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August 8, 2017     The Hinton News
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August 8, 2017

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! 8 - Hinton News Tues. Aug. 8, 2017 LEGAL NOTICE Trustee's Sale Of Valuable Real Estate The undersigned Substitute Trtmtee, by virtue of tha euthority vested in him by that certoin Deed of Trust, dated October 7, 2004, and duly recorded in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Summers County, West Virginia, in Document No. 121013, in Book No. 210, at Page fig3, Oather E Buekland and Emogene Buckland did convey unto Janet Phillips, 'lYtmtee(el, certain real property de~xibed in Imld Deed of Trust; and the beneficiary has eh~tnd to appoint Seneca Trustees, Inc., as Substitute ~ by a Substitution of Trustee dated July 12, 2017, and recorded in the afareuid Clerk's office; and default having been made under the aforementioned Deed of and the undersigned Su~tute ?rost~ having been instructed by Bayvisw Loan Serv/cing, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company, to for~inse thereunder, will offer for sale at public auctio~ at the front door of the Summers County Courthouse in Hint~n, West Virginia. on August 18, 2017 at 3:30 p.m. the following de~ibsd real estate, telpher with its improvements, easements and appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate in Hinton Corp. District, Summers County, West Virginia, and more particularly described as follows: All That Certain Real Estate Situate In The City Of Hinton, Summers County, Wut Virginin~ And More Particularly Described Am Follows: Being A Lot Fronting 34 Feet, 8 Inches On Temple Street, And Extending Back 140 Feet To An Alley, And Is Part Of Lot 4, Block NO. 4, And Is The Westerly Part Of LOt 4. MAP: 3 Parcel: 0249 By Fee Simple Deed From Hllda L. Kennedy Blanknmddp (Fornmriy Hilda L. Kennedy) And Paul E. Blankenship, Her Husband As Set Forth In Book 164 Pnge 117 Date 06/01/1989 And Be~orded 07/11/1989, Summers County Records, State Of West Virginia. At the time of the execution of the Deed of Trust, this property was reported to have an addreu of: 812 Temple St., Hininn, WV 25951. The referenced real estate will be conveyed with no covenants of warranty, and subject to all covenants, restrictions, euemente, rights of way and recreations which may be s matter of record in the aforesaid Clerk's Office or visible upon the ground, all prior liens and eneambcancce, including, without limitation, liens for real estate taxes, incinerator, sanitary and sewer" charges. The purchasers at the sale shall ha re~pot~le for paying the recording costs and also the tax on the privilege of transferring real property (the cmtt of the tax stamp to be affixed to the deed). The purchasers shall be reepermible for payment of all real estate taxes. The subject property will be sold in "AS IS" condition. The Substitute Trustee chall be under no duty to satme any existing tenant or ponmn occupying the subject property to vacate said property. TERMS: $3500.00 in cash and/or certified funds ea deposit at the time of sale with the balance due and payable within 30 days of the day of sala. Federal Tax Lien: In the event that there are Federal Tax Liens against the property, the United ~ates would have the right te redaem the p~perty within a period of 120 days from the date of such sale or the period allowable foe redemption under local law, whichever is longer. Pursuant to the Deed of Trost; the Trustee may pc~stpone the sale by public announcement st the time and place designated or by posting a notice of the same, and act by agent in the execution of the sale. The parties secured by the Deed of "I1mst reserve the right to purchase the property at such sale. Seneca Trustees, INC. 5000 Coombs Farm Drive, Suite 104 Morgnntown, WV 26508 (304) 413-0044 (304) 292-2918 Tell free (888) 534-3132 Reference file No. 54643 HN Ang. I, 8 LEGAL NOTICE Notice of Administratlon to Josephine Ann Richmond Administrator: Cbaries William Richmond P O Box 177 Meadow Creek, WV 25977 Subscribed and sworn to before me on 01/28/2016 Donald R Basham Jr. Fiduciary Supervisor of Summers County HN Aug. 1, 8 LEGAL ,NOTICE Common Law Copyright Copyright Notice: All rights reserved re: common. law copyright of tradeoname/trade-mark, Willie Bell as well as any and all derivatives and variations in the spoiling of said trade-name/trads-markcemmon- law copyright~ 2002 by Willis:Bell. Said common- law trade-name/trade-mark, "~'illie:Ball, may either be used, nor reproduced, neither in whole or in port, nor on any manner whatsoever, without the prior, express written consent and acknowladgment of W]illa:BellO as signified by the red ink signature of Willie:BallO, hereinaRer "Secured Party". With the content of being contractually bound, any juristic person, as well as the agent of said juristic person, consents and agrees by this Copyright Notice that neither said juristic person, nor the ~tgent of said juristic, shall display, nor otherwise use in any manner, the common-law trade-name/trade-mark WILLIE llELLO, nor the common-law copyright described herein, nor any derivative of, nor any variation in the apolling of WILLIE llELLO, without the prior, express, written consent and acknowledgment of Secured Party, as signified by Secured Party's signature in red ink. Secured Party neither grants, nor implies, nor otherwise gives consent for any unauthorized use of WILLIE BELL~, and all such use is strictly prohibited. Secured Party is not now, nor has Secured Party ever been, an accommodation party, nor a surety, for the purported debtor, i.e. "WILLIE BELL~', in Hold Harmless and Indemnity Agreement No. WHll-2002- HHIA dated the Twenty Eight Day of the Third Month in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Zero Two against any and all claims, legal actions, orders, warrants, judgments, liabilities, losses, depositions, summonses, lawsuits, costs, fines, liens, levies, penalties, damages, interests, and expenses whatsoever, both absolute and contingent, as are due and as might become due, now existing and as might hereinafter arise, and as might be suffered by, imposed on, and incurred by Debtor for any and every reason, purpose, and cause whatsoever. Self executing Contract/Security Agroement in Event of Unauthorized Use: By this Copyright Notice, both the juristic person and the agent of said juristic person, heralnaRer jointly and severally "User', consent and agree that any use of WILLIE BELLC otl~er than authorized use as set forth above constitutes unauthorized use, counterfeiting, of Secured Party's common-law col~trighted property, contractually binds User, renders the Copyright Notice a Security Agreement Wherein User is debtor and Willie:BeilO is secured Party, and signifies that User (1)grants Secured Party a s~cucity interest in all of User's assets, land, and personal property, and all of User's interest in assets, land, and personal property, in the sum certain amount of $500,000.00 per each occurrence of the use of the common-law-copyright-trade-name/ trade-mark WILLIE BELLO, as well as for each and every occurrence of use of any and all derivatives of and variations in the apefiing of, WILLIE BELL~ plus costs, plus triple damages; (2)authenticates this Security Agreement Wherein User is debtor and Willie:Bell is Secured Party, and wherein User pledges all of User's assets, land, consumer goods, farm products, inventory, equipment, money, investment property, commercial tort clairrm, letters of credit, letter of credit rigbte, chattel paper, instruments, deposit accounts, accounts, documents, and general intangibles, and all User's interest in all such foregoing property, now owned and hereafter acquired, no existing and hereafter arising, and wberever located, as collateral for securin~User 'S contractual obligation in Favor of Secured Party's User's unauthorized use of Secured Party's common-law copyrighted property; (3)consents and agrees with the Secured Party's filing ofa UCC Financing Statement in UCC filing office, as well as, in any county recorder's office, wberein User is Debtor and Willie:BeilO is a Secured Party (4) consents and agrees that said U(~C Financing Statement described above in paragraph "(3)" is a continuing financing statement, and further consents and agrees with Secured Party's filing of any LEGAL NOTICE Tariff Form 12 Public Notice Of Change In Rates By Municipalities Notice is hereby given that the City of Hinton, a public utility, has on July 18, 2017, adopted on final reading, an ordinance containing increased rates, tells and charges for furnishing sewer service to approximately 1,238 customers in and around the City of Hinton, West Virginia in the County of Summers The Ordinance consists of three steps in increased rates. The proposed increased ratre and charges under Step I will produce approximately $115,373 annuaity in additional revenue, an estimated increase of 19.1 %. This Step 1 is effective 45 days after the final date of adoption. The average monthly bill for the various classes of customers will be changed as follows: Effective 45 days from adoption STEp 1 Proposed, Present, ($), (%) Rates Per Mo, Rates, Increase, Increase Residential 2,000 gallons (Minimum Bill): $21.50, $17.75, $3.75, 21.1% 2,714 gallons (Class Average): $29.18, $24.07, $.5.11, 21.2% 3,000 gallons: $32.25, $26.61, $5.64, 21.2% 4,000 gallons: $43.00, $35.48, $7.52, 21.2% Commercial 2.000 gallons (,Minimum Bill): $25.76, $21.46, $4.30, 20.0% 3,0OO gallons: $38.64, $52.19, $6.45, 20.0% 4,000 gallons: $51.52, $42.92, $8.60, 20.0% 153 gallons (Class Average): $92.13, $76.75, $15.38, 20.0% Industrial 2,000 gallons (Minimum Bill): $25.76, $21.48, $4.30, 20.0% 2,896 gallons (Class Average): $37.30, $31.07, $5.23, 20.0% 3,000 gallons: $38.64, $52.19, $6.45, 20.0% 4,000 gallons: $51.52, $42.92, $8.60, 20.0% Public Authority 2,000 gallons (Minimum Bill): $25.76, $21.46, $4.30, 20.0% 3,000 gallons: $38.64, $52.19, $6.45, 20.0% 4,000 gallons: $51.52,$42.92, $8.60, 20.0% 21,969 gallons (Class Average): $282.96, $235.73, $47.23, 20.0% NOTE: Rate is different from residential. The proposed increased rates and charges under Step 2 will produce approximately $75,085 annually in additional revenue, an estimated increase of 10.4 %. This Step 2 is effective May I, 2018. The average monthly bill for the various classes of customers will be changed as follows: Effective May 1, 2018 STEP 2 PROPOSED STEP I, ($), (%) "RATES, RATES, INCREASE, INCREASE Residential 2,000 gallons (Minimum Bill), $ 2 4 . 0 0 , $21.50, $2.50, 11.6% 2,714 gallons (Class Average): $32.57, $29.18, $5.39, 11.6% 3,000 gallons: $36.00, $32.25, $3.75, 11.6% 4,000 gallons: $48.00, $43.00, $5.00, 11.6% Commercial 2,000 gallons (Minimum Bill): $28.30, $25.76. $2.54, 9.9% 3,000 gallons: $42.45, $38.64, $3.81,9.9% 7,153 gallons (Class Average): $101.21, $92.13, $8.08, 9,9% Industrial 2,000 gallons (Minimum Bill): $28.30, $25.76, $2.54, 9.9% 2,896 gallons (Class Average): $40.98, $37.30, $8.68, 9.9% 3,000 gallons: $42.45, $38.64, $3.81,9.9% 4,000 gallons: $56.60, $51.52, $5.08; 99% *Public Authority 2,000 gallons (Minimum Rill): $28.30, $25.76, $2.54, 9.9% 3,000 gallons: $42.45, $38.64, $3.81,9.9% 4,000 gallons: $56.60, $51.52, $5.08, 9.9% 21,969 gallons (Class Average): $310.86, $282.96, $27.90, 9.9% *NOTE: Rate is different from residential The proposed increased rates and charges under Step 3 will produce approximately $82,498 annually in additional revenue, an estimated increase of 10.4%. This Step 3 is effective May 1, Creditorg~ Distributors ~ ~ntinuation statement necessary for maintaining 2019. The average monthly bill for the var(ous Legatees S~d Party's perfected security interest in all of classes of customers will be changed as follows: User's property and interest in property, pledged as Effective May 1, 2019 Notice is hereby given that the following estate(s) collateral in the Security Step 3 I~ave hasn opened for .... probate n. ......... the Summers ~ma--- e-'au~ r~oJ:gcefrt--bed n par agrapr~(2), . unt proposed Step2 (~) (%) . ~ .... dues s Office at P O Box 97 Hmton WV25951 ser centractu I~i " rf .... " U 'S al obligation therefore incurred has ~ Ra~,-Rat~-Im.'~ease! Iher~/~se' ":' "~ ~ : : 0097. Any person seeking to impeach or esto~ish a been fully .g.ttisfied~ (fi~coqsente and e4wees with ~ Rasideotisl ~, ,, . -, ~ ~, ! will me~ m~te a eomplgint in aemrd~m~w~th'the i~ Secu~d Pa~y's fillidlk blf any UC~ Financing 2,000 gallons Minimum "B I ) ~ 26 70 $24.00, provisions of West Virginia Code 41-5-11 through 13. Statement, as described above in paragraphs"(3)" and $2.70, 11.3% Any Interested person objecting to the qualifications of the personal representative or the venue or jurisdiction of the court, shall file written notice of an objection with the County Commlmion throngh the Summers Fiduciary's Ofl'zce at the addre~ above within 60 days after the date of the first publication or within 30 dave of the service of the notice whichever is later. If an objection is not filed timely the objection is forever barred.Any porson intorested in filing dalnm against an estate must file them in accordance with West V'wginia Code 44-2 or 44-a& Settlement of the estates) oF the following named decedent(s) will proceed without reference to a fiduciary commissioner unless within 60 days from the first publication of this notice a reference is requested by a porty of interest or an unpaid eredltor fil~ a claim and good cause is shown to support reference to a fiduciary commissioner First Publication Date: Tuesday, Augnst 1, 2017 Claim Deadline Date: September 20, 2017 Appointment Date 09/13/2016 Betete Of Cecil Arthur Bemanello Administratrix: Anthony Romanello HC 65 Bex 79A Wayside WV 24985 Appointment Date 0@20/2017 Estate Of: Linda D Bower Executor." Louis Hiramm Dillon 413 Myers Avenue Sechiey WV 258O1 Appoidtment Date 04/26/2017 Estate Of: Condel Joseph Conner Adminictratrin CT~ Faith Thomas P 0 Box 313 Hinton WV 2~961 Appointment Date 0~23/2017 Betete Of: Jack Elylson Lilly Executor. Benald K Lilly PO Bex 957 Hinton ~ 25981 Co Executor: Richard K Lilly PO Box ~t8 Hinton W3/25951 Appointment Date 06/09/2017 Estate Of : William O Bowling Executrix: Emily Perry 507 Chestnut St Hinton, WV 25951 Appointment Date 06/28/2017 Estate Of: Gaylard Samuel MCKinney Administrator: David W MCKinney P O Box lOST North Tezwell VA 24630 Appointment Date 06/30/2017 Estate Of: Brenda Joym Hicks Administrator: Charles Richmond P.O. Bex 80 Sandstone, WV 2598~ ' Appointment Date 07/07/2017 Estate Of: Thelma Mae Bra~g Executrix: Shirley Mae Bragg 4629 Ramp Road Sandstone, WV 25985 Appointment Date 07/12/2017 Estate Of: Margie Bell Vest Executor. Archie R Ennis '~R Vest Lane Peteretown WV 24963 Appointment Date 07/13P2017 Estate Of: Susie Ann Maynard Executor: Susie Ferrehee HC 85 Box 74 Jumping Branch, WV 25969 Appointment Date 07/14/2017 Estate Of: Mariene Ann Rudisll Executor: Nolan Dale Rudisill 5004 Goldsboro Drive Hampton, VA 23605 Appointment Date 07/14/2017 Estate Of: Rite Mae Plumley Administrator: Freddie A Plumley 1717 Temple Street Hinton, WV 259, t Appointment Date 07117/2017 I~tote Of: as well as, in any county recorder's office; (6)consents and agrees that any and all such filings described in paragraph "(4)" and "(5)" above are not claim than any such filing is bogus; (7)waives all defenses, and (8)appointa Secured Party as Authorized Representative for User, effective upon User's defautt re User's contractual obligations in favor of Secured Party as set forth below under" Payment Terms~ and =Default Terms", granting Secured Party full authorization and power for engaging in any and all actions on behalf of User including, but not limited by, authentication of a record on behalf of User. as Secure Party, in Secured Party's cole discretion, deems appropriate, and User farther consents and agrees that this appointment of Secured Party as Authorized Representative for User, effective upon User's default is irrevocable and couple with a security interest. User further consents and agrees with all of the following additional terms of self executing Contract/Security $ 28.30 $ 3.00 10.2% Agreement in Event of Unauthorized Use: Payment 3,000 gallons $ 46.80 $ 42.25 Terms: In accordance with fees for unauthorized use 10.2% of WILLIE llELLO as set forth above, User hereby 4,000 gallons $ 62.40 $ 56.60 consents and agrees that User shull pay Secured Party 10.2% all unauthorized use fees in full within the (10) days 21,969 gallons (Class Average) "(4)', as well as the filing of any SecurityAgreement, 2,714 gallons (Class Average): $36.23, $32.57, asdasccibedinparagraph'(2)",intheUCCfilingoffice, $3.66, 11.2% 3,000 gallons: $40.05, $36.00, $4.05, 11.3% *commercial 2,000 gallons (Minimum Bill): $31.20, $28.30, $2.90, 10.2% 3,000 gallons: $46.80, $42.45, $4.45, 10.2~ 4,000 gallons: $62.40, $56.80, $5.80, 10.2% 7,153 gallons (Class Average): $111.59, $101.21, $10.38, 10.3% *Industrial 2,000 gallons (Minimum Bill); $31.20, $28.30, $3.00, 10.2% 2,896 gallons (Class Average): $45.18, $40.98, $4.20, 10.2% 3,000 gallons: $46.80, $42.45, $4.45, 10.2% 4,000 gallons $ 62.40 $ 56.60 $ 5.80 10.2% *Public Authority 2,000 gallons (Minimum Bill)$ 31.20 $ 4.45 $ 5.80 $ 342.72 of date invoice is sent, User shall be deemed in default $ 310.86 $ 31.86 10.2% and: (a)all of U~er's Property and property pledged as *NOTE: Rate is different from residential collateral by User, as set forth in above paragraph "(2)", The increases shown are based on averages of all immediately becomes, i.e. is, property of Secured Party customers in the indicated class. Individual customers (b)Secured Party is appointed User's Authorized may receive increases that are greater or less than Representative as set forth above in paragraph (8); average. Furthermore, the requested rates are only a aml(c)UsercensentsandagreesthatSecurePartymay proposal and are subject to change (increases or take peue~ion of, as well as, otherwise dispose of in decreases) by the Public Service Commission in its any manner that Secured Party, in Secured Party's review of this filing. The Commission shall review and sole discretion, deems appropriate, including, but not approve or modify the increased rates only upon filing limitedby,salaatauction, at anytime fofiowingUser's a petition within thirty days of the adoption of the default, and without further notice, any and all of ordinance changing said rates or charges, by: User's property and interest described in paragraph (1) Any customer aggrieved by the changed rates " "(2)', formerly pledged as collateral by User, no property of Secured Party, in respect of this "Self executing Contract/Security Agreement in Event of Unauthorized Use~ that Secured Party, again in Secured Party's sole discretion, deems appropriate. Terns for Curing- Default: upon event of default, as set forth above under "Default Terms', irrespective of any and all of User's former property and interest in property, described in paragraph "(2)", in the posse~ion of, as well as, disposed of by, Secured Party, as authorized above in =Default Ternm" User may cure User's default only re the remainder of User's said former property and interests property, formerly pledged as collateral that is neither in the possession of not otherwise disposed of by, Secured Party within twenty (20) days of date of User's default only by payment in full. Terms of Strict Foreclosure: User's non-payment in full of all unauthor;zed use fees itendzed in Invoice within said twenty (20) day period for curing default as set forth above in "Terms for Curing Default" authorized Secured Party's immediate non judiciul Strict Collateral by User, now property of Secured Party, which is not in possession of, nor otherwise disposed of by, Secured Party upon expiration of said twenty (20) days default-curing period. Ownership subject to common-law copyright and UCC Financing and SecurityAgreement filed with the UCC filing office. Record Owner: Willie:Beil~, Autograph common Law Copyright 2002 Unauthorized use of "Willie:llell"~ incurs same unauthorized use fees as those associated with Willie Bell (D, as set forth above in paragraph "(1)" under "Self executing Contract/Security Agreement in Event of Unauthorized Use" HN AUG. 8, 15, 22, 29 or charges who presents to the Commission a petition signed by not less than twenty-five percent of the customers served by such municipally operated public utility; orAll petitions should be addressed to: Public Service Commission of West Virginia, Executive Secretary, 201 Brooks Street, I~O. Box 812, Charleston, West Virginia 25323. A complete copy of the proposed rates, as well as a representative of the City of Hinton, to provide any information requested concerning it, is available to all customers, prospective customers, or their agents at any of the following offices of the City of Hinten: Hinton Sanitary Beard, 322 Summers Street, Hinten,West Virgiula 25951. A copy of the adopted rates is available for public inspection at the office of: Public Service Commission of West Virginia Executive Secretary 201 Brooks Street, P.O. Box 812 Charleston, West Virginia 25323 HN Aug. 1, Aug. 8 LEGAL NOTICE New River Community and , Technical College Statement of Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action New River Community and Technical College is an Affirmative Action/Equal Oppertunity Institution, committed to the principle that minorities, women, veterans, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. The College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, LEGAL NOTICE ....... ,orientoti.... ge, religion, blind ....... disability in its educational programs or in admission In The Circuit Court Of to, accessto, treatmentin, oremploymentasrequired by applicable state and federal law. Summers County, West New River CTC is an open-door admissions Virgin/a institution, which means that the College is committed IN RE: Petition of: Amher Blankenship/Charles to providing an educational opportunity to all persons Blankenship For Name Cbange of Jordan Shane regardleseofeducationulbachgroundorpreparation. Richmond- lllankenship to Jordan Shuns Riankenship Placement testing is an admission requirement, used Civil Action No 17-P-U for counseling, evaluation and placement. Results do Notice of Change of Name not determine admission to the College. New River Noticeisherebyservedinacc~rdancewithClmpter CTC uses the ACT, SAT, and Accuplacer testa for 48,Article 5, Section 1 of the Code of West Virginia of placement purposes. the intention of Amber lllankenship/Chsrles AdmissiontetheCollegedoesnotensuretheentry Blankenship to change ber daugbter's name from of applicants into specific programs, nor does it imply Jordan Shane Richmond-lllankenship to Jordan eligibility to enroll in a course with established Sbane Blankenship . The Petitioner will appear in prerequisites or toentera pregramthat hasalimited person before the Judge of the Circuit Court of number of spaces and certain minimum entrance SummersCounty, West Virginia, in eccordance with requirements. the petition, on the a 28th day of August, 2017 , at New River CTC offers a wide range of associate 1:30 p.m. or as soon thereafter as the same may be degreeandcertificateprngramsin fieldssuch asafiied heard in support of the petition for change of name health, business computer science, cosmetology, and anyone having any objection to any such change education, and technical trades. A complete list of of name as set forth in this notice may appear on said program offerings can be found at date and make proper objections thereto. Tbo date of or call 866-349-3739 for more information. hearing may be reseheduled without further notice or Students, parents, employees, and the general publlcation, public are advised that all vocational opportunities will Entered by the Clerk of said Court July 28, 20 17 be offered regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, Linda S. llrumit Clerk of Court or disability. The offices listed below have been HNAug. 8, 15 designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies. Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and Title IX Inquiries from College and Prospective Employees, Visitors, Third Parties, Current and Future Students Leah Taylor, Vice President for Administrative Services, New River Community and Technical College, 280 University Drive, Beaver, VvV 25813 Telephone: (304) 929-6701. HN Aug. 8 NOTICE Due to recent loss of Mr. Joe Bigony the former treasurer of the Hilltop Cemetery Restoration Project, the position has now been filled by Jack Whitaker a former Fayette County teacher. For all donations to the Hilltop Cemetery, send to the Hilltop Cemetery Company, 146 Cross St.,, Hinton WV. 25951. o 0 Oo Rattlesnakes gather in groups to sleep through the winter. Sometimes, up to 1,0OO of them coil up together to keep warm. The fight word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause. --Mark Twain JONES United. ountry- " Real Estate HC 85 Box 99, Broomstraw Ridge Road Jumping Branch, WV 25969 PH: 304-466-4246 FAX: 30-466-4576 E-mail: Jonesrealty@ Web Site: #1277- 310 Cedar Avenue - OUTSTANDING CUSTOM BUILT HOME! 5 Bedrooms, 3 1/2 Baths, Kitchen with Breakfast Nook, Formal Dining Study, Great Room with Vaulted Ceiling, Media Room, Game Room, Ceramic Floors, Marble Floors in Master Bath, Hardwood Floors. Large Parking Area! (5000' of Living Area) MUST SEE!!! $399.900 #1291 5 miles from Hinton, spacious 2 story home has extra living quarters....large lot with fruit trees garden space, partial basement ! Large covered front porch....detached I 2 car garage has basm't under it Reduced $85,000 #1295, 3BR, 2 Bath home with 11 acres, great view, private.....outbuildings.....$125,000 #1298 215 6th Ave., Hinton nice 2 story home 4 or 5 bedrooms, 2 baths nice older home with lots of charm. Covered front porch, living room, formal dining. Large storage/shop building behind home... $70,000 #1312 RIVER BOTTOM 12Acres near DOH garage on Rt. 12. Also includes 87 aces of woodland across road. Hap some timber... $240 000 hospital, lik~ff'r'r~ 3 BR h~'ne, Nee location, porch and sundeck. Ready to move in .... Reduced to $64,500 1316 HINTON BYPASS, Rts. 3 & 20. Spacious residence on main level, former apartments downstairs (need some repairs), plus additional house. Former business Iocation...Great potential for home or business...over 200' frontage on River and road. ~ REDUCED #1317 PIPESTEM DISTRICT, near Mercer Co. line, private woodland tract, 105 acres...great hunting, home or cabins site...old home site... $120,000 #1324 marie, wv "Emma Jaens" County Store building. This historic landmark building, formerly was a store...has living quarters attqched plus rooms over store. Almost acre lot, outbuilding and parkinglot. Could make a nice Bed and Breakfast, commercial location or unique home. $245,000 #1325 - Leatherwood Road, 2 bedroom, 1 bath very well kept home. Newer windows, kitchen and bath. Propane Furnace, ceiling fans and partial basement. Near Bluestone State Park!! NEW PRICE $55,000. #1328 NIMITZ, 3 BR Brick Ranch Style home, has been totally renovated, new plumbing with fixtures, electric, laminate hardwood floors, heat pump, granite countertops large level fenced yard, two car garage attached plus large garage/workshop, paved driveway $195,000 #1331 - 3 Bedroom, 1 Bath, 2.03 acres located on Lester Neely Road. Fenced field with Barn. Storage Building and Utility Building. Minutes away from Bluestone Park and Bluestone Lake. MOVE IN #1357 Ballengee "A Special READY!! $125,000 Place" 10 acres, n~t~Co .ry ?'t,; ---- Great Views .,~,~ .,,llture - #1338 PIPESTEM CREEK, Nice interior ~I~,~.,~ floor needs older 2 story home with 29 acres, finishe~ ,1/275,000 @ 7 cleared and balanced wooded. Nice frontage on Rt. 20. This home built @ 1900's has 3 BR, one bath, detached 2 car garage Creek flows on property, paved dnveway, public water, Could be a good small farm, retreat, hunting place, ect. Near Pipestem Resort, Bluestone Park and Lake. $165,000 #1339 FOREST HILL RD. 2 Story Home with 20 acres. Private setting, some clear land for yard, garden, pasture and woods. Creek flows on property. This 3. br home has full basement plus detached garage. Private well and septic, apple tree, berries and wildlife. Near River and public hunting lands. $130,000 #1340 37 Acres overlooking Hinton from Raleigh County Side.....very private, all wooded.....good hunting tract or place for retreat. $60,000 #1345 169 Chestnut Street, 5 bedroom, 2 baths, Custom Kitchen. Breakfast Nook, Extra-Multi-Use Kitchen, Two Zone Heating, 2 Car Attached Garage, In-Ground Pool Amazing Deck and Patio Area, Pergola, Storage Building, Outstanding VIEWS, Mature Landscaping. $195,000 REDUCED!! #1346 Leatherwood Road - 2 homes situated on 3 Acres (+/-), proven income producing propediets, 2 outbuildings, cellar, grapes, chestnut tree, garden spot, public water. Both homes in GOOD condition. Wonderful Opportunity!!! REDUCED $99,900 #1351 - Sandknob Road: Well Kept Ranch home, 3 Bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, oak floors, oak built-ins, guest suite with separate entance, walk out basement, paved driveway, 1.02 Acres. $147,500 #1350 Talcott area, enjoy the river- view from this ocre and half lot, very private. Has very nice mobile home with room addition, detached 2 car garage/workshop. Located behind old dairy on Bacon Falls Read. $89,000 #1352 Nice two bedroom home setting on aproximate 1/2 acre. Located Forest Hill WV (Little Wolf Creek Rd. area). Close to public hunting and fishing, golfing and more. Ready to move in. Must see to appreciate. $74,900 #1356 Indian Mills Road approx 100 acres Private older Farm with fields, woodland, gated 1 mile driveway, pond, one room cabin, with power, certifed installed septic (not hooked up) lots of game & old roads, great for 4-wheeling, hunting, or farmland & more. Also so close to public land & parks, 3 rivers and Bluestone Lake, golf courses and more!!! $239,000 #1358 Off 4-H Car~,~3,C" J, 3 BR 2 Bath dbl-~"~,~1~X~,ots p I u s 2.acre" ft ,~Y ~llng the river, This tra ~ol~,~s but water did not get in home. $75,000 #1360 Alderson, near prison 3 BR home on full basement, sundeck, almost acre level lot, view of river, second lot back from water. House, flooded 16" in lower level n e e d s improvements ONLY $35,000 #1361 1202 Terrace Street (out from hospital) on comer lot. 3 BR 1.5 baths, off street parking. $60,000~ #1362 Located in Colonial Manor, Jumping Branch. 3 Bedroom, 2 baths, 2 Story house. Completely remodeledlH Must Seel Move in Readyll $165,000 #1363 312 6th Avenue. Two ~to~ry, ~rn, 2..I/~baths. Gas fire~e#fEivingroo~Main floor has 1 bedroom, 1/2 baths, livingroom, diningroom, kitchen, pantry, utility room and workshop. Second floor has 3 bedrooms, full bath, seating area and storage aeras. Two covered from porches. Fenced back yard and off street parkng. $41,500. #1364 PENCE SPRINGS 4 ACRES ON RIVER, with beautiful home, 4 car garage, 2 car garage/shed, paved dnveway SPECIAL PROPERTY $19O,OOO. #1367 WlLLOWOOD ROAD, nice home with over 2 acres on river, near golf course, full basement $175,000 #1369 404 MILLER AVE, 2 BR (1/2 of duplex), LR, KIT, laundry room, garage, off street parking. $130,000 #1371 Talcott, CAMP WITH 100' FRONTAGE Pat Ball Road, behind VFD, 3BR, full bsmt, sundecks $69,500 #1372 ALDERSON....home 2rid lot back from river, 2 levels, sundecks, level acre lot, needs cosmetic work...$35,000 #1373 DANESEM a p I e w o o d area 4 BR home, over acre lot, barn, 9 miles to Prince and New RiveRiver access. $45,000 #1375 Will Dodd Road - 11.7 Acres with a tri-level home. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths. Public Water, Garden Spot, Outbuilding with attached Dog Kennel, Large Barn, Fenced Pasture. $165,000.00 Visit Our Website www,jonesunitedcountryrealestate,com SaleLAs$oiate Sales Assoiete Diannia R. 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