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September 5, 2017     The Hinton News
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September 5, 2017

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Tues. Sept. 5, 2017 Hint0n News : 9 Cherish Your Hearing For Life by Jennifer Gehlen, Au.D. (NAPS)--One out of every six peo- ple lives with some degree of hearing loss, and the earlier you have your hear- ing evaluated and treated by a profes- sional, the better your outcome. These facts and hints can help: What Is Hearing Loss? Experts have identified multiple po- tential causes of hearing loss, including aging, noise exposure, head or ear inju- ries, infections and chronic illnesses. If you experience any of these symptoms, have your hearing checked: Decreased attention Trouble communicating with others Irritability, stress, depression Withdrawal from social life Memory loss Reluctance to try new things or visit unfamiliar places Declining performance at work. Other signs include needing to raise the volume on audio sources (especially if others complain the sound is already turned up too high), thinking that peo- ple are always mumbling or talking too sofdy, and frequently asking others to repeat themselves. Addressing Hearing Loss Relieves Mental Exhaustion Wherever there's a high level of am- bient noise, holding a conversation re- quires concentration and effort. If you have unaddressed hearing loss, it can be downright exhausting. You cannot keep up with multiple conversations going on around you without exerting significant effort to listen and understand. Trying to actively participate eventually leaves you so weary you might start to avoid social- izing altogether. Rather than missing out, consider what hearing aids can do. Current mod- els include technology that continuously monitors your listening environment and singles out the dominant speaker while reducing background noise. Some people find they can actually hear better than their companions with "formal" hearing in very loud surroundings. Enjoy The Great Outdoors Again Wind and other environmental sounds make it difficult to understand what others are saying outside. Hearing aids today can help you hear every word clearly by singling out speech while sup- pressing interference. Some devices use motion :,ensors from an iPhone to ad- just their focus to a friend's voice, while still helping you hear sounds vital to safety, such as an oncoming car. No More Echo Sounds reflecting off hard surfaces To enjoy the sounds of life for as long as possible, it's important to recognize any indications of hearing loss and address them immediately. create reverberation--echoes that can in- terfere with understanding speech. Auto- matic programs can all but eliminate irri- tating echoes, delivering cleaner, clearer and easier-to-understand speech. Enjoy Music Modern hearing aids are expertly configured to enable enjoyment of mu- sic to the fullest whether you're listen- ing to a concert, home stereo system or even onstage yourself. Hearing aids with high-definition music programs can deliver the ideal acoustic balance to your ears in each situation with quality and completeness. Tdephonophobia Or Hearing Loss? In previous generations, hearing aid wearers didn't like using phones because their devices would emit a high-pitched whine when next to a phone receiver. Plus, older devices often failed to pro- vide enough voice clarity to significantly improve phone conversations. Advances in wireless connectivi- ty options have all but eliminated this. Now you can stream phone calls directly into both ears, in stereo, using Bluetooth technology. The Choice Is Yours There's no "one size fits all" answer to hearing loss because every person is uniquely affected. Fortunately, a wide range of hearing aids is available that can be tailored to your individual de- gree of hearing loss, specific ear anato- my, and personallifestyle. Your first move upon acknowledging you might have hearing loss should be to contact a hearing care professional and arrange to have your hearing tested and formally diagnosed. Learn More For further facts on preventing hear- ing loss, go to Dr. Gehlen is an Educational Spe- cialist at Signia. She provides training to customers and staff on company technol- ogy, products and software from face-to- face meetings to virtual sessions. HE~,t 1 H WVDA Partners With SCORE to Help Veterans Start Farming The,United States Departmentmatch seasoned farmers with of Agriculture CLTSDA) and SCORE, veterans and other beginners, to a nonprofit, association that helps give them the tools they need to get small businesses get off the ground, their farms up and running. are partnering up to help new "Pairing entrepreneurs with framers, successful agriculture-based, small The initiative will focus onbusiness owners is a fantastic idea," veterans, women and sociallycontinued Leonhardt. disadvantaged Americans who are This new partnership was trying to start a farm or ranch, announced at the Iowa Agriculture "I applaud Secretary Sonny SummitbySecretaryPerdueandthe Perdue, the USDA and SCORE for Vice President of Field operations launching this program, for SCORE Steve Records, SCORE Agriculture has been proven to mentors are partnering with the provide career opportunities as USDA, Future Farmers of America well as therapeutic value for our (FFA), 4-H, land grant universities, veterans and disabled Americans," nonprofits, legal aid groups, banks, said West Virginia Commissioner technical and farm advisors. of Agriculture Kent Loonhardt. If you would like to sign up SCORE has more than 10,000 as a mentor, you can find more volunteers and provides freeinformation on the USDA website mentoring to people across the at country, mentorship. The new program is going to BINGO Bingo every Friday night at the Hinton Senior Citizens Building on Second Ave. Doors open at 4:00 p.m. starts at 6:00 p.m. NOTICE Make A Difference... Donate...Volunteer...Foster...Adopt. Janet L. Richmond, BSW LSW, Regional Director Children's Home Society of WV. Phone 304-647-3430. Fax- 304- 647-3589. ACWP ACWP is a non-profit all volunteer group of individuals whose goals are to rehome pets and assist families who need help paying for spay and neuter of dogs and cats. We will rehome entire litters of puppies who will receive veterinary care before going to their forever homes. If you would like us to visit your educational event please give us a call, 855-984-7387. For spay/neuter assistance go to and fill out a Voucher Request Form. If you see a dog or cat in a neglectful situation please call the sheriff. If you see a stray dog on the road please call the Animal Control Officer. BUS TRIPS Greenbrier Valley Medical Center Sr Circle is sponsoring the following bus trips in 2017. Tuesday Nov. 28th to Barter Theatre. Show "Irving Berlin's White Christmas". A musical. Lunch is on your own at Cracker Barrel. All of the above trips will not return to Lewisburg until about 8:00 PM. Please bring a snack with you. To sign up please call Barbara Gibson at 304-520-4115. GVMC is owned in part by physicians. un ptem 1:3 Free Concert ' Everyone Welcome lh-oteet Your Heart lleillh by Getting Vacduuled (StatcPoinO While geaiag bylxalth inmnance. vaccimtcdis/mpormmforpcopkof If ~ haw heart disas, aN ag~ it's ~i811y imporumi for Ccntcra tbr Dbcas Control and adult~ with hmn disease< They are Pmvtnwm (CI)C) rmmt~k flw n~rc lik~y to have serious fdlowi~: compkmim~ from common diseasm Aa maual flu valise to lame~ as iaflmaza (fll) pl ia qpdml flu. thai vaccimlb~cam helpprevem. Pnoumoco&dd v-aim~ l0 protect Common disemes can became asaiit pm~nmeooeil diseus serious ia edulu wida disease; betx~en the ages of lg and 64. All tl~, can even n~,~ase ~ risk of aduiL~ will ~ adlditimud dm~ another bean amm:k. Tb: protection on~ they tuna 65. that vaccinc~ provide I~lps roluc Td and Tdap vaccines to protect these risks, and while aduhs may a~t lemm. dipl~b~ri~ lind know t~y are at increased risk for a pCalusb (whouph~g coullb.) Td is bean attack, they may not know tlv~y r~ommmulad eve~ I0 ~ for all nc~ vacci~s throaghout I~ir liv~ adults. Tdup vacci~ adcb lm~titm to help protoet tlg.ra from s~rious a imt whoq~irql oough, All adults illness, m~d Tdap vaccine if ~ hav~'l Bill Zei~l~. 70, didn't rca~z he Imd re.fired a rime. coronary story di~as (CAD) uMil Zoslir vacim~ to prott~ aga~a~ 2016. wlm~ he began ~v feel winded shingles, ifyou arc 60 yea~ or older. after rqgulat exercise and 'lt'~ to his Your ~ profi~isi0nml moy physician's off~ce for a sttess test. h recalamead oth~ x~a~cines I,, weft, WaS tlsere that he leimcd be had ~ oa factors such as yoar job, CAD. one of ~lb mo~ common fames and travel hzbils. I~ ~ 1o of eard/ovascular disease. ARer his ask what vaccines you need. ~*,nusis, be knew he had to make "If I ~ m give advice to nym~ impogtantlifestylchanges`inclMing b with clndiovascubr di~as, I adopting a heaihier diet and would Idl tllcol to make sure to ms/amUsing his exercise cocaine. And follow all the ia~rmtioas pvea m while Zeigl~ had stayed up-to-date them by ~ physdi,ms, in~iudiag wih his flu vaceinatious, big $ett/n4g vaccinated," says Zeigl~. "i ph~icom explained that learns make sme to get my flu vaodnc eve~y these and catching up on his year, and may other" vacim lhal I'm p~umococcal vacinativus ~as due fort" more impoiUmt now tl~n ever To learn mo~ about rmmcnd~ bcansofhisdiagnus/s, va~cim:s aad llnd a location lv get Vac~nes ate one o~ the safest and 'vac~inaled near you, casie~ ways to protect your health, visit cd,gov;vacincsthcan, even if you are taking prescrilnion Geniag va~ina~l is u important medications, say c.xpcns~ stql you m take to prolt yoor Fortanatly~ gcmng a vacmatioa b health. Talk to ~ur heaidteare easy -- maul dnclors" offices, health prolf:ss~onal ~ make sure you have care ccnten and local phamaacies allfllcv, accineaymtneed. offer vaccines, and many arc covered *** ** - Facts aud Myths About Germs at School IStatePo~nt) Evcwbody seems to have an opinion about germs - what cm~.s them. where they're iocmcd, how to avmd diem =- espcmlly .&ca it comes to children, F.xpc~L~ say tint American childv:n Rags 22 milliot~ days of school annually due m colds, flu and other inf~ticms. "~AvoidL~ germs at schools isn't schools aren't just isolated to classrooms. They are ~'ryv~e, including cafeteria trays, phy~ound iungl gyms and spe~ equipment. In facl. Ihe Clinical Journal of Simm Mcdiin~ found 6~ pea:era of gym ~luipmem is contaminated with rhinovirug ~d~ich caaua the common cold. Reminding ehil~co to wash their hands befla' and after staple a just ~shiag y0ahaah., using thes~ items (~d-iipii~g them m ~he bathroom or snc~m~ into your '" :B0ga)' Wilt' go"'i< Imsg Way" ~lm~ sleeve," says Charles G~rha. Ph.D.. ' prevcoting~; ' professor of microbiology and Myeh: Sticidmg Tidings ia Yam" environmental sciences a~ the b|on~ b Clflld's lqsy, Sum. Univosity of Arizona, "Gcra~ ate on curi~ity might drive prcschoukm m everything kids mu~h in the stick items h~ their mouOts fl~at don't classroom, as well as around the helong.Howeveroldersmdentswho hallways, cafet~iaandpla)~ound." nervously chew on pen caps, Wi~h this in mind, it is imporlant in especially anes they borrow li'om separate facts from myh~ about elassmalg.s, or on d'.,ir own gcrmsmschools~ fmFmails during laugh ~sts, are Fa~: Desks Are Ammg 1~ M~ susceptible to picking up dm germs Germ-I~rue Jteusg Ws line! that are Iravlllbig thlrouBb school. Students spend most of the day at * Fast. l~lq~a,,la Can-y Mur~ thcir&'sks-s~,coughsandall Tlilli Josl Bookl. ~Ls go - and. in some schooL~, they ofica l~'oywhcr - to climmmlms, ius/d swilch classrooms and share desks lockers m the calabria, in lecker with others, At It~ cod o~ Ih day, rooms - and collcl var/ous germs sludents bring home thin cocktail of throughout the day. Pcri~dk:ally ~g~rn~ to th~r fam/Ik's, clean backpach imid and out. And Myth: Auy Elaud Sanitizer Will make sure lunches and other food Do. According to v~earch from the itcxr~ as well aS I~m ci~aeg are 12nivet~a~, of Colorado at Boulder, packed in scpm~to bags to avoid poaple c, ar~ aa a~,~ragc of 3,200 cm~.cmam/r~tionofgcm~s, bacteda on fl~eir hands. "lqlille musI Myth: $1mr~g is Alml),l Caring. baad saniUz~:rs are 99.9 peg~t Jus~ about very school supply - effective at killing gc'lllii, lome only from peus and lamib to headphoacs tas~ for a ~'w minutes or antil the tosponjerseys-e.anhcavchkle for aPldication dries on the skin. ha~aful bacteria. Make g~re chiklrca Therefore, parents should considcg ate tuned with ~ own item& applying hand sankiz~rs for tlmir iniudi~gmeclumicalpcnciisloavoid children that last throughout the day. using the'o~m's l~mil such as Zoono's GcrmFrc24, ~'hich shaq~aer, and avoid ~h&/ng their is proven to last tar 24 hours on skin supplies with c~ and is availabk as both a tham and a ~hen it ,~mcs to germs. spray. . separating mylhi from facts elm help Fact: Germs Can Affed Kids you have a h apple, I~akhicr school O~l~e the Cla~4"om~. G~rn~ in year. 0PM Host Pastor: Bill Fox Tiny Biotechs Get Giant Results In Leukemia Treatment ,::- (NAPS)--A revolutionary new treat- ment for relapsed chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) may soon be available. For decades, the only treatment for CLL was toxic chemotherapy that provided limited benefit. However, over the last 20 years, major strides have been made in the quest to develop a new treatment that is both safe and effective, and each new development can be attributed to efforts made by a tiny biotech company. In fact, very recently, a tiny biotech called TG Therapeutics released exciting data concerning an innovative new treat- ment, TG-1101 (ublituximab), for CLL pa- tients that builds on those past successes. So, in essence then, TG's success re- ally begins decades ago. It was back in 1996 when researchers at a tiny compa- ny called Idec Pharmaceuticals discov- ered Rituxan. Rituxan was the first drug to harness the immune system to treat., leukemias and lymphomas, and all these years later it is still hailed as one of the greatest breakthroughs in the treatment of cancel The next breakthrough occurred in 2010, when another small biotech com- pany, Pharmacyclics, developed ibruti- nib. It was referred to as the magic pill for CLL. About half the pat!ents who re- lapsed after chemotherapy and Rituxan responded to ibrutinib. Unfortunately, ibrutinib alone was not the answer for all patients. "Ibrutinib has been a great addition to our CLL armamentarium. Howev- er, we have long believed that ibrutinib algnfmay not be enough, particularly for patients with high-risk disease;' said Dr. Kathryn Kolibaba, who is the Asso- ciate Chair of the Hematology Research Corhmittee for US Oncology and prac- tices at Compass Ontology in Vancou- ver, Washington. That is why, in 2013, Dr. Kolibaba and her colleagues at US Ontology part- nered with TG Therapeutics to research the potential of TG- 1101 as a treatment option for CLL What intrigued them about TG's compound was that it was similar to Rituxan yet it was designed to Researchers have discovered a way to encourage the body's own im- mune system to fight off cancer. be much more effective due to a tech- nique that enabled TG-1101 to better engage the immune system to more ef- fectively kill the cancer cells. Alone, TG-1101 is an exciting ad- vance, but the major breakthrough came about when TG-1101 was combined with ibrutinib. "We were excited to see if we could create a really potent com- bination that was safe for our patients;' stated Dr. Kolibaba. In TG's first Phase 2 chnical trial evaluating the chemother- apy-free combination, published in the prestigious British Journal of Haematol- ogy, nearly all patients treated achieved great benefit and experienced a major reduction in their disease. A Phase 3 clinical trial for the same combination followed, and confirmed the impressive Phase 2 findings. Inves- tigators again found that the addition of TG-1101 to ibrutinib improved the re- sponse rate by more than 70 percent as compared to ibrutinib alone. "These are the first Phase 3 results showing that we can dramatically in- crease the remission rate for CLL patients taking ibrutinib without the addition of toxic chemotherapy and is truly a great advance for patients; stated Dr. Kolibaba. More information about TG Thera- peutics and TG-1101 (ublituximab) can be found at and www.B, Secretary Warner CHARLESTON, W.Va. to a charity, Warner suggests that - Secretary of State Mac Warner donors go to this link: http://apps. encourages all West Virginians to Then give to those in need after disasters, type in the name of the charity and but to use caution, hit "Search." "Anytime there is'a natural "It is also very important for disaster anywhere in the United the public to help us identify scam States and beyond, West Virginians charities. I can promise that we step up and help nut," said Secretary will immediately investigate every of State Mac Warner. "But there credible report of an illegal charity are some individuals out there who operating anywhere in West like to prey on our generosity and Virginia," Warner said. our humanity." If you suspect a problem with The recent flooding caused by a charity or an organization more than four foot ofrain dumping seeking donations for any project, down on southern Texas is a perfect organization or relief effort, please example. Warner said that seam file a complaint or contact us by charities routinely start up during phone at 304-558-6000. events that cause families and Some organizations not listed in individuals to be displaced from our database are not necessarily their homes, out of code or fraudulent. Some Warner issued a public notice on Organizations, such as the American Wednesday reminding residents Red Cross, are exempt because to be cautious when donating to they are federally regulated. Other relief efforts to assist those families organizations, such as the Salvation displaced by TropicalStorm Army, are exempt because they are Harvey. religious organizations. For more A simple search on the information on charity watchdog Secretary of State's website will organizations, visit http://www. help contributors confirm that the charity they want to donate to is charities/Pages/Non-ProfitCharitie registered to solicit and accept sWatchdogOrganizations.aspx. donations in West Virginia. Link: Charities Database Befure contributions are made Link: Charity Watchdogs ir