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July 10, 2012     The Hinton News
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July 10, 2012

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2 - Hinton News Tues. July 10, 2012 Slow Computer? More and More People are Reading our Newspaper Computer acting up? Heed help setting up your home/ office network? CallBob's !, 304-924-1696 ~¢:f~Greenbrler Baptmt - ~'TheYouth[. We specialize in: Small business and~me i networking, virus and spyware rer~val, performance tuning, data recovery, har~Yare and software installation and tr0ubleshc~ing, webs[to design, and training. All ope~ting y /~,g systems, including Windows Mac, and ~ux. v ' " Because a recent survey found that The I CRIMES AGAINST THE Constable Cherrington, with the County• HINTON NEWS is the favored source I RAILROADS special agent, went to search his Surrounding states were put on for three out of five for local news and I Part 7 of 8 parts home on Fifth Street and Seventh alert to advise C. & O. police if they _ __ advertising items, Save $$$. Call ,]trF:~iq;ito:althgci?& ~)??:flgweL; AVeT:::ffiH::~:ngt:~lothing, shoes' kn:r~ a::~hic:gv::thattht~.:g?::~" JUS~Sk~ i! , (304) 466"0005 : had been comp!aining thatwhenopera glasses, spectacles and a large prisoner in Nottaway County __ __~ :i they arrived at their destinati°n' am°unt °f°ther merchandise t° the Virginia in c°nnecti°n with a J~V~® i Monday through Friday, or Send this coupon to I after having checked their baggage extent of a thousand dollars. Mrs. shooting affair at Crews, VA. ~* 6V i the address below and we will bill you for your 52 I over the route, several articles of Karnes maintained from the start A trumped up charge and arrest START RIGHT. START HERE. value was missing from their that she'knew nothing of the theft was made of a C&O detective who ~ , .. i I week subscription• I Kailr0aaAve,Alders0n, WV '~ I luggage• Claim Agents for the committed by her husband• was locked up in the cell with King. CALL 3;4 445 2920 ~ I i [ company were kept busy settling A second, more thorough, search The undercover detective found wwwTruev:aluec;rrgh;r~ccenter I [ Name I with the claimants. The rifling of of the home was made Tuesday, June King to be an egotistical brat, a bully ' ' I : (please print) I baggage from luggage had been 10 and they found two trunk loads type who thought himselfa bigshot ! Address i going on for several years and the of stolen goods• They were taken in the criminal world. He readily ri ~]11 ~k I [ ~ I special agents of the company had from the home and shipped to the talked about his life of crime. He , [ City ' State Zip [ been engagedin the endeavor to put Chief Special Agent at Richmond, bragged about the hold-up he and T S TIME TO STOCK YOUR POND" I ~ ~ -~- I a stop to the theft• With a sudden VA. Several of the articles bore the his accomplice, Ernest Hearn, also ~ ,, "" I TEAR & MAIL TO: [ increase in cases, the special agents names of the owners• On a of Greenbrier County, pulled off at y i::~e:: I THE HINTON NEWS I joined rank to catch the thief, handsome silver drinking cup, White Sulphur Springs, W. VA.,on Honda-, : After several weeks of detective encasedin aleather pocket case was a trail of The Greenbrier Ho!el. ~ l P. 0• BOX 1000 I work, suspicion finally pointed to a written in ink, F.F•Frye, Whitehall, OnbeinginformedofKingsstory, J U lY 23 I HINTON, WV 25951 twenty year employee who had Scottsville, Va. After using it as Mr. J• W. King, no relation, Chief Hintnn ~":nn R-a~ " a ays been regarded as falthful and evidence the cup was returned to Mr. Special Agent for the C. & 0. of..-, .... ~ L ______. .... ............. j lw .......... " .... Letter to the Editor interstate, one for a possible trust worthy who was presentlyFrye• , Richmond, VA., went to Nottaway @.nree Hivers ,.-age .... drowning, another to a home where working as baggage man on the Karnes trial was scheduled inCounty and induced the prisoner to Catfish $45/100 A Personal a mancouldn't catch his breath. This passenger trains between United States Court at Huntington repeat his story. He also disclosed to Blue- ill $45/1"" . _ is just the calls I know about. They Huntington and Clifton Forge• during September 1913. He plead Chief King he had given one of the g ~ / UU Thank You handled it all like professionals• A law had recently been enacted• guilty and was sentenced to one year diamond rings to a girl friend in n"ir .......... ..... The moral of this story is: If you to make the theft of any article from in the penitentiary. Richmond, VA., and a gold bracelet. rlJH WAGON tear .... Jhal~or, have something" negative" to say a carrier engaged in interstate Does anyone remember the case watch to a young girl, his cousin, of To Place an Order Call. ~ralsem.yLora. . ..... about these people, don't talk to me. commerce a Federal offense, C.&O. ofthe ' White Sulphur Bandit?" This Ronceverte, W. VA. Both items were |'800-~4~-843~ .....lwy gmrlous nome s~a~e ma: i I back them 100%~ ........ ^t,~.^. s'*~" ...... T,~.special agents intended to use the robberywas committed against Mr. recovered and eventually returnedwww.fishwagon•com nearly ..... love, because mountaineers getting• elderly and can't do the new law to their advantage. & Mrs. George S• Eastwick of New to Mrs. Eastwick. ., are ~rmy. aJways~.~.. Iree,.. go~ a.~.~.very things I on~ ...... ~,,u,,~'~ uu,'~^ ~T'U. uo~^ w.~'"L~" ~T Special agents devised a plan to York City, wealthy guests of the Nottaw~v County authorities I .~w/~ " I severeac~o~a]us~aaysago•.~n~y-can and all they have to do ].s tell either catch baggage man W.A. CreenbrierHotel. InApril1917 they released i~ing to the railroadI .-¢~/*:~ ,,'~ ~ - I mree ou~ oHu~y-nve coun~ms m my me how I ca~ be of service to them Karnes or prove him not guilty. On were guests gt The Greenbrier and detectives and he was brought to [0~O**~,t ~0U~ ~ beloved state of West Virginia were Si--ed " Sunday, June 8' 1913, a suitcase . would walk along the trails enjoying Lewisburg and incarcerated in the ]"~A.~'Ig~. k (x~l~ I ' torn apart by tornadoes and Almost .gu ........ .-.. with some clothes and a few marked the outdoors andjust taking it easy. county jail. I 3U~0~,~Yl(Y~ I ..- .......... , ~ t'roua ~uppor~er olme ~.~.~. v. r~eaven wes~ v]rgmm nas rare~y Fire De-t • valuables was checked to CliftonDttring a warm afternoon they wereHis accomplice, Ernes~ (~,. Hearn, I \ ;,~'~,t~~ ~ ~"~L_ " l had. a .destructive tornado. Our Dons" *'~:lw. oonnson" "" Forge, VA., and placed in the walking along Catamont Trail.31 years old, was also arrested and ] ~'"'"' ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ ~ ] majeshc mountains have always Sandstone " _ baggage car on the train. Mr. Karnes Suddenly two masked men stopped both were held for prosecution. [ -: HEATING ' [ buffered us from the worst of . would be working out ofHuntington, from their place ofconcealment and, Continued nextweek. ] c'nnl I~T~ ':] tornadoes tremendous winds. But Greenbner The officers went to Clifton Forge at gun point, relieved them of ...................... I ~'TT'~'~'~;~.~_ I not this summer• Thank God that • under a disguise and claimed the several thousand dollars worth of I~ ~,rmnfror~r| I ~'.:'2LT::Y_ : I our state's hard working people from - , Bapttst Youth piece of baggage. They were not jewelry and diamonds• | ~ J ............. I I I",L121_.-1 tLI(E/~I_, :~i all oI our power compames nave -- . surprised when they found the few C. & O. special agents were | ~! {~f}//_¢if/t////p/q/- | ] ~I~.'S[DENTIAL ] banded together and have been Camp marked valuables missing. They assigned the case and with very |~ .... ~/ ........ | I ~.CONSTRUCTION : I working literally around the clock '- " caught the train back to Huntington little evidence to work with it U P~n~n~_ Pr~m_ | ~. ~AL~OP~ Q ~t4~' D~ fer days to bring my great state back that Karnes was working and after required a lot of good luck to catch I W~='A'~'~=:=I I ~~0[~)W~t4~'D~j~ to normal and I am writing this as ' " leaving Charleston Station, they the robbers. | .... 7-.77 7ff.... I I JW4 Camp, a church camp for youth my personal thank you to these - went to the baggage car and One ofthe first suspects was one' B ~nOp at ...... • | ~ WVLIC.#031577PL048~5 people who must be exhausted by ages 11-24 will be held Ju!y' 15-21 now a't the st/m/nel-s County 4:HCa p searching Karnes gmp, found the Ira H• King, a 22 year old ex-c0nwct' wwv~.fbm~al¢0rheicohsihnm~nt &~m I ~:.~ [ ICl~Mgq3 ANT} TM~IID~I~ ..... .......... , ....................... ...... [n . missing and marked articles• They of Greehbrier~:County. He had just ............. t,: ,o, I The cost of the camp is $140 The Thanks .... again to all who helped. Greenbrier Baptist Youth" Camp" then placed him under arrest and on been released two months earlier Call for appointment, I ~~TT~ur~'t~ Shirley Jolhffe _ , ,, ' I . --,,- IN H~TON ' Hinton ieatures Christian fellowship, Dime in Cabell County jail. Penitentiary at Moundsvillel W. Va., ~,aw arrival at Huntington he was placed from the West Virginia State [ TEWORKYOUD~ATAiO~ORT~EPRICL • studies, devotions, campfire, A search warrant was securedafter serving a one year sentence for Letter to the E&tor w 1 orship sere'co, crafts, great music, IT'S TIME TO STOCK YOUR POND!! from Magistrate Stuart and breaking and entering from Monroe Enjoy TOPS p pe TOPS wv 207, Hinton is a News a r JOttNHEN~YDAYS support group for those who are Dear Editor John Henry Days Committee will striving to lose weight. You are Your Hinton News is well written meet Thurs. July 19 at 7:00 p.m. at welcome to meet with us at Miller in an effective manner• Thanks for the Talcott Fire Dept. Memorial Methodist Church the continued good works. It is truly Everyone welcome, basement, 109 •Miller Avenue on written with the reader at heart and Thursday 5 to 7 p.m. effectively conveys the warmth and HEALTH SCREENING For more information call 304- spirit of American small town Women's Health Screenings 890-2112. atmosphere• Continue your available• Attention: Women ages endeavor and help to keep the pride 25-64. If you are uninsured or CFM MEETING evident• underinsured you may be eligible for The Campbell-Flannagan- The City of Hinton should be pap smear and mammogram (age Murrell House Museum Board of extremely proud• restrictions for mammograms do Trustees meet on the third Thursday Sincerely, apply) through the WV Breast and of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Dana Caldwell Cervical Screening Program. These house museum located at 422 Goldenrod, F1. tests could save your life. Summers St., Hinton. All meetings Call the Summers County Health are open to the public and all CFM Department for more information members (card. holders) are urged to Letter to the Editor and appointment• attend. Firemen of 123 Ballengee Street, Hinton / 304-466-6220 after hours 304-466-3936 Fax 304-466-5936/2009 / Hours 10-'30 - 5"00 p,m, Just received in another shipment of Apl liances. Whygo out of town, our prices are equal if not lower. No one sells furniture at our prices. Why? Because our Sister Co. Sewmaster sells machinery & swaps for theh" furniture, bedding; try to beat ourprices. Ignore so called discounts. Look at what the Net Cost is on home furnishings. Don't be fooled by Dubious Discounts. Thank you for your past and future business. Tremendous Help Dear Editor, I'm writing to let you know how proud I am of our G.S.D.V. Fire Dept. they came through once again• After the horrific storm on Friday evening they went into action• On Saturday everyone from everywhere wanted gas. Robbie Richmond got a generator to pump gas from one tank. Traf.ff~c was backed up to the Interstate• One truck had to be used on Rt. 20 to get motorists through to where ever they were going• Six people were directing two lines of vehicles, one to each side of the pump. This went on all day into the dark hours. Those firemen were out in that burning heat all day. In the meantime they got a call for a wreck on the and various sports including softball, volleyball, basketball and swimming. The evangelist each night will be Rev. Gary Trout of Marion, Va. The Senior high bible study teacher is Rev. Jon Elardo from West Palm ~each Florida, and the junior high bible study teacher is Justin Heindl from Hurricane, WV. Last years' camp attendance included 187 young people ages 11- 24 representing seven states• For additional information or to receive a Greenbrier Baptist Youth Camp registration form you may go online at www.greenbrier baptistyouth camp. org. Please contact camp director Melvin Ryan at (304) 573-2875, or Adam Rhinehart at (304) 673-9040 if you have any questions. Camp registrations are also available at the Hinton Waterslide, and the First Baptist Church in Hinton. SERVICES Services will be held each Sunday at Second Baptist Church, 212 James Street. Everyone Welcome. LETTERS POLICY Letters are welcome, but no more than one letter each month will be accepted from the same writer. Preference will be given to letters of 300 words or less. Longer letters may be shortened or rejected. Letters must be signed and must include an address and phone number. The telephone number will not be published. Letters by E-mail will not be accepted unless followed up with a signed letter• Letters will be edited for grammar, spelling, taste, syntax, and libel. Names will not be withheld• Address them to Letters to the .Editor, P. O. Box 1000, Hinton, WV 25951• about your club, church group and civic organizations, births, engagements, weddings, academic honors, men and women in the armed services, sports and all community activities. To be considered for publication, items should be timely, either typed (NOT in all caps) or printed legibly. The best way to send an article by e-mail is to cut and paste the article in to the body of the e-mail. The best way to send a photo isjpg. They should be sent as an attachment only. I 5ervin Hinton and the urroundin Area c II your electrical need WV License #WV 043475 Phone: 304-618-2006 Fax: 304-309-4154 Emaih Free SHERRI R. 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