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May 2, 2017     The Hinton News
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May 2, 2017

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/- 6 - Hinton News Tues. May 2, 2017 r ,,i Growing up as an immigrant moved from Gutenberg to,Google, ,~, Because of the environment that in Hell's Kitchen, on the West they will have to ask themselves'~:~ they live in, many kids show up to Side of New York City, the odds of what their value proposition will school each day without a chance of Road To Healing: ' The Healthy Schools Jenkins y Commun AhldOu ces : FiveTipsToShakeUpYourEverydayChickenDinner (NAPS)--While itcan be ~sy to get Create Health ities Permanent stuck in a rut with family meaToptions, Fix for Miners' especially as schedules get hectic and you Benefits don't have much time to plan:ahea~there are easy ways to.~tke Up yodr nextl:hick- en dinner and excite everyone's taste buds. Opt for bold flavors--Chicken is Amer- ica's favorite way.~to#njoy protein--and for good reason. N6t 0hi), is chicken high in Jaime Casap making it out of his be in a content abundant world," learning a thing. hometown alive, much less beingLatham notes. Because they are homeless, successfulin life, were long. "They are going to, have :to.' ,their parents sell drugs or they Born in Argentina to a single transform theirpractmesfftheyare~ .ar~.99nstantly faced with violence, mother, he wasn't exactly living going to continue to receive future theirbrains are on'survival mode- the American Dream between the permission from parents to educate fight or flight. "We have now secured 'peace of mind £or our miners after years and years of : protein, but it can be seasoned in so many ., uncertainty." ways. Spice up your next chicken dinner with worldly and exotic flavors, such as chi- days spent on welfare and those their children.., .,,~.:,~ ::~:~ ," ,~4~ey are always on alert, thus ~ n ........ r~tleadobo, Jamaican svices or sweet chili. in which he was either witnessing Some of the keys to laddering up the brain has shut down all non- %. ,nepresentauve ~.van Denims ~- Get the kids involved--Food prep is violence on the streets or attending schools into thriving community essential functions like learning. ( , announces . toaay a ureat kitchen activity to bring togeth- ' ..... : , • • ~that a deal'nas been reached to " • • the funeral of a friend. Casap, like schools are presented through the "reachers learn that kids bring ....... er the whole family, even the httle ones. ,, permanently secure healthcare n millions of children trapped in research and journey of the K,12 their pain to class, Latham says• : .... . .. ~:: Reach for food kits that contain the i - communities of poverty and crime, Mindshift team that produced the '"rhey also realize that nothing ~enems mr, our miners. ~ouse gredients for less meis. 0no example is needed a vehicle to get to a better "Humanize" book• • in their training prepares them for ~peaKer va.m. ttya.n sent a .letter Gold'n Plump. Shakers, which are ready ............. to Rep. Jenkins with more details in just three'kid-friendly steps Pour the life. He found the keys to that ride 2~ iew or me major memes tne me pain. . ....... ..... .~" :. . . : book ex lores are B understandin andembracin on me agreement, WhiCh stoves a tresh chicken breast pieces and pre-sea- in education. ~ .P. " ,. " ...... Y ..... g ..... g critical issue for tens of thousands sorted~ breadcrumbs into the provided Casap'sstoryisoneofmanystories • ~e~ung cm~ures anct strategies me relational rote oI ~ne ~eacners, - ............... ~ , ....... ................ of miners in West Virginia and oag, snake to coat, anu men oaKe. of hope in the book "Humanizing mac adgn with the particular needs we wm crea~e a sale environment .... ~ ~,,a, ~,....;.~ ~.A o~o., ~,a ,,~,A across me nauon. -'-'- "" "P"~" '~" ~'7 "'" v'"" the Education Machine," co- of learning communities, for their students, and begin to lay : Rep. Jenkins has' worked for ucts~Studies show that many home cooks, particularly;, millenniats, plan lasbminute authored by Bill Latham, CEO More than 15 million children in the foundation for a more resilient, months beh:i~id the' Scenes with meals. Reach for convenient foods m the Education (https:// thethe UnitedpovertyStateSline, areoftenlivingtoldbelOWthey theirh°pefulfuture."learner as they emerge into 'House and ~:Senate leadership,grocery stores to aid in the enjoyment of iurging them to provlde a permanent cooking at home. In half an hour or less, Among other key themes, the don't have a chance. About Bill Latham ~x to a vital issue for our miners you can make a tasty chicken meal; just book explores beating odds often Latham points to the tremendous pair freshly baked chicken with a bag of ro- maine salad and a bottle of Caesar dressing. Add pizzazz to your dinner plate-- It's all about presentation. Add a little sparkle to the everyday by topping your finished meal with fresh herbs such as parsley. Or create a chicken taco bar with an assortment of toppings so your family members can make their own ta- cos based on personal preferences. Choose wholesome chicken--Accord- ~- an issue tl~at~ miners have been asking to be fixed for~years. '"rhis permanent solution to protect these benefits is a victory ,for our minerS, their:families, and their widows. I worked closely with House Spea~er Paul Ryan and our leadership to ensure a permanent solution was reached, and I thank him on behaff of all of .our miners and 'their families for ing to a Chicken Labels Insights Study his commitment to protecting these from Gold'n Plump Shakers, 36 percent benefits. We have now secured of shoppers say no antibiotics ever is im- peace of mind for our miners after portant to them when buying chicken and humanely raised means higher quality for nearly 32 percent of shoppers. They may be pleased to know that Gold'n Plump chicken follows animal welfare standards and is humanely raised with no antibiotics ever and no added solution, preservatives or artificial flavors. Finally, you can shake up your ev- eryday with this recipe that is ready in under 30 minutes, start to finish. Add some zest to your day with easy chipotle chicken tacos. created by a child's ZIP code in the American education system. Not only did Casap escape Hell's Kitchen, he has gone on to become Google's Global Education Evangelist, where he has been a consummate advocate for leveling the playing field in communities through an education that leverages digital technologies. It is no small task to set someone on a different path that comes from this kind of background. It takes a spirit of connection between students, faculty' and teachers, and a shift in attitude to help other students overcome their ZIP codes. However, as changes begin in the schools, 'the entire community benefits from the transformation. Gone are the days that schools are simply a place to go and receive content that prepares a student for life. "If school officials want to be relevant in a world that has rapidly mindshare these students devote to basic needs, safety and security. Strategies that focus on their social and emotional literacy as well as resilience help such children persevere and emerge from such conditions with a brighter future: • Working to re-engage social capital with teachers, parents and the community at large. The resource~ needed for transformativelearningexperiences for students are often found sitting on the sidelines in communities because of falling trust in the effectiveness of the school's current strategies. Schools must become intentional about engaging their community and giving them clear insight into how they are going to ensure students are succeeding. Understanding the direct connection between engaging learning experiences and the student having a hopeful view of the future. Bill Latham is the CEO of METEOR Education (https://, and co- author of the book "Humanizing the Education Machine." He works alongside community members and their students in creating transformational learning experiences and supportiv~ high- impact environments. If you would like to run the above article, please feel free to do so. I can also provide images to accompany it. If you're interested in interviewing Bill Latham having him provide comments, or having him write an exclusive article for you let me know and I'll gladly work out the details. Lastly, please let me know if you'd like to receive a copy of his new book, "Humanizing the Education Machine" for possible review. years and years of uncertainty. "I have heard from countless mining families worried about losing these crucial benefits. These miners worked their whole lives to make our country truly great, and they deserve these hard-earned benefits. They aren't asking for a handout or a bailout, just what they were promised. Their voices have been heard loud and clear, and we are keeping the promise." Chipotle Chicken Tacos Serves 4 1 package (20 ounces) Gold'n Plump" Shakers chicken breast pieces with chipotle adobo seasoned breadcrumbs 8 (4-inch) soft or hard taco shells 2 cups shredded red cabbage 1 cup chopped tomatoes ¼ cup sliced green onions 1 cup shredded Mexican cheese blend Crema Sauce ¼ cup sour cream ¼ cup Greek yogurt Juice from I lime-- about 2 tablespoons Zest from I lime-- about 1 teaspoon 1 tablespoon of adobo sauce from a can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce Bake Gold'n Plump Shakers per directions on the package. Whisk to- gether sauce ingredients in a small bowl or measuring cup: To assemble tacos, spoon cabbage and tomatoes onto each shell. Top with chicken, sliced green onions, cheese and chi- potle lime crema. Note: You can use sour cream in place of ~f, tdso, sprinkle tacos with chopped cilafltro tf desired. The chicken kits are available in five bold flavors: Savory, Sweet Chili, Jamaican, Honey BBQ, and Chipotle Adobe. Find more flavorful recipes at www. Notice Notice i Manchin Secures BOARD MEETING '. The Southern Conservation TABLE OFPLENTY :~: District Monthly Board Meeting will RESCHEUDLED Per m anent,, So].u i ill ~:.~;"~tr~ .......... " ..................... be hel~,~aEj:~x,.~,:~l~.e,~tt~t~|u~t. Patrick's Table ofP!entySoup z Ior ±vllners ' By Barbara Oafii'els ...... : ..... ~ ' meet~ngwi|l begin promptly at 9:45 "c]ianged to Wednesday, May 10 to " Healthcare Benefits Hen - Fri. 7 am to 7 pm Sat. & Sun. Closed Students of the Month Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) secured a permanent solution for retired miners healthcare benefits in the 2017 fiscal year spending bill, which Congress will vote on this week. This provision requires that the federal government and coal operators honor their obligation of healthcare benefits to retired miners and their families who are facing uncertainty as a result of the financial crisis and corporate bankruptcies. "For years I have been working side-by-side with the United Mine Workers of America and West Virginia coal miners to keep the promise we made that these patriotic workers would never go without the healthcare they earned," Senator Manchin said. "Today, I am thrilled to announce that Congress finally agreed to pass a permanent healthcare solution in honor of their hard work and dedication to this great nation." "Over seventy years ago, President Harry Truman brokered the historic Krug-Lewis agreement that guaranteed health and pension benefits for coal miners who put their lives at risk every day to meet our country's energy needs. President Truman recognized the vital role our coal miners played in our country's success and he believed their hard work earned them guaranteed health and pension benefits. This agreement has always been a sacred bond between worker and country, and I am more determined than ever to fulfill our whole obligation and secure retired miners pension benefits as well." For years Senator Manchin In 2009, New York State tested 24 randomly-chosen samples of flowback from horizontal hydrofracturing (fracking) sites in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Every sample contained has fought to pass his legislation, dangerous levels of 4NQO the Miners Protection Act, a long-~ '(4~ni£roquinolinl-oxide). term solution for retired miners' .'::" :This chemical, an endocrine healthcare and pensions, disruptor (EDC) affecting genetic This legislation would amend health, is one of the most cancer- the Surface Mining Control and cat, sing substances known to man. Reclamation Act to transfer funds.- : T1,/e state of West Virginia, in excess of the amounts needed to nevertheless, is not testing for meet existing obligations under the 4NQO in any drinking water Abandoned Mine Land (AML) fund sou~'ce. to the UMWA 1974 Pension Plan to Though this situation shows the prevent its insolvency. .: .... argencY for ending such pollution, It would also make certain EDCdaden frack wastes are being retirees who lose health care injected into abandoned coal benefits following the bankruptcy mines connected to drinking water or insolvency of his or her employer ::::~tli~pl~es. eligible for the 1993 Benefit Plan. From Congress to the WV Health In October 2016, 16,300 of our Department, industry-installed nation's coal miners and their officials are ignoring the poisoning families were told that they woul& of W~t Virginians. hose their health care bfDecemi~er " 31st. But instead of passing the Miners Protection Act, the Senate waited until the last minute to pass a 4-month extension. On March 1, 2017, 22,600 miners received letters letting them know that their healthcare benefits will be terminated at the end of April. Then. 22,600 of our nation's coal miners and their families were set to lose their health care. Congress went over the deadline and passed a one-week extension in order to come up with an agreement to pass a long-term healthcare solution. / In 2011, 750 frack additives were reported to Congress. But when research implied that quinolines are precursors of 4NQO, these and other frack chemicals were promptly hidden under patents. Of the 23 toxic frack additives still listed, twelve are not monitored in drinking water supplies. Meanwhile, the radioactivity Regulatory-Commission level for industrial wastes and 600 times the "safe" limit for drinking water. Radium 226, the main culprit, accumulates in our bodies causing bone and other cancers. It is active for 1,600 years. Yet in 2015, Federal Judge Copenhaver, with ties to oil and gas, refused to hear evidence and ruled against a Fayette County ban on industrial waste dumping. He thus nullified WV Code, section 7-1-3kk statewide! That code had allowed counties to protect themselves against hazards. Frack waste's toxicity warrants HAZMET protection, but state and federal loopholes require that it may neither be handled nor labeled as hazardous. Further) the ingredients are trade secrets. 'Because of these loopholes workers, responders, well owners, corttamination victims and ev~en DEPinspectors are at risk. ~In this outlan~lish scenario, the WVDEP h~§' frequently failed to" notify public water providers of a spill just upstream of their intake! NOt unexpectedly, Faye'tte County cancer rates are ~kyrocketing. An appeal to the Copenhaver ruling is on May 9in the Fourth Circuit Court in Richmond, VA. A rally on that date is scheduled in frack waste dumped in Fayette for l lAM at the Fayetteville County was measured at 60 times Courthouse. the allowed Federal Nuclear- t ':0,. Board Ce fied Cardiology [ The Heart Center ,1 For Appointments , (304) f i.2030 [ Offices in Lewisbu;g'an( B--ver KIN METERY (Located on Swell Mtn. Rd. at Sandstone) Needs Your Donatio0 For the 2017 Mowing Season • ..... Please SendTo : King Cemetery Fund C/O First Community Bank ..... 298 Stokes Drive Hinton, WV 25951 Patsy(Harris) Wingfield, Treasurer Row 1 Left to right: Wyatt Grant, Josh Crawford, Dakota Pettry, Roy Nelson, Lindsey Pitzer. Row 2 left to right: Tyler Adkins, Dylan Galloway, Cheyenne Smith. Missing From Picture: Dustin Hurley, Anthony Jarrells, Tyler Johnson. a.m. The agenda will be posted at accomodate the Women of St. the SCD office. For any questions Patrick's Rummage Sale taking concerning the .above mentioned place next weekend. meeting please call 304-253-0261. ~':' III I ] .... I ............ SU -e e • • P a lng :it I I I II -" I [' - ......... I~ 'rell's xxc "Your Full-Service ServiceStation" ______ 466-0.133 .__ i~tUl~, S;t. & :;u.. Closed Pay At the Pump Gas & Diesel Fuel ALL TIRES.; FREE MOI/NT FREE BAL4NCE FREE TIRE WIL Head Mechanic Johnny Reel Mechanic Nick Connell I BRAKE SPECIAL: FRONT PADS ONLY LIFE TIME WARRANTY , WEAREVER GOLD $69.95 WAGNER $79.95 COMPUTER SCAN We're drivers too. ;?