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July 10, 2012     The Hinton News
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July 10, 2012

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"\ Tues. July 10, 2012 Hinton News - 3 Summers County Board of I I Education I : Regular Meeting July H, at i i 10:00 a.m. 2. InvocationfPledge of Allegiance 3. Approval of Agenda 4. Approval of Minutes . :: .... 5. Appearance . ....... 6. Presentation By Delegate Virginia Mahan ~iii 7. Discussion of Current Issues i , : !]!iiiii!i! 8. Personnel i . . i ~i~ 9. Approve Employment of West Virginia~ended its budget day fund. Although the violent storm collections beat the years forecast , ~ii!iiiiiil Professional Personnel year over the weekend with an $87.6 that tore through West Virginia last by more than $22 million, Muchow week might require the state to tap noted that coal production has : ii!i!iiiii~ Professional10" RescindpersonnelEmployment of million general tax revenue surplus, the reserve eventually, McKownm~d declined in recent months and 11. Approve Employment of an amount considered healthy Muchow noted that the government severance tax revenues are destined enough to satisfy Medicaid and other recently created a $10 million tofollow. [] Professional Substitute Personnel funding needs, according to state disaster relief fund for suchCorporate net and business [] 12. Rescind Employment of officials. 4- ....................... ~ Professional Substitute Personnel ~ UAHULYN NH-Ly r:t;l~t'l'l/ M 13 A rove Em lo ment of The state also remains on track purposes, franchise taxes, meanwhile, CarolynNeelyEckert, 92, passed i SubstituP:servicePeP:o~:el to repeal the sales tax on groceries The officials also cited how the although ahead of the years away peacefully on Thursday July REBECCA SUE TREADWAY 14. Rescind Employment of and whittle down the corporate net state annually and temporarily projection at $188 million, were ~, 5, 2012, aider a ~rie[iLmess ...... - ......... lucernetax, while fully funding its withdraws funding -- $62 million down nearly 38 percent from the She was born November 21 1919~eoecca ~ue lreaaway, 54 of Glen Suosum~e ~erv]ce rersonnel main emergency reserve, Deputythis year-- at the beginningofeach previous year. West Virginia s tax :i~ .................. ' ~., White, died at 7:00 p.m. Thursday 15. Approve to Extend Service Revenue Secretary Mark Muchow budget year to ensure government system is coupled with the federal ~-" mrnn~on,, tneaaugnteroI~ne T , - -- -, - - .~ ~- .. .......... duly 5, 2012 at the home of her sister yersonne[ s Summer Contract and Budget Director Mike McKown has enough cash on hand for day-to government's, and Muchow said - --t~te ~Lmy ~nepara anu rucnarn w. . . ~eel at White Oak followmg a long 16. Approve Pohcy said this week. Both tax cuts hinge day expenses. That money is federal policies accouat for some of "~:: Y" illness 17 Discussion and/or Actionon sufficient reserve balances. typically returned to the reserves by the shortfall. The state also cut the "~" "" She was predeceased by her " =.~ . ........ Born October 9, 1957 in Concerning Out of County Transfer General tax revenues in June the fall. Investment earnings also rates for both taxes this year. , ausoana OI DZ$ years, J~awara v . affect the reserve balances " -.~. ........ Barberton, Ohio, she was the 18. Approve Incoming Student reached $365.6 million, givingWest This is largely the result of tax ~cKer~, one Sls~er, virginia ,_. ....... daughter ofJames Curtls and Helen Request Virginia $4.1 billion for the budget For Medicaid, McKown and changes, Muchowsaidofthetaxes' ~)ouglass, aria ~wo orotners ~r. : RichardNeel and Dr Harold Neel StoddardRichmond. 19. Dlscussmn and/or Actmn h~'"r husband resided ~n" Rebecca was a former meter Concerning Facilities Projectyear, or $87 million more than Muchow say $65 million of theperformance. expected. Oncestate agencies return surplus should ensure a balanced West Virginia is~*scheduled to ~"~ne and ..... reader for American Electric Power 20. Informational Items money left unspent from the year, program budget as well as at least repeal the business franchise tax, Charleston, W yR./or ~o years where she raised her family and was Company. She was a member of 21. Approval of Bills Muchow and McKown believe the$11 million in reserve for the 2014 which applies to net equity, by the ............. Mabscott Missionary Baptist 22. Transfers and Supplements surplus will exceed $90 milliom budget year. end of 2014. The state also will activelylnVolvea In ~ne rresvymnan ~,, .... ~, ..... wnurch. She was a loving wife, 23. AdJournment Agencies will report unexpired funds The general revenue collections continue to ~have down the ~nurcn as Well as numerous o~ner .. - - ..... morner and daughter and will be over the next month, McKown said. show that personal income tax and corporate net rate, to 7 percent on volunteer organizations l ney ..... . - - " .... uearly missea oy ner family and About $24 million of the surplus sales tax revenues beat theirJan. 1, because emergency reserves moved to Gibsonville, NC in i~o .... . . . Where they continued their Irlends. . ...... Sustalnablhty should fully fund the states main estimates and exceeded what they equaled at least 10 percent of . , _ .._ ., ~. ~ ~ne was preceaea in aeam oy a tnvolvemens wl~n ~ne ~trss .... - .... . . msCer, IJreama K. Richmond ~k~]~ ~:~"/~|d~rsoll emergency reserve. As recently brought in during the prior year. general revenue spending. Statelaw Presbyterian ChurchofBurhng~on ....... ~..a~ ~. z~ ~ amended, state law requires the That reflects improved economic will cut that rate further, to 6.5 ~eslues her paren[s, survivors deposit of up to half of any annual activity. The two tax categories percent in January 2014, if those NC. . ~. include her husband, Robert l l, m..nt r,r C-h-el revenue surplus under that reserve, together brought in $1.8 billion of reserve levels hold. She is survived by her son, ~r. m.^~- ~- ~_^ ~_. _~.,^_ ~z~.L. ='~l~aaa~aa~M j u.~ ,J ............... ~auway. ~.~ u~t~,~, ~a~.y known as RainyDayFundA, equalsthe year s total, and each had Current reserve levels also keep ,:aware ~ ~cKer~ dr. OI lvlyrue ~, . . . . . .. .. - ,. , trice ana nusoana lvia~ o~ ....... 13 percent of general revenueimproved over the 2010-11 budget the state on course to erase its food -- Beach, SC and her daughter doanne .............. What do l~ecycling, ~nergy, roaR, w neenng, w v. ~wo Drainers, dames spending. Paired witha second rainy year by about 6 percent, tax. A series of scheduled cuts has Kesler (Russ) of Durham, NC, 5 ........... Air, Water, Climate,Transportation, ......... wursts r~cnmona, or. ana wile - day fund, the state s emergency Severance taxes, applied on coal reduced the sales tax rate on grandchildren, Meredith Elhson ........... and You all have in common: . - , , lammy oi bexlng~on, ~u ana donn .~, . ' (George) ofRalmgh, LmdseyEcKert ................. That'swhatAlderson',mmenmry reserves are around 20 percent of and other extracted natural groceries.As of Sunday, the taxhad - w. i~]cnmonu ana wile VlCm oz .... that spending, McKown said. resources, brought in a record $467 dropped to i percent. It was 6 of Boston, Ma, Bradley Kesler of Elliston VA Four sisters Mar School's Go Green Machine has ~een Durham, AmyKesler of Chicago, I1, ,~ ',, " ..... " .... ~Y exploring this year in a pilot after West Virginia's reserves aremillion, Muchow said. These taxes percent in 2005. The food tax will P~vans arianusoanaiviarvm oiwnl[e - - ranked among the most robust played a key role in keeping West disappear July 1, 2013, if the state KariKesler of Greensboro; two great .... . ....... school program geared towarus . - . . uaz, baroara Allen ~lcnmona a: ....... hl Virginia's general revenue budget can keep the main emergency grandchildren Jackson Elhson, and h, ~,,n ........ e~gagingyouth m dlrleren~ men: y among the 50 states. . _ , ., ......... r~ex o[ rreezelana w~.," .., . Benjamm Elhson;and two zamuy Brenda Richmond and husband themesofsustamaoi!ity~.~,.erayear Disasters and other emergencies balanced during and immediately reserve equal at least to12.5 percent pets, Wmston andwiagg~m.. . "h Bernard of Freezeland Mt. and of specml events mcluum: ~r~, d art cgontest are a key reason for keeping a rainy after the latest recession. While of general revenue spending as of Memormls may be made co ~ e .......... planting and a recycm - HEALTH DEPARTMENT Dec. 31. .......... ~lara lvlay ~arpen~er ana nusoana - "" ~ "~air First Presbyteman Church, ~o~ w ........... attheAldersonFamuy,.nergyr , ALCOHOLICS Mondays and Wednesdays are I would also like to give a very ........... donn oz~nreens, urn. ~ne granason, - ........... special thank you to all the linemen Davis Street, Burhngton, r~w z Cz~o ......... the program will cuimmace w~m ANONYMOUS our nursmg servme days. Children s , . , ,~ ,,. .. ,~ ~ ~.ogan ~anlel IViuler.... , , . . . or tlosp~ce ann ramatwe ~hare at (, ..... .~ .... : .... .~...,. ~ Sustainab~lity weel~! Meet at Ascension Episcopal immunizations flu shots bloodand the individuals from across ,~w~u~ ~ v ~ ~a~u uu,.u ~,~ . " " " ' p ess g Alamance Caswell, 914 ChapelHfll held at 2 00 m Sunda Jul " Sustamabfl~ty Week will be a Church, Corner 5th. Ave. and r are screenin s and all other West Virgmm and other states that Road, Burlington, NC 27215 ...... :.~ P~'.", ~Y'~ Y.,~' scho01-wide celebration of these Temple Street, HinteR, Open servl'ces are done on these days. If have., been. tirelessly assisting, our .. . ,:u~ in ~ne ~lcnmona family ....... he "ave an uestions lease feel c~hzens since the storms hit last A private gravemde servme was ......... themes the last /ull week o~ ~Meeting, Tuesday, 8 p.m. Open Book you n y q p . ~,,emesery on ~reezemna lwounsam . held in Hmton, W.Va. on Sunday, with Pastor Dann Winders school year,, featurmg guest Study Thursday 8 p.m. and Openfree to call 304 466 3388 week. Your efforts mean a lot to all July 8, 2012 at Greenbrier Burial ........ Y .... :speakers, a canned food~and toy' Meeting, Saturday, 8 p.m. 'Ifh~ou are between the ages of 19 of us ................. : ..... ~ omcm~mg, rmenas caneu ~rom t).. o A ,~ "" "-~" "~ ter Su~dayWomerFs o~nlymee~ingat~ ='~ -~-'~ witch or with()ut insura'nce If you would like to follow,the Park. A memorml serwee WUl oe.....+;i~...~ ~,~+, ..A...... ;.,~ ~.~. ' 'arive~or~neramuy~e[~gew, en~ , ana zo; , heldatafuturedatemBurhngton,' ............. , a walking field tnp. to the ne y- '3:'00 ':(open b)ok study/open ~na |;t:~rested ih'receivi'n~ the dailyactinftheLegislhtur~e,visit ..,~ [a$i~lvon~runeralrlomelnrlmr~on. . , ~,., , .. ,~,~.~u_e_.~,.-. _ --,w ,~--~,- ": ~se~ ' all the 80th Legnslature' ........ on the web at : r~()nline condolences & guest A:::c~ l?l~eft ~ Oonnt S::7:1 ~P:t:r?a~::;cl:~f:k~:::~Pow:and .... Discussion. ' ............... Gardisil/HPV vaccine, plea c at 304 466http//www leg, s state wv us/ ] v Call Toll Free 1-800-333-5051. the health department - - : - " .... : registeratwwwpivontfuneralhome. ^ -', P; " .... Y an Outdoor Fair, among other 3388 As always, I welcome and al~ernoon, duly ~ mr muse wmmng "- ..... o le COMMUNITY SUPPORT " E appreciate your input on this or any :ll~:; = ~ e:::::ig ::: VACCIN C%angements by Pivont Funeral, to ~t:2d theg~e:Vb:~de 7e=:d :~:~t=y lPy, The HinteR Lions Club is asking If you are between the ages of 19 .... other legislative~ ........... issue. Please.. call. : Home, HinteR. y as and it helps the earth! x saysfor the Communities support in and 26, with or without insurance, my a~ ~ov~) o~v-ovz or wrote ~o Delegate Virginia Mahan, Room pallbearers. Stephanle, a Go Green Machinehelping to provide those who need, and interested in receiving the 206E, Building 1 State Capitol BINGO Online condolences & guest Bingo every Friday night at the register at www.pivontfuneralhome , Hinton Senior Citizens Building on .cam Second Ave. Doors open at 4:00 p.m. Arrangements by Pivont Funeral starts at 6:00 p.m. Home, Hinton. " Shown Left to Right: Dorothy Jean Boley, Judy Dolphin, Millie Meador (standing in for Robert SoPg), Barbara Bowling, Barbara " Palmer, Judy Peterson, [... In the absence ofPreside-ntRoberta support efforts such as the street flower boxes and the Water Festival Sorg the meeting was presided over Coronation Tea. by Vice President Judy Dolphin. Installation of officers wasThe officers for 2012"-2014 are conducted by Dorothy Jean Boley. President Judy Dolphin, Vice Each officer received a flower which President, Reberta Sorg; Recording was then placed on a bouquet to Secretary, Barbara Bowling, represent the coming together ofthe Corresponding Secretary, Barbara club to accomplish the goals of the Parmer; and Treasurer, Judy club. Peterson. The Wednesday Club is a member BEST KEPT SECRET IN W. VA. Hilldale Community Park, Rt. 3 SPECIAL EVENTS. East of HinteR. Bldg. w/kitchen The Historic Graham House, Rt. facilities, bathrooms, inside and 3, Lowell is available for reunions, outside. 7 picnic tables, 4 under :parties, meetings, weddings, shelter. Huge field for children to receptions, etc. Indoor with large play, including ball field away from kitchen, dinning room, picnic tables vehicle traffic. Great for reunions, & shelter outside, restrooms & birthday parties, meetings, etc. putdoor area for recreation.Excellent Rates. Call 466-1451, -~ For rates and availability call 466-3441, 466-7110 or 660-7156 for ~94-466-3321. details. participant. All grade levels will engage in a variety of competitions and collaborative challenges during the week in order to win a Sustainability Trophy, made from recycled materials by members of the Go Green Machine. They are also creating a Cardboard Castle that will be temporarily installed on site at the school. Members of the Go Green Machine will share an original skit, and make daily morning announcements about sustainability. Local celebrities are' joining in, and it's been rumored that Alderson's own Leo the Lion may make an appearance. The Go Green Machine was formed as an initiative of Alderson Elementary School in partnership with the Alderson Green Team, a group supporting the development of a community energy plan and recycling efforts in Alderson. Anna Osborne, Kindergarten teacher at Alderson, runs the school recycling club and has facilitated activities of the Go Green Machine in its pilot year, along with community volunteer Kevin Johnson. Sustainability Week will take place on the afternoons of May 21, 22, 23 and 25. All inquiries can be directed to 304-445-3040. Get in touch and come share in the fun! PSD MEETING The Meadow Creek Public Service District meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Green Sulphur District Volunteer Fire Department at 6 p.m. Meetings are open to the public. eye examinations or eye glasses. The HinteR Lions have been Gardisil/HPVvaccine please callthe Complex, Charleston, WV 25305. health department at 304-466-33B8. providing assistance for over 18 ii years and are asking community organizations and businesses as well C~h~ ~L~'~Lt?~ as citizens for monetary donations Cg to continue providing help to those in need in our community. As ngws209 2nd Avenue spreads of the help being provided, requests are now outnumbering the Hinton, WV 25951 Ph:(304) 466-8200 Lions Club's ability to help. Once arequestis received, the Call in Requests individual's application is screened to insure that other avenues of assistance are pursued before the Lions Club provides help. Sunday Service and Children's ChurCh--10:30 a.m. Donations can be mailed to: Lions Club, Sight Assistance Program, Wednesday Fellowship Groups-- 6:30 p.m. P.O. Box 1321, Hinton, WV 25951. Checks should be made out to:Open 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Hinton Lions Club. "There's No Place Like The Ministry Place" COMMISSION MEETING The Summers County Commission will meet at 9:00 a.m. : in the County Commission Office at .... :~;:; ~i the Courthouse on the first and third Mondays of the month. In the event that a holiday falls on a Monday, the County Commission meeting will be moved to the following Tuesday. a~: Bobcat Den/Pop's on the By-Pass The next session of the County Commission will be held on 1 Free Day With 2 Paid Days (With ThisAd) Monday, July 16. Contact Mary New Lower Rates Thanks to me, Beth Merritt, County Clerk at 466- 7121ifyouhavequestionsorifyou "Mary Ann." His rates were to high. have items for the agenda. Now $22-25 small cars pef day. AL-ANON $45 - $55 SUV'S, $50 - Pick up Are you troubled by someone's Local miles / drinking? AI-Anon Family Group Long distance can help. To help them, you have to rates available help yourself first. Meeting every Tuesday 7:00 - ........... 9:00 p.m. at 411 Temple Street. For .. i more information call: 466-2760. . Total Flexibility Activities Laundry Mon. & Tue.: 9 a.m. Wed.: 9 a.m. to 1 Thurs.: 9 a.m. to / :~ : . : : The Wednesday Club met May 2, of the General Federation of -_ at the Graham House for its annual Women's Clubs of West Virginia and luncheon and installation of officers, is involved with many community- t Delicious Served Dining Transportation Housekeeping Optional.Medication Program to 4 p.m. Fine Retirement Respites 2 p.m. Caregiver Breaks & . Trial Stays 24 Hour Staffing 4 p.m. 408 Timberidge Dr., - Beckley, Ph: 304-252-5452 __ or 1-800-552-8785 Retirement Ii n