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April 2, 2002     The Hinton News
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April 2, 2002

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2 - Hinton News Tues. April 2, 2002 vlorea-nd lorePeopareReangour Newspaper • &apos;, ..... Because a recent survey found that The HINTON NEWS is the favored source for three out of five for local news and advertising items. Save $$$. Call (304) 466.0005 Monday through Friday, or send this coupon to the address below and we will bill you for your 52 week subscription. Name Address (plum print) City State Zip. TEAR & MAIL TO: THE HINTON NEWS P. O. BOX 1000 walking along the railroad track, RAILROAD .... BOARD The Southern Soil Conservation District will hold their regular II'ECOLLECTIONS 11th, The meeting will beheld at the '- Southern Soft Conservation Distric ' • Building, 463 Ragland Road;' ry y C Beckley. JE Ro Long The moeting will begin promptly : • at 9:45 AM. Normal business will be" - conducted. BRUTAL CRIME COMMITTED ON C&O'S LAUREL CREEK SUBDMSION: Part one of three parts. It was a very hot afternoon, Sunday, August 14, 1910, a day young people would be out of their homes enjoying the sunshine. Mr. and Mrs. John Ailiff had been married only three weeks and had just started housekeeping at Quinnimont, W. VA., the mouth of Laurel Creek, where John was employed by the C. & O. Railway as a brakeman. His pigs had.gotten out of their pen and wandered away and he and his wife, Lottie, decided to go up the mountain looking for them. They searched all the way up the creek to Expert, a distance of over throe miles, without finding them. Returning home to Quinnimont, until all signs of life were gone. Officer Duke also found a large piece of furnace slag covered with blood and hair which was apparently the weapon used on John Ailiff. Two colored men and two colored women, neighbors of Thomas Wayne were questioned and they said Wayne had a bad rputation and had served time in the penitentiary for robbery. The women readily stated that Wayne had told them about knocking "hunks" in the head and • taking thezr money. John Johnson, also colored, stated that on the night of the murder, Wayne left the shanty about eight o'clock covered with mud and his shoes filled with water. Fayette County authorities were also making an investigation and Prosecuting Attorney Love brought two bloodhounds from Glen Jean in an attempt to track the murderer. total of I00 soldiers arrived and set up headquarters in the courthouse park. Fearing there would be blood- shed in the streets of Hinton, sheriff Wiseman decided to take the prisoner to Fayetteville to be placed in the jail of the county where the crime had been committed• he requested the C. & O. to provide transportation to take Wayne to Fayette Station which was granted and a one car special passenger train was made ready. Continued next week in part two. Letter to the Editor Compton Supporters Dear Editor: I would like for the State of WV r[ Mark ": Ell/son, : :R. Ph. , Whooping Cough Is Making a Comeback Whooping cough (also called pertussis) is making a comeback. "' The US Centers for Disease Con- trol recently reported 8,000 cases  for the year 2000. That is a 400% '" I HINTON, WV 25951 Letter to the Editor A Newcomer's Observations Dear Editor, A newcomer can get acclimated to his new home by meeting his neighbors, spending money at local businesses and participating in the fellowship at a house of worship. Other important sources of information are the telephone book and the local newspaper. When we seriously considered purchasing a home in Summers County I subscribed to the Hinton News to see what's going on. Then we visited the Visitor Center for local information. On that particular day the Center was closed when we arrived so we walked across the street to ask a lady some questions. She was very friendly and informative. When I said we were: considering moving to the area she just gushed with praise of the local because I had no way of contacting them. The same problem exists with locating a church. The rural churches in the directory you publish have no phone numbers and no addresses. How do I find them or contact them for more information? In driving around the area I have stopped at several church buildings looking for information. Some, but not all, have signs listing service times and some even giv. e the pastor's name, but phone numbers? I stopped at one yesterday and wrote down the pastor's name. I could not find his name or the church listed in the Beckley or Lewisburg phone books. Are newcomers not welcome at these churches? There seems to be an unusual number of whining, bickering letters they stopped at Export Coal Company Store in Robins and purchased some choese and crackers since they would be late arriving hom e for supper. Just below Robins, at a large fiat rock, they stopped to rest and eat their lunch. While walking past the coal company's power house below Robins, they met Thomas Wayne, a young mulatto, who lived in a shanty at Robins. Officer Duke also brought "Sport," a bloodhound from Hinton who picked up the trail and followed it around the side of the mountain to Quinnimont where the trail was lost. Officer_Duke found Thomas Wayne at his shanty in Robins, and on circumstantial evidence, arrested him and brought his prisoner to Hinton on C. & O. train No. 14 where he was lodged in Since it was beginning to get dark Summers County Jail. Apparently and they were still three miles from Wayne had been warned by Duke of home, John offered Wayne fifty cents to take him, and his wife, to Quinnimont on a railroad hand car. Wayne responsed by stating he wouldhave to have more than that and would do it for a dollar• Ailiff didn't want to pay that much, needing his money for household expense, saying he didn't have a dollar, and they started walking away. The next morning, Monday, August 15th., the C. & O. section force was going up the branch line from Quinnimont to Layland on a hand car and found Ailiff laying beside the track in an unconscious state with three severe wounds on a possible mob waiting their arrival. As he was taken offthe train he was overheard to remark, Whars your army?" Mrs. Ailiff, age 16 years 11 months, was the former Miss Lottie Yancey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Yancey of near Hinton. She was well known in Hinton having been raised in Summers County. A funeral service was scheduled for Tuesday, August 16th., with members of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen of Red Star Lodge, where her husband was also a member, as pallbearers• The service had to be postponed until Wednesday, however, because of a pe,leatlj_jS,brtdda..,the editor. If someone has a boef, his head and he had also lost a rhvarmziiWce  U rlth sofloL#l 'cdAnf0ffblod:  awished s good luck and hope sen.€,,them to that person:to settle was br.jght to Cooper I4_spital - tlawe v)l s'e'tIeovn [nHir t'f idif?:ce like ':aUre ' ' tr'ain;N.  fald'seart*h ' or Summers County. individuals, was started immediately for Mrs. We thanked her and turned to leave. She stopped us by asking our names and then she introduced herself as Cleo Mathews, the Mayor of Hinton. She was the first person we met in Summers County. And, so far every person we have met in Summers County has exhibited the same real friendliness and welcome. What a great place to settle down and live! We came back later to the Visitor Center for information and specifically for a local phone book. The lady was very friendly and helpful. When we told her we were here last week and were considering a move to Summers County, she exclaimed, "you were the ones" who visited last week. Wow, word gets around in a small town! Late last year, according to the Hinton News, Summers County became a "Designated Retirement Community." If you want to attract new people to this County you must make information available. A local phone book was not available at the Visitors Center or the Chamber• We had to drive to Beckley for a phone book for Hinton. We later learned that some Hinton and Summers County listings are in the Lewisburg Phone Book. Our first frustration was finding places. Rural addresses are of no help. Where in the world is "HC75 27B?" Neither the Visitors Center, the Chamber or the WVDOT had a map or a source for a county map with road names--they all have numbers. Yet we see most advertising for businesses, etc. with road names. I was surprised at the amount of display ads without any address information at all. One bank ran several one third (?) page ads without an address or phone number. At the time we needed to open an account at a local bank. Guess what, it wasn't that one The last thing a potential newcomer wants to do is move in amongst a bunch of small minded, whining, immature busybodies. The only ones we have met were in the letters to the editor section. So far, every person we have met in Summers and the surrounding areas has been exemplary in kindness, friendliness and helpfulness. Thank you, John Osbron P. O Box. 912 Pembroke, VA. 24136 SESSION TO BE HELD Summers County Concord College Head Start Policy Council will offer its Community Air and Share session at the beginning of the Policy Council meeting on April 15, 2002. The public is welcome to attend,, air concerns and voice public comments at 6:00 pm on this date at the Head Start location of 264 Main St., Hinton. We welcome everyone to attend! MEET YOUR-CANDmATE The Hinton Senior Center will be sponsoring a =Meet Your Candidate" : forum on April 17th. at 1:00 p.m. The Hinton Senior Center is located at 120 Second Ave., Hinton. Ailiff when she was not found at home by officer C. D. Duke, a Baldwin detective employed by the C. & O. Railway. Evidence where John Ailiff was "found unconscious indicated that Mrs. Ailiff had started running toward Quinnimont and was overtaken about 100 yards further down the track. Her dead, brutalized and raped body was found laying beside Laurel Creek with her head in a small pool of water with a severe wound in her forehead. Evidence in the dirt indicated she had put up a strong fight against her assailant until she was struck in the forehead with a blunt object. She had then been dragged to the creek bank where she was ravished and her head placed in a small pool of water threat of mob violence which was epgage n by, ainmeifr<ma. the. New'River coal ;fields indudiag the,. pallbearers. News of the tagedy of his wife's murder was kept from John until Tuesday morning just before the funeral was to take place. He was brought to the funeral Wednesday from Cooper Hospital but alr about fiReen minutes he collapsed and had to be returned to the hospital. The topic of conversation all over the entire state was the attack on Ailiff and the rape murder of his young bride. Hinton was filled to overflow with friends and c0- workers of Ailiff. Summers County Sheriff George W. Wiseman, realizing the dangerous situation prevailing, requested assistance from Governor Glasscock. Company K in command of Captain Sherwood; Company C in command of Lieutenant Cork and Company K in command of Captain Wood with a Storage Space Now A vailablo Hilldale - Hinton Ph: 466-5990 / 466-5706 Flea Market: Fri., Sat., & Sun. LETTERS POLICY Letters are welcome, but no more than one letter each month will be accepted from the same writer. Preference will be given to letters of 300 words or less. Longer letters may be shortened or rejected. Letters must be signed and must include an address and phone number. The telephone number will not be published. Letters will be edited for grammar, spelling, taste, syntax, and l!bel. Names will not be withheld .... Address them to Letters to the Editor, P. O. Box 1000, Hinton, WV 25951. welcome to State Farm Bank" Make the most of your home's equity with our competYdve rates on Home Equity Loans and Unes of Credit. And get the Good Neighbor service you deserve from your bank. To find out how you can BanlK with a  Neighbor s, call me, visit ® or call toll-free 1-877-SF4-BANK.  Regina Owlnn Sclde, Agent W  In the U.S, o˘z L-Lt'N[ STATE FARM BANK • HOME OFFICE: BLOOMtNGTON. ILLINOIS and especially the counties of Mercer, Fayette, Monroe, Summers and Oreenbrier to know that I have worked for Delegate Mary Pearl Compton in the House of Delegates for 7 sessions. She is one of the most dedicated, faithful, fair, and hard working servants of the people I have ever known. She is a dedicated worker for her constituents. She has served as Chair for the Health and Human Resources Committee for six years and she also serves on the Finance Committee. ince I am not living in her area and can not vote for her, I am asking you to support her and please vote for her. She is running for the Senate in District 10. Dotty Stewart HC 81 Box 325 Hernshaw, WV 25107 Signed by other workers in the West Virginia Legislature Vebra Vanateau, Scott Depot, WV Diana Hill, Belle, WV. Daman E. Asbury Doris Lee Gaston Alice E. Hill, Bell, WV. Carolyn R. Wise, Charleston, WV. Jane Dlupman, Charleston, WV. • POI WORKE!S EEDED ,, Iv i County that would, lil to. b aPall, Worker please contact the County Clerk's Office at 466-7104. increase in the number of per- sons reported with this highly con- tagious bacterial infection in 1980. Typically, cold-like symptoms cul- minate in violent episodes of coughing that usually end in a pro- longed, high-pitched, deeply in- drawn breath called a "whoop." In the US, infected infants during their first year of life, have the highest rate of whooping cough infection. Cough medicines containing guaifenesin (Robitussin) are of limited value in whooping cough. An antibiotic often used to treat whooping cough infection is erythromycin. Due to recent manufacturing problems, there is a nationwide shortage of pertussis vaccine. Since most vaccines take almost a year to produce, the shortage is not expected to resolve soon. It is not clear if the increased number of cases being reported is due to vac- cine shortages. Scheduled child- hood vaccinations - including those of pertussis vaccine - may have been delayed. Pertussis vac- cine is .usually. manu factured.,in,: combination with diphtheria and tetanus vaccines. /23 1/2 Hour Towing / Road Service /Unlocking Service /General Motors Warranty Towing /Ford Motor Co. Warranty Towing /Light Mechanical Repairs /Free Storage first five days on Police Tows /Roll-Back /Complete Autobody Shop /Alignments /Bake Oven /AND MUCH! MUCH! MORE!! I THE LIGHTHOUSE 606 Stokes Drive, RESTAURANT .,.to. 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