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August 8, 1979
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i 6-Hinton News Thurs. Aug. 2, 1979 Andi Gore won honorable mention In the 6-year-old group. She read twenty books. Victor Long, 6yearold group, read fifty books earning a Silver Medal. Sylvia Matthews won a Bronze Medal in the 14-year-old group b y reading six books. An Even Rosier Picture More Reading Olympics Pictures Junita Grimmer earned a Silver Medal In the 10-year-old group with thirty becks. LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE OF STATE PURCHASING The State of West Virginia Purchasing Division will accept sealed bids until 2:00 PM 8- 16- 79 on File 42 for DNR on Reqn. No. 2848 for: Construction of a boat launching ramp and place- meet of stone slope protection located on Bluestone Lake at Bluestone State Park, Summers Co., WV. No bids will be considered un- less submitted on forms pres- cribed by and available from the Purchasing Division, Dep- artment of Finance and Adm- LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed proposals will be re- ceived by the West Virginia Department of Highways at its office in Charleston, West Vir- ginia, Room A- 1017, 1900 Wash- ington Street, East, until 10 AM, August 21, 1979 and said pro- posals wilt be publicly opened and read immediately thereaf- ter for the construction of the following project on State High- ways. Federal Aid Project FR- 0020 (005) ($345-20-2.93 Summers County. 6.15 miles of Pipestem - Bluestone Bridge Road on WV H pitlN os a otes Summers County Hospital Carrie Hicks, both of t. , July 25,1979 Bridge; Willard Gray, nrA, Admitted: Frederick Tolley, et Peace, Lilly Tayl0i_ aLMt, Cliftop; Jennifer Knapp, Con- etta Lane, Sandra C . ' nie Richmond, beth of Alder- Georgia Rose, Ellzabe SMALL F son; Keith Adkins, Jack Mead- or, all of Hinton" Edl ment for or, Diania McKinney, Christina Kathryn Evans, both' d 'month,., bu Cox, Bertie Lucas, Oscar Iville; Sidney Keaton, i amy II-TF Yancey, Joseph Gill, all of Hin- Houchins, beth of Pi I ton; Charles Lilly, Meadow Br- Maggie Hipes, Dorothy i 2 Acre bu idge; Jew Walker, Oceana; beth of Charrnco; Ani Rosemary Green, Flat Top; Rainelle;LouiseMead payment Jesse Boggess, Green Sulphur est Hill; Donna Mize will flnan Springs; William Lowi'y, Law- Mapel Grimmett, AJ July 10- rence Carter, both of Taleott, and Diania Persinger lot For : ' Henry Kincaid, Rainelle. stone, i level lot. Dismissed: Mary Hurrah, :Wood Ro; I July 12- Renee Meador read 12 books for a Silver Medal . f. .. . -.. .==- , ,,-''IP ) in the 14-year-old group.. .. ..,_- _ x.-.. ..  ..----- --    / . '=f ForSale: The rose family of plants gives us apples, pears, plums, the so-called inert gases were discovered by Sco SWI] cherries, almonds, peaches, apricots and many berries chemist Sir William Ramsay. as well as roses, i l Distribute , t new 1979, ground fa W H 0 T U R N E D T H Ei lAl!ciWiiii 24'- $2,39. HEAT UP ON arranged. night, 80( Rivers Pc SUMMER SALES00 May 10l f SERVI Bailey Lumber inistration Room W-130, Capitol 20 (Trunkline) for tlot Laid Bit- Do you Building, Charleston, West Vir- uminous Concrete i trucks, U ginia. All Proposal Guaranties are Co Did! -: s,,dfilldi GLENN R. CUMMINGS, $500.00 or 5 per cent of total bid, If see ! DIRECTOR whichever is greater, i 466- 4530. Aug. 2, 9 The West Virginia Depart- []  June 14 H pit 1 ment ofHighwaysherebynot- Check These SizzlinSavings! os a flies all bidders that it will i Ph affirmatively insure that in any 15 years e N remoldini contract entered into pursuant ! try. All ' otes to this advertisement, minority business enterprises will be aff- 0265. July, 1979 mit bids in resnse to this Admitted: Mary Sue Bowling, invitation, and will not be dis- Purnitur experien( Rainelle; Larry Wood, Oscar criminated against on the Pmmmm-Tmflll.mIMm antee. Fr Yancey, Geneva Bragg, Carol grounds of race, color, religion, Craft, Gary Miller, Janet Rich- up and d sex oz" national origin in con- T ij mend, all of Hinton; Woodrow sideration for an award. R]VEI Per 5 Gala A Sept. T Lemons, Alderson; Danese WEST V]RGINIA DEPART- SEALER natural WILL M Fleshman, Danese; and Alice MENT OF HIGHWAYS Can for TOP CEI Basham, Jumping Branch. PHILIP J. SHEETS er,Dismissed:Howard Cook,EdnabethMCCalliSt'of Aid- EXECUTIVE SECRETARY qusukde sun decks weey o , erson; Dorsie Bennett, Meadow Aug. 2 & 9 Ji  AU. 2. Creek; Vergie O'Bryan, Mar- 'l-=--x .........  - OJo tha Mitchem, Wands Adldns, -'] Frances Brown, Margaret' THERE'S , Brig@, Priscilla Cales, Sarah [ ENERGY SAVINGS .... -..i Heath, Eugene Armstrong, all ALL AROUND  Of Hinton; and Betty Willis, The U.S. and Italy produce THE HOUSE. $1099 " :Yo Sandstone. about half of the world's crop There's more than of peaches, one place to insu- ? ? ? ? ? ?????' No. 3900 FOOD Questi( a food w Series i home ha= that me disposer? Answe Yes, an even rosier picture is possible in your future with our newly-available four-year Money Market Savings Ce rtificates. These Certificates earn interest over their four-year term based on the average four-year yield for government securities. The minimum deposit is only $1,000, which puts this high-interest scene within the reach of the average saver. New regulations have reduced penalty for early withdrawal of Savings Certificates, too. We'll be glad to ex- plain them to you. 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Sculptured ......... $2,1! mists at tion, a I MOOEL 6B of ' foo reeomm( Water v VAW 0 gives Yrs of Comfort, wastes. tun one Convemence, Economy  eomph in heatln your home, InUlll buslne, or workshop Neat cabinet: heavy-duty furnece Illel hell e==cheNler is lifmd with 9" deep hl-temp ceffactlgs. Sums local ' bw/' MONEY COAL or WOOD leaky fa, a nuisam as available (Iol up to 24" loa. Autmltlcally seem to-att,ltch llS volt AC a leaky ! btomtr helps wsrmth reach Out to taffest camera, Increase s369ss 'rig eneq 14 perce Whirlpool Dehumidifier Circulator Fireplace Doors .yte,- i'i Ddftwoed, Dark Walnut, or Castilian Oak 32" - 36" - 40" & 48" 32x80 - $17 s SUmmer s137" 38xSO. 's," And Up-Plus Accessories 48x80 - s29  I FHA Improvement Loans.Open End Credit Terms-lnstallotionn by tocm J PRICES GOODTHRUAUGUST Mechanics-Free, lstimates.FHA, GI Conventional Loans.Farm Home Loans AND DO NOT INCLUDE DELIVERY. 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