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July 29, 2003     The Hinton News
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July 29, 2003

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2 - Hinton News Tues. July 29, 2003 ;- More and More People are Reading our Newspaper ; II Because a recent survey found that The HINTON NEWS is the favored source for three out of five for local news and I advertising items. Save $$$. Call |304) 466-0005 Monday through Friday, or send this coupon to the address below and we will bill you for your 52 week subscription. Name Address. (please print) Pharmacy &amp; Your Health City State Zip__ TEAR & MAIL TO: THE HINTON NEWS P. O. BOX 1'000 HINTON, WV 25951 L,,ummm. Letter to the Editor You Can't Please Everybody Dear Editor, My name is William Whittaker, son of Bill Whittaker, and proud employee of Diversified Enterprise, Inc. This letter is in response to "Driveway Never Fixed Properly." I myself oversaw the work done at the home owners property. My crew and I laid eight hundred foot of two inch waterline to supply two houses. This was the only spur line on the entire Sand Knob Contract. Many people out this rural road had to dig their own service over one thousand feet. The home owner in question only had to dig sixty feet. I myself, believe that is a larger fish to fry, but I will not name names for fear of this letter not being individualized care. I prefer my family member to be at Pinecrest as opposed to any other nursing home I've visited. However, the CNAs and LPNs and others are overworked and underpaid. During the past 15 years, I have seen some of the very best workers leave for less stressful working conditions and more pay. This exodus has been more apparent during the past twoyears where I have noted the stress levels of staff and residents to be running very high. There were rule changes made without rhyme or reason which put residents at risk for serious accidents However, during the past three months, we have been most fortunate to have Ms. Devor/a Smith as our Interim Administrator. She has accepted this challenge with energy and devotion to staff and residents  making policy changes that benefit both, and including From page 1 ! RAILROAD Meador's 20th i report the rent free benefit a/ income, and has been corrected. RECOLLECTIONS Councilman A1 Stone. sair,the i but a house for low income eb' " property is no longer a pohce h.t. people, whether it be a police ot:r-'. .............. or any other individual, whiclti 'a" ByRo 11 human being, he stood up an d HUD eligible use of the prope'r:  . y C. L o n Wheeler said he tried to g.. tq reappointment to the Ser- , " " " " " . Citizens Board on the agenda twice, YinZ:l: :'; tSen 2 iieiie ?i'? but Mathews took it off..'_-:, B "No they didn't approve i. said, "I had no option what because the appointment had t. News, February 2, 1944. "He was sitting on his mama's pound sledges. (Take your choice. It's "sent to Charleston" and time,was "In these streamlined days of advertising campaigns and planned publicity, it is a little startling for a modern railroad like the Chesapeake and Ohio to find that part of its fame comes from being haunted. 'When you're haunted, you're haunted, however, and not much can be done about it. Not that the C.&O. would want to. For it is the distinction of being haunted by one of the top-ranking ghosts of all time - John Henry, mythical hero of American folklore, legend, and ballad. "There have been other mythical heroes before John henry. A few thousand years ago, Ulysses popularized the world cruise, and Hercules, physical culture. Robin Hood first started makings things difficult for the rich. Paul Bunyan simplified the taming of the great Northwest. "But in a way all these heroes were pikers, compared with John Henry. For he was the first man in fact or fiction to pit human strength deliberately in competition against the machine age, and win. "Here is the way, according to the ballads, that Henry, an unknown Negro steel driver, became famous for all time. "Orchestra please: The song starts out: "when John Henry was a little boy, He was sitting on his papa's knee. "He was looking down on a piece of steel, knee. "Says, "The Big Bend Tunnel on the C. & O. Read, "Is going to be the death of me, Lawd, Lawd. "Is going to be the death of me!" "A steel driver, in case you're fumbling for a footnote at this point, is about as obscure an employee as one could imagine. He's the man who strikes a steel drill with a heavy hammer to sink it into rock to make holes for explosives. Now to give you an idea of the obscurity of a steel driver in a tunnel. "The mile and a quarter of Big Bend Tunnel, cut through green West Virginia hills near Hilldale is just a minute or so lost reading time when you flash through it on a train tOday. "Big Bend Tunnel a-building was a different story. Have a look inside in those days. The light faded just within the entrance. Beyond, the hot, murky, foul smelling blackness smothered the lungs. The high ring of steel on steel driving into rock reverberated throughout the cave above the heavy chants of hundreds of Negroes singing work songs as they tolled. Their bodies gleamed in the smoky flare of burning lard oil and blackstrap. "Hardly the spot one would expect to stumble on a mythical hero. But when the machine age reared its mechanical head and a steam drill appeared in the tunnel, one of these workers in the dark, John Henry, refused to accept this threat to his time-honored profession. As a White House Validates Need For all free. Legend, you know). The steam drill braced and ready. The crowds of Negro laborers craning to see a brown David in a pitched fight against an industrial Goliath. "The steam drill set on the right hand side, "John Henry was on the left, "He said, "I will beat that steam drill down, "Or hammer my fool self to death!" "The man that made that steam drill, rhought it was mighty fine. "John henry sunk a fourteen-foot hole, "And the steam drill only made nine. "This battle between man and the machine probably looked unimportant at the time, just a sporting event of the day. Ten to one the boss forgot to tell his wife about it when he went home to dinner that night. "But something in what Henry did appealed to the human soul. The effort is supposed to have killed him, but he did not die unsung. An unknown-poet put the story in a song and look what happened. Today you can hear the song in hundreds of different versions in all corners of the United States. The Negroes in Jamaica sing it. It has been translated into French and German, It has been handed down from father to son and from mother to daughter. "Legends immediately raced up around Henry's name. He was white. He was black. He was yellow. He was a murderer and an outlaw. He was a family man. He was a steel driver. He was a watermelon catcher. Every running out. The meeting adjourne #nfl; Wheeler left the buil,!Ig" immediately, saying he couldte stay to celebrate Meadpl: anniversary. "I'm afraid of wl_ I might say." : 4 ,,, .' ,.,, , BIG FOUR DRUG STI:E Car, 3rd AvE & TEMPLE ST. ").?: HINTON W.Va., PHONE 466-232Q,:"( -.:.: ............ : .,;. , :iiiiiii:!iii!!i!!!  Elliso,:: ,New OTC Wart ' " Remover Medicine =,i-,-. Common warts affect one or.ofi' four Americans sometime ddriflg" their life. Warts most comm%fil.: affect children and teenagers bu'r '. affect all age groups. They easily spread from one part of the od [o, another, but most are not Sl',4. from person to person. The gecti majority of warts are harmless andL painless. They may disaplat' without treatment. Most often ,': are rough, round, and m'egular,'aL appear gray, yellow, or brown. Te;,. are found on frequently injudi. places such as fingers, nail boc knees, face, and scalp. ': ) ,," published. As far as my work and my ability to do it. My crew .ad I bend ove. btckwal:de to, p anybody. The home ownerspr.: Wtl  BaCk" originally was. We routed ditches were there was no ditches previously. We put tons of gravel on parts of the driveway that were not previously graveled. I take a lot of pride in my work and the people that do it with me, however you can not please everyone. This is why we video tape prior to every job. It is a shame we have to do this to prove the before and after. In conclusion, we really enjoyed working at Sand Knob. The people seemed really grateful for the water and for us putting it in. Thank You, William Whittaker Jumping Branch Letter to the Editor staff, residents and the Pinecrest IrltlalPe;/I.l ;n [vaau TrA:=fnt==nt Family Council in this p01icy chang e as sa= =b as==.==-, , poe_edure, Her pIve and Director of the Office of Natp,l scale. le Shbstange bse arid corrooorahve management sym m Drug tsontrol fancy oonn waiters, vencal l-leaicn amlzscrac]on s a very welcome change in the last week, released an editorial (SAMHSA):Center for'Substance Pinecrest Hospital environment, regarding the vital issue of access Abuse Treatment (CSAT) has been Many staff have been employees of Pinecrest for 20-plus years - they have devoted their lives to West Virginia healthcare and helping our family members live more comfortable lives. They truly do care, and deserve more help and more pay. Senator Weeks' comments have been taken out of context because his goal is to secure help for the staff and for the patients of Pinecrest Hospital. Sincerely, Family Member and Member of Pinecrest Family Council Carol Jones Pence Springs From page 1 Yea Pinecrest!,,, Ethics Dear Editor, I have had a family member in the Pinecrest facility for fifteen years. They are a dedicated workforce and work very hard. They care about the patients and-go out of their way to be helpful and to give them LETTERS POLICY Letters are welcome, but no more than one letter each month will be accepted from the same writer. Preference will be given to letters of 300 words or less. Longer letters may be shortened or rejected. Letters must be signed and must include an address and phone number. The telephone number will not be published. Letters will be edited for grammar, spelling, taste, syntax, and libel. Names will not be withheld. Address them to Letters to the Editor, P. O. Box 1000, Hinten, WV 25951. Farrell are all involved in cleaning up the site. "We became involved because it is a health hazard, a safety hazard. Everyone wants to see this cleaned up and I don't believe I've made an ethics violation. The city has been involved in clean up programs in the past. The city has helped and cleaned up a lot of burned out property. I'm not concerned about this: SUPPORT GROUP Attention Support group for parents with children that have ADD/ADHD meets every 1st. Thursday of every month at 6:00 PM at the CAC Building/411 Temple Street. Food sitting wil be provided. Questions call 466-2226. Eddie's Feed 5 Hardware " HiLLDALE, VVV PH:466-4866 Dog Kennels $189.99 (10x10x6) (Roof Packages $69.99) Carport Starting at $599.00 (18 ft. by 21 ft.). We also sell barn and building packages too!! Stanley Tools Are All An Additional 20% Offll Horse Tack Is 20% Off (Saddles, Bridals, etc.)!! We have a full line of medicines and wormers!! We have a full line of Grain Feeds as well as Nutre'na Feed always in stock at rock bottom prices. -. We Discount For Those Who Buy Bulk Toofl! Call Us Or Come In We Appreciate Your Business. to recovery for Americans dealing with substance abuse issues. The concept of the "Access to Recovery" initiative was first introduced by President Bush in his State of the Union Address. The President's plan includes $600 million over a three-year period targeted at increasing capacity and access to effective rehabilitation programs. The initiative also allows for individuals in need to receive vouchers so that they can seek the program of their choice. This in itself is largely important because often times programs with excellent track records don't always receive government funding due to "non- traditionaF modalities and that state-run programs often have an extensive waiting list to receive treatment. The vouchers allow addicts seeking effective treatment to enroll in private or faith - or community-based programs, helping to close the gap between those that need treatment and those that actually receive it. The "Access to Recovery" initiative therefore not only helps the individuals in need, but assists in validating the fact that a variety of treatment modalities is essential to overcome addiction on a broad pushing a message of change and accountability in the field of drug rehabilitation, urging states to include more types of programs to address the ever-changing need of addicted Americans, yet many are still focused on "traditional" types of programs that subscribe to only a few basic philosophies. This is clearly evident by the certification boards and processes for programs and counselors whose guidelines are based solely on methods deemed to be "the right way" arbitrarily by a group of people many years ago. Organizations such as The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission (CARF) embrace many types of behavioral health programs, understanding that one size doesn't fit all. For example, the Narconon@ Drug Rehabilitation and Education Program is one of the most successful programs in the nation, achieving a success rate of greater than 70% for recovery based on research and discoveries by L. Ron Hubbard. This organization is non- traditional in nature, but has more than three decades of continued success, operating in 35 countries. To read more about the "Access to Recovery  initiative log on to Injured on the job? VTC can helpf Don't understand Workers' Camp? VTC can helpl Need someone you can trust? VTC can help! I [ We are Vocational and Transition Consultants, committed to helping all injured workers receive the services they need to recover from a work-related injury. Call Ray Nutter, a Vocational Consultant and Qualified Rehabilitation Professional, for a FREE CONSULTATION AT 466-1305 state in the South claimed him. His songs were analyzed by Freudians ah'd:misqubted' by 'g0vrns! vn Ly00n.mt00eage:a,t000000kl: though he was-twoother fetows: .... "He was positively identified as a one-armed Negro with a thumb like a man's wrist on the-Tennessee Central Railroad. He was a Tallega, Kentucky, boy who could carry three railroad ties at once. A play on Broadway killed him off loading cotton in competition with a steam crane. Dinner tables seethed with the discussion. Bibliophiles stopped fighting about who wrote Shakespear's plays, Bacon or Shakespear, and looked around to see what was happening, and started shaking their eyeglasses over Henry." Continued next week. Most over-the-counter (O'C: gr& rryers con;tain saliag//(, allowing warts to be peeled.crf; Doctors may apply liquid nitro,,e to kill the wart and make it faWOff.':' Anew OTC product called Wartet z , l'.{. is the first treatment availaI'e: without prescription to remo$, e warts by freezing. Wanner comgs as an aerosol spray that is apl!4t to a cooling applicator tip, which is then applied to the wart. 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