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April 3, 1980     The Hinton News
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April 3, 1980

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Moore Announces 00andldacy For Governor V ,(!an r Z i al 500 cheering West forum, this morning in our St- today we are the laughing stock //  packed the Charles- ate Capitol, speaking to all of the remaining states of this ,l i Center&apos;s West Vir- West Virginians across party Union. m here Tuesday to lines and all of the economic . State government that was to " M /,,,.--  fore declare his strata of our State, is the most bring us excellence has given r--/ I for the governor of appropriate place to share the us mediocrity, at best. , f, West Virginia. thoughts that are on our minds. Today, educators, coal min- mer two-term gover- We want to talk this morn- es, State employees and West led his announcement ing to a million, nine hundred Virginians in all walks of life nee ,ffer in ate years have changed nia dramatically. St- pnment that was to pdership has remain- Ot and inactive government that was en us hope has given r; state government 'ito build on our asp- as torn us down and Dart. |overnment promised ew jobs and how we )0 jobs that we have ! government commi- to bring us respect we are the laughing thousand West' Virginians about our State of West Vir- ginia. Three years have chang- ed West Virginia dramatically: State government that was to give us leadership has rem- ained dormant and inactive. State government that was to have given us hope has given us despair. . State government that was to build on our aspirations has torn us down and torn us ap- art. . State government that was to be lean and frugal has been wasteful and unproductive State government that was to have again been relegated to seeond-class citizenship. Ladies and gentlemen, these are a few of the things that have happened in these last three andone-half years. The quest- ion this morning is, "Can West Virginians change this?" I only want you to know it's not going to be easy in that regard. Vast sums will be spent to gloss over an inadequate and inept leadership in our State of West Virginia. There is today as much challenge for change as any other time in the history of our State. Shelley and I are here this Supermarket Saver r by Donna Caubarreauxl $77,000,000,000,00. is slated for cent-off COUpons this year by the nation's manufacturers," stated a representative from Nestle Company Coffee Division at a recent Refunders Convention in Houston, Texas. Are you getting your share of this 77 billion dollars? If not, you are throwing away your Marksville, LA 71351. For a free listing of over forty refund. bulletins, send a long self add- ressed stamped envelope to the same address Here are some offers to try. Bake-It-Easy $1.00 Refund, P.O. Box 55219, Houston, TX 77055. $1.00 cash refund, send four Bake-It-Easy proof of pur- chases. Offer expires 12- 31- 80 . "Rosie Deal", P.O. Box NB 268, El Paso, Tx 79977. Four 25 cents coupons on Coronet pro- 'ducts, send four Coronet prod- uct labels. Limit one per fam- ily. Offer expires 12- 31- 80. Inspector A.J. Jane's Pickles, P.O. Box 729, Char- leston, SC 29402. Free minil- ite, send six Aunt Jane's pick- le jar labels for each light ordered Offer expires 4-30- 81. Colgate Cuts Cost, P.O Box 556, Young America, MN 55399. Write to this address for a form that is required for a $3.00 cash refund offer. Expires 7-31-80. Funds Available Thurs. Apr. 3, 1980 Hinton News-9 Taxpayers Making Mistakes The Internal Revenue Ser- vice said today that early re- turns show taxpayers reporting unemployed compensation ( re- quired on 1979 returns for the first time)are making many mistakes - and that the mis- takes are costing taxpayers an average of $117 each in extra tax. To avoid such problems, the IRS issued the following guid- elines for reporting unemploy- ment compensation. Unemployment compensat- ion, paid by the government, is reported to the IRS and the taxpayer on Form 1099 UC- the taxpayer should report on line 20a of Form 1040 ( line 10a of Form 1040A). Single taxpayers with a total income of $20,000 or less ( including unemployment comp- ensation) and married taxpay- ers filing joint returns with a total income of $20,000 or less ( including unemployment comp- 1ClOA). Income tax withheld shmld be included on line 55 of Form 1040 ( line 12b of Form 1040A). Taxpayers who reeeived un- employment compensation and who have already filed should recheck, and if they made a mistake they should file an amended return on Form 1040 X, according to the IRS. Performance To Be Held April 10-12 Performances of a contemp- orary comedy, "For the Use of the Hall", have been set for Thursday, April 10, through Saturday, April' 12, by the Community Players of Athens and Concord College. The play will be staged at 8 p.m. each evening in the Studio Theatre of the Alexander Fine Arts Cen- ter on the Concord campus. The show is described by its directors, David Bard and Al Bealty, as an off-the-wall com- edy similar to the popular deters throughout. The plot concerns a notably unsuccess- ful playwright; the loves of his life, two women with radically opposed outlooks on life; his sister, who is wrestling with her' dedication to be a nun; and an art dealer whose most expert. sive buys turn out to be fakes. Cast members are Cathy Pa- ul. Sharon Manzo, Kathy Nagy, Remo Marchionni, Bill Loving, and Chris Bone. Admission for the performa- nces will be $2.50 for adults, and le remaining states of give us understanding and morning for the express pur- money at the checkout counter The Humanities Foundation ensation) and married taxpay- "Soap" television series, with $1 for students. Tickets may be L State government bring us together has been pose to say to you that we want instead of cashing in on the of West Virginia, a state pro- ers filing joint returns with a verbal gags and "flaky" char- reserved by calling 384- 7618. to bring us excell- mean and vindicative, to lead again that challenge to profitable hobby of refunding, grain of lhe National Endow- ven us mediocrity at . State government that was to. change West Virginia. And, in I uDermarket in your total income of less than $25, " . .... . f a s - menl for the llumanities, is 000 ( Including unemployment " ' compensation) need not compl- |  l lildT/1 educators, coal min- ditPolay tmetlitnTf:rt;: ;tOat:':f atgi3eagna;d'reg:rllS:ssalf te?: 3r;: yogu;Tn ed?/;lo:b?t;;ff making funds available for fell- owship awards The fellowships . . ete the unemployment comp- I _ ,, 1 | IIIIIV est Virginians in all West Virginia, has now become political persuasion, to join us savings at the checkout stand are. intended to give West Vlr- ensation works, beet - they sh- | '1[ ,,, qJ) , | ife have gain been a government that asks "What in this task. On- mm,'nmrl, o, i- 14,,',,,,i ginia humanities scholars the ould enter "o on line 20B of |  I k b J | can West Virginia do for them? Therefore, what you haw tried to increase their business ' ' " Form 1040 ( line 10b of Form | /-"- _   " I NEW Lo second-class citiz- - .... " ......................... opportunity to undertake orlg " sur- ' - on their "slow" days by try- inal research in the humanit- 1040A) I /11 K I I,"- I len posed the quest- . State government promised mised is that, I shall file for om ing "double cents-off days" and ies and to present the results to ' ,1 West:Virginians ca- to supply us with good adm- Party's nomination for th( quadrupled their business The " Taxpayers with larger m- | /l..- I ,a | ,o, | v, =- ?,, He commented inistrators, but today we can't office of Governor. And, w, program was so successiui that the ut-of-school public, comes and all married tax- |/;:'-'11 W///// . I ' b would not be easy 'remember who they are. have but one great challemze they continued "doubie days" l)eadlim for applications is payers filing separate returns 1 '.e , | [, ,iw,//-'///. A |.- May 1 l )80 Individual awards  .... . must complete the unemploy- I "--=J:==' ///// | + vast sums will be . State government promised and one great hope -- That is to EVERY day of up to $1 500 are available oss over an inade- us 50,000 new jobs and now we make West Virginia and Wesl Rules on-using cents-off at . ,. " ment compensation worksheet I \\; :,.s/ /"'/ .,, _ 4[" | wflh a maximum 7' month [DI[:  [inept leadership." have 50 000 jobs that we have Virginians proud again' y o v ' " ' -  to determine the amount to be I \\; 1") St'J ///// l . ,  | , . _our su_ernlarket are ver i!iiii!ii!isrmbe: ii!i I Q ; 011,;;, [ in a.n,, '!told the crowd what lost. Thank you very much. sim- tte .., ..... een waiting to hear .- : . " pie. (1) Check the expiration State government commRted U[([H|Uuld accept the chall- itself to bring us respect, and date, if il is expired, throw it become a candidate away. A helpful hint is tl) cir: 'HIN|0N r of West Virginia in ,lncludedhis remarks .  cle the date in red so il ,ill be or, Dr. Charles H. Daugherty, taxPayer on Form W-2, and I  ]j - - ,' 1[" I | Art Program easy to spot and save time at f.. O. Box 204', Institute, WV should be included on line 8 of | - "' " ....... c-J---- t hecheckout. (2) Use cents-off '. ', '- " . or 1040 ( line 7 of Form |  J- [}0YLEive but one great , coupons ()NLY on theproducl 2)112 phont (304)7688869 F m - .... ' IITh YA [KDWAlmake West Vird"  "rll A el  specified on the coupon. Donot I o m A nt o em00arros00yo=0000+00ya.em00 . Thursday And Friday 7 lJrd est Virginia proud 1O P ursda nd Friday -- ling to ask the clerk to accepta Hmton Moose Lodge Installation Dinner 7SS, Hi cents-off for a differeot prod- "g. Ladies and uct than listed on the fornl, ltis I II April 3 & 4 rnm r Sheila M Chile of the accepted; registration forms against the law and considered ' ' " T " " D. " P Y ' ' I & flange. Saturday Aprtl 19th, 7.30 tl 11 I ,..,,- -  ,- " . .i Shelley and I are ordColle e De artment of which must be signed by a fraud. (3)(hve the proper cou- [}ll Ar['eciativeofyoursh - Cone g P .... I [ [ A fir.Frie Art has announced that a free parent, will be provided. The pen with the right product at t O ndly i --J," "--  get-together in our artaetivitiesorogramforchil" program will continue through the point of purchase. Don't n i''i', We've been tray I $2 II Hi yO MI0p . - - - 4 throu-h 12 will be four more meetings on Tues- hand a wad of coupons to the aren ages g , lghout our State of oruanized for its fourth year at day andThursday evenings, checkout clerkafteryouhave, nton fair gee .(ond A ia in these past two = ....... be,innin, Anril 8 April 10, 15 17 and 22 Meet- umpteem bags of groceries al- .50 Per Couple .u on each of those me 466-1tops wherever we th'3";rS:upsf areducation ings times are from 6 p.m. to ready bagged! Put yourself in | I Choose from: :". students will assist Dr Chip- 7:30 p.m. for each session, their place and be exlra cour- I I [ vanilla rasherry zithe constant ouest ley with two-dimensional art To participate, each child teous. (4) Figure out how I ,b,, ,, . I | chocolate blackberry ' . 4 DR hrust at us as to a exaeriences and puppetry Fil- will need to bring a container of much you saved, try. it for a | !i ,lll ,Ia  | i strawberry blueberry" . t 980. mstrins and musicians irom materials including a pencil, month 0r two and see if you are I" T .......... " ' I I ple : . marshmallow- '  ' ,ripfl0n[have"suggested: ,, the co'-llee community will be [haS'er: scissors, glue, an,a,'.q becoming a ';Szflart Shopper." | ...... ,, i l' cherry -- ' h0ifudge mtmndrug' nfippropriate$e[,s the. approprlate-'Vla'e" expert,he,uSed to enhance the creative package of crayons, tinFrthata listsSampleseveratrefundhundredbUlle I  MUSE ......... y lne UUIlaW ":txpress ...... I1 '| huttetch banana hot caramel .j.. '. _: .lll]ost of these for- Registration will take place refundffers, send$1'0tSh- I I Hinton By-Pass 466-1700 s-l]/:! HI,been of a political Tuesday, April 8, at 6 p.m. in opper s Bonus. P. O. Box 109, p,i,n though the part- the lobby of the Alexander Fine  ,1_ implimefl+Vlt :hSS;:rtPaY Arts Center. Only the first fifty l ]rm " o, |, [; children, ages 4-12, will be --- Extravaganza! !ST NATl{nsumer Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Lee ., .,, Pack of Nimitz are announc- NK Ut ;rly C ing the birth of a son Terry ,,m OllSllmers Mllst Lacy Wednesday March 26 at i 4:20 a.m. in the Raleigh Gen- Jarreffs ,oteet Themselves eral Hospital EXX0  By Esther Peterson Maternal grandparents are ofingre air sal ^ ,,.^. m . ........ *- .v-i ,''n Mr and Mrs Bill H Lester implele s P esmm, , ......... s asz o a v ,, ,, - " . ' _.._ " . .. " Vlrs Swen , .. Paternal granatamer is wzr. sons door, scruoulous schemes as st ts to fall .... C" Jattel offered her sounded into'them. Whenever the doorbell Winnie n. racK. e true It w Maternal grandmothers are HINTON . as. rings STOP and investigate be- It4Ii m could cover her roof for, signing anything. Here area Mrs. Mary E. Davis and Mrs. ALDME '--m racle ro .... L Blanch Lester -P Lecture . few smple rules to follow ........... .. . - lne dollars h The cou le have two other ' ", t e sales- Check a contractor's reliabili- P convinced tbe el Bet children a dau hter Tamara ER,L P ' ' ' derly ty and performance with the - ' g . a on the dotted line. A ter Business Bureau or a local con- who is 7 and a son Troy who is 4. !6'!|i..; !isaohri:7:::e3;d su:eiPcrt;rt:b:rg:n:Yctricians, lr-l[n.n;t.! n nlnll . ge, was not nine carpenters and general contract- Ji.J.,OjL J.,L4,. I rune (o.ars per gal. ors are usually licensed by state . mrea(ly treated half licensing boards, ask to see their -.. Salem Ia: she agreed to let him licenses. 'i" ,b. When he did, he If home repair work really N otes msonW't? a roll !o,$900 needs !o be a frail 115 tlmates from twodne og;hr:|trt;?a:e Summers Count,' Hospital mmtal n, was afraid of the contractors to determine these March 27, 1980 tan, who stood about 3ewildered and intim- (m C ave him a check fr [ D ] had. He grabbed it ICIIMgI..S., never saw him again. ,alW, a later Mrs. Swenson d the courage to call rl$,kaltlll nsumer protection< presentative visited IF WOlmmll nined her roof, and I m,-m i been sprayed with OK OF e than black paint. bY" which had done .'lmml ply did not exist and ! 'lt. way to track down IYONE WIgU t. He had probably paint and moved to Mrs. Swenson thus ks of senior citizens 'ite prey for conniv. 'ah'$ : Wl"'lt anti unconscionable. ement" contractors. L0 a.m...P..dies have shown that II a.m. wa_ 7"30 p.nore consumer prob. ooi'; lurs..'i, ,',st of the l,opula- I,llng, number o[  reasons. ietem .. lucati,n and poorer =,o,' than the gener,d ..... ey are less able to IWick. Paster. . re f disclosures and rim. Sunday hnday .lespersns f,r infor. ca,hill 'l,, aching joints an, Sunday l, es make it difficult 7 p.m.: Blblop around. ning ? p.m..[ hearing and vision .akes it harder for ,'/[bargain anti a hgh '/a' Ottal h,'al'th prob m- t Chd'h',t,l,Og s,ils :n, r S :'ear ofhmcliness and Irt"d& i th m more suscep :nll.v"roni o " " P. :'-r ' "., ,,. [1112- ns lrorn inj(rati. +:a, ' p ,)r self W,rslilp 11:11 thl" dghl Ii:lMI l+.! L+ fir competence t , hi mor{ ( aslJ Ill' Sllld}' ;;lltlt :  : ." y in- dTlI ).nlday ]Y++tl rll.<+r peoph+. costs. Review a contract carefully before signing. Beware of people who want full payment in advance. If the contractor fails to do the work or does it improperly, the recourse of withholding payment will be lost Be aware of high pressure sales techniques from door-to- door salespersons. The Federal Trade'Commission has a regulation that requires a "cooling off' period for door-to- door sales. This rule requires that the salesl)erso n (D infin'm con- sumers of their right to cancel the contract; (2) give consumers two copies of the cancellation form; and (3) give consumers a dated re- ceipt or contract that shows the name and address of the seller. If a consumer decides to cancel the purchase, one copy of the form must be signed and mailed to the address given any time before midnight of the thi,M business day after the contract date. This le, however, wouhl not have helped Mrs. Swenson, since the company was a total fraud. What would have helped her was to have fully inw.stigated I)efore she invested. To learn how to avoid irol)lems like Mrs. Swenson's and to get hundreds of other consumer tilts, write f.r a free c,py of the C,,- Sumer's Resr,zrce Htzndbook, l)e- partment 6:|51t, Pueblo, Colorado 81 (g).q. Esther l'elerso, is Slwciol As. sistrt,t to the Preside,I .tiff Co,. s,.mer Al]oirs m,d Director q/'lh,. I I.S. OI]i,'e ,4' r',,,s,; ,,,er Ag,,irs. Dismissed: Alma. Coffman, Oakley Bryant, Elizabeth Bi- ars, Richard Baylor, Lottie Yancey, all of Hinton; Dorothy Reynolds, Green Sulphur Spr- ings; Lawrence Mann, Joan Lowe, both of Talcott; Arlene Persinger, Elton; Connie Cole, Rainelle; Melba Martin, Lock- bridge; and James Ballard, Vineland. Admitted: Robert Lilly, Jo Ann Chewning, Theodore Mea- dows, Ora Bryant, William St- arks, Howard Tiiley, all of Hinton; Doris Ganoe, Green- ville; Margaret Stafford, Tal- colt; James Hedge, Alderson; Loin Dick, Sandstone; and Car- olYn Cline, Union. Honor Students First Semester honor stud- ents have been named in the College of Arts and Sciences at West Virginia University. Students in the College of Arts and Sciences must achieve a grade point average of at least 3.3 (4.0 is straight As) to be named to the Dean's List. Honor students included from the surrounding area were: Monroe County- Sweet Sprin- gs-- Kimberly A. Fetty; Union -- Ray, L Hannah. Summers County- Hinton -- Keith A. Foster and Gregory L. Gibbs; and Nimitz -- Arlie M.' Ellison. Show and Sale The Largest Furniture Showing in Southern West Virginia! Will be held April 4 & 5 at The Raliegh County Armory in Beckley , 9 A. M. t0 10P. M .-- ,, both days! .y -. : .... , Save 7O% Off retail cost Terms: Cash & credit will be available BY Bassett, Burlington House, La-z-boy, Virginia House, Kemp Webb and Vaughan on all new brand name Quality Manufacturer's Furniture Living room suites Dining room suites Bedding-all sizes Mirrors Complete suites Bring your own truck for instant savings, delivery is available Fairlea and Greenville Bedroom suites Recliners Lamps Unfinished Furniture Odds 'n ends "Landmark Furniture/ The Olde Mill goes to Beckley- The Raliegh County Armory The fide Mill 832-6227 Lan<00[mark Furniture t "Invite Us Into Your Home ... 647-4185