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July 11, 2017     The Hinton News
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July 11, 2017

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4 - Hinton News Tues. July 11, 2017 The Hinton News Published weekly on Tuesday By The "Hinton Publishing Corporation 210 Second Avenue Hinton, W VA. 25951 Phone (304) 466-0005 Dawn Crav ord Business Manager USPS 246-180 Subscriptions By Mail Out of Stats $37.50 par year By Carrier In Sum,r.~ Co. m.60 pe ye~ 50 Issue An other WV counties $30.00 per yeal $m~"" ""{WV resident pay 6% salas tax) .w Yer TMr U.S. Post~ Regulations J Require Payments in Advance j POSTMASTER: Send aclclrmm change= to J publloation name end mailing address. [ Articles submitted to the Hinton News must reach the office by Thursday noon'in order to be considered for publication in the following Tuesday paper. Please include your name and a phone number where you can be reached during business hours. The Hinton News reserves the right to edit any material and regrets that articles cannot be returned. Items for the Bulletin Board must reach the office by 11 am Monday in order to be considered for publication. OFFICE HOURS Hlnton News is open Monday thru Thursday Business Hours: Men. & Tue.: 9 am to 4 pm. Wed.: gam to 12 pm. Thurs.: 9 am to 4 pm. - NOTICE PLEASE - OUR PUBLICATION POLICY ...does not permit us to publish items oi commercial nature which would be classified as paid advertising. Higher newsprint and Other costs; plus longer press runs for circulation; dictate that strict editorial judgement must prevail. Unsolicited items which enter this office become our property, but can usually be retrieved upon publication. Guest editorials do not necessarily reflect e views of the Hinton News. Publisher reserves right to reject or cancel any advertisement at any time. Cancellations will not be accepted by publisher after the closing date. The closing date and the deadline for placing business advertisements is Thursday at 12 noon. The closing date and the deadline for placing classified advertisements is Thursday at 12 noon. Publisher not bound by any terms or conditions, pdnted or otherwise, appearing on order blanks, advertiser's forms or copy instructions when in conflict with terms and conditions on publisher's rate card or policies. Advertiser and advertising agency will indemnify and hold harmless this newspaper; its officers, agents, employees and contractors, for all contents supplied to publisher, including text; representations and illustrations of advertisements printed, and for any claims arising from contents including, but not limited to defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, plagiarism, and in4he case of a preprinted insert, deficient postage. This newspaper shell not be liable for failure to print, publish or circulate all or any part of any issue in which an advertisement accepted by the publisher is contained if failure s due to acts of God or govemrnent, strikes, accidents, lack of newsprint or other circumstances ~beyond our control NARCONON Narconon reminds families that abuse of heroin and opiod drugs has become a national health crisis. Learn to recognize the signs of heroin abuse and get your loved ones help if they are at risk. Visit blog/naloxone-availability.htm] to learn about the overdose reversing drug known as naloxone and find out its availability in your state. ADDICTION SCREENINGS Narconon can help you take steps to overcome addiction in your family. Call today for free screenings or rewferrals.. 1-800-431-1754. BOOK FOR SALE A book the founding and history of Marthas Chapel Church is now available for sale. For information call Dean Bennett: 304-466-1402. \ COMMISSION MEETING The Summers County Commission will meet at 9:00 a.m. in the County Commission Office at the Courthouse on the second Wednesday of each month. The Session for July will be Wednesday, July 12. Contact Mary Beth Merritt, County Clerk before June 14 at 466- 7104 if you have any questions or if you have items for the agenda. The term "blue chip stock" refers to the blue poker chip, which tradi- tionally has the highest value in the game, By Peter J. Pitts label to treat critically ill patients Doctors often fail to treat their a~r all approved medicines have patients with the most effective failed. For instance, many patients medicines, but it's not their fault. Is with certain autoimmune diseases an outdated FDA regulation to" don't respond to approved therapies. blame? As a last resort, doctors will The FDA prohibitsprescribe these patients Program, a pharmaceutical companies from drug approved to help prevent sharing information about "off-label" people's immune systems from uses of medicines with physicians, rejecting organ transplants. Many drugs received FDA approval When doctors prescribe drugs off- for one disease, but also effectively label, they gather valuable treat other illnesses that aren't information about how well patients listed on the official label. Off-label respond. prescribing is actually quite But current FDA policy restricts common. Physicians prescribe onein doctors from sharing this five medicines off-label, information with each other and Currently, doctors have to make with drug manufacturers. Drug these off-label prescribing decisions makers are even subject to criminal based on anecdotal evidence, since prosecution and civil liability if they they have no accpss to drug discuss unapprovedusesofexisting companies' clinical trial data. If the drugs. FDA were to permit greater Companies could seek to get their information sharing, it would enable medicines approved for the off-label doctors to treat patients more uses, but the FDA approvalprocess effectively. Doctors have good reason is time intensive and costly. In fact, to prescribe drugs off-label. Many the cost of reapproving a drug is drugs can treat a wide variety of greater than the profits an approval diseases. In fact, the average drug would generate, according to an can treat 18 different illnesses, article in the Mayo Clinic according to researchers from the Proceedings. So drug companies University of Illinois at Chicago, often choose not to go through the Stanford University, and the process. UniversityofChicago. For instance, Policy makers increasingly the diabetes drug Metformin can r~cognize the senselessness of treat breast cancer. And the cancer preventing doctors and drug drug Bexarotene has the potential companies from sharing data.As the to treat Alzheimer's disease, new FDA commission Scott Gottlieb Doctors also prescribe drugs off- said, "Patients and physicians make Happiness is a positive cash flow. --Fred Adler Mako You Free" The Name "Christian" Part 1 by Dave Miller, Ph.D. http'J/ yf11&articlef1499&topic--81 Christendom is conspicuous for the myriad of names worn by individuals and churches--from "Catholic" and "Protestant" to Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Pente- costal, Jehovah's Witnesses, Episcopalian, and an innu- merable host of others. Those who employ these terms to identify their religious orientation also would claim to be "Christian"---as if the secondary terms are simply further refinements or clarifications of the broader, more basic designation of Christian. Whence did these names arise? History answers this question for each name. For example, "Catholic" simply means "comprehensive" or "universal." The Catholic Church therefore wishes to emphasize that it constitutes the universal church. "Baptist" is connected to the Greek Word for immersion, and thus represents the wearer's conviction that baptism is by immersion. A "Baptist" is an "immersionist." "Presbyterian" comes from the Greek word presbuteros, which refers to the form of government by which the church is to be organized. A "presbyter" in the New Testament was one of a plurality of elders who functioned as the leaders or overseers of the local congre- gation. "Pentecostal" refers to the day of Pentecost in Acts 2 when the Holy Spirit empowered the apostles to speak in tongues. Thus a "Pentecostal" is one who believes in the miraculous gifts of the Spirit. All other names, terms, and designations by which people who claim to be Chris- tian refer to themselves may also be explained on the ba- sis of some doctrine or feature of Christianity that histori- cally came to receive special emphasis among a specific group of people. What does the New Testament have to say about this state of affairs? Does Christ sanction the use of differing names and terms to identify individuals and churches? Perhaps the place to begin is in the Old Testament when the mes- sianic prophet Isaiah predicted that the day would come when God would implement a "new name:" For Zion's sake I will not hold My peace, and for Jerusa- lem's sake I will not rest, Until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, and her salvation as a lamp that burns. The Gentiles shall see your righteousness, and all kings your glory. You shall be called by a new name, which the mouth of the Lord will name (Isaiah 62:1-2). REFERENCES Clarke, Adam (no date), Clarke's Commentary: Matthew- Acts (New York: Abingdon-Cokesbury). Haggard, Rice (1804), An Address to the Different Reli- gious Societies, on the Sacred Import of the Christian Name (Lexington, KY: Joseph Charless). McCord, Hugo (no date), Fifty Years of Lectures (Atwood, TN: Atwood Church of Christ). Moulton, W.F., A.S. Geden, and H.K. Moulton (1978), A Concordance to the Greek Testament (Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark), fifth edition. Robertson, A.T. (1930), Word Pictures in the New Testa- ment (New York, NY: Harper). Thayer, Joseph H. (1901), A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 1977 reprint). Copyright 2005 Apologetics Press, Inc. All rights re- served. Paid by Shockley Hill church of Christ Continued next week. Stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange their ticker symbol. have three or fewer letters in the best decisions when they have access to as much truthful, non misleading, scientifically based information as possible." In late March, Pep. Morgan Griffith (R-Va.) introduced legislation that would make it easier for manufacturers to share information with medical professionals on alternative uses for existing medications. Despite support for reforms, the FDA hasnt yet relaxed its prohibitions on data sharing. The FDA should, of course, impose requirements on this information sharing. For instance, if the information comes from a clinical trial, drug companies should detail the trial's sample size, limitations, and methodology. If it comes from physicians, they should describe patients' conditions and detail how the drug affected them. These requirements would ensure. that the information is clear and accurate. But it also would ensure that doctors have the most up-to- date information on a drug and the illnesses it can treat. Off-label prescribing has already has saved thousands of lives. The FDA ought to make it easier for doctors and patients to make the most informed treatment decisions possible. Peter J. Pitts, a former FDA associate commissioner, is president of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest. It takes just over 21 pounds of whole milk to make one pound of butter. r JOHN HENRY DAYS The John Henry Days Committee will be meeting the 3rd Thursday of every month. The meeting will be Church in Tal~Rt. Everyone is invited to attend. Volunteers are always needed! Next meeting date is July 20. Come to Chur RAIDTI~T Beech Run Baptist Church Orbra B. AngeU, Jr., Pastor Sunday School 10 am, Morning Service 11 am, Night Service 7 pro, Wad. night prayer meeting 7 PmBellepolnt Baptist Church Sun. Service: S. S. 9:45 am. Morning Worship, 11 am. Youth fellowship,5:45 pm. Evening Sen4ce, 7 pro. Wed. Service, 7:CO pm. Blg Creek Lynn Maddy, Pastor: Sunday School 10 a.m. Morning Womhip 11 a.m. each Sunday. Prayer meeting Wad. at 7 p.m. B Y F Sunday at 6 p.m. Brooks B*ptlst Church Jay Meadows, Sunday School SupedntendenL. Sun.School 10 a.m. Morning Worship 11 a.m. Evening Service Sun. at 6 p.m. Prayer Mee~ng Wed. at 7:00 p.m. Calvary B~ Church Red Sulphur: Rev.. Eddie Howdock, Sunday School 10 A.M. Randy Hedge, Supednhtndent Morning Worship 11:coA.M. Evening Worship 7:30 P.M. Wednesday Worship 7:30 P.M. c~tr~ Friendship Baptist Chureh Two miles north of Forest Hill on Rt. 12. Pastor Joe Spencer. Sunday Scho~, 10 am, Womhip, 11 am evening worship 7 pro; Wad. worship 7 pm. Grace Baptlet Church ill Sallengee, Pastor. Sunday ~,'1oo110 e.m., Morning Worship I1 :co a.m. Sunday Evening 6:00 ).m. Wed. Evening 7:00 p.m. Grlffith Creek, Aldereen ~udle Borg, Pastor: Sunday ~hool 10 a.m. Worship Services 11:00 a.m. Evening aervices at ~:00 p.m. Wad. Mid Week Prayer Lnd Bible Study 6:30 p.m. Youth Meeting Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. Classes 1or every age group. Nursery available. Indian Mills Baptist Church Herb Miller, Pastor: S. S. Supt, ~ames Kaatley. Sun. School 10 tm. Classes for all ages. Worship. ~,ervice. 11 am. and 6 pm. Every Sun. Prayer Meeting Wad. 7 pm. Julbmn Free Will Pastor Chadle Danlels. Sunday School 10 am, Worship Sen4ce, 11 am, Evening Service, 7 pr~, Thurs. Service 7 pm. Kest~y spdnge Sunday School 10 am. Laurel Creek Baptist Chureh )astor: Melvin Wills, S.S. Pastor Rubble Merritt: 9:45 a.m. lubedntendent: Robert W'dls. S. S. Church School. 11 am. Morning 10 am,, Morning Worship 11 am., Worship. a:oo p.m. Evening -'veningServioa6pm. Wed.night Worship. 7 p.m. Wadneeday Mid )ibis study 7 pro. - Week Sen4ce. Chestnut Mountain Baptist Church Se~ices Every Thursday at 7:co p.m. Pastor Bobby Calee. Chestnut Grove Pastor: Benny Allen. Superintendent: Maynard Blankecehip. Sunday School, 10 a.m. Moming Worship 11 a.m. Evening Service 7:00 Wed. Evening Service 7:00 p.m. Chw~n Balm Chumh (3 1/2 milse up Clayton Rd from Pence Springs) Pastor: Grant Petitt, Jr. Sun. sewico 10 a.m. Worship 11 e.m. Wed. evening 7 p.m. Ph: 466-5052 Cook's Chapel (Independent Fundamental) Daises Payton Jr., Pset~. Sunday School. Supt., Tom Lamb. Series: S. S. 10 a.m. Worehip 11 e.m. Evening Worship. 7 p.m., Wed. 7 p.m. Prayer Meeting. Country Side RL 12 Forest Hill Sunday Service 10 & 11 am,&7 pro. Wed night sendce 7 pm. Felrvlew ~ Choroh ' Forest Hill, Pastor: Michael McCoy; Worship Services, 9:45 am; Sunday School, 11:00 am; Ev~ Servicee, 7:00 pro; Choir Practice, Wed., 6:30 pm; Mid- Week SenSe, 7:30 pro, Faith Baptist Church J O Fox, Pseto: Sun. School 10 am, Morning Service, 11 am; Night Service, 6 pro. Wed. night prayer meeting 6 pro. Feemstor - Freewill Two mile~ north of Aldemon on the Alta Road, Benday Schoof 10 a.m. Ba~ Youth Leegue 6 p.m. Evening imndces 7 p.m. Rret e~ Church Sunday Scheel 9:45 a.m. Eugene Jones, Supt. Mee'dng Womh4p 11 a.m., Evening Service 7:00 p.m. Mid Week Service 7:00 p.m. Forest Hill Baptist Church Pastor Jeff Canterbury: Sendcee 2rid. & 4th. Sunday 9:45, Sunday School 10:45, Evening Service 7:00. Freedom Baptist Church Poweley's Ck., Pastor George Cook. Sun. School tO a.m., Sendcee 11 &m. Evenlng Service 7 p.m.~ Wed. 7 p.m. Uck Creek I~ Church .~reen Sulphur: Speaker Bob ~leadows: Sendoas Sunday 10to 11 am. Sun. Night, 7 pro. Wad. tight 7 pro. unle Weft Creek , ~p(~t Chorch,Buok, Pastor, Eddie Harris, Sunday School 10:00 am. Morning Worship 11:00 am. Sun. Evening Worship 6:00 pm. Prayer ~etin/B.Y.F. Wed. nigM 7 pro. pastor ~lead~: ,~__unday School 10 am. Morning Worship 11 am., Evening Wonddp 7 pro, Wed. Night Bible Study, 7 pro. New Salem Baptist Church Pastor I. E, Hatcher: Sunday School 10:00. Church 11:00 Fundamental. Nlmltz Mlamlonory Baptist Church Pastor Donald L. Hannah S. S. Superintendent Mark Ellison, Sunday School 9:45. Morning Worship and Children ~hurch 11 a.m. Sunday Morning. Evening Sunday Worship 6:00 Prayer Meeting and Youth Meeting 7:00 Wednesday. Plpestam Southern 2 1/2 miles I~t Marina, Rt. 20, midway between Pipastem St Park and Hintee. Pastor Roy B. Carter, Sunday ,School 10 a.m. Morning Worship 11:00 a.m. Wed. Night Preyer and B~ble Study 7:00 p.m. Rhonda Anna Mereerlal Streeter, WV. Servtco every 2nd., 4th. and 6th. Saturday at 7:00 pro. River Valley ~t. 12 Fomat Hill Road, Lowell :)'Dell, Pastor: 10 a.m. Sunday ~hool, 11 a.m. Morning Worship. pro. Evening Service. 6:00 pro. youth meeting. Wad. Services, r:O0 prn. Roles Chapel Chureh :lonald Cobb, Pastor; Sunday ~beof, 10 a.m.,Moming Worship, ;t a.m. Web. Bible Study, 7 p.m. Rolllnobuql ). L. Stalneber, Pastor:. 10 a.m. ~unday School classes for all |gea. Richard Holloran ~uperintendent 11 am. Morning Nomhip. 7 pm. Night Service. Sandstone Baptist Church Sunday School 10 am., Moming :reaching Servica tl am & 6 ).m.Sunday Night. Mid Week mrvioa 7:00 pm. Pastor Jack Ward Second Baptist Chureh Rev. Matthew Saunders, Pastor; ;upt. Vicky Caul. Worship at 11:0~ avery Sunday SS 10:00 a.m, O~galnst, Margaret Nelson. Second Baptist Church Talcott. Pastor Bryan Copmey, Service 1st & 3rd Sun. at If am, Tampa Church Bobby Reed, Pastor: SS, 10 am. Melvin Williams, Supt, Preaching Services every Sunday at 11:00 am Upland Baptist Dhurch Pastor:Eddie Wills Sunday School Supedntandant:Mike Brandon.SS 10:00, Worship Services at- 11:00. Evening Services 6:00. Wed, service at 6:00 p.m. War Ridge Freewill Baptist Church. Sunday School 10:CO am. Morning Worship 11:00 am. Sunday Evening 6:00 pro,, Wed. Prayer Meeting 7:00 pm., Rev. Joseph Swinay. CATHOLIC St. Pa~ck Catholic Church, Holy Mass Schedule: Saturday (Sunday Vigil Mass)- 5:00 p.m.; Sunday 9:00 a.m., Wednesday ~:00 p.m., Friday - 8:00 a.m. CHRISTIAN Rrst Christian Chumh Sunday School 9:45 am, Morning Worship 11:00 am, Sunday Evening Bible Study, Sunday 6:0~ Youth Meetings 6:00 CHURCH OF CHRIST Hlnton 1621 Summers St. Minister, Walte Dekle: Sunday Morning Bibls Study 9"30 a.m. Sunday Morning Worship Service 10:30 a.m. Wed. Bible Study 7:00 p.m. Sunday Evening 6:00 p.m. Shocklay Hill chumh of Chrlet Bun. Assembly Worship 9:30 am Bible Class 10:30 am. Worship 11:15 am. Wed. Bible Class 6:30 ~n. Call for info & directions 466- 5907 or 253*9570. EPISCOPAL Asmenelon Episcopal Church 5th & Temple St.Worship 11 an' Sunday. Holy Eucharist 3 time a month. Ph: 304-627-1232 METHODIST First United Methodist Churoh Malissa White, Minister: SS 9:45 am, Morning Worship 11:00 am. ~hild care available: Moments with children, Wed. Youth Club, 4:3(: ~)m. 6:30 pro., Transportation: 466- ()544. Forest Hill LJnda Payton, Pastor:. let & 3re Sundays: Worship 9:45 am, Sun School 10:45 am. 5th Sunday Roation, Bible Study Sundays at 6 ~,m. 304-466-9850 James Chapel Arl?ue Rev. David Damewood, Pastor: Services 9 am. Sun. School 10 am. Johnson Minister, Hubert~Groves: Sam P-roves, Lay Leader. Study: 9:45. Worship 11 am. Martbe Chapel United Robert Shields, Pastor; SS 10, Worship 11; Madams Ck Rd; 304- ~27..6494. Mary Jane Memorial Pastor Emest Calfee: Sunday School 10 am. Morning Worship 11 am. Prayer Meeting 7:30 pro. Miller Memorial United Betty Shields, Pastor; Sun, SChool K thin Adult 10 a.m.; Worship 11 s.m.; Nursery provided. Wed. Bible Study 6:30 p.m., www.gbgm- u mc.orp/mlllermemo dal. Mount Plsgeh United Betty Shields, Pastor: Worship 9:30 am, Sunday School 10:30 am Wed. Bible Study 4:30 pm Hilldale, Rt. 3; 304~327-6494. Mt Zion Unhad Penny Bivens, Pastor; SS 10 Worship 11; Mt Zion Rd; 304-392- 2448. New Hope Llnda Payton, Pastor: Sunday School to am, Worship 1st & 3rd Sun. 11 am & 4th Sun. at 7:30 pro. 304-466-9850 Oak Grove Linda Payton, Pastor: Worship at 9:30 am, Sunday School 10:30 am Fifth Sunday Worship rotates between Oak Grove, Trinity, and New Hips. Call 304-466-9850. Send Knob United Penny Blivens, Pastor:. Sand Knob Worship 9:30, SS 10:30. Sand Know Rd; 304-392-2448. Trinity Unltad Methodist Linda Payton, Pastor: Sunday School 9:45 am, Worship services every Son. tl am, Bible study Wed 7 pro. Ph: 304-466-9850 PRESBYTERIAN Cantarvllle Greenville, 10 am. Sunday School. 7:45 pm, Community Worship Service Rrst Preebytarlen Chureh James Irwin, Interim Pastor Sunday Worship 11 am,Wed. Bible Study 6 pm, Prayer Meeting 7 pro. Hen's Creek Greenville, 10 a.m. Sunday School 7:45 pm., Community Worship Service. Keller st Lowell Rev. Stewart McMurray, Pastor. Worship Services held at 2:30 pm on 1st. and 3rd. Sundays. McEIlenny Rev. Stewart McMurrey, Pastor. Grassy Meadows,10 am. Sunday School. Worship Service held at 9 am on 2rid. and 4th. Sundays. OTHERS Denrrst~ ~llapel Tug Creek Mt. Travle HocuFn Pastor Services, Sat. 7 p.m. Sunday evening 2 p.m. Church of the Uvlng God Pastor Run Iddings: Sun. School 10 am Morning Worship 11 am Sun. 6 pm Hinton Gospel Tabernacle 102 Main Street, Terry Weethedy, Pastor: Sun. School 10 am. Worship 11:00 am. Evangelistic Service 7:00 pm. Bible Study Wed, 7:00 pro. Jehovah's W~neee Sun. 10am Public Talk, Stiff. 11 am Watchtower, Stl~ Tue: 7:30 pm, Tbeoeratic Schoo| Thurs. 8:30 pm Service Meeting. Jumping Branch Taharnoole Tom & Dadene Coffman, Pastor: Franklin Bowie@ SupL Sun. School 9:45 am. Morning Worship 10:45 am. Youth Fellowship 6:00 pm. Evening Worship 7:00 pm. Praye[ Service Wed. 7:00 pro. Lifeline Church 505 Stokes Dr. Hintco Sundays 11a.m., Wednesday 7 ).m. Pastor Mark Bayle Mount OIIvst Church A community church, Madams Creek Road, 21/2 miles, William A. "therein, on, Pastor:. 466-4299, Sunday School 10:00 am. Morning Worship 11:00 am, Evening Service 7:30 pro. EDT, Wednesday (7 pm EST winter) New Hope Church of the Nazarene 1301 Summers St. : Sunday School 10 a.m. Morning Worship 11 am Sunday Evening 6 pm wed. Kids Club 7 pro Pence Springs Community Church Pastor Roger Persinger. ss 10 am, Worshlp Servlco 11am, Youth mnctlng 6 pro, Sun. nigh| worship 7 pm, Wed. night prayer meeting 7:00 pro. Women's Christian Fellowship meeting every first Men. of the month 7 pro. Plller of Truth Church ' !Barger Spdngs: Sunday School i 10:00 am, Morning Worship 11:00 am, Wed. Bible Study 7:00 pro. I Rivervlew Chapel Rive~ew Cbepal Comer of Temple SL & 16th Ave. Pastor:. Scott ~.304-466-0766 Sunday: 11 a.m. Family Bible IHour:7 p.m, Lord's Supper I fol|ov, ed by B~ Study. IMonday: 6:30 p.m. Men's Bible ;Study:e:30 p.m. Women's Bible iStudy , Wednesday: 7 p.m. Midweek Prayer & Bible Study Rocky PAL Community Church ~lndian Ridge PIpestem: Buck Soodwin, Pastor. S.S. 10 am Worship, 11 am; Youth S., 6 pro; Bible Study, 7 pro. 2nd SaU me. 3osp~ Sing, refreshments 7 p~. Big 4 Drug Store, Inc. presorlptlon and drug needs fountaln eervlee 466-2323 THIS SPACE IS FOR YOUR BUSINESS ADVERTISMENT ONLY $72 a year. HEAR Pastor Donald Hannah on WMLJ-FM 90.5 & 96.7 M - F at 2:05 p.m. SuRday 8:15 a.rn. or anytime at sermnaudlo.e, om/ Iwsmlmnnah RONALD MEADOWS FUNERAL PARLORS 466-1179 130 Temple Street THIS SPACE IS FOR YOUR BUSINESS ADVERTIsMENT ONLY $72 a year, THIS SPACE IS FOR YOUR BUSINESS ADVERTIsMENT ONLY $72 a year. THIS SPACE IS FOR YOUR BUSINESS ADVERTIsMENT ONLY $72 a year. THIS SPACE IS FOR YOUR BUSINESS ADVERTIsMENT ONLY $72 a year.