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April 5, 1994     The Hinton News
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April 5, 1994

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6 - Hi_nton News Tues. Aprll 5, 1994 LEGAL NOTICE PUBLIC 8ERVICII COMMISSION OF WEST VIRGINIA CHARLEmN Entered by the PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION UP WEST VIRGINIA, in the City of Charlmton on the 29Oh day of March. 1994. M. C.CA NOB. 17389.TC and 180&TC ETHEL E. DIXON, Exerutrlx oftha Will of RANDALL G. DIXON, Dereamd, ddng budnosa as DIXON'8 8HELL 8PAWICE, P. O. Bun M0, White Sulfur 8pfings, er County. Application for aNignmont and tranffer of P.S.C. M. C. Certtflmto N. F-IL'4 and F-$@6S unto DIXON'S INC.. P. O. Box V, White Sulphur Springs, Oreanbrier County. WIIEREAS, on Pebruary 28, IS/, Ethel E. Dimm, EDutrlx orthe Will of Randall O. Diffion, Dacmmd" doing bu sleets as Dixon's Shel I Servia, White Sulphur Sidings, Greertbfier County, filed an applieat/on for assignmont and muufforP.s.C.M.C.C.tiste N F-5294 in M.C. Case No. 17389-TC unto Dixon's, Inc., White Sulphur SprinlP,. Grsonbrier County. 8aid cur- silicate contains the following authority:. to operate as a ommon carrier by motor vehicle in the transportation of mobile homo, with or without persorml effects therein, between points nnd pleeas tn Payette, Greenbriar, Monroe, Pomhontm and Sure. mars Counties on the one hand, and points and places in Wcot Virginia, on the other hand,  a balm of opomtionotosated in the City of Whito Sulphur Springs, Greenbrler County. and WHEREAS on February 25,1994, Ethel E. Diffion, Famcutrlx of the Will ofRandul] G. Dizon, Deemsad" daingbuainesoasDixon's ShelISedm,White Sulphur Springs, Gmenbrief County, filed an appltmtton for aBisnmont and transfer OfP.S.C.M.C. Certifimto No. F-Se8 unto Dixon's In., White Sulphur 8pfings, Greenbrter County. Said ertiflcoto orate/no tim for lowing authority'. to opomto ms a common curfier by motor vehicle (wrecker truck) in the tramrportat/un of wrecked and/ or disabled motor vehielmin Greebrior County, West Virlgnia, and to end from points and plasm in Green. brier County to points and placco in West Virginia. IT 1S ORDFA.ED that the applicant give notice of the I'fling of said appllcation by puldiahlng a copy of this order (inJkmd of the Mirth 9,1994 er Marsh 100 1994 orders) ones in a nowspapor, duly qualified by the Secretary of Stoto, published and of immtl drculw SiGn in each of the Countim of Payott Grmnbrler, Monroe, Pocahontas, and Sumwrs, mnkin| due m- turn to this Commiuion ofpr0por artificeS/on of pub- lication within ten (10) days of mh publim. Any- ono de'a rlnf te nt ke objertion te asid applim tlon m net do sa in writing within ten (10) days after the publlm- SiGn of mid notice, to P. O. Beg 812, Charlestm, West Virginia 26323. Said wfittn objection must request a hatting if a hearing is doairnd, and the proteat hould appear at said hearing to prott stated/ntermt. If no pretests are recoved" the Commission may grant the roqumt without a heartnff. A True Copy, Toit: Howard M. Cunningham Executive Secretory tin Apr. S Talcott School Honor Roll Announced 4Oh. Sth. Wwk Hoam RoU 9Oh 'A'* Chrloti Bker, Amy Elkr. "B'h Tah/tha Pal, Los Ti,ha Pnnh. Jcohua Nawtm Ginny Rifle, Julm Ward, Vaiarie Hedrlck. I Arm.aSS', David Juno, Crystal Rainm, Janl Spade, Eric Jones, Craig IGrko ham, Megan Meadows, MMism Standard, B. J. Wil- }Iotas lb. "A Edha Meadows, F, zigon Brngan, Jntr Keatlay, Kim Martin.  Jonldfor Clayton, Heather Ward, JJL Bewias, IL D. Burdetto, Jamia Crockett. Jonn/for Lane, James McKnew, Jenn/rur Rural "B Averal[e Chuck Gem,HeatharWllllams,Adam Bur- dante, Jonathan CoOtie, Amy Elaine. Ronuld Go'e, Andrea Johnson. "tth "A Wetly Boiling, Bret Crewdar, Lare Ella', Juli Kiddie. Tepee Pendnler.  8haman 'Iwnor, Mitoi Baker, Ane Barker, Chrlstin Bower, Lloyd Lwry. J. J. Richmond.JaneWimman. "B Avsa.ah Jeemy Hows]], A]tsh Meader, 8amoral Karl. th "A"t Vinm Dominick 8attic Peg, An mat- ton, Rebbie Tubor, Matt Durnan,  Gill, Jewy Kmdor, Paul Mart/n, D. P. ldk. '5 Jason Boone, L/m CanteHmry, Diane OlU, Brsndl Mill,L Ann Perslnger, Bran Rivm,a, Honther Shaver, C4trdyn Hudson, Mlim Grahem.  Amy Contm.tmry, Jonny Newman, Barni Ro, Ainna Will.r, "     Sth .... ' : ' | .,J&Mka ,11, =t=l earker, ,k= Kt Barbi* Dobbins, Amanda Speed..'a,.) Joeeph 13ainu, Sarah Cm, Lindsay Dillon, Mandi Rlhmmul. Alex, Jennifer BowWmioy G,AnthonyBowTer. Christina tecdum, Matthew McGrsw, Amanda Tho- mas, Cosoy Trainer. "]B Avm'age* Mkhmd Mmutow*. Asldey Wheeler, JoeYancoy,Jcodm Andorsun, Brendy Brtdgas, Scuttle Clayton, Larry Persinger, Putt* Wheeler. 4Oh "A": Allison Ball, Yanma Hutchon, Jamd ows, Daniolla Richmol, Chris Mitebll, Christmas Kontout, Laura Kirkham, Jamia latk, Aaron Jobnm, 8uean Burki=nd, Gabriel Masmy. "Wh Car- de Tulbott. Jeff Richmond" Devon Mann, Brandn llis, ffany Pr, Drew OW, rt Lane, Kul]l lkulidll, Suean Tlvpton, Gr Dereey, "B Awr- sq#'s Carmen Wynea, Andy Kiddie, Adam an. Zd =A% James Harvey. Trs Bowie&, Adam Light. Candl Lilly, Mollie Mock, Sarah Iimn. 'q[P Christie Bosw(dl, Amanda Gnhem, Nathan ck, M,di,m Williams, Carrie Boswull, Edea I]lucknd, 8honan- 4uah Cochrun, Amanda Donitaon, Thomas Harrsll, Derek Lehew, Jasan Perdng', Rachel Newman. "]B Aveneg Bradley Trivott. Chris Willey, Michael Adkim, Cherlea Brun,, Kristan CUl Daniel Me- Merchl, Jorathan Fox, Amber Kentau lad, "A IGmberly Bennott, Cam/dy D&bim, Adam Jobmon, Matthew Mills, Brsndon Burkhtnd, Brian Lowry, Kelly Rued, Allhum Star, Bt Tabor. "B Judn Pc=, Willie Jes,  lswe, Kim Milam. Bmndon Mitohell, JAnn Smith. Heath Opium, NieoleDuveil, Brandon EwiulAah Mmm, Mqun Robhins, Kam Wmmone, ]t/aedn 0edth. Brsndon Turnar, Mqan Walker. "B Ave 1'. ,1, Horn,. "A Tnya Anderson, ndor Ellisan, Mkhnd Ttnzher, Jack winey m, Hope Amedlll, Charl BUl, Paul Omen, Jar]de Bridgm,, 8tevon t, Kas,d Hedrick, Jeremiah Mart/n,  Btmk]all, Joe. ethan Pe Jee G*hm, Kindmdy Kemh'lek, Man Lane, Grsgry Meadows, Jonnna Mills, Denim lchmond" Felida Smith. Gallery Wlll/me. Just/on Williams, Adam Adkins,  Hutdns, Dusty Taott, Harvey Borkk, Jmmim Mills, Asldry Lano, Jennifer Rand. "B Av's', Brnndon 8mrs. Lisa Richmond. Advertising, on average, fills about 60 percent of the space in U.S. newspapers. LEGAL NOTICE No'rIc olr *PR JIJe UNDERSlONED, 1)vid L. Pann, 'l'=t un th* Dead of Trim mtod by "Ponmas A. Bmg and Sheila L. Bnq his wife, to David I. Par=or and Curtis Ballard, Trust.s, of nmm/in the mm' Comfy Clerk's offiea In Trug Dad Bcok 134 st page @, rsporia that dkult hnvia been made in the poTmont of the net* and obllgat/on an mcured by the efmmid dond of trust and th,  mutm hevtng beon reqm.d, nd by the henolk'ia.,T md holder of Oh* noto and obligattom mmmd by mid dad of tnmt m to do, I wlil offor for eaia at imblie suet/on unto the highest bMder at the frost doer of the Summers County Courtheum In the City ofHintmt, Summ,n Cmnty. Weal Virgirda, on the 23rd day of, 1994 at &0 p.m all of those metain tracts or lmrtuls of ]and, tr with lmprevemonte thereunto bn:. situnta in Talmtt Dittrkt. Summers County. We=t Virginia, mars liculady dascramd as follow= BEGINNING at an i pin tn the sround on the line of Raymond Willey; thenm tn a nertheaetoriy mcthm 140 ft to mmthor iren pin; corne:r to streot; thsn with mid |U'mt in a e:mtheasterly dirsction 126 feet to another ir pin; them in a muthweatwy di- rerUon I( foot to anotheriron pin; thonca in s lmrth- wuiariy dirsction 120 foot to the po/nt of BEGIN- NNG. ontotidn 14,883 r..t. be the atoms, more er less. BEGINNING at a po/nt en the Pudph Meyo prep erW thonm Im:oneding in a muthwutedy direotion in a ,ddght line pats/ng an detrio pule at 40 feet and continuing in .=id southwmtorly d/rsdon a total of 10"2 feet to a point; thenm in a mtheaotor]y at rsctiun i12 feat in a straight line te am iron IL =aid line ndeln/ng Robert Calm; thenm in a nertheastorly di. rsation 134 feat in a straight line to a solar trm; thonco in a nocthwmtoriy dintion 104 102' x 112' x 134' x 104'. AND BEING the moo real rotate emvayed unto Thomas A. Bre4 by deed ofBotty L. Moyo A]hm and alph H. Allen, Jr., hor hudmnd, dated January 4, 1991 ofrsaml in Um Smam*rs Cmmty Ckrk's e/min Dond Bcok II at page 814. THERE 18 FURTHER CONVEYED t twenty feet Hght of w=y ulonl on erasing read running from 8tote Rt. $ to the two trasto of land sanveyed unto Betty L. Moy. Allen and h H. Allen Jr.. wideh ht =/'way was arir=l by Betty L }doy* Allon R-Ph H.  hie wib. am Bobert & cd and PqU Hath CO, hi. wffe,b ,t.hd th. ruth d.y of July, lffi)0, ofrm,d in the afmsmkl Cladk's co in Dad Bunk 1/at paga ll07. REFEEENCE Is heroby made to enid donds and all prlor dcoda ofmm, syamms ofm/d muleatote for a more particular deaeripUen ofasid propty, nny easements. ond rhte et way [er all partials pro.pose. THIS 8ALE is mnde mbJert to each easement& rlte of way, reMstiono mid qmm=onto an are santeined and m forth ia prier deads of eanvayanm laining to md real satat SAID 8ALI tAI/, me dBJlq' TO THE POLLOWINo CONDITION& 1) Canh in head on day ul'mle. 2) 8et to ar mulall maerul rights ond msgr. vetions, *tllminttons, s, mmmt& edi. timm nnd to e:mtoimd in 1 t cewey. anms of tlm eubJert lwoPorty ur apltrln# of rseml In the ar...,dd Clerk's   any portain/ng to ram, color ur crml. S) 8uldeet to all red asiato at, ulmt =aid property and any tmtm, which comt/tuto a lion upon the said property but which are not yet due and payable. 4) Ths subject property will be d in AS IS condition. Tha Trusto, shall be und no duty to mum any md,lng Moans er  eecuwing the s.bJsot property to vm eakl property. b') The property will be convaysd by the under. sliffmd Trustee to the pmhaser without warranty of any kind, eaprem implied. 6) The nforald may he aourned from Urea to Ume at the unkrsigned Trust deems advimble, which aJwnmont mayhe made by oral proctamation at th* time and plato ot th# sal er er0, adJoummont thwee DAVID L PARtrelt 1' HN Apr. 5,1, Ill LEGAL NOTICE IN TH CIRCUIT COURT OF sUMMERS COUNTY, WESY VIrGiNIA V L GILL KA Plaintiff vs. MUSH. TAQ  SOO A/K/A JA MU[TAK KAR/M Defendant C[V n- ACTION NO, 94.D-38 NOTICE TO:. m,h0q Ahmed 8borg s/k/a Jm Mmhtak Ka,dm Take noti uad he advised that the plaintllY, Vm Lee Gill Karim, will appear before the Honoreh]e dwin Wiley, Pam/b'Law MuterofSummers County , t &4 p.m., Wedmdoy, M=y 2$th, 1994, in the 0Wt Hm Boem,  Meraeriul Bulidin|, , Weal Vlrginin, fokth*j>urpom el" in hee Cmu#alnt and te ebtsln t rsfi.fpmd forby her in said Contplalnt. inoluWng ted of Brian Karim and an Ordw of Support aga/mt you for Bid chil& You should he preaont nt this hearing in urder to repmnt and defend your interast as you domn fit. Vent Lee Gill Karim B Counsal Cotmsd for the Plaintiff P. O. Ben 66ll Hinten, WV 251 304-46&0391 HN Apr. , 12 LEGAL NOTICE ORDlm O PUBUCAT[O CIronit COURT OF Summers COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA Vara Lee (;191 Kartm Pidintiffv. Mushtoq Ahmed Shore e/k/a Jam Muahtak Kartm Defendant Civil Action No, 94-D-3S l.(The  of thin suit Is to obtain a divorco from the bend= of matr/monyJ To the Above Named Dandnt It appuadnf by a&ndt flhd in this action that Murhtaq Ahmed 8here e/k/s Jam Hushtak Karim is a non-reaidont of the State of Wast Virginia, it is hereby ordered that Mhta Ahml Shoe,  Jam Mush- to Karim of #o Jam Mushtak Karim, Additional Contnlor. U/vm/ of 8indh, J=- Share, 81ndh. Pakistan tea'e upon Jeeaph Aursmanno, Plaintiff's atteny, whom ad&'m ia P.O. ] , Hinton, WV 2151. an unswor, inehidi any rul,dl counter dalm at' dlefmsa you may have ta tim mphdnt filed in this action on er  May 6, last. Hyou fall to do sa. thersaltr Juan k Spat prep h and trial. m he takon tgain.t  for th. ral/ef damanded tn the somphdnt. A copy ofmld mptant can he obtained rrma the undendgned Clerk at his etea. EnSued  t/m Clark of enid C.ourt CLERK OF COURT HN Apr. 5,12 ....... The first U.S. tax-supported library opened in Peterborough, New Hampshire in 1833. " i ii I iiii I I ii JONES REALTY . f 466-4246 R. Eugene Jones, Jr. Broker #402 - Cabin in the ceunl/- 1.44 acres - ML top vi0w. 2,500. #401 Pence Springs. NI 3 ER. home, 5 acres - walk to rlvw... $#4,$0 #399 Downtown Hlnton - storefront & 3 8p ... 3S,000. #397 308 Hill St. - 2 Stm3f home great vk3w. 81unt sldlll. 16,000. #388 33 acres, pdvste- good hunllng land or 'Retreat" .... 121,000. #39728.55 acres - Streeter/tree - great homesl te & vlew-woodeU ,500. #391 Camper on 2 acres w/r0om added on.. nice IItUe"getaway?. ,500. #386 2 story In Talcott- level lot - garden space - wage.... 0;000. #380 3 BFL or full bsm - 2 acres - HIx ML - nice home & view - $39,500. #403 Robin RoOSt Rd- Nice 3or 4 BR leveller- SD- g0odiocelton$5900 r0125 Acres - Very Private- 4 mls off kf4... &,000 #409 413 Cedar Ave. Bellepolnt, 3 BR. home, ..... $30,000. #412 88 acres, 3 BR. home, besmL ...... ),000. #362 Forest Hill area. 1 acre lot. GREAT VIEW .... $4,(300 Eugene Jones Mike Catron Dlannla Perdue 466-4246 466-1044 466-3046 "NO KNOWS THE COUNTRY LIKE WE DO",, iiiiiii iwi [ I I i IIII /J II I  IIIII . I _ '41 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF SALE The undersigned David L. Zlegier and Dawld L. Parmor, Spodal Commissioners. by virtue of the at:- therity vested in them by that cur tale Order dated the 14Oh day of Pobruary, 1994. the Special Commisdon- era u aforemid, will proceed to soil the hereinafter 1" rt| cotato at public aution on the 15Oh day of Apfil, 1994, at th hour of 1:00 lm., to the highest bidder for csah in hend st the real etete kt ted in the Takott District, Summers County, West Virginia, and is mere parUculary described as follows: TRACT I: BEGINNING at a corner to Calvin Wilson and State Route #3; thence with Calvin Wiisun's line in a northerly dirtion t00 feet to a stake; them in an eastm'ly direStun 100 feet to a stake; ther.e in s sauthy direetisn 100 feet to the right of way of Stoto BOuto #3; and thonm along mid right of way in a wsstody dirsotion tothe BEGINNINO,helngalot 100 R. z I00  x I00 fl.x I00 R. BEING the rome property conveyed unto Calvin Wilson, from Jamm V. Haynes and Lonnio HayS, his wire, by deed doted Augnst 28, lgTS. and of record in the Office of the Clerk of the County Court of Summers County, West Virginia in Deed Book 121, at paga 1. TRACT 2: BEGLNING at a corner mmon to James V. Haynes and Calvin Wilson's 100 x 100 foot lot at the right of way of Stets Route #; thence in an easterly dirstion, with mid State Route #3, 60 feet to a locust post; therce in northerly direction 100 feet to a locmt thence in a wsatorly direction 60 feet to a lormt turner with Calvin Wilson'= 100 x 100 foot lot; thence, with said Calvin Wiisun's 100x 100 foot lot, 100 feet to the point of BEGINNING, being a lot 80 x 100 xSOx 100 feet. TRACT 3: BEGINNING at a water birch on the bank of Orcoobrier River on the south side of Routo #3 corner with llugh Sweenny; thence, with Sweeney in a north- erly dirsction to a stake on the fight of way of said Route #3 Iomted directly acresa the highway fnnn the terly corner of Calvin W/ison's 100 x 100 feet lot; thonm, in an easterly direction with said right of way 150 feet to a stake; thonm in a southerly direction to the low water marks of the Oreanbrier Rlve, and thonm, with the meanders of,mid fiver appreglmately I$0 feet to the plare of BEGDVING containing apprmdmately 7600 lunrs feet, more or io AND BEING the  propor conveyed unto Calvin Wilson, um .lame= V. Haynes and Lmmis Hsynee. his wife. by deed dated July 3, 1979, and of meet, din the aferonMd Cirk's Olcoin DcodBeek 145, st page 489. TRACT 4: REGINNING at a po/nt ;n State Routo S, coruer to Barnerd Haynm. ond with his l/no up the hill aplmml. matoly 1090 feat to the Windy Bailay linG; them with his Bno towards Hinton a diotanm o/'200 feet; thonm at aldmatoly right angles and parallel with the flretline appldmataly 1090 feat to the right of way of State Rou to 3; tbenco with the line of State Route 3 up the river 2(30 feet to the point of BEGINNING, being a strip 200 feet in width and appreximato 10g0 rest in depth, and be/ng It part of LOt No. 7 of the Mack Hayned tract. AND BEING the tame property renveyed unto Calvin Wilson, from Hugh SweeeyandAJma Sweaney. his wife, by deed dated July 27,18"/1, and of rsmrd in the aforesaid Clerk's O/1co in Deed Book 108, at page 8AID property will include 81] tonte in the buildings and strtctume ther,m. THIS SALE IS MADE subjset to surh eament& rights of ways, resa.ationo and aeamonts as a contained and set forth in prior dseda of onveyanm pertaining to =aid real emt AND SALE SHALL BE SU]krCT TO THE paL- LOWING CONDITION& 1) Cash in hand on day of ale. 2) Subjsot to any and all mineral rights and reser- vations, stipulationa, rastrlctions, easomentl, condi- signs and revmmnts contained in all former convey- ances of the subject property or appearing of record in the aforesaid Clerk's Office except any pertaining to re, calm" or crsed. 8) Subjert to all real moots taxes against ea/d property and any taxes which cenotitute a lion upon the odd property but which are not yet due and poyabia. 4) The subjmt property will be sold in AS IS condition. The Spudul Commisoioners shall be under no duty to coma any emling tenant or pomn occupy- ing the sub,..t prepty to vamto said property. Tim property will be mnveyod by the under. to the purmsar wtthont warranty any kind, er implied. 6) The afommld sol* may he ajourMd from time to time as the under 8peiul Commissioners deem advisable, which adjournment may be made by oral prerJamation at the time and place of the se oz any adjournment thereof. The bulidinga and structure, wil! be open for inspection from 9:00 a.m. to 11:(30 tin. on April 1S, 1994, for any interested portia. Per more information, call David L. ziegier, et 466.. 1224, or David L. Parmer it 466-1233, GIVEN under my hand on tids the 18th day of March, 1994. Spodal Commioner David L. Parmer. Spaiul Commissioner mdict#1 HN Mar. 29, Apr. 5 LEGAL NOTICE FIDUCIARY NOTICE To the Creditors and Beneficiaries 0fthe within deceased persons: I have before me the settkments of the within demand permno which shall go before the Summers County Commbaion the 18oh day of Aprl], 1994, which sott]omente here boon appreved: George Ratliff, Jamm tmmonI,Herhert Wyant, Jr.,RonnieCulee. Jackio trick, Clarcos Richmond. Ruth lng. Any perm having an interest may appear at Idam speffied ordas may be forever herod hem assorting such interest. Given under my hand this 2Bt day of Marsh. 1994. Pldm'iary Supervisor HN Apr. 5 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE 0' PUJC Br.R Pun,onnt to Saetim &94;04 of the wcot Virginto UMfocm Commm.cial Cede, the Natiml Bank of Bummars wW san at public sale to the highest bidder on th IGth day of Apell, 19@4, at 10:00 a-re., on the parking bt of the branch m of the Nati0onl Bank of Summers, on Stu Drive,/n Hinton, Wmt Virginia, the following dercrlbed vehicle: The male of the above dedbed vobisle will be mada WITHOUT WARRANTY and the hank resorvea the right t I) Bid st tim public mio; 2)  bids at the public sale; 3) Continua sh m]e to any other time and pla by annonrcemont of such continuance at the time and ]dam sot forth therein; The vehicle to be said may beinspected AIz'il ISth, 1994, on the Imrklng lot of the branch oifim of the Natimml Bank of Summers. on Stokm Drive. in Hin- ten, WC Dated tids the 29Oh day of Marsh, 1994. NATIONAL BANK OF TMMERS Coliertfon Ocor HN Apr. 5,12 E. "WHITEY" ELLISON REAL ESTATE (DUPLEX) corner of aSh. Ave. and Summers Street. Pirst Floo - 5 rooms, 1 1/2 baths closed in front porch, partially furnished. Second floor - 4 rooms, 1 full bath and utility room w/th built in cabinet, partially furnished. Dwelling has full size cement basement, gas hot water heat, storm windows and doors. Good rental property, presently occupied. Shown by appoint- meet. PRICE REDUCED. 7th. Ave. and Temple Street Store Building. Full size base- ment. 5 room apartment up- stairs with carpet. Private entrance. 4 large room School House on about A 1 Acret, on Leath- erwood rc (O]Lt weB, would make a race camp. PRICED REDUCED. Bellepoint Lot 50x100 on Walnut Street. Has a metal storage building, with a cellar below it. Zion Mountain Area, Forest Hill District 816 acres of woodland excel- lent deer and turkey hunting. Avis Good Commercial property on Pleasant Street, runningback to Main Street, and on this property their is a cinder block building known as Avis Laundry Mat, a large build- ing known as Hinton Auto Parts, and a 5 room house with full size bath, fireplace with gas logs. Beautiful oak floors and woodwork, nice big clos- ets, full size basement, gas hot water heat and enclosed porch. Shown by appoint- ment. 74 acres, more or less, situ- ated on the head waters of Little Wolf Creek in Forest Hill District of Summers County. Good timber and is excellent for deer and turkey hunting. We need small Farms. 25 to 80 acres, let us list your Place. Let me Hst yoUr property.. Eldridge Ellison, Jr REAL ESTATE BROKER PHONE 466-1127 HINTON Ronnie H. Shuck Salesman Phone 255-4286 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF PUBLIC SAL Pursuant to Saetion 4S-9-804 oftha Wsat Virsinio Uniform Gummers/el Cede. the Bank of Summers will =ell at public role to the highest bidder on the 9oh day of April, 1994, at 10:00 a-re. on the paridnglot of thebrench oco of the National Bank of Summers, on Stokm Drive, in Hinton, Wmt Virlgnio, tho following dmeribed vehicle: 1990 Pontiac Grand Prlx Serial # IG2WPI4T6LP218899 The sale of the above dmibed vehicle will he made WITHOUT W and the hank mearvea the right t I) Bid at the public sale: 2) Reject bids at the public ado 3) ConUnu, scch sale toany other time and p]aco by announcomont ofsurh continuan at the time and plato sat forth therein; The vehicle to be dd may be Inopotod April 8, 1994, on the parkiN[ lot of the branch e/co of the NaUonal Bank of Summers, on Stokm Drive. in Hie- ton, WV. Dated this the 24oh day of March. 1994, NATIONAL BANK OF SUMMERS Coliortion OWcer HN Mur. 29, Apr. if you can't say no, you can't expect to llve wl/hin your illconle, --Wiilimn Feather Public Service Commission of West Virginia, Charleston CASE NO. 94-0138-W-42T WEST VIRGINIA-AMERICAN WATER COMPANY, a corporation.. In the matter of increased water utility rates and charges. NOTICE OF FILING AND OPPORTUNITY TO INTERVENE On February 2, 1994, West Virginia-American Water Company, a corporation, tendered for filing revised tariff sheets reflecting increased rates and charges of approximately $6,393,584 or 11.85% annually, for furnishing water, service to approxi- mately 128,000 customers in Boone, Braxton, Cabell, Fayette, Kanawha, Lewis, Lincoln, Mercer, Putnam, Summers, Wayne, and Webster Counties, to become effective Mamh 27, 1994. By order entered March 8, 1994, the use of the requested rates and charges was suspended until 12:01 a.m., December 23, 1994, unless otherwise ordered by the Commission. "=. Persons or corporations wishing to participate in this proceeding, for the:lSurpose other than filing a protest to the requested rate increase, must file a written petition to intervene with ths Executive Secretary of the Public Service Commission, P. O. Sox 812, Chsdeston, West Virginia 25323, on or before April 15, 1994. Copies of the petition to intervene should also be forwarded to West Virginia.American Water Company, Michael A. Albert, Esq., Jackson & Kelly, P. O. Box 553, Charleston, WV 25322. Any party or persons who has objection to a petition to intervene shall file written objection to such petition within thirty (30) days after the petition to intervene has been filed with the Commission. Otherwise, the Commission, in its discretion, may admit or deny the petitioner intervenor status without further hearing. Public Service Commission of West Virginia Howard M. Cunningham Executive Secretary i I Rt. 1 Box 86 466-1100 [ J BaHard, W.Va.24918 June McGraw, IimN00ONAS00tB00L00po00rr Broker CREA I|ADDmON. a 2 story modi- New River Road . 60 Acres I|fledEnglishTudorstylehome. mountain land overlooking 1|8or4BR.,formulDR.,kitchen New River. Good timber and II and joining breakfast room, excellent hunting. River . llvi00room with fire- ac I |Placo, and insert. 2 full.baths, cess. i I "" basement ood Near Indian Mills - 18 Acres | |stove, gas f.t water I Ired00tor00 00W00arport over woodland near public hunt- 'basement. Oak ing area and New River. [|floox love been carpeted, New River-almost I acre lots. 100' River frontage, Private Road, large trees, bordering River. Never floods. wn t empe'. Commercial Building - Bal- lengee St. occupied. 10,500 sq. ft. Excellent location. Buyer can assume lease. $35,000. Wholesale Furniture Store and 5 acre salvage yard. In- cludes salvage license. Rt. 3, 5 miles south of Alderson. Temple Street - Large 2 story frame home. 4 BR., 2 Baths, good condition. Wrap around porch overlooking river. Hinton . 3 BR. frame, 1 1/2 baths, garage. In good repair, large front porch, near school. $37,000. 915 Temple Street. frame, 3 BR., lot 25' x 140'. Priced firm - as is $6,500. 401 Summers Street. attrae- tive older colonial style home. Remodeled, new kitchen, 10 rooms,2 fullbaths, carpeted, 2 large front porches, carport, corner lot. Or can be 2 apts. $36,000. WANTED REAL ESTATE LISTINGS We have Buyers. WE ALSO BUY REAL ESTATE June McGraw - Broker 466-1100 After Hours - 466-1767 LEGAL NOTICE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF SUMMERS COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA KAREN SUE STRAUER, PLAI V. CIVIL ACTION NO,: 94-0-40 RICHARD BERNARD clear oak door and window facing. Lots of closet and sour- age space. A super qual/ty home in a beautiful residen- tial neighborhood. Call today only $78,000.00. GREENVIIXAREA. Monroe Co. 2 story, 10 room home, built before 1900 with no major changes sinee. A cap J'( to tion in t'.  v/llage. Only I am . Near school, bank, church, etc. Also public wa- ter. Call today. FOREST HILL GREENVILLE AREA - Monroe Co. 3 BR., brick home, 1960 sq. ft., livingroom, large family room with fire- place with vale rock waiL Combination dining room/ kitchen with custom cabinets. 1 I/bath, front porch, su porch, partial basement, lois  of closet space, electric ceil- ing heat. 2 car attached brick finished garage. Large in ground swimming pool. This home is situated on approxi- mate]y 58 aeres of land in a beautiful setting in Monroe Co. Front/ngon bard top road. 30 x 60 barn, 12 60 storage or tool shed. 2 ponds, 1/2 cleared, 1/2 woodland. Ideal for retire- meet or hobby farm. This could be the one you have been looking for. Call today, price has been reduced. ! TALCOTF/JUDSON AREA - 108 plus acre farm. Approx. 10 acres cleared with beautiful view. = ..=,,u ot tim- ma ts t&tt'ough prbey. ' Call today. Only $55,000. STRAUSER DEFENDANT. ORDER OP ICA- LLAPD AREA- 5 acre tract_ TION. Theobjectoftheuboveantiilndactiontoobtaina of land, mostly level, with I diverse from the honda of matrimony between the pon--onL tcproa'.='en --'=a, nara ae tea| parties hereto. It appearing by affidavit filed in this asSiGn that on all sides. Pvic water, lots | thesaidRlchardBemardtratmer, isanonrelidantofthe State of West Virginia. of young  fruit trees,1" It is ORDERED that the dofe=lant do apponr and also hoHy,tO.uce, St. Augusta | serve upon J. Stevon Hunter of the law firm of Steve Hunter a,ia. 1-. 0 North Court Stnt, pine, and many other young| Lwisburg, WeatVirgilda2490I, anerother trees. Very conveniently 1o-| defense to the complaint filed in thisastiun on orbefore the Sth day of May, lS94, or otherwim Judgamont by [ i dafoultmayheta,,,gatnotyo.,t,.,wt=ath,mf- eased. Only ,17,000. ta.,.nd th.pi.,.timaybe.w,.,, he ..k. in he, . .,..  the For Listings Or Auction Sales| : Court.. ^,nt=.heobto=dom, Call 466-3210!me [ : the underslgnnd Clark of the mid Circuit Court of I w.,Summa" w" in"nto" ' Paul " vi.nid =,,,. , BU ddy" L, ght[ EICFERED by the mid Clerk of the -,dd Ceo'S thJo | ==da, ] Broker & Auctioneer .I M.t,. J.. c.., t I t' Clorh.r.ultc. " r, Licensed No. 478 I HN Apr. 5,12 LEGAL NOTICE LEVY PAGE Municipility o! HINTON ASSE25ED VALtTIONS. PROREO LEW RATES 0 T.=S LEVEO FOR ALL  LEVY RATES ARE TO STATED IN CENTS FOR $100 VALUATION ANO UUST BE IN PTIO OF 1-24. O0 NOT USE LE'I/Y RATES IN EXCESS OF "/WO CMAL pOWTS I.E WHOLE DOLLARS ONLY FOR TA,'{F.S LEVIED. Cun Elxme Excm L,/ Asmd Valued Levy T=,,es  T . olml PuMcual 2s2'9o tZ5 $ 353. 6 I" TOTAL CLA4S I $ ,(H4. $ 4,079. $ .W. Clam, P/areal Pqly 2741. 25. . 12.$ 2. TOTAL CLASS II $ 8,7.E89. $ 043. $1012L OmN R,M Eml, t 14,7424. 5 $ n.7. . $ MJI, i Pub UI/liel 514,900. 0. 2S74. 25. I $,437. TOTAL C IV $ 25.75.5,, $1211.677. $ TOTAL ALL CLASSES $ 3"/,7.-t. $153.399. $  - Una)l*lat Tram Exonns and Odqusnd and dir, c(n sulmmd at 5'/. I0.73& ('$,,,j " Le ,wm's VabaJon r-und at 2% (2,85,1.) (S/tom currm perm mxe Im , 0.) 171t) Net kn0nt to be Ralxd W Levy $ 211,137. STATE OF WEST VBGINIA COUNTY OF SUMME MUNICIPALffY OF HINTON,TO-Wff I, O/nl/a S. C00p, Rlc0rd 01k 01 s,kl nddlq, oh&y md fy ihat Iw egdng ale Im ,  t M   m owed b,/Ihe (MI o/Its ladd ijNd0dy on IM f 71h day o,' Match, 1 4. FECAL YEAR 1 MUNICIPALITY OF HIm'ON LW F.STIWffE STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA MUNICIPALffY OF HINTON Idt In a0rdan MIh  11-8-14. m amended, II  0- med to mat0*n m0 /e mns nea to be raed by Je t taxes  tJ aent iscf lv.  o 08e and esknato h0 sew ucm to be m )ws: CU/:ENT REGULAR IN/IPAL PURPOSES ESTIMATE TM mnt do, af 't, mourn trot  tca due  aectt |m wy sot=,',, duthg Ihe Jsc X INCLUDING THE LEVY OF TAXES. k u lollm REVENUE SOURCE k:l Vakxm 21!.137. Putt Fe 2,OOO, Pa'/ Rmn N,000. Bu,s md Ocolon Tu ;r/0,000. UI/rd Tax s0,00 ns ard LklUOr Tax 16,000. P.dli Mm 000. Rn Rm IMCo Corn L000. Pn.R 2OO. Rdunntl 10.00 Raold thrum 3.500, Ho 0o1'/T 3OO, Minee Pa 2,000. TOTAL ESTIMATED REVENUE (GENERAL FUND) $ 64037. ESTITED CURREIf F.ENDITURES (OENERAL FUND) 0(Ic* Ma $7,050. Mind.lit ol C0tmdl 13,568. cn Emnm D,vm) AZr FJk 0o9 W=r Pd Ms=urn Connt Hea Det0t'd tauM Parks Fat .mdaion/Flvab SAS Lwy S.Lm Sr Rer TOTAL ESTIW, TED EXPENDITURES (GENERAL FUN01 COAL VERANCE Tkl( FUNO REVENLE SOURCE TOTAL ESTIMATED REVENUE $,AO. 800. L000. &100., 4,IS0. 24J7. 14.000, ,, 117,472. Z01.. . SS& . I J00. ,- 1.414, 14,200. " $ 4,ifi7. , % ,L (COAL SEVEtll)ICE F1JNI} $ e, M0. ,. ESTIMATED COAL SEVERARCE TAX NOffURE.S :- TOTALESTSTED EXPENOmJRES ,- (COAL SEVERCE FUND) $r ,, w @- 7 stat ] o VlRGI Ve 8here sign N( 1.( the be: To Musht noU-rel ord*t takKi Contre Paki attorm 2591, er dole uetion th mnyl the con A under, En K CL scltl For /e#x mstmt mt lw,l; Imnd CIS II Pmm,i Pul TIU Class, RedEs Prom TmiQ r.,, ,'.m ToUiQ CS RedEs Prom Pd:kt TICt TOTAL LsU owam Touil LaA HN I/i