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September 13, 1983     The Hinton News
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September 13, 1983

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/" i I III I IIII II I I I I I I I II II .t ...~. V- (] ,lltinllill',.' Ih . ilinton l)ail Ne', s "Home of Lake Bluestone' i i~ i i llll i i 111 ill i i i ii Volume 80 No. 67 " //;.t.n. l ", st V/rg/nia Tuesday, September13, 1983 20 Cents i, I I I III II llllli I[ I I I I I fill II l l of Education Summary { J A motion asking for summary judgement on charges of alleged conflict of interest and misconduct filed against the Summers County Board of Education by the Summers County Citizens League was delayed at least 40 days by Judge Frank E. Jolliff, Thursday morning. Charleston Attorney Charles Brown. representing the Citizens l.~ague, stated during arguments in Circuit Court that Board Members David Ziegler, David Honaker. Donald Mock and Clyde Grimmett had each admitted to being employees or related to firms or organizat- ions that receives money from the Board of Education. Each had voted to pay the firms or organizations and should be removed from office. Attorney for the Board. David Parmer, argued that no pecuniary interest was involv- ed in the affirmative votes by the Board to pay the firms or organizations. Although the board members had admitted . to being employees or relatives of firms and organizations do ing business with the board they had certainly not admitted to any pecuniary interest Parmer filed two affidavits with the court, one signed by Superintendent Tassos and the other by Board business man- ager Billy Joe Kessler. Kessler's affidavit stated that the superintendent had nothing to do with investing or deciding where the school board would deposit its money. Since Brown had no know- ledge of the affidavits. Jolliffe gave him 2O days in which to respond and Parmer 2O days beyond that to respond to Brown. Jolliffe stated that summary judgment was frowned upon by the state Supreme Court because it takes away a per- son's right to trial. It any question arises concerning an issue of material feel, sum- mary judgment would not and could not be awarded. Transportation Don Kessler was appointed The school Board issued a Transportation Director for the resolution establishing this Summers County Board of week as "Bus Safety Week." Education following a 50- "'Realizing the necessity of minute executive session of the teaching safety education as a Board at their Thursday part of the whole curriculum. meeting. Kessler replaces we. the Superintendent and Ronnie Cobb whose resignation Board of Education of was accepted recently. Summers County hereby Superintendent of Schools. resolve that the week of Sop- Jim Tassos asked the Board for tember 12-t6, 1983, shall be Bus approval of EMT classes to be Safety Week for Summers taught at the Career Center. County Schools. In recognition Following his recommendation of this, all Summers County the Board votedunanimonslyto Schools. during the week shall begin the class this week thru teach to all the students the November. Jack Allen and necessary aspects of school bus Frank Mann will be. the in- safety as well as related safety struclors with classes held on in the Monday and Thursday 6:30--- in the home. school and other daily activities." VINES Door Opens Player of the Chosen as Kiwanis Player of the Week was Tim was the second leading tacker. He also gained Bugg. Bugg was chosen after the Hinton - Giles one black helmet. The score of the Hintun Giles County game. He had 17 carries for Ill yards and County Game wass 12 - 7. Photo by Rick Mann. Editor's Note: Chapter VII! Of The Solid Waste Management Plan of Monroe County and Summers County Submitted By Draper- Aden Associates, Inc. of Princeton. West Virginia. A sanitary landfill ~ as des- cribed in Improving Rural Solid Waste Management Practices) is an engineered method for disposing solid wastes on land in a manner that protects the environment. This disposal method is to be acc- omplished by spreading the waste in thin layers, compact- ing it to the smallest practical volume, and covering it with soil at the end of each working day. All landfills must comply with the West Virginia Board of Health regulations. A permit is issued by the West Virginia Health Department for operat- ion of approved facilities which follow those regulations. A sanitary landfill must be well - designed and planned as following the completion of the filling activity After tha landfill has been designed and developed, ( See Fig. 10. Typical Sanitary Land- fill Operating Methods). there are strict operating regulations set by the State Board of Health which must be followed. These regulations are summarized as follows: l. The facility shall be super- vised continuously by a trained individual during operating hours. 2. All employees shall be train- ed in first aid principles and first aid supplies shall be stock- ed at the site. No employeee should be permitted to work alone under any circumstances. 3. All waste and debris shall be covered with no less than six inches of compacted earth at the end of each working day. This should facilitate rainfall runoff and prevent ponding and vector infestation. would a long - term construct- 4. The operation should pre- ,The newest volunteer organ- Coordinator with the Dept. of ion project. However, besides sent a neat orderly appearance i ~ " izati~n in the counfy opened its Human Services in Princeton. earthwork, road construction, d~,r Tuesday, September 6, Mr. Jarvis congratulated building design and erection, at all times. This will minimize VINES chairman. Roy. VINES as the first independent and installation of utilities, pro- impacts on surrounding envir- Lance Yost, cut the ribbon and county wide organization de- visions must be made for pro- onmental quality, rodent her- ' bourage and insect breeding ohicially kicked off what the gr, mp had been planning for the pas~ ion months. In his open- ing remarks Rev. Yost reiterated the organizations desire to work hand in hand with existing agencies and to ~e~p identify unmet needs in the c.untv As an information and referral service also, VINES, hopes ~o serve as a catalyst in a p~ple helping people" )lhers present to show sup- p,~r~ and gratitude were Earl Jarvis of Charleston represent- ~t~g the Commission on Aging and Bob Fanning, Volunteer and infestation. In addition, it would also be conducive to a positive attitude toward the site by the surrounding communities. blems unique to disposal of solid wastes. These involve provisions for control of odor, gas and leachate and also for final grading and landscaping Dance Lessons S, voted to developing volunteer resources. Mr. Fanning brought regards and support from Area 27, Administrator, Margaret Rucker who was un- able to attend. In addition to volunteers and Executive Board members, Mrs. Mildred Lindsay, RSVP Coordinator also shared in the opening. She affirmed the pot- ential for cooperation between her organization and VINES. Refreshments were served. The VINES telephone number is 466 - 0908 for these needing services or wishing to 1983 Time: 8:00 to 11:00 P.M. Reception " volunteer. Welcome". There will be square dance Fee: $4.00 per couple or $2.00 lessons starting at Pipestem per person. State Park: Caller- Instructor: Hilbert Mc Location: Dogwood Room Combs. On: Monday, September 19, Classes open for three weeks. Dance Exhibition and Everyone 5. Access roadways shall be constructed to allow for all - weather accessibility. 6. Employees must be provided with utilities and facilities in- eluding washing and toilet arr- angements, electricity and safe heat. 7. A perimeter fence and locked gate must be used to limit entry to those authorized to dispose of solid wastes on the site and only when the supervisor ts on duty. 8. Arrangements must be made for storage and maintenance of vehicles used at the site during all local weather conditions. The location of the solid waste disposal site must be considered very carefully. The accessibility is a very import- ant factor. Suggested road des- igns to the site include that it be a two - lane road or one of sufficient width to allow pass- ing and also that it be of strength to carry the heavy collection trucks and equip- ment. The site should also be in a centralized location to allow maximum usage and thereby increasing the economics of its operation. Local opposition to the location cannot be forgotten either in an effort to develop a site which will be most accept- able to the users of the dis- posal facility. Killed A Marie delegation oppo to a proposed solid waste county landfill in that commun- ity questioned the County Com- mission about the site during the meeting Tuesday. The delegation stressed that ti~y~w'e~F not-against a solid waste landfill "in any sense of the word" and that they were trying to "assist the Commis- sion in finding a more suitable site." One person asked "what will happen to the well water at Marie?" I'm not talking about 5 years or I0 years. I'm looking 15 years from now. When my well becomes contaminated from your dump what recourse am I going to have?" He said he did not expect an answer to the question but wanted the Commission to~ think about it. Dallas Meadovs said he would be one of the major users of the water. He stated he has been in business for 5 years and. although his business had been termed "a pie in the sky," he would start a nursery in about two years. He said the landfill will "curtail my oper- ation" until "I find out what the underground water aspect is going to be: Whose going to be responsible if it does wipe out 300 thousand trees?' These question were left unanswered, but when asked if the county was going to "squire property to widen the road?" Billy Joe Edwards said, "due to extensive research" at theb Marie site "a 30-foot right-of- way for a county road" was found. However, the delegation wanted "to have some assur- ance that. that road does exist." It was stated that the present road is not designed to handle heavy trucks, That it would be difficult for two-way traffic. That trucks and school buses would not be able to pass each Hinton Bobcats won their second game ~)f the season by stomping Northfork 28 - 0. The high point in the game came during the third quarter when Timmy Wynes, intercep- ted a forward pass from Blue Demon quarterback Ronnie Miller and ran 35 yards for a touchdown. Roger Hodge kick- ed the extra point which gave the Bobcats a 20 - 0 lead. other and asked how much will it cost to widen it. A woman in the group asked if the road would be widened before some- one got killed? The Commission could not say if the road would be widen- ed, however, Bill Gore did point out that the road to the present landfill was widened after that landfill was put it. Members of the delegation complained they were not aware that the Marie site had been proposed until after the site had been submitted to the DNR. "I think you are inconsider- ate of the people in the Marie community," one man said. .John Gilbert said, "all the meetm, gs we nave had" on me landfill study "have been public." "I've been on ~he Commis- sion almost three, years," he said, "and we have meet- ing down here, and sit here all day and nobody comes in." Dr. Richards said "its difficult for working people to take time off to attend a County Commission meeting, which is always held during working hours. We can not attend every single meeting waiting to see what is on the agenda to see what affects us. We would assume the Commission, especially when it is something with this degree "of impact on our lives, or business and our homes, you would, in some way, inform us prior to our being affected. Now! When we find out engineering studies are bing made. As of July 25th a proposal was made to the DNR and we find out August 1. After you had already submitted this site. we found out it was going on." But Gilbert said the site "wasn't submitted in secret," "What kind of degree of secret?" Richards asked. "I don't know what President Reagan is doing unless he tells The Bobcats scored a touch- down in every quarter. Felix Wynes, carried the ball for the first touchdown with 1: 54 left in the first quarter. Hedge kicked the extra point and the quarter ended 7 - 0. The second touchdown was made by Jack Hellems follow- ing a 28 - yard run with only 1:12 remaining. Hedge kicked for~an extra point but missed. The half ended with the BOb- me.,~ Two people said they had lost a day of work to attend the meeting. Edwards pointed out several times that the site at Marie had not been definitely decided on and that "all of this could be in vain." "If a new landfill is put into operation jointly by the two counties that are presently looking into the situation (Summers and Monroe). I assure you it will be operated as a sanitary landfill and not a public dump." Edwards said the landfill would have a locked gate to prevent unauthorized dumping, Gilbert said, "We are trying to find a site that will cause a minimum amount of disrup- tion. We don't want anyones water to go bad. We don't want to run any buses off the road. We don't want to run any people off the road." The delegation recommend- ed three alternate sites for the county landfill. -One near the present landfill, which Edwards said was only "acces- sihie by helicopter." A site at Willow Wood and a site at Hilldale. The Commission also received an offer for 100 acres. out of a 1100 acre tract. Edwards said "this is some- thing we will direct to the engineering firms attention." This site is also near the present landfill. One person said the DNR had requested additional core drill- ings in order to study ground water and all the holes filled with water. Gilbert said he wasn't aware thaf some of the holes were f~l of water until that morning. "I'm sure the DNR and the ,health department will take 4hat into consideration," he said. "Maybe the site isn't as applicable as we thought it was. That's a decision that the DNR will have to make." cats 13, Blue Demons 0. Another touchdown came with 4:55 left in the game when Sandy Bostic pushed the ball over end zone for another score. A two point conversion followed by Grog Blankenshtp to end the game with a 28 point lead. Hinton will play Princeton next Friday night at 7:30 at the Summers County Athletic Fac- ility. 0 A Hinton woman is dead and her son hospitalized as a re- FLEA MARKET winner, male and female of STITCH &CHATTER CLUB suit of a single car accident Southeastern Regional Work- ' both races. Awards will be pre- The Stitch and Chatter Club early Sunday morning, shop on Madams Creek willsented to the first and second will meet Friday September 16 Mrs. Eleanor Nary Rogers, have a flea market on Sept, 15 place finishers by age group, at 2:00at the home of Mrs. Clay 59, died Sunday September 11 and l6th (weatherpermitUng). Mountaineer Food Bank T -Porter. at 9:15 a.m. in a single - car Set up charge will be ~.00. shirtswill hegiven to the first Please note change of date " i aeeidenf on Beech Run Mount- We are also lmrchasinl at- 50 registration runners the day GRACE ALLEN CIRCLE ain in Summers County, acc- uminum cans for ,35 par pound- of the race. The Grace Allen Circle of ording to the Summers County less 10 per cent for moisture mThe e~try.fee is $4.00 if post- Kinga Daughters and Sons will Sheriff's Department. that gathers in the cans. 1 arxea ~e.~ore Sept~her 9, meet September Igtah at the or when other of these diseases A~Msual, with the beginning were prevalent know the horror within 4 months of school entry If the school system must Born March 14, 1924, in Ral- For any further information t~e3; ~.00 thereafter, mcluding Hinton House on Stokes Drive date), exclude a student from school eigh County, she was a dau- call 466. 5581. he day of the race. with Mary Garten, 0rpha of school, we have many inquir- theybring. O,~eof thereasons The law also states that "All for not having completed the ghterof LawsieH. NaryofMt. TEST Eanh runner ts asked to have Gulley and Peggy Arthur as ies concerning immunizations why many ~f' these are not kindergarten pupils and all immunization schedule, and Hope and the late Charlie Nary. The West Virginia Depart.someone sponsor him or her. ' hostess at 7 P.~d-( . neeessary for entering school in prevalent today is bec~nse of first grade pupils who have not that student is hetween the ages Mrs. Roger was driving when ment of Labor will be admin- SKIN cARE LF2tSON F Sou" t ..... LU VACCINE CLINIC West Virginia. State law is the school immunization pro- had an approved tuberculin of 6 and 16, the parent is her car left the road skidded 60 istering a test of the licensing of measernff~Wonal Worg- The-q, ....f, .... ,,, U=oith very clear on this subject. "All grams. To protect your child skin test in kindergarten and all responsible and may be taken feet and struck a bridge abut- polygraph examiners in theshop Inc. will ........ have a skin care rs~,.tm~,~t ,~n"'~"~t= ,,,~L4,'"~"ti~u children entering school for the and all other school children, students transferring from a to court for the child's truancy, ment, police said.North Briefing Room of thelesso,,..~.., u"a ,...~.A,,..,~..~ ....,q, a,._.....~,., a--t-'Flu" Vaccine'S" "~ '~Clinic"""at the"e first time in this State slmll we must take a legal and hard school located outside this State As far as the law is concerned, The body has been sent to the Cultural Center, September 16, swatton ~y ramie arm t,'urt Memo,,~t n,,~l,4~,, ,,,, ~=~t,,m- have' been immunized against stand against e~rolling child- shall furnish a certificate from school personnel must turn in state medical examiner's office 19e3, at 1:00 p,m. Messer September 21.9:30 a.m. ~ ~'~"~* t"~t~ ~mm~"v~- 12 diphtheria, polio, ruhe~la, ren in school wbo have not been a licensed physician stating the names of children (and in Charleston. rubella, tetanus and whoupiag For ha'thor information, con- " t:uu am. =;veryone noon and 1 4-m cough. No child or person shall properly, imm~mized. The State Department of that a tuberculin skin test their parents) who attempt to Her son, Richard, 19, was tact Stephen Davis at the De- Welcome. 48e - 5531. . . " P .... he admitted or received in any Health (Immunization Depart- departmentapprved by the director of theof health has been immunization.enter school withoutAnd parentsprper Hospitaltreated atandSUmmerStransferredCOuntYto 348partment. 7890. of Labor by calling SOFTRALL TOURNEY "~"~':'" " ~- V~lMl~J~- -= = -= Men's Double Elimination, l[. of the schools of the State until merit) in conjunction with their made within four months prior who do not have their children Princeton Community RUN FOR HUNGER t AI, gMigU he or she has been immunized physicians have ruled that the to the beginning of the school immunized in accordance with" Hospital, where he was report- The Food Bank is having it's Sol ball Tournament will be r ~ as hereinafter provided, or followir, g are necessary for year, unless such pupil has the law, or cannot show a ed in stable condition,second annual Run for Hunger Entry fee is $65.00 and own llllll[b l#t produces a certificate from a entry to school (if the child moved to this State from certificate from a reputable Survivors include three sons, on September 17. Check in and held September 17 and 18.,.~ ' ~ gAipA~j~i[t~ ,~rv~Imtable physician showing began the series in infancy and another state less than four physician showing that theLeslie Rogers Jr. of Witchita, registrationis8:30A.M, to9:20 Softball. " 3hat an immunization foc continued them as recom- months prior to starting the immuniz=/tion is impossible or Ken., C.J. Rogers of Oak Hill A,M, Tournament will he held at - - ], : - -' diphtheria, polio, rnbeola, ~,ended: rubella, tetanus and whoopir, g --4 doses of DTP tlast dose school year, in which event improper are guilty of a and Oral Richard Rogers ofThe run starts at 9:30 A.M. the Summers County Atheltic Thursday thrm~gh Satarday: cough has been done or is such pupil shall have such test misdemeanor and are subject Hinton; two daughters, Shirley and begins and enda at the Food Field. lst,, 2nd place trophies Cool through the perind, impossible or improper or given after age 4); as soon in advance of the start to a fine. Ann Clowersand, Judy Rogers, Bank Warehouse in Gassaway. and Indlvidmil trophies will he Thursday, partly cloudy ---3 doses of polio vaccine (last of school as is reasonable, or if Please work with us in in-both of Charleston; a brother, The course is fiat and fast awarded. Friday, chance of theader- other sufficient reason why dose given after age 4): the school year has already suring the best for our children Charles (Chuck) Nary of Ch- with one 30 yard elevation. Proceeds go to the Hlntonstorms Saturday. Ovendght such immunizations have not --1 dose MMR (or immunizat- started, the pupil shall take and is seeing them properly arleston. There willbetwortms, a 2mile High School Journalism Class, lows in mid 30s to mid 40~ been done." iou against rubella and . such test within one month of and completely immunized The, body is at the Tyree and a 5 mile. r ~ For more information call Thursday, upper 40s sad 5~ by .Those who grew up during, rubeola); the time,he enters school," aginst these dreaddlseases, Ftmeral Homein Mt. Hope. Trol~ea~heprelNmtedto ReggteBowef~at 466. 4280or Saturday. Highs in,Is t[Imrs- the polio era of the 40'sand 50's .... a tuberculin skin test (given the first and second overall 466 - 3744. - day, ?Os by Saturday.