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September 12, 2017     The Hinton News
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September 12, 2017

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6 - Hinton News Tues. Sept. 12, 2017 LEGAL NOTICE LEGALNOTICE Order Of Publication Notice of Administration to ]n The Magistrate Court Of Summers County, Creditors, Distributors & wet virsini, HSBC Bank USA, NaikmalAsm inti~As True~s Legatees For Wells Fargo Home Equity Aseet-Red~l Securities Notice is hereby givmm that the following estate(s) 2006-2 Trust. Home Equity Asest-Bsdu~ have been opened for probate in the Summers Cur,if.eat4 Sories 2006-2, plaintiff, v. Fiduciay's Office at P.O. Bun 97,Hinton, WV25951- Shuns Lueas And Anguin Lucas And/Or Any 0097. Any person seeking to impeach or establish a Current Occupants Defendants will must make a complaint in accordance with the Civil Aztion NO.: 17-M45C-00043 provisions of West Virginia Code 41-5-11 through 13. The ohj~t of the above entitled action is a suit for Any Interested parson objecting to the qualifications an Unlawful Detainer. of the personal representative or the venue or It appear,n8 by aff~lavit filed in this action that jurisdiction of the court, shall file written notice of an Shano Lucns, Angels Lucas, and/or any current objection with the County Couon through the occupants are individual defendants and that the SurnmemsFiduciarfsOfl~eat theaddresabeve within plaintiff has used due diligence to ascertain the 60 days a/~er the date of the first publication or within residence or whereaheuts of the defendants, without LEGAL NOTICE Pubic Service Commission Of West Virginia Charleston CASE NO. 17-1066-G-390P Mountaineer Gas Company Infrastructure Replacement and Expansion Program Filing for 2018 Notice Of Filing And Hearing On July 31, 2017, Mountaineer Gas Company (Mountaineer) filed its annual Application for approval of an Infrastructure Replacement and Expansion Pro~am for 2018 (2018 IREP) with revised IREP rates for 2018, pursuant to W.Va. Code 24-2-1k, which authorizes the Public Service Commission of West Virginia to approve cost recovery of proJecta to replace, 30 days of the ssrvice of the not'us whicheear is tater, effsct, nod that in this action tim, Rmmnansl D. V~es, upgrade and expand natural ps utility in frestrncture If an objection is not filed timely the ol~oction is forever Esquire, counsel for plaintiff, hen used due dillgonee that are deemed to be just and reasonable and in the barred. Any perocn intorestod in fflingclaimealpanst toamertainthewhereabeutsofthedefendantsShene public interest. In itsApplicotlan, Mountaineer has an estate must file them in aceordanca with West Lucas, Angela Lueas, and/or any current oeeupanto ' updated it= five-year IREP plan which includes the Virginia Code 44-2 or 44-aA. via personal service on August 3, 2017 without ~ Eastern Parhandle Expansion project (Expansion Settlemontoftheestate(s)oFthefollowingnamod it is therefore Project) to enhance service to the West Virginia, decedent(s) will proceed without reference to n ORDERED that Sheno Lucas, ANlela Lugs, and/ fiduciary commissioner unless within 60 days from the or any current occupants do appear and serve upon first publicatlon ofthisnotice a referonceis requested Emmanuel D. Vows, Esquire, and the law firm of byapartYofinterestecanunl~idecediterfilesadaim Samuel I. White, PC, plaintiff's attorney, whose and good cause is shown to support reference to a address is 5040 Corporate W0~b Drive, Suite 120, fiduciary commissioner Virsinia Beach Virginia 23462, an answer or other First Publicati(m Date: Tuesday, September 5 2017 responss te the Compinint en or Imi~m thirty (30) days Claim Deadline Date: Seterday, November 4, 2017 from second date of publication, ~ judgn~nt Appointment Date 04/10/2017 by default will be entered a~ginme Lue~,Anl~da Estato Of:Amon Edward Workman Jr. Lurns, and/or any current oseupanto st any time Eastern Panhandle. In its Applirntien, Mountaineer forecasts capital investment for calendar year 2018 of approximately $54 million as part of it= multi-year plan which indudm ~ million for Segment 1 of the Expansion Project. The 2018 IREP cevere cevera] categories of phmt sss~ ~ldscemmlts and impure.eats, including mains, service lines, automated meter reading devices, regulator stations, and land and land tights. These plant investments are proposed to be made in Executrix: Mary Lou Workman thereaitor. Mountaineer service territories throughout the State. 74 Pine Knob Laue Acopyofeaid cemplalnt cun heshtainod frem the These investments and the Expansion Project are Hinton WV 25951 undersigned Clerk at her off~ lecatsd in Summer= identified in the App cut,on, which is on file and Appointment Date 06/06/2017 County, West Viqllnin. available for public inspection at the Commission's Estate of: Jamea Gilbert Dillon EntorbytheClerkofseidConrt August17, oIB ~at201BrseksStneet, Charlcetcu, WestVirg/nis, Exocutri~ Donna Rachel McDaniel Dillon 2017 and which may he v/owed on the Commission's weheite, 511 Riverside Dr. Vicki Jones Hinton WV 25951 Magistrate Clerk of Mountaineer proposes to recover msta associated Appaintmont Date06/07/2017 SummareCounty, Wcot Virginia with these investments through an additional Estate O~ Jeston Janus Klem : " " uM o- 5 12 lucre.ant within the fixed or volumetric base rate Curator(Adnumstrater). Lon DIG component of its rates, depending on the applicable LEGAL NOTICE rato schedule, that is to he cumulative of.he 2017 IREP Rate Component now in place and to he effective on Appomtment Date 08/01/2017 ~. s ~. -. ~. t .~ January 1 2018. Mountaineer projects that if the 19981 Sr 12 n *. .J i"1 - n, . ciessss of customers will he changed on January 1, His.on WV 25951 res lclne t~enerat wa~er 2018 in accordance with Column A Appointment Date 08/07/2017 " do*. Pollution Control Permst No. C~.=A Estate Of: Cyntma mm men ~.~ -. (Mountaineer Pronesed) Admlnistratrir 8tephanie Meadows ]ff VUIll~qd) ~ ofCuetomer Av" g Usage (MCF) 1837 St, Route 3 & 12 The Department of Environmental Pretoctien's R~idential,D~ 1.43 2.49~ 6 Hinten, WV 25951 Division of Water and Waste Commercial $ 3.24 1.38% 30 Appointment Date 08/02/2017 Management (DWWM) is proposing to reissue a Large Commercial $ 85.49 0.89~ 5 246 E~" ~MI~I? ~r' Harnson ~~~o;t~?i~tl ~io~I ~~~;v~r~7ag~s ' - - - - ofalicnotome " "" y Appointment Data (~/O4f~P17 past,c,des, when the past,clde apphcatton m for one of receive an increase greater or less than stated hero Estate O[: Jonn u,en uonemn . w" " " " " ,an the folio mg pest,c,de use patterns:Individual customers ma.v retrace" .creases that are ~xeoutnx: ~usensm Ann tmne 1 M uito and Other Pl " lnssct Pest Control v~ p.~ ~ . osq ymg grenterorle~thanarerege. ~"" v x~'v~ o~n~ control public health/nuisance and other flying The Commission set a procedural schedule, : =~t=e~nt ~)a~'~/10/17 insect pasts that develop or are present durmg a including n hearing date on the Application, if "~PPa partionoftheirlifetTcleinocahevestmulingor flowing n,~mmar~ that will he~/n at 9"30a men None.her 1 Estate m: ~nirmy wan] w bl" u" " ' ""~'~' " " ' ater Pu ,c health/n umn~ and other flymg mssct 1 in the Howard M. Ctmnin~ham Hearin~ Room Administratrix: Kimneny u mkins ; . 20 7 . -~,------o Rd pectsmthmueecotngorymcindemcoqudessandblock at the Commsssmns offices at 201 Brooks Street, z~z I~,usen moge flies ~. unz ~g978 Charleston West Virgmm. If no oppes,tmn to the no.z W andAl t ~trelweeds - - ' 2.eed gas Pea Control - to Al~leatlo~ tll received by the Comm on with. one ~ppolntment ua~e U~x i/~ x l t~ r. W 1] ~L,th~r Prh~h~tt algae, and pathogens that are pe~te m water and at week of the hearing date, the hearing may be waived ,~sta.~ o~ a~.m~.~- 7 water's edge including ditches and/or canals, and the Commission may issue a final order within I Execu tr~x: vat~y A moumro~ 3. Animal Pest Control - to omtrel animal pests in SO days of the Application filing date V~ee W::~2~d =tter and at water"sledge insludefish .m~ An,real pesta in t h;-insocte, mo,ueks. :n~ " AnYon" desiring to intervene should files written ""'~'7 tegery,preys, petition to intorvuee within 20 days following the date ~ppom[ment uaue ccx ~:~u~ th ns - o : Uett pa ege . of this publication unless otherwise modified by ' A M~leiros ~" rest ~a opy e~ ~on,rm - appuca~mn m a Commission order. All requests to intervene should xecu rl = -- ~ ~ "~ d . pesticide to a forest canopy to control the population briefly state the reason for the request to intervene of a pest species (e g. mssct or pathogon) whe . and cemply wtth the rnlee on mtervontmn set forth "n verona vA ~lO~ . . - ' Appointment Date 08/23/17 target the pests effechveiy, a portmn of the pesticide the Commission's Rules of Prectice and Precedurc. The Estate of: Carolyn Marie Richonmd unavoidably will he applied over and deposited to Commission will re~"ve public comments until the .-,^~ n ^ ' Richmond water, beginning of tim hearing. All written commente and In aceordanco with 60 CgR 5.6.c Tier 2 a - requests to intervene should state the case name and ~.~ ~e~ n ~.u~.~oan idegradation reviews are not required for these number and he addressed to lngrid Ferrell Executive development and implementation of a Pesticide default.rim Fy clicking the "Formal Case" link. 50 Depot St Discharge Management Plan. HN Sept 12 West Union WV 26456 Appomtmont" uato~" ~ww^^""17 ~. proJects wssumg to be cove~d under than General permit will be required to submit a T l~f~bT ~Tf~riDT~l~J~ Estate of" Lloud Elisworth Harvey registration application form. Upon receipt of the JLjJ~J~.~'~J~Ld J.N[ ~lJ~lll ~ IP~ Er~ecutor: Robert Dewey Arisen ur registration application form, the DWWM will review ~ ~ .-** .- ~- -- .-~ 18 Mapel View Lane it far enmnb~4~rtm Th~ D~ then will sdvbm the In lfle uIr~UIZ uourl; UP][ JAumpinntg Br?;ahD08~17 ~,'ppl'ican'to'f its:T'~t.'~-'p under '-~i~-'-l~erm-i~- --- --- Summers County, West PPe "" " "~toddard TheDraltPermltandFactSheetmayheiuepaeted ~ ~j~g~ ~ Estateoi:lrs~amn " i tw - ". " va :"~ : ~'-~""~ " r oy appe ntment be sen 8:00 n.m. and 4.~Op.m z~am . : Adam rater. Albert JH Stoddard J Monday through Friday mt the DepartnUmt of In RE: Adoption of Bailey Paul Skid.ore I054Crestlins Dr ~.~;~.~.t~l p~t,~;M l~v;sion of Water and a child under thengeofelghtsen (18) S " teld TSHP OH 44312 pringfi Waste MO ~m~ Public Information omce 57th yeats by Ino Ruth Skidmaro Appointment Data 08/2~017 Street SE,'-~har/eeton, WV 25304. Copies of the Case No. 17-A-16 -- . I~state of: U~try Koeerg ~lcuiure d~et~mnta mav he obtained front the Division nt a urnsr t,encerning t ne .Appaintmant Of A =Next ' R McChire Adrmmstrator. Corey nominal eat. Friend For Bailey Paul Skidmoro, Date Of Birth 5261 Double Bridges Road n VA 23 Any interested parsons my submit written January 16 2014 Meherri 954 comments on the Draft Permit and my request a On a prior day came the Petitioner by way of Suheerihed and sworn to hefore me on 8930/2017 noblic hearing by addreesing such te the Diroctor of motion .eking the appoint.ant of a "nsxt friond" for Donald R Balumm Jr ~e DWWM within 30 days of the date of the public Bailey Paul Skid.are, an infant. The Court having Fiduciary Supervisor of Summers County native. Comments will he accepted until ~r 14 ttwiswod the motion hereby ORDERS as follows: HNSe t 5 12 ,2017. They should he addressed to: Director, Divi 'si'o~ p Notice m hereby ~ven pursuant to the provmmns of Water ~ Waste Management of Wset Virginia Code 48-22-301 and 48-22-701 that T lr3fN AT ~t~ql~t/~T~ Dopurtm~t ofEnvirenmontal Pretecti~m a Petition for Adoption has been filed in the Circuit JL%JJL2 ~L~J~L~'~JL~ .L~[ ~.JJ- 601 57th 8trset, 8E Court of Summere County, West Virginia, by Inn Ruth ~---- --. ~ Charleston WV 25304 Skid.ore, seeking to adopt the infant child, Bailey Notice Ug l~UDllC t~earmg un At~ntion. ~i Devemux Paul Skid.ore, date of birth January 16, 2014. The ~h- '~:--- ~ninton Note Phone" (~)4) 926-0499 Extonsi~ 1067 Court having been advised that the infant child's ' L~t~ ~z~ m~ mother is now deceased, and that there is no other Ordlnanc E-mail- Lori K Deve~ mm~ person with parental rights for Bailey Paul Skid.urn, A public hearing will he held on the following All co~en~ ~ived with,semiS period will he from whom a consent to such an adopt. Id he entitled Ordinance at a regular meeting f the C uncn coco,tiered prior to acting on the Dralt Genoral PormiL btained; it is accordingly herebY O .rdered Adjudged of The City of His.on (the "Cttf) to be held on ~ Correspondence should the name, nddres and And Decreed that a heanng he held m thm matter on at the Ctt ulna September 19,2017,at7:00p.m. " Y telephone number of the writer and a concise the25thdeyofSeptemher,2017, at l:30 p.m at the " d at such heari City Hall Hinton, West Virgmrs, anbeforomeu,t ^ anang' statemont ofthe nature of the issues being raised. Summers County Courthouse "in Hmton,' West any parson mtereeted may appear . Y- " HN Se-t 12 . Virgmrs, to conmder the Petit.nor s request that a and SU tions snail I~ present protests, and all protests !gges. ~ . "next fr/muf' he appointed for the benefit of Bailey Paul he hea~ by the City and it shall then take suca acuons Skidm0re. Any persons wishing to objoct to said remises u n an as it shall deem proper m the p pe appemtmont or otherwise desires to appear in this Ordinance entitled: NOTICE . matter shall attend this hearing. The City ofHinton ^ Due to recent loss of Mr Joe NoticoofthisOrdershallbepublishedinaClass Issuance B The u,ty Ordinance Authorizing The y " ". ~ !I L~a! Nctiea in the Hinton News. Of Hinton Of Not More Than $400,000 ~,oc~ Btgony the former treasurer of the En~. Principa|AmountofseweregeSystem o ign ' T4";l|tnn c=.~.t= n=storation JudgeRd~ortlrons Anticipation Notes, Series 2017 A, For the n~urp~ ~'".~'vk" .~'--~"*~" J "" August 14, 2017 OfTemporerilyFimmcingThe Cents Of Design,d ~'oje~ tne position nan now ueen L~ds S. Bremit o::si~o~ro~. ~~~ filalve~etbY~=k Wh~htaeer?r a former s~=~ts~c~ Of The City Of Hinton An . y ,y Sept- , Notss;PrevidingForTheRightsAndRemedicsofAnd ]~nv .I] dnnntinns to the Hillt . Socurlty For The Begistercd Ownere of Such Notes; --"-. --"'~"- . ~rv ;"-r Authorizing The Sale And Prov/ding For .The'~.rms uemetery, sena ~o ~ne nm~op ~/ And Provisions Of Snsh Notes; And Enacting umer t~.m,~t~,-~ t~.nrnn.nw 14.1; (~.rrm~ .~t ['~ Prey,sans With Kco p~ there - "--s ~'" " ~" ~"^"~ The above quoted title of the Or dmance nossn~ rnnran w v. 7.OUO~. generally the contents thm~-mf and the purposes ol . Nntm an.emulated thereby. The City contemplams l l l ll ~uance of the Notes dep~ihed in the .ordina.noe. /~. he used to: ~t~ ~o The proceeds of the Notes wdle costs at aesqfn "~ temporarily finance a portion of th ~ ~-y~! ondotherprcliminarycesteofcertainbettermen~san~blicsewerage system M~M~M~| ~lnlM MII Mi~$flas'~ ~' improvementatetheeaistingpu the ~I~Fr|~I~L ~Llm~[~l ~M'iN[~q~M~ ~M|I~ Pro ) ann m~ m imy e Issuer (the gn ~ject " ofth ' s "~ costa of issuance hereof and related co~ The Note ~llnt 00 Coflstitutiona[ Amendment , S OI revenue mmmmu ic sslel from (i) the proc~ " arnImyab Y. " ued ~"~ bends or other obligations of the Issuer to be ,se ~sa----.-- /I~ .~ ~~.~ u the subsequent to the issuance of the Notes; Oil ~ ~MIIIIIIEI~ VWII~ ~"~I~%~ ivod b the Issuer for me proceeds of any grants rece y .f " +~.% . "'i Su his Revenues, t Construction Project; and (n) rp vied ~t~ of West Virginia an,of the System. No taxes may at any ume ee ,e ~ ~f ~hermvmentoftheNotesortheinterosttherc n" ~/~ '~ ~'~ ~f to--. ~-~ . . " tedb"the ,wl~v~s ~ smv.~ ~ " The above entttled Ordinance was aa p --Y~ A ~ Councd of The City of Hmten on August 15 ~,~ " " . tled Ordina;ce is'on %% certified cepy of the aocve e . ~. II I I Illlll I I /11 file with the City for review by intereste~ pa~,es office h ~ during regular Followmg' the public hearing, the. City intends to . ~ ~ .~ reads . enact the Ordinanco uPon final ng AMENDMENT NO~ Is/Cris Meadows w. Vi .ia ' aggr IntheMatterofLJ.P for bum the Mate R NITmnd and the m)llection of Civil Action No: 17-FIG-10 A Minor Child/Children Notice of Petition And Hearing Please take notice that on August 17, 2017, a Petition for Appointment of Guardian was fled relating to the above named minor(s) by Kathy Sue Ratliff, Please take further notice that a hearing on this Petition is scheduled for 10:00am August 31, 2017 At Family Court, 123 Temple Street, Hinten, WV 25951 before the Honorable Eric B. Shuck, Family Court Judge at which time and place you may appear and make any objection known or otherwise protect your interest, Entered on August 28, 2017 Linda S Brumit Clerk of Court HN Sept. 5, 12 MASONIC MEETINGS His,on Masonic Lodge # 62 meets 1st. and 3rd. Monday of every month at 7:30 p.m. annum stats .al invided by the Legislature by LEGAL NOTICE In The Circuit Court Of Summers County, West Virginia In The Interest Of: Brysen Connor Child Abuse and Neglect Number 17-JA-07 Adult Respondent: Unknown Father Order Of Publication The Hinton News P.O. Box 1000 Hinton, West Virginia 25951 304-466-0005 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: The purpose of this action is to determine the paternity of Bryson Conner. The Petitioner, the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, is seeking continued legal and physical custody of said child and Termination of Parental Rights of the Unknown Father. It appearing that the whereabouts of anyone claiming paternity to said child is presently in the Summers County, West Virginia area at this time, it is ORDERED that anyone claiming paternity of said child in the Circuit Court of the Honorable Robert A. Irons, Judge of the Circuit Court of Sum.ere County, West Virginia, 120 Ballengee Street, Suite 103, Hinton, West Virginia, 25951, on October 23, 2017, at 11:00 a.m. of that day and object, or make other defense, to the Petitioner, otherwise guardianship of the child may be granted to the West V~rginia Department of Health and Human Resources and/or the parental rights of the father may be terminated. Further, it is hereby ORDERED that anyone claiming paternity of said child be advised of their rights to have counsel at every stage of these LEGAL NOTICE In The Circuit Court of Summers County, West Virginia IN RE: The Petition of James Joseph Zimmerman for the name change of said individual to James Joseph Oxley Case NO: 17-P -12 Notice Of Change Of Name Notice is hereby served in accordance with Chapter 48, Article 5, Section 1 of the Code of West Virginia of the intention of James Joseph Zimmerman to change his name from James Joseph Zimmerman to James Joseph Oxley. The Petitioner will appear in person before the Judge of the Circuit Court of Summers County, West Virginia, in accordance with the petition on the 25th of September, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. at 120 Bailengee Street, Hinton, West Virginia; or as soon thereafter as the same may he heard in support of the petition for change of name and anyone having any objection to any such change of name as set forth in this notice may appear on said dated and make proper objection thereto. The date of hearing may be proceedings, and that counsel will be appointed if they cannot pay for the services of counsel and that such Hiatus! Meetings are on Thursday preceedings may result in the the severanco ofparental evening at 5:30 in the Fellowship rights and the transfer of custody of said child to the Hall at First Baptist Church, 108 Petitioner Entered by the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Temple Street, Hinton. For more Summers County, West Virginia, on the 30th day of August, 2017. information, contact Connie Wil]ey Linda S. Brumit, Clerk at 304-660-7206. HN Sept. 12, 19 Event Postings Via Expl Summers County Tourism Website If your business or organization has any upcoming events you would like help promoting please go to www.ExploreSummers County. com/submitevent and complete the form so we can add your event to our calendar and help further promote it through social media. You can find us on Facebook under "Explore Summers County." We also have a bulletin board in our window if you have event fliers for display. NOTICE rescheduled without further noticeor publication Do you have a diagnosis of breast Entered by the Clerk of said Court August 30th cancer or know someone who does? 2017 Linda S. Brumit Do you need a mammogram and ClerkofCourt cannot afford one? Do you live in HN Sept. 5, 12 Summers County? If the answer is yes Walk for Her Lifetime can help. We are an organization that offers WEIGHT WATCHERS mammograms and financial aid to Weight Watchers is back in those who have a diagnosis ofbreast cancer. It doesn't matter if you have insurance or not because we cover items most insurance does not. For more information call 304-288-9189 or 304-575-7028. JONES ' ALTY 4 HC 85 Box 99, Broomstraw Ridge Road ( ~T T e~, 1 Jumping Branch, WV 25969 "L, r um[eo PH: 304-466-4246 jr iI F E-mail'. n w-s . -- Web Site: Ke a I sl a [ e jonesunitedcountffrealestate com #1277- 310 Cedar Avenue - #1331 - 3 Bedroom 1 Bath, 2.03#1361 1202 .Terrace Street (out OUTSTANDING CUSTOM BUILT acres located on Lester Neely from hospital) on corner lot. 3 BR HOME! 5 Bedrooms, 3 1/2 Baths, Fload. Fenced field with Barn.1.5 baths, off street parking. Kitchen with Breakfast Nook, Forma ! Storage Building and Utitity$60,000. Dining Study, Great Roorn with ' Building. Minutes away from Vaulted Ceiling, Media Room, L~ame Bluestone Park and Bluestone #1362 Located in Colonial Manor, Room, Ceramic Floors, Marble i ~o ~a~vp l~ ~PADY, 125 000 Jumping Branch .~troom, 2 Floors in Master Bath, Hardwood baths 2 .~'~. ,~.)~.~,Jom letel Floors. Large Parking Areat (5000' ~~ ~ re'-. '~" ~,~,~ust Seel MPve iny -,# t',;,~ A,~,'~ gAIIQT Qr'C:III ~r,oou ~ t.~.t-,v, ~,~tJ- C-~ ~,~ "'" UI I IvlII~ r n~ct],vu~i ~.Jt t . ~:~ $399 900 older 2 story home with 29 acres, Rt ~ yll $165,000 @ 7 cleared and balanced wooded. #1298 2156th Ave Hinton nice 2 Nice frontage on Rt. 20.This home #1363312 6th Avenue. Two Story, story home 4 or 5 bedrooms, 2 baths built @ 1900shas3BR, onebath, 4 Bedroom, 2 1/2 baths. Gas nice older home with lots of charm, detached 2 car garage. Creek flows fireplace in Livingroom. Main floor Covered front porch, living room, on property, paved driveway, public has 1 bedroom, 1/2 baths, formal dining. Large storage/shop water, Could be a good small farm, livingroom, ~ (]room, kitchen, building behind home REDUCED retreat huntinn n/ace, ect Near pantry, u~'~Jmandworkshop. $55,000 Pipestem Reso=rt,'-Bluestone Park Secon~'J~(has 3 bedrooms, full and Lake $165,000 bath, seating area and storage #1312RIVER BOTTOM 12Acres aeras. Two covered from porches. near DOH garage on Rt. 12. Also #1339 FOREST H LL RD 2 StoryFenced back yard and off street includes 87 aces of woodland Home with 20 acres~ Private setting, parkng. $41,500. ~acrossifoad. Has s~m~b.eL, some clear land for yard, garden, ~- ~z4u;uuu t pasture and woods. Creek flows on ' #1364 PENCE SPRINGS" . properly. This 3 br home has full 14 ACRES ON RIVER, with #'l;:llb Z/U lerrace ~zreez, near h~sement nlus detached narane [beautiful home, 4 car garage, z hospital, Like new 3 BR home, nice ,o.o, o o L I car oaraae/shed Daved drivewav location, porch and sundeck. Ready v vv to move in Reduced to Make Offer berries and wildlife. Near River and SPECIAL PROPERTY public hunting lands. $130,000 $190,000. 1316 HINTON BYPASS, Rts 3 & ~ ~C* . on ~n~,-;,~. idence on main #134037AcresoverlookingHinton #1367WILLOWOA~.~I~t~t~'~ .~'^~'~ ~ ~+~. t~ r~ from Raleigh County Side very home with ~ .1~'~v river, e::~,~,~:, .~v~,;~:;~sa~d,d,;t~.ona~ private, all wooded good hunting I nP",~ ~, ,u, basemen, ~ ~v ~O~rme,; v business tract or place for retreat. $60,000 I $1 ~.-','~,~ i'~;,~ti~on Great potential for home or business over 200' fronta e on #1345 169 Chesmm ~ree~, ~ ov~ v Kitchen2 of duplex) LR KIT laundry River and road $-T69;eoe bedroom, 2 baths, Custom " . ~EDHCED " Breakfast Nook, Extra-Multi-Use room, garage, off street parking. Kitchen, Two Zone Heating, 2 Car [ $130,000 #1317 PIPESTEM DISTRICT, nearAttached Garage, In-Ground Pool I~ 00 Mercer Co. line, private woodland Amazing Deck and P lo .Area, t FRONTAGE, Pat Ball Roadl tract, 105 acres great hunting, ~e!g.ola Sto.ra@,e ^ ~u.i.lo!ng, Ik ~.; VFD 3BR fu 13smt home or cabins site old home site uutstanolng VII=W~, Mazure u~ u .~^,^^ , . 1~n000 Landscaping. $195,000 I sunoecKs ~ov,ouu " --' REDUCEDll I #1372 ALDERSON home 2nd #1::5:.'4 mane, wv ~ mrna Jaens L.eatherwood Road -,2 I IsOtnbeackks " County Store building. This historic #1346 ,f rl:=l r t ~ee' 12t,lev;~s landmark building, formerly was a nomes snu.axeo on ~ Acres. (+/-), I ; v ~ ~=. nnn i roven income prooucing store has vina quarters attqched iP I "'" plus rooms over store. Almost acre propert,ets, 2 outbuddings, cellar, I ~rea lot, outbuilding and parkinglot. Could grapes, chestnut tr, ee, garden, spo~ I 4 BR ~ome over acPr; lot barn 9 moVo o nice Bed and BreakfastpuDiiC wa~er, uom nomes in ~uuu, , commercial location or unique condition.Wonderful Opportunity!!! miles to Prince and New home, $245,000 i I REDUCED $99,900 I RiveRiver access. $45,000 ~ad, 2 i #1350 Talcott area enjoy the river- 1#1375 Wiil Dod.d ~oad- 11.7 ho,~ ~ h~+h . k=n* view from this acre and half lot, very I Acres with a tr~'~ ~e. hom'~Newp" ~'~dows,' ~ki;chena~ private. Has very nice mobile home I Bedr~/~L1~'~ r~t ~'''" " Water, ~'~k~ . tadfh r~m ~itinn deter-hAd 2 car [ Gar ~P~ ~,t, Outbuilding with an d"pa, 'i 'al'' base r ent. UNear garage!workshop. Located behind l attachedDogKenneI, LargeBam, II I E old dairy on Bacon Falls Road Fenced Pasture $165,000 00 Bluestone State Park NEW' PR C . I " " $55,000. $89,000 " I RTUNffYt[t ~="* I I ce" 158 Hmton By Pass Former I"-" " BR Brick Ranch #1357Ballenoe ,~ Specia Pa I - TFI~ZCI NIM IL J ~ o .omo boo boo o 10 acreo ~ ~ory ~reat ViewsI,o~at,ono~R,ve,~,~e Rora, Lar0e .'~'~:,o';v~'~'o',~,~h~i~';,~,v=;;~ - all fu ore-interior of 2nd floor I showroom with built in cabinets ;,~t"ur~'s'~e%ct~"c'~;a.~'nat";~;~;'~; ~ee~s fi~is~e~ =~5,000 !1 ao~ ~,or~Lwa!k-,n !1 ~reezer.umcespace. r-rep~rea. ,uu,o, -~=, v v, ~ I ,~ on t~^+~, n,ildin, with 8" """-^ l-r-" I"v"l f"n""d#135uun4-HuamD~,~'. ;~UldZ I~'~^ou '~'='=' ~'" ~. wu c,~up= = ~= -~ ~. ~. ".= Bath dbl wid~= "--.~11DI~.~'~n I u s,Concrete Pad. Priced to sell at yard, two car garage anacneo puus " .: Y I lar-e -ara-e/worksho-, -aved z.acro1)~, ~ tlng me river,/nls i ,p,o.J,uuu. U Y Y P P ~ drivewav tra but water did not get In I - home $75,000 $179,000 REDUCED I i i,' 0 0 estate,corn' ' Visit Our Website www,10nesumtedc0untryreal R. Eugene Jones, Jr. Diannia BROKER Bryan Perdue 466-42 46 .oo.e 304-466 -3046 304 -466-4833 i