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May 28, 1991
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From Page 1 RAILROAD Fife More and More People are Reading our Newspaper - -" Memoril_ : RECOLLECTIONS ik.. -'-. ,,,.;, :.=::  =,;lw.,-n'liemL : -'1"=-3 i , " I ,:,=" ""2 |'.. t . t'.. T ;" q* t " -,.. P..P|.I ,,. ,, applicants were so close in   / - lcholarship, leadership, ability, and desire to attend U.P.I., that he do- By Roy C. Long which consists of out of state tuition. Because a recent survey found that The HINTON NEWS is the favored source for three out of five for local news and advertising items. SIGN ME UR Send me a full year of THE HINTON NEWS (52 Issues) at the low basic subscription rate of $12.50 (in state residents add 75 state tax.) Name ,(paine prim) Address City State.. Zip. My payment is enclosed olo mu h i=mmld Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery of the first copy TEAR & MAIL TO: THE HiNTON NEWS P. O. BOX 1000 HINTON, WV 25951 Pharmacy & Your Health LETTER T0:00rHE EDITOR Will You Take A Stand? Dear Editor, This letter is addressed to the older /tizens of Hinton and Sum- mere Countyt Most of our younger citizens have had to leave this beau- tiful area to find work in order to feed and clothe their families. How many weekends and holidays do you see cars with license plates from VaY N.C. coming into Summers County? We all know who drives these re- hides, it's ourchildren, nieces, noph- ewe and cousins coming HOME to find peace and to enjoy the natural bbeauty of this area. They come here where their roots run as deep as the roots of the trees that cover our mountains and as deep as the three rivers that cuts through them. In the 1940's several of our par- enta and grandparents lost their life blood to the Federal Government when their land was condemned to build Bluestone Dam. They tried to resist, but to no avail. They moved themselves and their families to another part of Summers, Mercer and Raleigh counties to start life over; to live with their memories of the beautiful serene valley where they had carved out a life for them- selves and their children. Only this was notenough, once again the night- mare started over in the 1960's, when more property was condemned by the government to start construc- tion of Fipestem Park. Yes, it is true that the fight against having our land taken was to no avail, and yes, these two projects have now been proven to be an asset to Summers ,,d ,,rmunding counties but - Today is 1991 and now we are asked tolet a large PRIVATE UTIL- ITY COMPANY (A.P.C.O) have a MILE wide Right-of-way through our ]and. We are told they must expand because ofgrowth and the best route is through our beautiful and beloved county. I have lived here in Sum- mers Co. for 72 yrs. and my wife t" I'ls your Eertifi00 of Deposit earning you at least IO.OP? If not, allow us to give you o second opinion before you renew your CD. Nationwide Life Inrance Company hos recontty recoivJ lhe hi best financial ratings poss;I  from A.M. Best, Standard & Poor, and Mcody's. Only 10 other insurance companies in Ihe U.S. can make Ihat claimt Call us today and learn about Nafionwide's alternatives to COs. AnnH. Gore 217 Ballengee St. Hinton, WV 466-1075 INSURANCE Nmkmwlde  an  ml4 ,mw  N.m: r,mmq   owm Xm cew O,m mS=Wl Plsl m,m ON ,lint| mmiw, lns qi, i IN m,IR .i ,mi.i i i s i,il m ........ came here in 1956 to teach school at Suck Creek, W.V. near Little Bluestone. Must we be forced once again to let 80 ofourland? LAND that has fed us, land that we have tried to save for our children and grandchildren. LAND that has been our HOMEf I tell you our ancestors may not have been able to defeat the Government, but we can certainly fight this PRI- VATE UTILITY CO. (A.P.C. 0.); who is trying to tell us that this 765,000 volt powerline will do no damage to us, to our land, or to our environ- mont. Now I ask you, do they think we are going to welcome them (A.P.C.O.) with open arms? Do they think we are so desperate that we will sell the last drop of our blood so they can have A MILE wide right-of-way to poison us with their aerial spraying? Do they think we will go down with- out a fight! Do we have a choice? We say NO to this project.* We must protect and defend our land, our county and the future. Part of our future lies within the right to enjoy this quiet, serene and rural area that God gave us and the rest of the future lies in our ability to protect and defend the early morning sunrises, the glorious, bril- lant sunset, the soft gentle rustle of the breeze through the trees, the singing sounds of the birds, the running of the animals across the- over-mountains; the mooing of the cows, the bleat of the sheep on the farm land; the bloomingofthe multi. colored wildlflowars, the dancing of sunlight on the rivers and the ripples caused by fish splashing the ater of Bluestone Lake. How can we not take a stand? How can we not defend what keeps us alive7 Take a stand against the PRIVATE project (.P.C.O.) Write to the Public Service Commission and Governnor Caperton in Char- leston and say NO to this project. ,The addresses are: W.Va. Public Service Commission, 20i Brooks St., P.O. Box 812, Charleston, WV 25323 or Governor Gaston Caperton, Cap- tiol Building, Charleston, WV 25305. Luther & Juanita Basham Ellison Ridge Rd. Jumping Branch, WV A PRIZE FIGHT AT THRUMOND The railroad town of Thurmond, W.Va., deep in the New River Gorge, has long been noted as the abiding place of the I-Iarrington and the Iver Johnson, commonly called =Satur- day Night Specials'. A drink of liq- uor was usually within arms reach and excitment could be found both day and night. It wasn unusual for a fist fight to break out but the story I have to tell is that of a prize fight with six-ounce boxing gloves. A. P. Canepa, a local resident, was the stenographer for Clark Lawrence, Commissioner for the merchanta of Thurmond. As a boxer he was untrained and weighed only about 170 pounds and looked like a school boy beside his husky oppo- nent. He was, however, street wise in the art ofsslf defense. Chris Himmler, of Cumberland, Md., was a salesman for a Pitta- burgh, Pa., firm who came to Thur- mend often making sales for the company he represented. He was a trained boxer, a big strong, muscu- lar, fellow weighing 195 pounds stripped and in the pink of condi- tion. Canepa challenged him to a box- ing match. The citizens of Thurmond could not understand why Canepa would be so foolish and felt he didn't have the slightest chance to win but were willing to back the local boy. Searching for a site for the fight to be held, Mr. Taylor, Manager of the Dunglen Hotel, under the impres- sion it was merely a fi'iendly, private affair gave permission for the fight to be held in the basement of the Dunglen, Friday night, March 8, excitement was at a high pitch. Everyone was tel]ring about the fight and it was apparent a huge crowd of cigarette aoking pandnandlere and other "cattle; as they were called, was being attracted tothe affair. On the night of the fight a crowd of about 250 began to gather. Mr. Ta}4or refused to lend his aid and the key to the basement suddenly and myste- rioumdy could not be found. A quick conference was held he- tWeen the two contestant= and it was decided to have the fight under one of the arch lights at the west end of the Dung]on viaduct and along. side the Chesapeake and Ohio Rail. way track at the east end of Thur- mend bridge. A human ring was formed and the fight, before about 250 cheering onlookers, got under way at 10:30 p.m. The fight, reported by the Hinton Daily News of March 9, 1904, is as follows: FIRST ROUND *Both men advanced to the center of the ring and shook hands. After preliminary sparring, Himmler led and tapped lightly on Canepa's mouth. He tried again for the same spot, but fell short and received ahot wallop in the get-away. Both men exchanged some rapid blows at close range and went to a clinch. In the break-away, Canepa jarred the drummer with a visious ribroaster. A series of rushes and clinches, in which honors were about even, ended the round. Both men had fought furiously and viciously and were puffing like a G-4 engine climbine Rend's Hill when the gong sounded. =SECOND ROUND" "Both men fiddled and went to a 1904. ,' clinch without doing much damage. Athedayofthefightgrewcloeer, A moment later they went to an- LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Print My Dear Editor, I would appreciate it if you would print my opinion.., my feeling on the Threating 765,000 volt extra high. voltage Bulk Power Transmission Line ... WE DON WANT IT!. TELL APCO NO... I. No 765kv MEGA Power Line's 2 No 187 Feet tall High Power Towers... 3. No Electromagnetic Fields... 4. No 200 Foot Right ofWays... 5. No Imposing Health Threats.. 6. No Taking of our Fields... 7. No Rapeing of our mountains. oo 8. No Endangering of our Pre- cious Waters... 9. No Disturbance of our Wildiifo 10. No Destroying our Harmoni- ous way of Life... NO MORE Lie's ! .* The mega 765kv line is not going to help WN. it will not create more Jobs For us... it can only Take Away From us... We Can Stop it... call or write... Tell them how you Feel !! Governor Gaston Caperton, Capi- tol BLDG., Charleston, W.V. 25305 PRESENT COUPON TO PHOTOGRAPHER Wtll not stick or fade ON DELIVERY 95 DEPOSIT 1.8X10 2-5X7 8 Jumbo Wallets D.D. STUDIO TAKES MORE TIME TO GET THAT SOMETHING SPECIAL. Percent under 18 must be accompenled by parent. ALL AGES AND FAMILIES LIMIT ONE SPECIAL PER FAMILY SPECIAL SCENIC BACKGROUND NO EXTRA CHARGE GROUP PICTURE $1.00 PER SUBJECT. PAYWHEN TAKEN Thurs. June 6, 10:00 - 4:30 SEARS HINTON minion (He can stop it) 348-2000. Mr. Howard M. Cunningham, Executive Secretary, W.B. Public Service Commission, P.O.Box 812, Charleston, WV. 25323 1-800-344- 5113. 1-800-642-8544 custom relations .o* Harley Staggers, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. 20515, 202-224-3121. Senator Rockefeller, U.S. Senate, Washington, D.C. 20510. Senator Byrd, U.S. Senate, Wash- ington, D.C.20510. Editor. I am from Monroe Co., we the people of Monroe are united with you (Summers County) to Fight... to stop .. This Ditruction of our Lives.. "Together" united we can and must stop the 765 Line's... Cookie Wicldine RFD 1 Box 46 Union, W.V. 24983 other clinch and in the close range mix-up in the breakway, Canepa uppercut his opponent vidomdy in the mouth, scoring first blood. From this on, Himmler had fire in his eye and was looking for trouble. Follow- ing a series of feints he made a "sashay  at Canepa that, had he landed on the spot his glove was way-hilled to, the undertaker would have a job boxing Canepa today. Himmler swung again, but was countered by Canepa w/th a stra/ght- arm jab over the heart that sent the drummer staggering acro the ring. Had Canepa followed up this advan- tage they'd have been a hurry-up call sent in for the ambulance wagon. He rushed the drummer a second. later and attempted to land one of his celebrated round-handed sweep- ing uppercut& but missed the Knight of the Grip by six feet. This was followed by a lively mixup at close range of a give-and-take character, the round ending with both men showing the effect of the scrap as the crowd cheered some more. "THIRD ROUND" *Both men advanced to the middle of the ring with blood, in their eyes, each determined to put the quietus on the other's pugilistic aspiration. The drummer was especially anx- iotm that Canepa walk up to him with his guard down and stand still so that he could knock the everlast- ing daylight out of him. He was the aggressor, and by reason of his ex- traordinary physique and careful training, the stronger. Canepa danced and kept out ofhis way. The drummer kept boring in and in a mixup landed a punch in the region ofCanepa's veriform appendix which emptied his wind reservoir for the time being. From this on, the fight resolved itee]finto a series ofrushes and slugging. When the gong sounded, Referee Davideon was obliged to eeperate the combatant& who had strangle holds on each other, and was battering away with their free arms for who tied the dog. This round was slightly h"the drummer's favor." The report of the boxing, match ended without declaring a winner. From the write up of the fight it appears Canepa won round one and two and if it ended after three rounds, the street fighter, Canepa, was vic. torious over the boxer. Hiram]or, and a big celebration followed. Letters are welcome, but no more than one letter each month will be accepted from the same writer. Prof. erenco will bc given to letters of 300 words or loss. Longer letters may be shortened or rejected. Letters must be signed and must include an ad- dress and phone number. The tele- phone number will not be published. Letters will be edited for grammer, spelling, taste, syntax, and libel. Names will not be withheld. Address them to Lctter to the Editor, P. O. Box 1000, Hinton, WV 25951. To Donald Bragg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Don Bragg, gets full tuition for four years and James Hunter, the son of Mr. and Mrs. T.N. Hunter will receive $5000.00 yearly toward his tuition to the Black,burg institu. tion. Mr. Fife, a Hinton native and a graduate of Hinton High School (1958) and U-P.I. is the Managing Director of Goldman Sacks Interna. tional Bankers in London, England. The Fife scholarship commites composed of Mrs. David Parmer, Mrs. George Reid, Mrs. William Mathews, Mrs. Tom Smith, guid- ance counselor at Hinton High School, and Mrs. C. E. Fife, the donor's mother, are pleased to an. nounce the Pife Memorial winners for 1991. COR. Srd AVE. & 'rl]PL]g fir. HINTON, WVg, PHONE 4(B-SBgl Mark l.lln, R. Ph. Sinusitis: Causes and Cures The sinuses are air-fdled cavities inside the bones of the face and are connected to the nasal passages. The sinus cavities are lined with a membrane that produces a sticky liquid called mucus, or phlegm. Under normal circumstances, the sinuses are kept clear when the mucus that is produced drains into the nasal passages. If the sinus cavities become blocked for any reason, as from the congestion associated with a cold, they do not drain as they should. Sinusitis (inflammation of the si- nus membranes) results from this drainage. Sinusitis also may be the result of an allergy. Sinus membranes may be sensitive to dust or other things. Bacteria may accumulate, resulting in sinus in- fection. Sinusitis often causes pain and tenderness above the sinus cavi- ties, the pain being felt in the face, forehead, and eyes. Some persons report that the.pain is worse in the mornings, easng as the day goes along. The infection associated with sinusitis usually is not serious and often can be cleared up with a course of antibiotics. It is neces- sary m take all the antibiotic medi- cine prescribed. Narcotics or less powerful prescription pain reliev- ers help relieve facial pain. Nose drops (nasal decongestants) may be pmscnel to lessen nasal in- flammation and congcs6on. i CABLE VISION COMING SOON ! WORLD LEAGUE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF GAME USA Network airs the final game of the World League's inaugural season, USA CHANNEL 28 NElWORK I 800-642-9163 m