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April 7, 1982     The Hinton News
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April 7, 1982

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Featured Red Cross Volunteers Mr. and Mrs.&apos; Jack Hale of Pence Springs are featured as Red Cross volunteers for the month of March. Jack is a retired officer of the U.S. Navy. Faye is a homemaker and is instrumental in providing a prison ministry at the Pence Springs Prison for Women. Since retirement, Jack and Faye have dedicated their lives to the service of humanity. They-are members of Gideon International ( Jack recently returned from India where he and seven other Gideons diS- ffdbuted many Scriptures) and ' ihave served as Red Cross Volunteers for the past 6 years at the Andrew Rowan Home in Sweet Springs. They serve the second and fourth Thursday Files Frederick L. Parker Frederick L. Parker of Gr- eenville has filed for the Dem- ocratic Nomination for State Senate from the 10th Senatorial District. This district includes the counties of Mercer, Mon- roe, Summers, Elkhorn and Northfork in Mc Dowell Co- unty and census areas 628 and '629 of Raleigh County. The 43 year old Parker is the son of Mr. and Mrs. O. Roy Parker of RFD 1, Union. -i. Parker has been active in the ' Democratic Party for many years. At the present time he is Chairman of the Democratic Party in Monroe County, a position that he has held for the past ten years. He is a 1963 graduate of Concord College where he was a member of the Concord College Baseball team that won the State Conference Championship and is employed by the Monroe Cimty Board of .Education as a teacher of mathematics. He coached for several years. He formerly held the position of 4 - H Club Agent for Monroe County for four years. Preddy is a member of the Greenville Methodist Church and the Adult Bible Class; the i  West Virginia Education Assoc- iation; the Monroe County Ed- ucation Association; and the National Education Association and the Union Lions Club. He is an Eagle Scout and was Scout- master of Troop 159 under the sponsorship of Greenville Rur- itan for a number of years. He was married to the former Judith Houchins who is noW deceased. They have three children .... Jeff, a junior at Concord College; Jill, a soph- omore at West Virginia Univ- ersity; and Mary. Beth, marr- ied to John Mnstain, who is a student at Union High School. The family lives on a farm near Greenville where they grow registered Angus Cattle and have a special interest in farming, soft conservation and wildlife management. ' Parker states that he is very much aware of the challenge ' ;trod responsibility of being a member of the West Virginia Legislature and assures every . person that if he is nominated . on June I and elected On Nov. 2, he will devote the time and '. effort necessary to serve his district and his state. Parker concluded ... " I look forward to meeting the citizens of my district and discussing " their concerns as together we work to improve the opportun. ities for ourselves and our children." Red Sulphur Area r,00ews with a total of 182 hours per year. Mr. and Mrs. Hale are the parents of five children and several grandchildren. We of the American Red Cross are proud to have this couple as part of" Your Good Neighbor" the American Red Cross. Calvary Mission Socity Andrew Rowan Home Birthday Party How many people do you know who are honored with a visit from brightly dressed cl- owns to help celebrate their birthday? Well, I know of seventeen who were so honored !!!I Eleven lively clowns along with other members of the Cal- vary Baptist Church arrived at the Andrew Rowan Home in Sweet Springs Tuesday to host the monthly Birthday party: Rev. Rick Henderson, pastor welcomed the guests to the party, and presented devotions. He honored each guest having a birthday in March by present- ing them individually and each received a special gift. Those having birthdays were : Mr. Wilson Barnhouse 95, Gilbert Wallace 91, Issac Winfredy 86, Denver Echolas 73, Edgar Fo- rren 76, David Mines 82, EI- rea Rogers 80, Francis Kee 66, Ethel Arbaugh 82, Beulah Ball- ard 89, Mary Daher 82, Ethel Hedricks 85, Virgie Spitter 88, Alma Hamm 80, Elizabeth Br- own 76, Lula Miller 78, and Mary Withrow 74. "Happy Birthday" was sung and the clowns presented a program of fun that included the hula, juggling, adentify contest, duets, and a kitchen band that played songs with kaz- Dons, washboard, tamborines, blowing combs, and the pastor " blowing "the jug". Much laughter, happy smiles, and knee - slapping prevailed. Refreshments were served to a full - house. The birthday cake baked and decorated by Mrs. Bob Fix featured minia- ture clowns on each piece gi- ven the birthday people. Mrs. Quinton Crawford made a cro- chet clown corsage for the honored guests. Prizes were awarded by Mrs. Ray Camp- bell, Mrs. June Hedges, and Mrs. Bob Fox. Those sharing in the bless- ings of the day from Calvary Church were : Rev. and Mrs. Rick Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Campbell and Deidra, Mr. and Mrs. Benny Hedges, Mrs Lorna Pack, Mrs. June Hedges, Mrs. Quinton Crawford and Kevin, Mrs. Bobby Hedges and Tanya , Mrs. Leslie Mabry, Mrs Ra- ndy Hedges, Mrs. Eddie How- dock. Mrs. Howard Bishop, Mrs. Jimmy Atwell, Mrs, Jo-. hnny Boothe, guests, Mrs. Ly- Personals There will be a Spring re- vival at the Calvary Baptist hurch April 5 - 1Oth at 7:00 p.m. nightly. Rev. Philip Lilly will be the evangelist. Special singing each night. 'he public is invited to att- end. The Indian Mills Baptist Ch- urch called Rev. Steve Hod- dia Plumley, Mrs. Ruth Mow- , wock as pastor. Pastor How- ery, and Gelnna Saunders. Mrs. Howard Carr and Mrs, Frank Mann Red Cross Voluin- tears from Red Sulphur also helped serve at the party. A gospel sing closed the celebration. dock accepted the pastorate Sunday March 14th. There will be an Easter Sun- rise service at the Calvary Baptist Church April 11th at 6:30 a.m. You are invited to worship at this service. Sharon Sites Adams, a 39-year-old California home- maker, became in 1969 the first woman to sail across the Pacific alone. Wed. Apr. 7, 1982 Hinton News -3A Letter To The Editor: Friday, :around half asleep all the time. April 2nd. I didn't say they were asleep on Letter to Editor: their time and half pay, I said Dear Editor: no one, repeat, no one can work According to the city council .those kind of hours without report in Hinton News March sleep. 31st. the city police are wor- king 54 hours overtime in a two week period. I think their job is tough enough working an 8 hour day. Everyone knows that to work from 54 to 100 hours overtime within a month's time is injur- ious to ones heath besides making your wife mad all the time. Beside what good are police if they are walking Councilman Oxley asked to reinstate one policemen and council did nothing. If any !councilman wants something done about a problem he puts it in the form of a motion be- fore the council then if council doesn't act he at least tried. The council is elected to ser- ve all the people. Ned Garrison 322 James St. Hinton, W. Va. 25951 "Abracadabra" was the magical formula of the Gnostic religious sect of the second century used to invoke the help of benevolent spirits to ward off affliction. ..,,,[.,,.oo.s,o,[ CLOSED EASTER SUN .... APRIL 1 lth Stores Will Remain Open Regular Hours / " / Kroger Saturday, April lOth And Reopen "/am Monday, April 12th. SOOPER COST CUTTERS SAVE 10 TO 40% ON SOOPER COST CUTTERS COMPARED TO OTHER BRANDS" AT KROGER. 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