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August 29, 2017     The Hinton News
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August 29, 2017

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- Hinton News Tues. Aug. 29, 2017 The Hinton News 1L,! IO! l 7 o Published weekly on Tuesday L. -ByThefollowingpUBLiCATiONpublisher =NOTicEHintonUSPSreservesTUesdaYNews0uR246"180rightrLLMoLPaper'ist0POLiCYreject pen0rPleaSecancel ~.~. meeting ends d making new!a** ~ ~. ~ ~ ~ ~'~-~'I~ Hinton210Publishing CorporatiOnsecond Avenue 7-- I~ S 1~ Hinton, W VA 25951 )',i .~i"~: "" ' 4 t ~1~ Phone (304) 466-0005 Dawn Crawford The Greenbrier Valley Choraletake place at Carnegie Hall, 611 Christmas andspring concert each - "- Business Manager invites singers to audition for the Church Street, Lewisburg, WV, on year. Thisyear's Christmas concert 2017-18 concert season. The group Tuesday, Sept. 5, from 5:30-7:00 p.m. will be presented n Sunday, Dec. 10, Alligatorscannot stick out their tongues. is directed by Barbara Wygal Lutz Rehearsals will be held on Tuesday at 3 p.m. at Carnegie Hall. AnI t Subscriptions By Mail and accompanied by Teresa Bryant. evenings from 7-9 p.m at Carnegie additional performance may be I ~ I -- . Out of State $37.50 per year l~y uarrler In Summers Co. $23.60 per ye,The Chorale has a reputation Hall beginning Sept. 12. scheduled at another location. I / ~ .J~ J 50 IssuA A, other WV counties $30.00 per year throughout West Virginia for the Auditions are brief and private, For more information about the l / ~ ~ ~ ~" l K~litie~r p~ 0,t, et hemise,Z,~ ,-LETTERS (wv resident pay 6% sales taX)appeafin~on i was "~-* ] -~ ~--" - ~--- i Sun Nght 7pm Wed ear U.S.PostalRe~latkms high caliber of its performances, and no appointment is required. You Chorale, visit I ~"~"--,- ~" :, ~"~ )~ ~,/C" [ RequirePaymentsinAdvance Singers come from all over do not have to be a trained singer,, or ~,J-/~x--'---~j~-"=-'~ --k~Rt~N, /~'~-(" J POSTMASTER: Send addreeechangeeto Greenbrier County and adjacent but some previous choral singing contaet Lutz at304-645-6892. If you iI /TZ'~-~ -~ ':. --~-7--~'.-" ~ {-~ I : publloatlonnameendmaillngeddreea, counties in West Virginia andexperience is required. Former would like to audition but are unable ~~--~-L~ " ~/~-L~. I Periodical Postage Paid At Lewisburg, WV Virginia. Chorale members range in members who have not sung with to attend on Sept. 5, please contact E-~ '/-~ -7---#--'-r, -'----- . --~. ~ ~-' / . . -- News must reach the office by students to retirees, should contact the director. : [ . "~ --" ~ . ~~A~ Thursday noon in order to be Auditions for new members willThe Chorale presents a considered for publication in the I --- L- ~ sm m .i m, ~1~ I ~ i A MII Locksmiths in ancient Egypt created a simple but effective pin tumbler lock include your name and a phone number where you can be reached I "ThA Triith . hAII llnkp Vnz, Tram" I v ml~l ImV that was made entirely from wood. lt consisted of a wooden post affixed to I "="iV " " U li "= " VUIUNI y UlIllg lltlMI nlVU I IUI e 6nmmn adoor, and a horizontal bolt that slid into the post. during business h urs" Hint nI [J01111 8: Z| I '"""'"'.=. - News reserves the right to edit any material and regrets that articles I In Defense of Christ's Church Part Iby I HOu so Sute i cannot be returned. Items for the Bulletin Board must reach the office i Bert Thompson, Ph.D. II ~ " =, ~ -- by 11 am Monday in order to beI http~" geClcspr;ss: rg/A1)C ntent'aspx?category=1 I O 11= ~ considered for publication. I l&article=1334&t pic=81 I Celebration I "But when the fulness of the t'ml e came," the apostle I ,Paul wrote, "God sent forth his Son, born of awom-| The Old Log Meeting House on Monday thru Thursday Business Hours: i an, born under the law, that he might redeem them n River Ridge in Pipestem Summers Men. & Tue.: 9 am to 4 pm. I that were under the law, that we might receive the| County will host it s Annual ,Celebratmn and Homecoming Wed.: 9 am to 12 pm adoption of sons" (Galatians 4:4-5). God-incarnate I . ~,~~" II " C k-,' - ~a - ~ --~ -- ~ IIstar~ing at 11:00 a.m. ~unuay, Thurs.: 9 am to 4 pm i naa come to ~artn, ~rznglng tne -gooo news" about i Se tember 10th ,the last and final covenant that Heaven would make| ," O,=AO,-. ' " annua, even, mar,s ,with man The series of events that began with the| ,e a= ,birth of Christ in Bethlehem, and culrninated in His,early settlers of River Ridae, which ; ::' " : ,death, burial, and resurrection outside Jerusalem n includes Meador's, Cooks, Farleys, A I approximately thirty-three years later, stirred a I Keatons, Petrey, Lanes, Martins, does not permit us to publish items of, ~ ~: ~ ~: ~ : :~'- I whirlwind of controversy In the first century. Twen-| Miller s, Thompsons and others. ~ commercial nature which would be classified II t~ies later, it still does. n The Old log Meeting House is 140 ~| I~~~U.~, as paid advertising. Y,: : ~. ~ ! Higher newsprint and ther costs; plus I ~?e}lp~oS!iE!~'~irl~ !Snht~!~::s?:i(~]~7~)~dt;:::- I ~i~d!~iEEg~eeo~dieba~h !~c!! ~ longer press runs for circulation; dictate that strict editorial judgement must prevail. I salem Gospel that is able to save men's souls. Chris-,New River on the east and Bi !: g :~ ::~;~:,~, ~ ~ Unsolicited items which enter this office I ~oi-gme inio ; ~h-a-whfm;er, I Pipestem Creek on the west. I bec0meour property, but can usually be tlamty dnd not come znto the world wzth a whim er retrieved upon publication, i but a bang. It was not in the first century, neither is. I Sinoqn,b- Don & Mary Crum Guest editorials do not necessarily reflect I it intended to be in the twentieth, somet-}fing "done,and David Crum Preachin bv the views of the Hinton News. I in a corner." Instead, it arrived like a trum~-et's I Kenneth Martin. " ~ - " . . . ~:, ~.! ~ ~/~~, I clarion call I Evet~yone m minted to come, bring , any advertisement at any tim6. ~ ~: ~: ,~, Cancellations will not be accepted by I Christ spent three-and-a-half years teaching in I a basket, lunch, and spend the day ~ I publisher after the closing date. I order to make disciples When finally He was ready I : The cl0sing date and the deadline for I to call them to action, it was not for a quiet retreat I ones at thin olo msmncai meenng ~i~ ~~ ~ ~-'-~ ~ / nouse : atPlacing12 noon.bUsinesSThe cl0singadvertisementSdate and theiS ThursdaYdeadline I ? ?? r by hills. He never intended I NOTICE ~ I for placing classified advertisements is i thatthey be"holy men" who set themselves apart toI -- " A Difference !> Thursday at 12 noon. I spend each hourof every day in serene rnedit ation. I lviaKe r Ado "t" [ . " uona~e vomn eer ~os~e p. ~ ~:, ~i5!~ Publisher not boundby any terms or to be soldiers--fit for a spiri/cual -4, rret"L ."Rich ond:-BSW LSW I battle aga~ns~ forces of~ (]B~~r6"~O~7~ ~1~% ~eme !~ I order blanks, advertiser's forms or copy instructions when in conflict with terms and i I Jesus called for action, I conditi0ns on publisher's rate card or policies, j I love for truth, and zeal co,~nowledge. His I Pl~one 304---647-3436.LFax- 304- I I Advertiser and advertising agency wUlI I words to those who would .follow Him were.-"If any I 64723589"~ i i indemnify and h01d harmless this newspaper; J its officers, agents, employees and contractors, i I man would come after me; lethim deny himself, and I,---- -:, f rallc ntentssupp!iedt publisher'includingl I take up his cross, and fol10w me" (Mark 8:34). And I hat 7J ][e, lltrr nn ]]Dn. text; representations and illustrations of I i many did. =I C " *" advertisements printed, and foranyclaims I ( ::011t1 tO arising from contents including, butnotlimited J I The teaching d!d not stop w he n Chr'lst left to return I to defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright I I to His home in heaven. He had trained others-- i I " " Pence 3 Tin s ' infringement, plagiarism, and in the case of a I I -, -, -- ~ I BAPTIST ' Friendship Baptist Church "~uperintendent 11 am, Mornin9- Mount Plagah United - -P g - i aposcms ano o]sclples--to continue the task He bad I ' Beech R.n R,nfl,t P-h"r,~h ' TWO miles north of Forest Hill Norship, 7 pro. Night Service. Betty Shields, Pastor: Worship . uommunlty Churcn preprintedinsert, deficient postage; I i begun. Thev were sent to th,~ lttt~t~mnef n*'Pf ~ n i o'"~" ~-:',",".'.-'~7 '~,'-, onRt. 12. PastorJoeSpencer. SandetoneBaptlstChurch 9:30am, SundaySchooll0:30am; P'astor Hog. or P'ersnnger, SS 1(: Thisnewspapershallnotbeliableforfailure I .-~----~. ~-ff~j ~= ~.L.U t~ ~=,t, IJaLt,~ UJL " ~,u~= ~ ~u,~ .~, .-~uj Sunday School, 10 am, Sunday School 10 am Morning Wed. BibleStudy4:30pmHilldale sm, WorshlpSep/icellam, Youtt toprint, publish 0r circulate all or any part of I m the world with the mandate to proclaim the gospel n Se~"~C'=~ l~''au~' I~liUg~"~e%i'c'e''~ Worship, 11. am evening =reaching Service 11 am a 6 Rt. 3;304.327-6494. ' rneeting.6pm Sun. nightworshil: I t ~J, ~,- ." - - ----- '=C-='-- ,',m wee Wnh*'n ==ti,~,-,'v worsnip/pm;weo, worsnip/ ).m.:~unoay Night Mid Week MtZlonUnlted ~pm, vveu. nlgmprayermeeonG anyissuein whichan adv rtisementaccepted ] i boldly through preaching and teachin~ (Matthew i ~m ' Y pm, mrvice7:0Opm, Pastor Jack Ward On Mr. Zon Rd. Patdcia Worts, 7 :00 pm. Women's Chris!tar bythepublisherisc0ntainodiffailureisdueto i i A: . 7-:-::. . . i v Grace Baptlst Church Second Baptlst Church Pastor Sunday School l 0:00 a.m. euiowsnip rr, eedng every tarsi i Z8:18-20). This they did daisy (Acts 5:42) The result l o =,~p~,:n= =,llp,~= ~,=.u, Bill Ballengee, Pastor, Sunday Roy Matthew Saundars Pastor' Worship 11:00a.m, every Sundayl ~lon, of the month 7 pro, acts of God or govsmment, strikes, accidents i " "" Me'man :.o :'*~ School 10 a,m, Morning SupiVickyCau] Worship'at11.(')0 For infor call Me ssa Cook at 304- Plllar of Truth Church W g Worship 11 am outh lack of newsprint or other circumstances I I ad,it=ona discipl, . T ey too, were i ifellowshin -=;'4r~'nm Evoninn Worship 11:00 a,m. Sunday every Sunday,'SS 10:00 a:m :466 3456 u~arger Sp.r!ngs,: Sunda,y Scho~ ~.~yondourcontr01. ,~ I instructed and grounded in the fundamentals of I Service, 7pm.Wed. Service, 7:00 ~:~e)n;g?.00p.m.Wod. Evenmg Orgasi=~)Ml~a;~tlN~tOnch Llnda PayPoen?pH:s/:~tor Sunday z~?wae~:~b~'~gtuV~;~ng;~ i God's Word (Act~ ~-49.~ ~ntt =,-.-+ --- .t : i pro GrlfflthCreek, Aldereon Talcott. Pastor Bryan Copmey School 10am,'Worshp'lst&3rd I .- o vx ~.-=~.~ -= i, =~u ~xzb ua ~,~ll- w,y =u . ~,mu~r~mK ^ Aude Sorg Pastor: Sunday Service lst&3rdSun at 11 am" Sun 11am & 4th Sun at7'30pm Hvervow unspel POLICY Lynn Massy vastor ~unuay :livep/ew Chape ' " School 10 a.m. Worship Tempe Church 304-466-9850 i teach still others. ~ Schooll0a.m. MomingWorship Services Bobb Reed Pastor SS 10am OakGrove 3ornerofTempleSt.&16thAve 11 am each Sunday Prayer ' Y ~astor" Scott Ross 304-4 ' Letters are welcome, but no more i REFERENCES meeiinn 'W~d m 7 r ~ 11:00 a.m, Evennng services at Melvin Williams Supt, Preaching Linda Payton, Pastor: Worship at . 66~769 than one letter each month will be i Allen, F.G. (1949), "The Principles and Objects of the i Sun;a~ooat:P:';iat'ChUmh ' iia0uy0t~f~deeBin~10:Swdt'udd~n!dd30Wapve'~a~ S rv~/ae~;~S;tinclS~td;ch00am 9:3fha;uS~=a~vS~ Ps ~/;0r 3~ta~ms ~ii!'~d'P'B~b~d~:'~u;~eter accepted from the same writer. I ("~,l]~lPOlrlf~l~o~n~Plr'~+~nn " l? --J---'--- ~- -*----- ~ -- I Jay Meadows Sundav SchoolI " g Y Pastor:EddieWills.SundaySchoo bbtween Oak Grove, Trinity, and Y ' Y' I Preference will be given to letters of i .- ~.?=~ ~Lux-lu-,~ uu, ~ u unoa ]on ~ acts ana t-'r]- i ~.n~rint =n.*l =n; ~ ~ h ~ ~ n 6:30 p,m, Classes fOr every age Superintendent'Mike Brandon SS New Hipo Call 304L466-9850 Monday: 6:30 p.m, Men's BibleI I ~, D~'~ I.~I^.~ J ~ ~'1 D 11" a~."l~/l'orni"no'~/~rUn~Cl"~'~--" group. Nurseryava~ilable. 10:00 Worship Services at-11 00 Sand Knob Unlf~:l " Study:6:30 p.m. Women's Bible 300 words or less. Longer letters I ""= y x,auu,p,u~, uu. ~.~ orewer t~ansas I.;]ty, NIU: I p~,=;~;n,~ ~o'~ u~, ''v ,~ ; Indian Mills Baptlet Church Eveninq Services 6:00. Wed, Penny Blivens, Pastor: Sand Knob ~!udy . Wednesday: 7 p.m. may be shortened or rejected. I'~lr] P~+k~ ]R,~,~]L- ~l,k~ ~ ~r~v~r'~t'in~V=~%un~a.~p'm" HorbMiller, Pastor: S,S. Supt, sendceat6:00p,m. Worship 9:30, SS 10:30. Sand MldweekPrayer&B,bleStudy ,~,/. ~ -'-C-al'vll-r~"B~D'tl'st'C.'h'u~l~"'" James Keatley. Sun, School 10 War Ridge Freewill Know Rd 304-392-2448. Letters must be signed andmust i Baird, Ja~aes O. (1978k "The qP~i~l.~ ~,nd rlPt-;h,d~=+;n.=,R~d ~.lnWh.r"p R am. Classes for all ages Baptist Church, Sunday Schoo Trinity United Methodist - Rocky Mt. include an address and phone i "'-':'" . '"': i Howdoct~"'S-ur~da~'~c'hoo'~Ul'~ Worship, Service, 11 am. and6 t0:00am MorningWorship11:00 Linda Payton, Pastor: Sunday,~. ~ommun/tT/t;numn u number. The telephone number will i of the Church from the Beginning." The Future of i A M 'D ~ - ~^.~:.~ pm. EverySun. Prayer Meeting am Sunday Evening 6"00 pm Schoo 945am Worshpservices roman rt0age v0pestem: uuc i i ~ut~dnt ~."~Z. .; ~u~==~ Wed. 7pm. Necl. Prayer Meeting 7i00 pm" everySun. 11 am, Bible study Wed G.oodwin, Pastor. S. S. 10 am, not be published. Letters by E-mail I the Church, ed. William Woodson (Henderson, TN: i 11"~A M'~v~I'~'W'~h"~;''~ Judeon Pree Will Rev. Joseph Swiney. "i7 pro. Ph: 304-466-9850 w.orship,11 am; Youth S 6 pro; will not be accepted unless followed ~ ~ .-. . - .:: : = : .ou PastorCharlieDaniels. Sunday ! t" umle:stuoy,/pm, zndSatJmo up with a signed letter, i Freed-Hardeman College). ~ ~.~. wednesday Worshnp 7:30 School l O am, WorshipServce, ~:p, THOLIC PRESBYTERIAN GospelSing, refreshments7pm. " '"'" Central 11 am, Evening Service, 7 pm, met" Patrick Catholic Chumh, HOI~' Centervllle ' Lotters will be edited for grammar, i Copyright 1998 Apologetms Press, Inc. All rights i PastorRobbieMarritt'9"45am Thurs, Serv.lceTpm, Mass Schedule: Saturda~ Greenvillo, 10am. Sunday School. ' spelling, taste, syntax, and libel. I resez ,ed. ~ Church School 11 a m Morninn - Kemuey ~pr!nga (Sunday Vigil Mass)- 5'00 p m' 7:45 pm, Community Worship Names will not be withheld, i "'~* :""-" I Worshic. 6:0() D.~ln. "Evonin~ ~uno.ay ~cnoo.! lU a.m. Sunday 9:00 a.m We;:l'nesday'~ Service Big 4 Drug " " ~U[UI ~.reea IDSptllt ;nuron m First Preab r en Church I Paid by Shockley Hill church of Christ I Worship. 7pm WedneedayMd Pastor Molvin Wills S ~ 6:00p Friday-8:00a.m. . . Store, Inc. Address them to Letters o the I -- ~ Week'-rvice i .James Irwin Imarim vaster " ~ ' Supedntendent: Robert Wills S CHRISTIAN Sunda Worshi tt amWed Bible re i Continued next week ~ Chestnut Mounteln Beptlst S In am M ",:i Y~ -- p . p ecrlptlonanddrugneed~ 25951.Edit=or' P. O. Box 1000, Hinton, WV ~ ~ Church am - Evenin Service%,vu Flret Chrlltlen Church ~tuoyt~pm, PrayerMoeting / pro. fountalnservlce ~ ~ Services Every Thursday at We(J niaht bigle study 7' S.unday School 9:45 am, Morn!n9 ~ Hann,~smCr,e~,k,~ 466-23"~3 - 7:oep:m. Pastor~obbyuales. Lic'kCO~kBaptis~(~h~rch wore.nip 11:00 am :sunoay ~.'7~ ~." ~"~.L'~".'T.' ~ " --"= ' .Chestnut Grove Green Su "hur" ~,~ot.~ t=.-a i::venlng Bible Study, Sunday 6:0C ~ ~o. pro ~ ommunlry worsnlp ~ "~ ~ Pastor:. Benny AIIon~ Meadows: ~e~ic~;S=u~da~ Youth Meetings 6:00 Service, Ke er st Lowell TH S SPACE IS FOR ouperlnlenaen[: Maynarnto11 am i ' ' I Blank~nSrhniP':~t~:r:ySchl la 10. night 7g;ie Wolf Creek CHURCHHIOF CHRIST ReVsS~'a~,MscMu:,~a~t,2P3a:~'~ YOUR BUSINESS [] ,I L~ /I I1x I ll(L,LILq~k~ JL~b I,q~,~L.tJ ] (~ ~ .~p .yt~ 11:00 am. Sun. Evening = ~, . ic ~ ' Schoo WorshpServce'hodat9 ~ . . r'u,~e oprlnu=q r'==,=u~ omm Worshp6:O0pm.PrayerMeetin/ ~ }, v v ou,u=y d~n on 2nd and 4th Sundays J Petitt Jr. Sun. soP/ice 10 a.m. BYF WI~l nlnht7nm Evening 6:O0 p.m. i " " " i i ~, /'ql'/" ~ #"~.f'~ d~*I-J"~/'~ /'~I ~ ~ . -.r -t i Worshiplla,m. Wed evening7 MeadOw r~r"e~~ Shockley HlU OTHERS I I ~ A - "" chur h I p m Ph 466-5052 Pa t r of Chrlet [] I IIP'~ I~i II !1 I I IP'~A/IK I : .', ~,SO Harry AIlen: Sunday Sun A"semhl " BennettChepal ~ F-- Jl"~r~' I .=. .=. I U~O~-KI~.~,~I~-I Schooll0am. MomingWorship Bible ~-~la~=~':'~t~l- lr~v~r~e~ Tug Creek M| Trays Hocum Pn tnrnnnnldl-I h,-,-, U I ~ ,uepenuum rUIlU IIII~II| II) 11 am Eveninn Wnr~h n 7 nn,1 p ' ~, ~H UH -- n ' " = v-v . vasmr: ~ervlces hal. / p.m "'"' DalasPeytonJr Pastor.Sunday W 1t.15am. Wed. B~bleClass630 - " WMLJ-FMD05 I t School Supt Tom Lamb. New l.',P.h.r,-h pro. Callforlnfo&dnrectlons466. ,~, =. 7'.';" M I=~t~'~Knm ,ed Night B b Study 7 pm. . S d~,~ ,u 2 v & 96 7 Sslern B t urc o 1 " n " ~ ' Servce'S S 10am Worshp11 Pastor I E Hatch 5907or253-9570 ~11 |1 I~|~ ~'V '111' I Most Drearran ements I a.m. Evening ~to'rship. 7 p.m School "10;00 Cheur;c:t~r~d~y' t- I L~ ng G. d~ Sunday 8.:15 a.m. lib "","1 --, I Wed. 7 p.m. Prayer Meeting. Fundamen~l ' " I n"I"I=I~UU"~I I ~-~'~um T.AUo'r~l~.n;'~/ors~; ~'a ~ or anyume at I Country Side N mitz'Mlssionsrv Asceneion Episcopal Church ~.n n nm ~ : LL,I. ~1~, LJ. l.Jl ataLL~ JL ~ lI.U~ I At. 12 Forest H - Baotist~ Church Pastor Don-" ~tl/ 5th & Temple St Worship. 11 am v,~,numon osn ,- Iwgmhannah I Sunday Sorvice10 &11am &7 Hann S Suce'nendent Sunday HolyEuchanst3tmoa "r h.=- :r-- I ah S rLt leoernacm pm. Wed n0ght sennce 7 pro month Ph: 304-627-1232 ~/ "g Mark ElllSon, Sunday School 102 Main Street, Terry Weathorly RONALD MEADOWS xdthen htthIn zbvmakm zadvance I P C.uroh 9"45 MorninnWorshinand MEIETHOnlO gT ~ ~h ,n= ' I '~ " = . I Forest H!II, PaSo r:. ChiIdrenChur l~lla.m.Sunday FiratUnR-e ;l~'e;od;stChuroh Pas:~iP 1"1-.'0() am'."Evangal~s';ic FUNERAL PARLORS J arrangements. ~ow mere nave Deen I ~.~S~ 7~.~7~70b~m~ Morning Evening Sunday Melissa White Minister: SS 9:45 ServiceT:00pm.BibleStudyWed. #1== "l'l'~Pt~ o I 7:00/ ;Choi; w: ~snlPgu~h" lr:Yt:nMe !l;gam Morning Worship tl:OS am. 7:00pro. ~ .- "~t#~&PII 107 i 3 ~t tl|E lUll .l~l [|UlllE yOu ~[x :Lteu. Ine I Practtc~ Wed:'6'30 p~' :Mid- Wednesd= ~ L, haldcereavailable:Mornentswith .4eno.vans w,l, me sa 130 Temple Street I --,I WRRk.l~r~it'~:l 7'~ nm ' --3. children, Wed Youth Club 4:30 ~un. ] u am vuolic talK :~un, 11 am, I I/ # Pipestem Southern news ls you re not stu& w]thyour I JDF::lthasB~toPr";uCnhLr~oll0 21/2 milos best Marina, Rt. 20, g.~:3Ol~n Transportat,on:466. ~ha~tr~t.$,~c~YTTTUes?8?~P:rr; THIS SPACE IS FOR ~=~ I r~ maway between Pipestem St " Forest Hill Sep/iceMoating YOUR BUSINESS am, Morning :~ep/ice, 11 am; Park and Hint P t r i ' al choice, We accept prearrangements I Night Service 6 om Wed night on~P'as o Roy B. Linda Payton Pastor: 1st & 3rd Jumping Branch &I3%/I:::I~TlI~IUlI=MT -- -- i -.= ' ~: - aner ~unoay ~cno~ ]u a m Sundays" Worshia F, m ~-, Tabernao ,-,--,-, i~, ,~ ~i , v,=yer meedng o pro. .' ' 9:4 a [] ~tc~thPr ~llnPraJ bnmP~ ~]1 .~ trh"l:~v i F I=.~.=,llI Mornm,g. Worship 11,00 .a m, School 10:45 am. 5th Sunday Tom & Darlene Coffman, Pastor: C)NI Y 79 n v~ nr ml ~ v ] / Tw" --;'A'~II~j~I~I~LII~'~ A"~L~I~ Wed, Night Prayer and Buble Roation Bible Study Sundays at 6 Frank,n Bow es Supt Sun School i --''--" ~' -- -- Jv~'' v a~o m ~l P, umo,a. ~. tu " ' - - ' " ' theAIta Road SundaySchoo110 S dy 7.00 p.m.p m 304-466-9850 9'45 am Morning Worship 10"45 for more information. I a m ;': " " James Chee~l am. Youth Fellowship 6:00 pro. THIS SPACE IS FOR t~aptlst OO~ League u p m ,-- RhondeAnns Memorlel Evenm We hu 7 P I EvenLn~. se rvice.s7 p'm' Streeter WV. Service every Rev David gtaT;U~ood Pastor' Sep/'~gW~s7"(Px;~Ompm" rayer YOUR BUSINESS PIrII ~eptlat (,;nurcn2nd 4th ' ' '' " and 5th Saturday at L fo 1"~.1"~ T~'~ I1~ TPIf''t J Sunday Schoo~ 9:45 a.m. Eugene 7"()O"-m" " SorvicesDam.Sun.Schooll0am. neChurch ADVERTIsMENT v Johnson 505 Stokes Dr Hinton ~ Jones St~pt. Morning Worship 11 " " ' " N V [ V U IN / I am I=vening Service 7'00pm Air, Valley Ministar Hubert Groves: Sam Sundays 11a.m Wednesday 7, OLY $72a year #~ .m, i :".~':.: . . r I,: r'oros= I"1111 Hoan, LOWell Groves ~$ "= ".'= n m Pastor Mark Ba, e " ~ ~ I M,OWeekServlce7:00 p.m. O'Do, Pastor: 10 a.m. Sunday Worsh:~Yme.a er" ~,uuy Mount OIIv'~ THIo o~^r,= ,o =r,~ ~ I Permit HII School 11 a m M-r-' p . o orr~t.a~ ~O run :. BaRt~l~Church . u .0ng Merthe Chspal Un ted Church FUNERAL HOME, INC. I PastorJb'ffCafite'rbua' Services Worship. 6 pm Evening Robed Shields Pastor" SS tO A community church, Madams YOUR BUSINESS I 2nd &4th Sunda 9':~5 -unda Service. 6:00 pm. & youth Worship11'MaclamsCkRd-304" Creek Road, 21/2 mi]es,William A~UI=~TI :IUII=MT (3043 466-0026 1 Powelay's Gk Pastor Georgei ~C2 ,~ 10 a.m Mo~ing am. Prayarl~eeting7:30pm. Wednesday (7pmEST.winter) o,^t", :: IQ =t'3m " " '" -" I Cook. Sun. School 10 a,m o'~v~,"~f'' "" '="'" ,=u. 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