionbut guaranteed thedog It is this writers opinion that all www.Trucvaluc.comihomcccnter ua.ue w me ue~t~ utyt, ur ow. urum F^~qval of the River ....... :¢^ ~-~] ' ] ' Festival of the Rivers such a success, that other .... ;11 -~* ........ A .....=~,~ . ~, ,~,y ~.~ ~.u would be taken care of by the train unsigneu letters should be ignored • ~ .... ~ ..... -"--- "-'-'~'- I ooservea a very DlaEan£ act oi • " an i The first to thank1Sour Deleaate ............. crew ]n the baggage sectmn. The d d scarded. A coward will try I ~, b,~, I • . . . . noor anu men soon uyou are not littering. It was in front of the an hin i 1 .... : V~rgama Mahan for making all this verv careful ,,o,, will r,,~ n~,q,,,., + .... ...... lady became very angry and made yt g to d sga ~se h~s ~dent~ty and [ _~P f*'_" ~ e:", [ .... J J ............ ~ ~" ~ummers L, oun~y dUalClal/-knnex on " " " in all noss~blew~thfundm-fromtheState ............ her trio m the second class sectmn case~, the accused needs to face IA~,~[W'~ ~:l~l ~/'~ I s meoeatoImelrarumnomatternow ~econd Avenue A silv~ r~,,..n,~; - . t t]~" ,~.'~'>~t',~t¢/a'~. t • " " ~ ........... " his ofWestV~rgama. Next we thank the h,~l th- h,,t ,ha ~h,,th ..... re ......... with her dog. accuser. I" ~ ~ Id-~. i L • ~ ~ I • • • " ............. : ............ oonata w v ncense plate 4TR 927 ..... City of Hmton for the use ofthe C,ty ¢h,t'~ th ......... u,.,~ ;~ h,, ~n ....... What does this have to do with Upon receipt of the damagingI 3[}~01;.~'~(~ N~I~ ~ I ,-,,,.,~,,.,~,.,.~:n ..... ~.'o,._~...,:,-t.:.,~.~, **,ux ,~ ....... wu.u~,u,a~-c'J ~,~o.~ ........... ~,,n,~ ,,,~" ...... ~k~ "'=-:"~'~" .... ~ "- w~thtw°maze°ccupantsmmelr°nt the tr°uble between ca°thin letter' General Mann er Stevens I ~" ~~ |"" ° " " "" gI \~ I waterslide and nool The city also ""~"~: ...... ,?v-:~-ff,,:,~,- . seat was waiting ior tne ngnt to Goodman and Colonel Parsons, did mailed it to Superintendent C• E. • -• - ~ nve my me mmpm Ior me mostchan-e as we "-ulled u'- behind it -9 ..... ," ...... .. ~. ~ .. . . I ~.:.."~ I • -~ - ,'~ - -- ~ ~ v v • you aSK. ine oegmnmg oI tne ~ovmmnngwlmmetollowmgnoLe- pain Ior Iour nmguaras eaen any at --art I am like man" of m- fellow ......... HEATING the Festival 0ur thanks to Justin v • ,. ,.~ _. z., '~.'nepassengerproceeaea maump trouble occurred when Col. Parsons' "As this is addressed to the "~ HEAyIN? [ • man, wnat compncatmns i ao " i 1 ' C:OULIN(J ' Pugh and all thelifeguards, encounter I manufa~' ...... +,,¢the enhreveh c es ashtray.ontothe daughter took a trip on Capt. superintendent suppose it is _~_U_ULIN(J ' l ............... roaa we oeepea our horn, but they Goodman's tram She had left her intended for ou If o m PLUMBING We had help in the advertising of *h ......... ]¢ T a~l,, . "g~.,,, ~;,~,~ ;, " .......... . ,, ' • ' y . G od an is such PLUMBING J • . ~ ...... ., ......... : ............... were ODnV1OUS to mew act oftotauy ass at home n • • FI .FC'-FR ICAI. J the Festwaltoo. Gavle Rancer, w~th life have ~ll-w~n ~* +- k .......... ~ P a d Capt. Goodmanas reported he should be d~sm~ssed.ELECTRICAL ............. " . ,~ ............... alsrespect ior our enwronmenL made herp-ay cash for the fare Tnat .......... ~l ea u W ~amo mv~ ~ou am an outstanding difficult by others and that was my wmt-o ~o 1-n~ as we oi~ .... ;. m. • gu • • • RESIDENTIAL ....... - ....... ~ o ~ v ....... ~ a- arentl humili ..... ~ ......... " " pp y area ner no ntue upermtenaent ~oyte turned the job of contacting all of our fault not theirs for wn them the w e Ev r CONSTRUCTION • .erformers and ..uttin~. them on the - . . g~ g ..... by nothing fll chang . e y daybit, the daughter of this powerful letter over to Assistant v v s cnancetooecomeproommaucmme we have an opportunity to do ..... • ...... ' ~ "~ ~ ~s~' ~11~ air for people to preview. She also first --lace I honestl- do not dislike ............. man, L, olonel parsons, oelng treated bupermtendent C. C. Walker to have i ;~1~I,~,~l~ tUIIIUN£1/~ '"~= t/N211 • . . . . .... v • # somemmg rlgnt ana posmve, wny ~i~- .............. - . • .. . . . ~.~ --n ~r v lntroauceaour one-strlngclgarbox m" Foll,~.... ,~, £,,,~: .~.~ --~. ~ ,. , . , ., ~ . , ~ ~e u commoner, tne cnarges lnvestlgatea ana ±~]r. I . ~/ U,g ~,,s~.,r~' • . _ = , a ......................... aont you maKe toaay me nrst nay Colonel rarsons ............. set aoout watKer sent tne let ta ' -x.J~-~ . guitar workshop instructor, ~^.~...~;._,_a ~...~ : ......................... t~" £q ~ 1/~,. ,.~ WtLIC #0~1577 PL04885 Jonathan~ .artw~elL~anky~u Fred. ::=~,':'~ ...... -'~' "-!,?"(. ~.~ : °t~°.ur n'~m:~.0 ~.e.~us~n:a~:,.~:':: ii::: ~.~ttemp.tingtdget C,ap(a.!~.G0odman. Go~dm, a,.a~for ~# e~,p,~a'tio~ o[ tt~ ! '.:~. l lc~},~¢rr~,.~.l~r~ I~C~mrn ; Long for printing aii)our,.~ress, >:,m;~;~:l~::eC:~g~P~,~,~tdTa?nD ' H°ihnD~" vuoto ' ' ' ~m6d ibYabrUilli:~ UPe~en rea~ t: T~°~ls2!'~tr~:sH(ilnf°rmat~°n'fr°n~ ~ ''~ ~;~';~%'~&% Releases and posters in a timely -roblems in their own lives without ' .......... ~ " g" Y':' P .... g ..... ...... .....e' aid and ciifto~ ...... ~ fashion. We are fortunate to have a hPo; ..... 11,,t d,,,, h,, ,¢h ...... ] ............ General Manager G. W. Stevens. He Forge Review.) ~ Nh%r[0N , local radio station and newspaper, hardships.~"-~ ~ ........... I think staying~ ...... clearV""v'"°of Letter to the ~(lll;or addressed his letter to Mr. Stevens Continued next week. T~E~0RK~0[JDF~ATAC0~0~T~LEPEE DIV SEWMASTER INC. Ph#304-466-6220/Ballengee St., Hinton WV. : / Symbal, Namaco, Corsicana, Spring Air. . : : Our Firm has received a huge shipment of bedding. : Pillow Top Unit- $205.00 i Therapeutic Unit Identical to Nationally advertised rated #1 - ,, " :. consumer reports @ less than 1/2 the price. /: An amazing mattress like no other mattress. (on display). Largest Inventory, hundreds 'ginia. Across from the front door of the Courthouse and diagonally acrosslrom the Post Office on Ballengee Street. I of the award-winning HBO film JAWED ANGELS Defiant young activists take the women's suffrage movement by storm, puffing their lives at risk: to help American women win the right to vote. 7 to 10 p.m. Memorial Building Hinton, WV OPEN TO THE PUBLIC ALL ARE WELCOME GRAHAM HOUSE DINNER Help Us Celebrate U. S. Chief Justice John Marshall's 57th Birthday when he / stayed at the Graham House 200 years ago while exploring the Greenbrier River. The menu will be Colonial Meat Pie, Brown Rice Pilaf, Green Beans, Corn Pudding, Bread, Coffee or Tea + Literature and presentations related to the expedition. Time: Adults $12; Children 12 and under $6. , For more information call: 304-466-3321 Located in Lowell Rt. 3 between Talcott Pence Springs in Summers County. Thanks to the various vendors: Johnny Jones with the Cancer Society, ACWP, REACHH Family Resource Center, Gayle Rancer and Jill Stanley with jewelry, Lani and Linda Emrich with homemade baked goods and recycling bins. Thanks to Ginger Fitzwater, we were able to sell raffle tickets for the beautiful Texas Star Quilt that she donated to CFM House Museum• We appreciate all the folks that purchased tickets• The drawing will be on October 28. A round of applause to Laura Bondurant and Dennis Thompson for bringing their students from the Greenbrier Academy for Girls. Their African Drum Rhythms were a huge hit. To all the members and Trustees of the CampbelI-Flannagan-Murrell llouse Museum, thank you. Your hard work produced a Free simwcase celebrating music as well as our community. Lastly, thanks to our audience. Many people came and went during the two days of the Festival. Itowever, I bet the audience on the metal bleachers during the thunder, lightning and rain won't soon forget their experience at Festival of the Rivers 2012. Julia Gaiter CFM Secretary Itinton Letter to the Editor My Fellowman l)ear Editor: I would just like to explain myself belbre I go forward into this article. l do not personally Imve anything against the masses in general. I would just like to say the contents of this letter are strictly nay own Olfinion, In resl)ect to the upcoming lh-esi(iential Election I "tpprove this inessage like it or not. I have learned a Ibw lessons while traveling this road oflilb tlmt wc all must go down no nmttcr how many deep ruts, pot lmles, and bulnl)S we encounter, 1 have lilund one of these oJistacJes on this road tJult we Call simply driw; around & that is peoph; thelnselw~s. ! feel tlmt our fellow iUIIil liir the inost part is solneti4nes very conllfiicated aii(i will cause you nnlch grief and pain if you allow theln to do so. I silnllly believe the hqist linnnllit ill" lieolih; yot! have anyl,hing l,ll dll with the sinoother your ow:l lilb will lie Ibr tile umst lla rl.. I myself llave probh~lns like nliyOlH, ~']se, lily aj)proach others is best. I also don't worry much about anything either and staying clear of others helps that part ofmy life for me as well. I'm sure many readers will strongly disagree with me concerning my somewhat selfish way of thinking towards others, but its ok, I'm not here for any popularity contests & I have certainly never won any either. I am real, honest, and passionate regarding the way I think• I like Larry the Cable Guys' approach towards heartburn I feel your life will be more at peace and ease if you don't worry about anything in the first place• John L Yancey Hinton Letter to the Editor Enjoyed Book Dear Editor: I was able to talk with Dr. Marilyn Sue Shank on September 2nd at Tamarack at her book signing of her new book "Child Of The Mountains." This book is written in the authentic dialect and celebrates the lifestyle of 1950s West Virginia and the spirit of the people who nmde this State the wonderful place it is. I look forward to reading any sequel that comes from "Child Of The Mountains." Thank you, Dr. Shank, for making me even prouder to be West Virginian. West Virginia authors should be fully supported and celebrated for the advocates of our culture that they are. My hat is off to each of them. Sincerely, Brenda L Stalnaker Jumping Branch BINGO Bingo every Friday night at the llinton Senior Citizens Building on Second Ave. Doors open at 4:00 p.m. starts at 6:00 p.m. LETTERS POLICY Letters are welcome, but no more than one letter each nlonth will be accepted from the same writer. I'rclbrence will be given to letters of 300 words or less. Longer letters may be shortened or rejected. Letters must be signed and must include an address aitd phone nunlber. The telephone nulnber will not be tmblished, l,etters by E-mail will not be accepted unless lbllowed tip with a signed letter. l a~tLers will be edited for grammar, stlelli,lg, taste, syntax, and libel. Nanles will not be withheld. Address them to Letters to the F, Ilitol; P. O. Box 1000, Ilinl,on, WV 2595 I. Thanks For as Superintendent, either in error or intentionally, under date of June 7, 1894 making various serious Service charges• Dear Editor, He started the letter by stating I would like to thank Fred Long, he had previously made a complaint Russell Bennett and everyone in about some discourteous treatment attendance for the service, of his daughter by conductor. I am the widow of Virgil Adkins Goodman but that nothing ever and am sorry I couldn't attend the came of it. Also he (Goodman) had service. I was a patient in Raleigh been discourteous to the aunt of a General Hospital• Richmond banker and that his wife My son brought down the awards (Mrs. Parsons) refused to ride the on my behalf and my daughtertrain when Goodman was the accepted the flag from Congressman conductor. It had caused Rahall for me. considerable inconvenience to him I am glad this service was finally and his family in telegraphing and held in memory of Virgil. changing of plans• He will always be rememberedIn the letter he reported two and be sadly missed, gentleman, one from Harrisonburg Sarah E. Gill and the other from San Francisco Hinton had been greatly offended by *** conductor Goodman and was of the Do not wait to strike till the opinion at least one of the gentlemen iron is hot, but make it hot by had reported the incident. striking. Continuing he said, "But in every --William Butler Yeats at Bobcat Den/Pop's on the By-PaSS 1 Free Day With 2 Paid Days (With This Ad) New Lower Rates Thanks to me, "Mary Ann." His rates were to high. Now $22-25 small cars per day. $45 - $55 Suv's, $50 - Pick up Local miles / Long distance rates available ., -=_22* 2 R_etirement lfin " " Total FIr~ibllity o ActivitieS o Laulldry ,. Delicious Served Dictin9 ." Trltr, sportatlon ,. HousekeeDt¢Ig • " Optiortal Medication Prograrrl # 408 Timberidge Dr., 1