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May 2, 2017     The Hinton News
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May 2, 2017

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NOTICK Tues' May 2. 2017 Hlnton News - 7 Do you have a diagnesis of breast ~"--"--- + mcer or know someone who does? NOUGU " CARNI ~J Do you need a mammoFam and Taleott El Jumping Branch Carnival has emen Fundrai moved the annual school carnival C cannot afford one? Do you hve m C __ tary ser . , Summers County? If the answer is .o oaell Purse Bingo back to the first Saturday in May = , ' _ ..........,,_,;__ __- ~._~_ may 12, 2017 at the Summers which is May 6th ',~I yes walKlorner~ictamc~-q,. COU_L .. . _ . ....... ,4LJ l?nr th* fi~t twa n.arh.~a nf thA W.m mr., mn a~ni~ation that offers -~y memorial Balding. Doors Activities incluOe DroaJ~aSc ann J--~ ---- ---'~':'"-J-~-~-'~'~-:=-'~ "':--=~--~-~.~'==~-~-=o,,-~-! aid to open at 5 pm, bingo games bewin cern hole starting at 800 AM, King/ -~ _ scnom year, uuvlas graues ...;..; u,aua,uw~,a,..o ,,..... ......... Mt +t ..... .~ "-] ..... " ...... - ., u, ] . perfect, all .As on the report card theeowhohaveadiagnceisofbreast ~..r:~. . ..... ~ / . ~ queen uoronauon at 4 t'M ac ~ne m r" Lzc~ets can be -ur~has--~ ,~ J,~mnlnf Branch Tabernacle, dinner P L J J! of the second grader Olivia was cancer. Talcott . ....... --o _ . . involved in the school holiday play, It doesn't matter if you have I . emenmry or JL Massie at 4:30 PM at the scnoo6 games, I she was in the inventor's club, she insurance or not because we cover .msu~ranc~_A_av.anco Tickets $20, At cake walk, dime toss, pie throw at 11 1 along with" everyone and always items most insurance does not. For w.,m-"e'u rme won't; Eleven Coach purses themoreprincipal, auction and much looked forward to going to school more information'call 304-288-9189 " Something changed onco school or 304-575-7026 started again alter winter break, ,,,, , ,,,, ,, , , ,,, Olivia began to withdraw from ......... .... - her friends, she was making up . ..~ .... A....~,-- illnesses to stay home and when + L NUIIU she was at school, her grades were ppmg , CONSUMERS CONFIDENCE REPORT Charleston, WV - The West emergency exists. Income must be After some prying, Olivias + Bi= nend Public So,- co ru.+.~.+ ......... te found the root of her ~ a.. ~.... ~. ~.~o....~.,, Virginia Department of Health and at, or below, 135 percent of the pro=, -- .-. -. ................... Human Resources (DHHR) today federal poverty guideline for the problem: A new teacher hod .taken t'. u. l ox u4 tmeot , wv tm l)44m l fl/ announced applications for thehousehold size This program overherclassreomafterherorigmal .._ .... PWS#8304r 7/January 13, 2016 Emergency Low Income Emergencyrequires a face-to-face interview teacher took maternity leave. With w~/~ I mcer~n~ ~ i~efrt .............. ................. . v mm; mmmcm synmeuc Assistance Program (LIEAP) will no with a DHHR worker and clients the uew mstructor came a stricter,.~..ah~.~ n~umwo,~a.ffi...~ andv0~ab]etml~niecJu~ni~t~ whirhnmhu nmd, u.t~nf longer be accepted afler Friday, April must provide a copy of their environment, .... one that didn't lhe'~""'"~gendPSDs"~'-':~c~n~am~w~er]"~'.... ............ " -"-"= ................. and ":> ........ .... ow t~ s .... " ~- ....... o pmcessaspe prodt~m)n and can 28, 2017 at 5:00 p.m termmatmn nohce wzth the all or rodents m vmce thew oua vrepo ..... .............. o-inions or ex lore ereative o-tions + _.. . _ ............. ~ ....................... s~,mergency ~ asmsts en~qmeappl]catmn. . v P v. , !n.m report exp,.ms where your water comes tram, what it static systems. state residents who have a LIEAP clients may contact their m the classroom One that didn t contams, and how it compares to standards set by regulaton/ termination notice in paying their local office with questions. A list of show mutual honor and respect a~s.. . _ . ~ .... ~,--"-~....="-"-'-:'~'" ~'~-~.:=.~-':'-:f home heating bills. Eligibility is local offices may be found athttp'Jl but strict discipline and negative ~_.l~',~._~l~.,.l~_.s~..~ r~.~ ~"~'~n~ie'~." ..... v.,~b~p~uu~,,~,m has,~4 o- ;n--too o;.o ~'+~.~o--.rT,~ reinforcement without freedom of ~umpe,~m~,/,~~o,,~,u~eem~,,,~, -= ........ ..... ex re si a yeady schedule, people may be more vulnerable to contaminants m whether or not the household ]sFor more mformatmn on thm p s on. .~,h.m=,~.~~.a~m..~ ~.,,.~m.~ ~t.u~,o.~,~ ..... ,~..,~..o, .... responsible for paying its home program, visithttp'Y/bitly/2pKniWa "Children need consistent j0~"~-~6.5"e"~1 H-"-'~'~a~"~"~'~'~"~ ~'.~":~.~'"~"~.'~"'~'~" . heating bdl, and ff a home heating gu dance to buffd posmvo self. c0mmerlts or su~esUcos, please allend any of our regularly under,no chemolhe~, ~ who have under~ne esteem. Knowing a few key Ehsdubdwaterbelmlmee'~ngsheldonb~e2ndTuesdaydevely :-_'_ ..... ---I"" .....~ .... :.= ...... "- ...... + ..... 01~ s'afl.~lS, people wire hlVlRl~ or omer immune strategies will help build sohd mo al .OOa.nkmth waJ j anto ce, Talcott, WV. dfsordemseme .... and'' " canbe "'ca' ' at m t I foundations for children," says-- - dollmywltweenwbom? .. __'.= .. em ,m n m [_ m m. Sharon Thoyer, children's advocate Your water is sudace water from the Gresnl River. nr, x nora mmcuons. ,nese .pe . snoum seek a.ome " 118 ~/] I ~ and author ^r tt.- .z...~ .... s.--.~. ~m:eWltwAIINIIIlm~ aboutd+inkingwater~omtheirbea~careprovidem ~ ..... , 1...~ -- - .... " -'" ~~V,,-u,Po-ii~,,"~,,~"?"~,~_.,"w_" ASol~-Asmm~wascondul~byl~WestVirginia EPNCl~ guidelines on appropriate means to lesson the _ c~el';ub;~'~i ~ "~ L:'= " .... Binau lot Pul~ He~. (WVBI~. The"..ll. Ihal supplies "ddl~ng dsk of inlec~ by Cn/plesporiclium and olher microbial = . ,~-,,,,,,,~,'v -,--,,s,.x,m~. water ,.t the. Big uend PSD has a nigher suscaptibili~.lo comammams" " " are available -- tbe Safe Drinkin~orn g water Am 1111 r I I1111 "Verbally shooting a kid down .-cAlan~inali~'d~tol~..sen~nl~reIsU.l~....~..~supl0~i~ Holline(800.426-4791~ wa I 14LI~ m |M ll+l IIIIIII IIM lllm ~III +I+ +IIL~HIm I~III~SI~ on hm or her life, the same y ud r Definitions of terms and ab eviaUonsused m the able or .... ..... that conditions are suc that the s ace wate cou,d be ...... MBMM A m k showing respect ann amrmmg a- imosctedbvapoto iaFco m catssource + rep : O II 11: Ir child's positive bohavior can haves "Tl r maybeavoicl llN ixolm liw ,MCLG-I ContandnantLevelOoal, or serum ~ m ~m m.= negativeeffect . , meesuresTbeseurcewater~lrepo~twl~ichontains the level of a contaminant in ddnldng water below which Once parents know it doesnt n~re~nna~nba~m~wora~be~d there is no knovm or expected dsk tO bealth. MCLGs take much effort and just takes toyoualoorofrmedudngbudnesshoursorfmmlheWyBPH30 -$)w for a mar n of safety. consistent interaction and feedback 558-2981. , tu~ ~-.;~...- .- ............. tim... --..~ .....,--. s._ *.....,.~e w,." ma~,,m,:, q~lNI1MmlllW111 Level, or Tile ..y mum w ...... over the course of Ume, one of the d " r " " n n i highest level of a corlta~nan~ thai a lowed m dflflk ~j. . ....... NI d rddn9 ware contams vanous amou ts a d k ads of to they can give m a posmve p gifts . . contaminants. Federal and state regulations establish limits, water. MCI..s are set as close to the MCLGs as feasible sense of self Balding self.esteem '~-~'-- ~'---'~o--ation Month "- " cont~s, and ~ preclices to minimize these c~taminants using the best available treatment technique; " ~,,u~x ~,-~.-~ commum ; ..... + "- o017 . Y . ........ ., m an on-gomg process that as notand to reduce any subsequent health effects. MRDLG - Maximum Residual DisinfeCtant Wher:~s~s]uanmnmmatelrsncounty comm::?tn~~lan~d ser~i:es ;;~ hardH/reUtahastmb:e wconjSist~ten~hieve ~~Wt~waterissafetoddnk, EPAprescribes + ~m~~::~m~geWx~re~i~tC~oa;talth : Council on ~g, lnc.includeso]der sup*P:nr~c~::a~enotd=na~ultsto that: Encourage kids to try ~P~t~EI~I~I~It~'DC~~Onslam~~'~ MRcMR~Rnt~DLDLDLGs.m.~.~n~n~reflsc~cer~?=c~1~aminan~inan~)~.ts~ts~ts~s use of disinfectants t Ame.ricans who richly contribute to speakup for themselves and others;, .......... ic of contaminants in water which must provide the same . ....... ' . ,.. " : our community; and and sememmg' new m putoction pu chea . , Rum.- mzm m mum mmnmmm x m, uance, summer camp, Whereas, we acknowledge that * providing opportunities Por older - -'--'-- - ':'"- "--- -w-" 0 wa!er, ,.nd.udi . wa..ler,.may res ly .be ..Lml..,orl . . best .l of.o i.nle .. ,n " " chart ed , . scmence cmu- - u -.,~v +,,+,,; ~ =+ tmpscleo io c0nim m m~un m amounts or some conmmmams, onmmg water. I tier convincing Ovl~n~ mat what xt means to age has g ..... adult~ to shm'e their e~enences .... ....... Pro. th~ h~t.~r+ :,+ ,.+u ~,m+~.~+h~,~,,~ ~,~,~m,,,u~,+.' :from the electren~cs. Try to direct Tbeln~mceof~._ . _~dces .no/.n~.ce~sadlysndicels . additionof.disinfsctantneceesan/tocontrolmmrobml "-'~-VA-~: ~ummers Count" ~-- ~'~'-" -'~" ~=' :'~'"'~" ~ them toward some things where Itlatwaterpes~abeathdsk.Mommlomtal~al~0et~ corttsmi~nts. . - "'"~"=":' "" " " commi~t~ ~oun~y, wes~ vzrl ma an nereny you know their success will come and potential health effects can be obtained by calling the AL-Action level, or the concentration of a takeehargooftheirhealth, exp]oro resident to take time during this It's diff~t to predict how n~,~ , The Source of drinldng water (both tap and bettied water) .11" ihMItmsotTschnklue, orar'equired " new opportunities and activities, month to acknowledge older adults ............. will 'mcf~dvem, lakl .Mmsms, p0,1ds,~,q~nos, andweNs. - . ....... and focus on independence" and .......... ,_ .... .I.._...aavenmres wm mrnom, sume Alwal Irav over m luda olland or lhrou l 0und, it process intm o I to reou ms my, lot a ontaminant in , anu .ze peel, ae w.e ,-,.- ..- and what ma Who,o.n m ....... ~-ount .............. . __ _ ~ale tmexp~'ted]y Y dtseoIves naturally-ocourdn9 minerals, and, in some cases dnnldng water. " --+'=---" """~ .... ~rovide muuenuat ana vim, par~ osour appear to be a dead-end eould be mdicacevamated~,andcenpickupsubstanc~res~0mtbe ~tionsthalmaybeh3undmthetable" uouncn+ on Agmg, mc. can p community. ' ..... . " +^ enrich the lives of .................. the beg,hang ofa pasmon wlth noIns.ace o(a mels er tram adivity+ pl - per or .alarums . . uazeo uus z t.n say ot.,4p 'u, end. . Con may be IXesent in source water lude: ppb - parts per billion or mmcrograms per liter indi:vinums otm,~ ~es oy:, .... Linville F Go,as, Zxecdtive Acknowleda~ and complimonl~ ~xllmllall~,Su~mvinls~andbadeda, .l~.nolapplica~ -invotving otoer auutms xn Director, SCCOA .... - .... M ch --" come---- Ires not ests sbed . ' . your clnJGLr~ when you nolJl~ ,,my ~ u,~Itl~mmto,.wr.. . . . redefimtzon of agzng zn our .......... ,__. --,--. mm~,~,,mlllu,,~N'J+nn,,m~'.m,-m4,,,;~,m~ NllJ.NephelometricTurbidityUnit, usedto moments o[ creauvscy, uueu+ -I"",-, -.- ............ ............ M,,mdnw Bridoe DILAPIDATE STRUC~ and genius,celebratethole Inlllg~ CONMli~ SuCh U Mlts and rl~ which ""-"~-.+~- ' ~ '~"l~r liter By Alvie Martin ........ for fi'om their failure and see they are variety el sources such l cullure, u oan storm water M I wlIs - Regulated mtominlu . Blg " " "an t-[eas~ contacc ~r, acy tore nmru~ smm r~, The Chestnut Knob Christi ............... simply stepping stones on the path n~ ~I ~ uses. ~. .... ,, ~-:~--inzormarlon at uu4-4oo-'/2~ or r -- . _ ... . ......... unurcn nela a cross WmK rnuay, ...... 11 to success. The treeaom to fan m + _---.., the Chestnut ,storaz,~vvs~amu.eau April 15. Starting at Knob Christian Church, to the Regular Meeting Agenda: Green Valley Church in Danese a Welcome and Determination of total of 6 miles. Three churches Quorum; Old Busines; Review and came together and about 40 walked. Approval of Minutes; New Business; They provided lunch in theirOther Business;Adjourn. fellowship hall when we got there. COMMISSION MEETING April 13th the church held an Easter The Summers County Egg hunt and Celebration at the Commission will meet at 9.~0 a.m. Church, and a Sunrise service was in the County Commission OtBco at held on the 16th. the Courthouse on the second NOTICE Wednesday of each month The Meadow Creek Cemetery needs Session for May will be Wednesday, your donations for this year's care May 10. for the cemetery. Four large Trees Contact Mary Beth Merritt, have fallen and need removed. County Clerk before May 10 at 466- Meadow Creek Cemetery, P.O. Box 7104 if you have any questions or if 85, Meadow Creek WV 25977. you have items for the agenda. IS This is a weekly publication of the Woodrum Summers County Summers County Council on Aging Extension Agent Topie: Active For Inc., 120 Second Ave., Hinton. Life 11:00A.M.Bingo 10:15 a.m. Funded in part by the WV Bureau Friday, May 8: Glazed Ham, of SOn,Or Services, Appalachiar~Area Candied Yams, Green Beans, Cake Agency on Aging, other grant and & Ice Cream, Biscuits, Margarine/ local resources and donations Any Milk. Activity: " Birthday Partf' elder persons is encouraged to Special Singing By "For Him~ Lou participate in the program Honaker, Roger Cox, & Lathan regardless of race, creed, handicap White 11:00 A.M, or national origin. The Summers Monday, May 8: Spaghetti / County Council onAgingis an equal Meat Sauce, Tossed Green Salad~ opportunity employer. Sliced Peaches, Whole Wheat Garlic Wednesday, May 3: Chicken Bread, Margarine/Milk. Activity: Livers, Buttered Potatoes, Broccoli, Bible Study With Rev. DOn Hannah Cherry Cobbler, Whole Wheat at 11:00 a.m. Bingo at 1~.1 a.m. Bread, Margarine/Milk. Activity: Tuesday: May 9:. Taco Salad, Summers County Senior Center Tossed Salad, Chili Beans, Chips, Quilters Will Quilt Today 10:15 a.m. Apple, Milk. Activity: Healthy Steps Bingo 10:15 a.m. 10:30 a.m. Bingo at 10:00 a.m. Thursday, May 4: Tasty Meat Menu changes may eoeur due to Loaf, Buttered Rice, Pea Salad, availability of food or due to Applesauce, Whole wheat Bread, circumstances beyond our control. Margarine/Milk. Activity: Lesley vital to suecoes. Honor and respect children's ideas, knowledge and opinions. - Kids today have more knowledgo in some areas than many of adults (i.e. electronics). That's great, sit back and let teacher, as you honor this reversal of roles. Include them in family decision-nmhing processes and responsibilities with power comes responsibility is a valuable lesson. Tell your children you believe in them and their dreams. Show your love every day; the sueceesfui, the average and the days of frustrations and failure. Regardless of their direction, accomplishments or disappointments, let your children see you are always there to help guide them through the maze to reach the goals they hove chceen. About Sharon Tbayer Sharon Thayor, a single mother of three and now a grandmother of five, has been an advocate for children throughout her life. Thayer is a sraduate of Iowa State University, earning a degree ini family services. She is the former dinector of Bra Rin Ranch in Littleton, Colo., a facility for survivers of abuse. Thayor later went on to start Kid Central. a nature-based childcure center in Conifer. Colo.. for children ages 8 to 15. ThayeFs first children's book, "rhe Myth of Sonta, s Beard" was a national award winner and sold more than 20,000 copies. Her latest book, "If You Tell Me, [ Can Fly" (www.careusel-publishing. cam), has won a bevy of awards and indudes versions (or both boys and irl.. NOTICB Make A Difference... Donate...Voluntoer...Fester..-~lop~- Janet L. Richmond, BSW LSW, Regional Director Children's Home Satiety of WV. Phone 304.647-3430. Fax- 304- 647-3589. +ii mmmm~ s ~.4.-.,~..m N ISll .m m ~4+~'" m -mm-slm..m o i am~*+m,.m,.l~mm+ map ~,,,~lamm.m w m~mm~,.,,.,~.. # WE TO REPORT THAT THE Big Bend PSI) WATI t STANDARDS FOR THE REPORTING YEAR 2016 MET ALL FEDERAL AND STATE Additional Information All other water test results for the reporting year 2016 were all non-detects. Turbidity is a measure of the cloudiness in water. We monitor it because it is a good indicator of the oflbetivenses of our filters. Ifpreeont, elevated levels of lead can cause serious health problems, especially for pregnant women and young ddldren. Lead in drinking wator is primarily from materials and components nsseeiated with service lines and home plumbing. The Big Bend PSD is responsible for providing high quality drinking water, but cannot control the variety of materials used in plumbing cemponents. When your water has been sitting for several hours, you can minimize the potential of lead exposure by flushing your tap for 30 seconds to 2 mlnutes before using water for drinking or cooking. If you are concerned about lead in your drinking water, you may wish to have your water tested. Information on lead in d nking water, testing methods, and steps you can take to minimize expesure is available from the safe Drinkin8 Hotline or at http'Y/ mb wate ead. This repert will not be mailed. A espy will be provided to you upon request at our office during regular Imsiueso hours. I I | i / ?