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April 18, 2017     The Hinton News
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April 18, 2017

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r% ................ ;I ..... r . M| . " It's Time To Show Your Kidneys'St)me Love Have A Sparkling Time--WittNmt Overindulging (NAPS)--When it comes to internal . jt~b~ Presented by organs, hearts tend to get all the alton- Truly Spiked ~ Sparkling tion. But when your kidneys don't work, (NAPS) If you're like most Amer- the rest of you won't work, either. That's leans, according to recent Gallup polls, why now is a good time to show these you want to lose weight, be fit and eat two fist-sized organs on either side of right. Only abottt one in fnur people, your spine some love. It's time to "Heart howevel, is seriously working toward Your Kidneys.~ ~ that g9al. What Your Kidneys Do For You One problem, many say, is keeping Kidneys are vital organs that keep Heart Your Khta~/s. lk~ta~e whento a health and fitness resolution while you alive. They play the powerful roles th~ll~ working, so do you! ,, out on the town. In fact, 45 percent of of filtering everything in your system, Certain factors can cause chronic drinkers told a Harris Foil that follow- keeping your body clear of waste and kidney disease, People with diabetes ing a wellness routine makes it hard to toxins, balancing your internal fluids, and/or high blood pressure are at a high- be social because events often revolve releasing hormones that regulate blood er risk, as are certain demographics such around sugar-spiked, high-calorie food pressure, and controlling the production as African Americans, Hispamcs and and drink. Fortunately, you can balance of red blood calls, among other things. Asians. If you're in one of these groups, better choices and e~joyment--and That's a lot of responsibility, and kidneys it's important to be diligent about main- even the occasional cocktail when you live up to it 24/7 in order to keep your taining your overall health, and to speak try Truly Spiked & Sparkling and these system funning smoothly, to your primary care physician about six tips. The Problem two simple tests (one blood, one urine) Six Suggestions Yet, many people ar6n't paying at- that can determine Whether or not your A few simple steps can help you tention to their kidney :health. Twen- kidneys are functioning properly, maintain both your fitness goals and ty-six million Americans are affected WhatYouCanDoForYoutgtdmys your social tile. by kidney diseasetoday, and millionsof That said, kidney health is impor- Don't party hungry. Eat something them don't'even know. they have it, says tant even if you're not part of a high- filling but lnw in tat and calories, such Kevin Longino, CEO of National Kid- risk population FortUnately, it's easy as fruit or fresh vegetables, before you ney Foundation and a kidney transplant to "Heart Your Kidneys" by staying go out to dinner, or a party. patient himself. "There's a myth that informed and taking action toward a Drink to ),our health. Alsn, fill np on only old people get kidney disease but, healthy lifestyle that helps protect them. water before you go out While out. re- really, it can affect anyone, he adds. "We Some of the most effective measures are member, you're less likely to overeat after felt we needed to address prevention, also the easiest: Follow a balanced diet you've had lood with a high water con- and not just support for people who are of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean tent, such as sonp, accolding to a study already deafing with these issues. The meats and low-fat dairy; stay hydrated t?om Pennsylvania State University. 'Heart Your Kidneys' campaign is really and minimize alcohol intake; exercise 'lhink small. At the party or bufl:et, use our way of,expanding the conversation regularly and control your wenght; re- a small plate, Lesswill look like more from kidney disease to Overall kidney duce your salt intake: monitor your and you won't bc as tempted to over- health, Which matters to everyone: cholesterol levels; keep an eye on blood indtdge. At a restaurant, thhik about Kidney health isn't something to put pressure; know your family's medical getting two appetizers instead of an off thinking about: When your kidneys history; and go in for annual physicals appetizer and main dish. stop functioning properly, you're at risk that include honest converSations with Eat only fDod you really like. Why for dialysis or needing a-kidney trans- your doctor about your lifestyle and waste calories on the stuff that's iust plant. The effects of kidney failure can habits. These actions will have a positive so-so? be fatal "Your kidneys are essential effect on not just your kidneys, but your Take your time. Eat slowly and mind to keeping you alive and healthy;' says health overall, fully. Saw)r each bite. Longino. "They are powerful chemical '~,t the end of the day, awareness is Know yomr drink pptions. "I~erds factories working nonstop, and if they key;' says Longino. "Everyone should now a bubbly alternative to wine, light don't, the effects are life threatening, care about his or her kidneys:. America. beer and cocktails that won't get in Your kidneys help,clean out eveq/thing it's time to show your kidneys a little love. the way of your resolnti~n. One such in your body--if you think about your Learn More drink is Truly Spiked & Sparkling, body like a machine, kidneys are)ust as For further information about kid- a spiked sparkliug water with lust 5 importa~ as the heart in terms of keep- nay health, visit or join ing the ~ ;ne running." ~ the conversation at #heartyourkidneys. ? Yotl can have an effervescent evening without high-calorie food and drink. percem ABV, 100 calories, one gram of sugars and two grams of carbs per serving. There are no artificial flavors or sweeteners and it comes in five styles: Colima Lime. Pomegranate, Grapefruit & Pomelo, Sicilian Blood Orange and Lemon & Yuzu. ach style is available in packs of six 12-ounce bottles or a vamety 12-pack in both cans and bottles. While refreshing on its own, Truly. Spiked & Sparkling can also be a delicious addition to many cocktail recipes, such as this twist on a traditional Negroui: Truly Bitter oz Campari (or equivalent) % oz "IHple Sec (or gin) luke from I lemon or orange wedge 5 oz. Truly Spiked & Sparkling Gralmf~ait & ihu4meio Orange or grapefruit Wedge ot twist as gami~ Combine Camparl, Triple Sec and juice from a fresh squeezed lemon wedge in a rocks glass over a single larger ice cube. Top off with Truly Spiked & Spar- lding G~efruit & Pomdo. Add orange or grapeftnit wedl~ or twist 6or garnish. Learn Mote For further facts, including where to find these sparkling drinks, go to www. tr Get to the Bottom of Water Waste Sp(> ,ight On Heatthcare Expanding Roles Of Healthcare Professionals (NAPS)--While the majority of reg- istered nurses ~81 percent)and hospital "!iI~" ~ ~i~' : ~ hands, ,these professionals (69 percentof PaNs, 65 per~nt- of staff) also identify that patients Should be very concerned with the quality of c~re provided, according to a recent University of Phoenix" College of Health Professions survey conducted on- With greater respemlbility ~n their line by Harris Poll. shoulders, healtll(re pr~f~sslon- The survey of 250 registered nurses als such as registeq~ed nurses end and 253 healthcare administrative staff found that over the past two years, the hospital dministrtive staff must roles of registered nurses and adminis- have mcc~ss to g,at~r t~atneMg and trative staff have expanded, with about a higher NIw.ation ~port~nities. third of each ~group seeing an increased administrative staff agreeing their facility involvement in patients' emotional currently does a good lob. well:being (37 percent of RNs, 31 per- "Innovative solutions like nurses' cam of staff) and many increasing their and heahhcare administrators" use role in overall patient care planning (49 of technology and informatics are percent, 35 percent). While both regis- essential to preparing tomorrow's tered nurses and administrative staff see healthcare leaders, and can help en- problem-solving and customer service sure better patient outcomes." Savron skills as essential for staying relevant in added. "University of Phoenix has healthcare~:~68~percent of administrative designed programs to prepare nurses staffalso view technology skills as the key and heaithcare administrators to stay to staying relevant, on the pulse of the rapidly evolving An Educator'sAdvice heahhcare industry, inc!uding offer- "How we care for patients is as dy- ing curriculum in timdF areas of need namic of a process as the individuals like informatics, gerontology and sus- themselves," explained Doris Savron, tainability management.~ executive dean, University of Phoe- Learn More nix College of Health Professions.' For more information about the Col- "Healthcare staff, including registered lege of Health Professions, which offers nurses and administrative staff, are the leading-edge graduate, undergraduate. lifeblood of the healthcare system. As certificate and nondegree programs they are increasingly tasked with more aimed at preparing students to improve respousibility~ it is essential that they the quality of healthcare in their corn- are prepared to meet the demands of munities and the gndMstry, visit www. patier~r care and management to ensure qualivccare." For more information about A,cording to the survey, most regis- University of Phoenix programs, indud- tared ~urses (90 percent) and administra- hag on-time completion rates, the median tive staff (88 percent) have identified that debt incurred by students who complet- thetr tacilities should focus on preparing ed the program and other important them with leadership skills, with 62 per- information, please visit cent of registered nurses and 74 percent of programs/gainful-employme,t. (NAPS/ Ha~* your water bills started creeping up? Or, if less than five people live in your home, does your Winter water bill eceed t2.0t~) gallons per month? qhen it's no mystery; you probably have a water leak. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPAL the average American household wastes more than I0,004) gatto~,~ of water ea~h=~ear from easy-to-fix leaks, qhat's eti;~ingh 'watt* to Ilvash 270 loads of laundry! EPA~ Water- Sense" program has annomtced March 20 through 26 as its ninth annual Fix a leak Week. a tinge to search out water leaks and stop them in their tracks. Become a leak detective and fol- low three simple clues-check, twist, replace to solve the mystery of water waste in your home. Check: Examine your water meter before and after a two hour period when no water is being nsed. If the rtumber changes, you probably have a leak and should investigate further. Check for silent toilet leaks by adding a few drops ~f food coloring to the tank, then wait 10 minutes: if some color sneaks into the bowl before you flush, the culprit is likely a worn toilet flapper that needs to be replaced. Twist: Next, snoop around for dripping pipes or fixtures, lust one showerhead that drips 10 times per minute can waste more than 500 gallons of water per year. Stop that drip by tightening tbe connection between the showerhead and the pipe stem, and use pipe tape to secure it. "lb save even more, twist a WaterSense labeled Be a Leak Detective HOUSEHOLD LEAKS WASTE Leaky plumbing fixtures in your home can waste the amount of water it ~ tomsh 270 loads ~f ~lt~: aerator on your bathroom faucet, to use 30 percent less water without a noticeable difference in flow. Re#lace: If you suspect that one of your leaky fixtures is beyond repair, it may be time for a water-efficient replacement. Cnnsider a WaterSense labeled toilet, faucet, or showerhead that has been independently certified to use less water and perform as well or better than standard models. You can find a lead on products that meet EP?2s criteria fi, r efficiency an~, performance using the Product Search ToO! on the WaterSense website at Get the ia~ts on leaks am/other wa- ter-saving tips at fixaleak. He was such a good man that people hated to see him coming. --Mark Twain I have always thought the actions of men t~e best tm|erpreters cf their thoughts. --John Legke - - * hi-tar Tues. April 18, 2017 Hlnton News - Children Have New Hygiene Treatment For Dry Eye And Eyelid Bacteria (NAPS)--Many'adults suffer from often-painful eye conditions like dry eye and blepharitis. Bat surprisingly, these cOnditions also afflict many children, says Steven I. Lichtemteiu, M.D.; Associate Profes- sor of Clinical Surgery and Pediatrics at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, and Medical Ditxoctor of Pedi- atric Ophthalmology at Children's Hos- pital of Illinois. "I see many children in my private practice at the Illinois Eye Center;" says Dr, Steve ~ one of the Dr. Lichtenstein, an internationally rec- tiom~toppalMt~ophthaknokN~ts, ognized expert on pediatric ophthal- mology. "Some of them have blepharitis, helps a ~ ~ ngoq~r from where bacteria on the eydids contnb- eye inflammatl~ min~ Awnova, a ute to inflammation, pain, and a crusty n~W~t4~lW~M~lwtMct" buildup of debris on the eyelids7 "The warm compresses typically bring Others have dry eye, where small only temporary relief, while steroids glands near the eyelid margins, called and antibiotics have side effects that are meibomian glands, get blocked. "'lhese often more worrisome in children than glands produce a crucial layer of the teat" in adults," says Dr. Lichtenstein. film that helps keep the eyes lubricated But recendy~ Dr. Lichtenstein and others with tears, so the bbckage can cause dry have a more effective and saf- eye or inflammation;' Dr. Lichtenstein er approach--an eyelid hygiene product explains, called Avenova" with Neutrox from Nova- In fact, children Can be especially at Bay Pharmaceuticals. "Avenova kills and risk for these conditions, ophthalmoio- removes the bacteria and mites, direcdy gists say. "The reason is that these prob- fightingthecauseofblepharitb, meibomian iems are caused or exacerbated by bac- gland blockage and other problems," says teria and tiny parasitic mites that live on Dr. Lichtenstein. the eyelids:' says Dr. Lichtenstein. "Chil- Dr. Lichtenstein reports that Avenova dren may add to the microbial popula- makes the inflammation, pain and other tions by rubbing their eyes or failing to problems go away--and that the children wash their faces (requently:"say that Avenova feels refreshing, brings In the past, doctors treated young pa- quick relief and is easy to use. These attri- tients with warm compresses, antibiot- butes also increase compliance,which is a ics or steroids But none of these is ideal cornerstone of any successful treatment. i Journey 11re It tsit: Tips (NAPS)--In the U.S. alone, there are now more than 80~ music festivals annu- ally, and according to Nielsen, 32 million people go to at least one of these festivals a year, traveling an average 903 miles to get there, if you're one of these travelers, yoU know how rewarding m~d exhilarat- ing it is te see some of your favorite bands beside a few hundred thousand fellow fans. If not, you may want to consider these cool benefits of festival travel. Ex~e a mew desttm~tim~ in a umiq~, way,, When you .visit a _destina- tion during a festival, you'll see a com- pletely different side of the local culture than you would normally. At High Wa- ter Music Festival in Charleston, South Carolina, for example, they celebrate the best of Southern cuisine with local chefs collaborating on their favorite dishes for a unique, family-style dining experi- ence. Not only do you get to see the best in Southern music, but you get to eat some of the best Southern cooking, too. So m~h musk in ore #ace,, Though the price of tickets ranges dra- matically, with dozens of bands playing, ~u're more than likely to get your mow ey's worth by seeing a few of your favor- Ite artists: Festival goers also get to dis- cover new and upcoming artists they'd have never heard before. At Hangout Music Festivai in Gulf Shores. Alabama, music ranges from folk to country to rap to pop, with more than 60 bands sched- uled to play over the span of three days. Talk about an edectk mix of music. g0sup eapt, rience. Music festi- vals typically serve up something for everyone, which makes it an excellent activity for a group trip. Ou top of the For Music Festival Travel There are many lam cam han~e yow upeden~ when-~- q visit a musk: fwtival--.and smmM"~~ m .mmN ....... camaraderie, you'll also be able to split costs. One way to save is to stay in a va- cation rental home with a company such as Wyndham Vacation Rentals. With amenities that typically indude multi- ple bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, a washer/dryer and more, you'll get way, more than you would by camping out on the festival grounds. It's not all about the musk. Music festivals are not just about the music any- more. They are platforms for philanthro- py, sustainabllity, fashion and healthy living. Coachella has been informin~ fashion trends and retailers over the past several years and always includes some type of sustainability and charitable com- ponent for guests to be a part of makin~ a difference in the community. Learn more about music festival des= tinations and vacatiOn rentals at www The travd re- source offers great tips on family travel, ideas for vacation rental accommoda~ tions, and inspiration on a different way to travel. The trouble with some women is that they get all excited about nothing -- and then marry him. --Chef iey CInorale a a a a !t:trhara Ltttz. .... ig a n t. FeattatbtNII Selections 'Tradition Road to and .r