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April 2, 2002     The Hinton News
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April 2, 2002

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HINTON NEWS Home of 00the00W'0000a000000Water00Festival Volume 99 No. 51 Hinton, West Virginia Tuesday, April 2, 2002 50 Cents 4-H Camp To Have AG/ Educational Building By Toni MeQuaig The Summers' County Commission has given the O. K. to build an Agricultural / Educational building at the Summers County 4- Camp, it was announced today. This will allow the 4-H youth to have their horse projects in Summers County instead of going to Camp Virgil Tate in Kanawha County. The 4-hers that have their projects at the camp will share their horses and help to teach others that are interested in horses and want to learn more. The facility will start small but hopefully expand in the coming years. the barn built before camp this year. If we don't receive enough funds to complete the project we will continue to try to raise money through the year so the building can be built next year. We would also take olTers of labor or materials that could be used." If anyone is interested in helping Summers County youth develop their agricultural skills, this would be a very good way to ensure that we will have future farmers that will clothe and feed the rest of us. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Make your check out to: 4H Agricultural Education Building Fund or (4-H AEBF). Send to: Summers County Extension Office, Courthouse Annex-Park Ave., Hinton, WV. 25951-2450. Any questions call Marsha Hicks, 466-7t13. Mayor Addresses Technology Association This facility will also allow other 4.H projects at the camp, such as beef, goats, sheep, rabbits, etc. Donations are needed to help build the facility, organizers explained. The Summers County 4- H Leaders Association has established an account with the first donation. John and Betty Hendrick of Pleasant View Farm have made a most generous donation of $1,000. Anyone who donates a $1,000 or more will be named on a plaque in front of the building. Residents are very excited about this project because "so many youth are interested in animals and want to be involved, but with no facility at camp there is just no way we can accommodate them," members said in a news release. We hope to got Comment This and That By Fred Long Mayor Cleo Mathews is in the Beckley Appalachian Regional Hospital today where her defective gall bladder was removed early this morning. Surgery was performed at 8 am and although we have no report to give concerning her well- being, we trust she is doing fine. We understand she will be returning home later today and spend the rest of the week at home recovering. ----- The slasher was out last week slashing automobile tires in various areas of Hinton. We understand two tires on at least 17 vehicles were pierced on James St. and anumber of other tires were vandalized in other neighborhoods. It's impossible to rationalize why anyone would do this and the chance of the police catching the culprit is unlikely. We can only fathom that the individual, or individuals, committing this act of destruction finds some demoniac pleasure in attempting to deprive others of what they can not have. Work in preparation for the construction of the new Avis Bridge is moving along nicely, much faster then originally anticipated, but By Fred Long The Southern West Virginia Technology Association received a lesson in community amelioration when Hinton Mayor Cleo Mathews addressed the Association during its meeting last week. Mathews had been asked to attend the Thursday night meeting to tell the group her "vision" for the area and how it could be achieved. It was the same vision she expressed a year ago when she ran for mayor, placing a platform before the people that included them in government making decisions. Fne first goal," she said, "is to develop leadership capacity. We need 'out of the box thinkiug' and not do it the way its always been done because we always did it that way." She is seeking funding to hold six leadership workshops, involving younger members of the community in order to "expand the leadership base," with a minimum of 35 people, she said. The first step is to hire a community developer to coordinate community activities towards economic growth. "Many people in the community are doing great things for the community, but we are going off in different directions.  A community developer would keep things focused with goals and a strategic plan to achieve. Recently the city entered into a partnership with WVU Extension, 4-C EDA and the County Commission to hire someone for the position. It will be the first partnership of its kind in the state and a "model for economic development in the state," she said. The second goal is to build the technology center on Summers St. which will attract more professionals and generate increased business growth throughout the county. Goal number three "is to capitalize on our God-given resources, and develop into a ave to go therel' tourist spot," she said. Ve need craft shops, antique and pottery shops. We need upscale and expanding the potential of the county as a retirement destination, targeting former residents.  Five included infrastructure programs already in place, the New River Parkway, Hydropower on Bluestone Dam, extended water, sewer and gas service throughout the county. The last goal, she said, "is the most important of all. We need to improve the quality of life for all our citizens. Nothing," she said while punctuating each word with closed, clinched hands, "will change in Hinton if we leave behind the disenfranchised and under served populatiort. ,0fdi'ntot and rs County. This is the key to changing Hinton." She said 33% of the people in Summers County do not have health care, 21% do not have a car and 14% do not have phoned. "We need low skill job opportunities in Summers County," she said. "Tourism, a retirement destination and construction projects can all gonerate jobs; but we also need training facilities and we need to ask them what they want. Many times we try to give them what we think they want. We need to ask them, then the community will begin to evolve." Emily Briers explained the county's retirement distinction, an award issued by the state late last year. She said the group has $10,000 that will be used to develop a brochure that will be sent to former residents as an inducement to return. "A retiree re-locating here is equal to 2.7"manufacturing jobs," she said. Sam Richmond, a member of the Hinton Landmark Commission, said the organization is in the process of re-surveying the historic district because of the number of changes over the past several years. The mission of the Southern West Virginia TechnologyAssociation is to support an economic development environment through enhanced technological advancement in all business areas. i Debris from several former homes on lower Main Street was being removed yesterday. .Avis Bridge Project By Councilman AI Stone For those who travel the Avis Overhead Bridge on a regular basis, it is apparent that the bridge construction is well under way. Most of the homes in the immediate area have been demolished and resulting debris removed; numerous pieces of heavy equipment have been brought into the area and many steel pilings are on location. Anyone with a normal routine of sleeping till late morning hours will soon find that difficult to accomplish. Workers, yesterday, began pounding the steel pilings mentioned above'in place and that will account for some noisy, earthshaking times. There are some 400 pilings to be put in place and each will take about 50 strikes with a large crane-driven hammer to install and that attributes to some 20,000 LOUD strikes - so we must be prepared for the temporary interruption in our lifestyles. We are continuing to work with area residents regarding the removal of deteriorating structures in the adjacent area and progress is being made. However, we must accept the fact that not everyone entertains the same notions, therefore some snags will be' encountered and hopefully these will be overcome with reasoning. If we are successful in negotiating the securing of fill dirt from the immediate site, it will eliminate the need for trucks hauling dirt to travel to the construction area through all parts of town, which in turn would add congestion to our already busy streets, not to mention the damage it would cause. And speaking ofcongostion on our streets; recently many pieces of heavy equipment have negotiated their way through our town and I'd like to express my appreciation to our police department for their assistance in this regard Probably all of us will experience some discomfort in various ways during, the construction period but rest assured, we are working to make this time more palatable. The Summers County Health Department has been contacted regarding a plan to ease the migration of rodents and other undesirables that is being brought on by the activity. Your patience and consideration is begged during this time of temporary inconvenience for permanent improvement. As for anyone s'eeking employment on this project, here is what I have learned. The project is being funded by the government, thus the prevailing wage rate is being paid. The general contractor is a union employer, therefore only union laborers are being employed. Anyone seeking employment will need to be a member of appropriate unions and should contact these unions for job information. As for non-union workers, the contractor working on the Bluestone Dam project is a non-union company and does hire non-union workers. For information on the Dam project, contact the "Work For West Virginia  office on Ballengee Street, next to the Ritz Theater. Hinton Woman Threatens Suit By Fred Long A Hinten woman said yesterday charges will be brought against the Hinton Police Department over injuries sustained from what should have been a routine police arrest. Sandy Adkins, 43, said she suffered "severe trauma" and injuries to her left shoulder, ribs and left hip when two city officers "barged through the door" of her home to arrest her former boyfriend for public intoxication. "I didn't know they were coming and the next thing I knew I was hitting the floor,  she said, her left arm still aching and supported by a sling from the March 24th injury. Adkins said her former boyfriend, her arm has been numb ever Since. "I didn't know they were coming. They didn't say anything. The door hit me and down I went and they went running at Ed, knocking him down and dragging him from Steve's room across the floor to put handcuffs on him," she said. Adkins said after Frye was handcuffed they helped her off the floor and gave her a field sobriety test, shinning a light in her face and asking her to follow the movement ofh pen. "I hadn't drank a drop that night,  she said. "I had a pop to drink and that's all. Frye was charged with public intoxication and obstructing an officer, both misdemeanors. He was everything may soon come to a screeching halt. It seems the Division of Highways paid the electric company $90,000 to relocate the ines and poles, and they put them in the wrong place. I'm not sure what impact this is going to have while this problem is being worked out. It seems the best made plans have a tendency to go astray. --- County librarian Myra Ziegler has been named Second Vice- President of the West Virginia Library Association's executive board for 2002. The West Virginia Library Association is comprised of over 700 members ranging from librarians and paraprofessionals to trustees and friends of libraries in the state. They have scheduled a "Spring Fling  workshops on April 4 & 5, at the Flatwoods Days Inn. The Annual Fall Conference will be held October 16-18, at Pipestem State Park and Conference Center. ---- ---- The DOH has declared April 22- 27 tire amnesty week. The location for free tire disposal is in the Vrdlowwood area; however, the exact loeaiton has not been announced. 7/e hope to have this next week. restaurants downtown, a breakfast spot downtown on weekends." She said the community had to "preserve  the downtown historic district and "retain" the city's railroad image. Ib me tearing down an old building is like pulling a tooth. When it's gone, it's gone." The tourist industry also provides jobs for a diverse population, she exclaimed. Goal four involved promoting, AGENDA COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION Regular Meeting April 4th. 10".30 aJn. 1. Roll Call 2. Invocation/Pledgo of Allegiance 3. Approval of Agenda 4. Approval of Minutes 5. Recognition of Teacher 6. Appearance of Summers County Mentoring Coordinator 7. Approve Employment of Professional Personnel 8. Personnel 9. Approve Employment of Administrative Personnel 10. Informational Item 11. Approval of Bills 12. Transfers and Supplements 13. Adjournment Customer Service Seminar Penny Walk Professional Trainer Area businesses will benefit by registering employees to attend this program sponsored by the Summers County Chamber of Commerce. Penny Walk, the presentor, is a motivational speaker and professional trainer. Meeting the challenges we face as service professionals in today's competitive marketplace will be the subject discussed during the seminar entitled "Optimizing Customer Service" to be held from 8 AM until Noon at the St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Hinton. Topics will include, customer perceptions and meeting expectations, improving face to face communication and listening skills, rapport building techniques, telephone etiquette, how to handle complaints, saying No," diffusing anger and proper responses that keep customers coming back. The Customer Service Seminar is set for Friday, April 26th. It is co- sponsored by the Summers County Chamber of Commerce, the WV Small Business Deve!opment Center and WVU Tech SBDC- Beckley. For reservations call 304-466- 5332. Ed Frye, 40, was on 3rd Ave. and had asked her to give him a ride to her place where he was going to spend the night. She said the police got behind her as she drove out Temple St. to her home that is located on the corner of 17th Ave. Phey followed me out there and parked up the road from me with their car facing us. Ed pointed and said 'they are going to watch us go in the house. ' She said they were almost in the house when the police pulled up and called Frye to question him. I was at the door,  said Adkins who suffers from osteoarthritis which impedes her walking. "rhey wanted to know if he had been drinking and he told them he had. They asked what he saidwhen he pointed at the car and he told them what he said to me. They asked him where he was going. He told them in the house to go to sleep.  She said Frye came into the house and as she was "shutting the dool  city officers Charles Smith and Jackie Adkius "barged through the door into the house like a couple of raging bulls knocking me over the Coffee table into the floor." She said she landed on her left shoulder and lodged in the Southern Regional Jail and released that morning on a $1,000 personal recognizance bond. According to the complaint filed in Magistrate Court, Frye admitted to drinking that night, but when asked to approach the officers he spouted an expletive, telling the officers, I'm going inside and ran inside the house." The officers orderedhim to "stop," the complaint says, but didn't and the officers followed and when inside "told him to go outside." Frye refused, the complaint said, telling the officers "he didn't have to since he was inside.  The officers had to "forcibly restrain him, the complaint says. I-Ie was no more running then I was," Adkins said. "He said es sir' and 'no sir'to them, I heard every: bit of it. They didn't ask him to step outside. And Steve was so upset after seeing this. He's 22 but has the mind of a 13 year old and it tore him up. It took several days just for him to calm down. I know I'm going to get a lot of static and harassment from the police department for doing this, but I can't help it. They are suppose to serve the public and they're not.