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March 20, 2012     The Hinton News
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March 20, 2012

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8 - Hlnton News Tues. March 20, 2012 ALCOHOLICS LOOKING FOR HHS CLASS ANONYMOUS OF "77" Notice Meet at Ascension Episcopal We need current addresses for the HEAT.m~n~vA~m~r,~ i' :~ hu ch r r v "'~'~"~'~" "~--'~'~" :~" C r , Co ne 5th. A e. and following people, !f you have any Q~R~r[o~Q :: Temple Street, Hinton, Open reformation please contact Denise Imm " ~'~'~'"("~'~" " " ~-: '~ , unlzal;lon clinics are heiR, Meeting Tuesday, Sp.m. OpenBook Bennett 304-466-0677br Robin e h ........... .... - ~ . ~ .... . ac lvlonaay ana vveanesaay a~ me ~- ~I:dLThs:~ud:~a8 8P~2mand Upen Giles 374,731-3772!: ~ ~: ,,, Summers County itealth;:~ i i g, y,p Sanora Aeries, lv*yra -eo, De ar ....... Sub~-- W .... ,_ _ , ~. . _ , ~ ,~ _ , p ~men~.ttoursmoperatlonare:~ uay omensomymeeungat Darlene ~ross ~ennett, Gayla fro ...... " '~ m~a.m.~olzanapm ~o4pm 3:00 (open book study/open Bowles, Kathy:Bragg, Mike L ~ ...... " ". ',~ ~urlng~ne monfl oIAugus~we Will * D!~:l~S~ll Free 1.800.333_5051. B:: C:~eds: D;=z;1Cutdles oMDaha:l' b2 :P~:r t: tflby'~e" v?cW: d ~i;:daff:; i! i ' Jess Dawson, Patty Deed, Douglas sch " " " ~ C ~ ?~2?c::nmL.u1 eel entry. ;,~, COMMUNITY SUPPORT Franklin, Regina Howell Hill, Jerry ,,~ ** ....... ~ r~ xne nealm ~epar~men~ has ~:~ fo :n~ ::U:u pp;;kmg. LflleYr y~a~bLil:::~', B;:b::aMM:ddy: P:dg:bmr the: foP r = ~ d:2 e ~;: e2 r i~:. Charleston-- Majorlegislationto 2012 would increase the state's But the House passed the bill on a helping to prowde those who need," Sally McCormick, AndrewMcMurry ~ P p ~!r ',mammograms mr women a e 25-64 ~ increase mine safety in West annual yield from $19 million to 65-30 roll call vote and sent it to the eye exammatlons or eye glasses. Daniel McReynolds, Dale Mills,'-- -.~, . g . ' ':; The Hinton Lions have been PAtrlek NInhl~ rpnmmv P~tt.rv T..I~.~ ~nat are exgner unlnsurea 0r ,r Virginia passed the House of about $36 million. Senatewith only 10 days remaining ...... ' ~_ ........ underin " "~ "" ~ ..........r. ................... surea, t Jail ~O4-4bb-D;~8~ t0r :* Delegates 95-0 here last week after Most of the new money would be in the current legislative session, yP::;:dlan~ :;:lS::k~:g fc:2veriltSy Ricl:msnd R::ecc;2ma~:~lez~an~P:~:tt an emotional debate that included earmarked for cleaning up old Meanwhile, the state Senate once u melonnt or add~tlona !.1 ! organizations and businesses as well Sparks, Clyde Steers, Terry r " " & : . i: the first floor speech in his six years abandoned mines in the state, again passed the bill to make failure as citizens for monetary donations Tallman, Anthony ,Jay Taylor, Jeri :~d- as House Speaker for Delegate Environmental Pr.otection Secretary by a driver to have his or her seatbelt Richard Thompson, D-Wayne, and Randy Huffman said the water buckled a pri'mary traffic violation' to continue providing help to those Martin Thomas, Ruby Meadows 1 ~'~11 LIIIIIII~|II~ ~. other members who had lost treatment fund would get $20 " so the police can pull you over for in need in our community.As news Wade, Doris Ward, Mary Lauretta I _ - , , " . relatives or friends in past fatal coal million ayearsinceitreceives 15that offense AndSenateJudiciary spreads of the help being provided, Ward, Thomas Ward, Loretta :l & HOU[~e-~ B mine incidents, cents per ton of the tax receipts. The Chairman Corey Palumbo, D- requests are now outnumbering the Darlene Wills, Robert Wills, Sherr~ ! .... "'~'~' ~ ' " ' --'"i In a rare moment of emotion, president of the West Virginia Coal Kanawha, is hoping the fourth time Llg:cCel:b;eabuiel:~'i:he~ved the GillWills. ~, For RENT or SALE , q - , . Thompson told members his 17- Association said the tax hike is will be the charm in convincing the individuals application is screened VACCINE We Accept HUb year-oldmonth ofpregnancymther WaSwithin herhimfOUrth-when needed.Huffman told members of the House of Delegates to follow suit this to insure that other avenues of If you are between the ages of 19"Rent,to Own~ year assistance are pursued before theand 26, with or without insurance, Houses A vailabl " his father was killed in a coal mine Senate Finance Committee that this Sen Palumbo notes that seatbelt Lions Club t e tragedy. He said for years all he increase in tax revenue would keep usage has increased in West Virginia Donations can be mailed to:Prvides help. Lions andGardisil/HPVvaccinep!easecalltheinterested in receiving the ~/J "/~11 II11 ~~ ~ knew about his father's death were the water treatment fund solvent even though failure to use a belt is Club, Sight Assistance Program,health department at 304-466-33B8. L J~'"~'~'L,~L,~ B: stories he heard from other family until 2034. still a secondary offense which P.O. Box 1321, Hinton, WV 25951. ~: members until a fi'iend recently gave But legislation introduced in both means you can only be charged if you Checks should be made out to: ~,~ . . ~ . ~ ~ . : ': h,m a brief newspaper clipping houses to provide raises for ~lected offenseare pulled over for some primarYas Hinton Lions Club. n, t;nvuu ervnce esting headlined"Thompson killed in lnine county officials such as sheriffs, such speeding. But he = mishap." county clerks and assessors appears believes there is still plenty of room HEAL, TH SCREENING | ~-- .-- I~" ......... |:) "In 1952, these were called to be dead for the session. Theto improve. Women s Health Screenings | I~r r n reman u : mishaps, and buried in tl~e deadline for a bill to pass the *** available. Attention: Women - ..... I I newspaper, he said "Tllank God' chamber where it originated (the 25-64. If you are uninsuredageSor | ............. Ihe U,ty ot Hinton will De acceotin applications for | : that s changed." 50th day ofthe60-daysession) was l had rather be on my farra than underinsured you may be eligible for I ~iT't~llTt I: :: Delegate Charlene Marshall, D- last Wednesday and the bill was still he emperor of the world: pap smear and mammogram (age | ~i,-_-i;.'-_.i.i:-_" i ~: m comm --George Washington Monongalia, alsomade an emotional " ittee on both sides, restrictions for nlammograms do | ~~ u~ CtUl~ tu [Jct~ d | ii. speech in support of the bill, telling Currently the Legislature ' *** apply) through the WV Breast and | pWs cal agility test test and a background I i colleagues that both her father and determines by law the salaries for New River Gor~e Cervical Screening Program. These /~~ a~cepte0 at Ci.ty Hall m"': stepfather were killed in coal mining county commissioners, sheriffs, _ " incidents. HB4351 is now in tim county clerks, circuit clerks, National River Ninth tests could save your life. II .._ c,.,~ ~. c, .... : ............. : ..... -." ..... I1" ii: o ween me hours |'* Call the Summers County Health I Sonar n is c assessors and prosecutlng-attolneys ea d" expe ted to pass there " " '- Ann.M ~o~xr R|wor Department for more information | 8"~nd3Y throuoh ridav | "n " fi~ They have no* received a raise since ................... ~' dun gthns mlweekofthesession. - "" ' and appointment. mar ed bv Ap;ii i ): Meanwhile, a bill to nearly double 2006. Senate Majority Leader John Gorge Wildflower thecurrent 14.4-cent per ton oil Unger, D-Berkeley, said the request Weekend Event Home is a shel;:; from storms-- I 3i201,2_H_e_al..th_,a_nd_re remen_!bene!i!,sareincluded :1 !: processed coal (SB579) passed the for salary boosts ranging from ~" all sorts of storms. II as well as a z oay a weeK WOrK scfleau e. 'i:!: Senate last week and is now in tim $10,000 per year for county Schedule Announced ---William J. Bennett .~ House Finance Committee The commissioners up to $15 000 for ....... . . , , . . . '. . . wemora~e tne glories OI new tax rate of 27 9 cents nor ton county clerks and mrcmt clerks ~s .......... ..... " ,- ,,. , ,, ~ppamcman spring in ~ew ~lver that would become effective July 1 too mucn .......... , .... . ~ , .... t~orge l~a~lonal l~lver, rlawKs l~esl; " , ~ne r~ouse ot Delegates also State Park, Babcock State Park, and i~ ................! _]~(2 A T "l%,TL"~rli~Td'~l~ passeurloixt~ last wednesday, a ......... ~-~'~-~,-~ x~t.~t~t~,~t~ , , . , ,r'lpestem ~a~e r-arK, wnere proposer amenulnent to the state s ........... FEES FOR SERVICE ' const ..... h ........ wuanowers otoom ~rom me nm o~ The Summers County lloard ofHeahh (I)BA the . l~uuon r at nas to De raunea the gorge to the river. Explore these s:;:;:,i~tt~ co~;ti~, 2:,[:lttp, eD~,~,,~o,i:~:~jsl,o,,~' ~ bystate voters, to increase the,, so- jewels of nature as well as this ! '* ' " .... called homestead exemption on , ~ ~" |lealth for an increase in medical services fees region s diverse ecology. All - :~ beginningduly 1, 211112. property taxes for a surviving spouse nroarams are FREEi Brin~, water ,:~ A copy of' the proposed fees is posted at tim to all all..,,..t l~;rl~... ~l-l~,-,.. .~-,.~. r ~, " o Sunmmrs County llealth Department, 151 l'leasant t ,0~,~ ,,,s,,=* ~-,~- ~-~ and wear sturdy walking shoes for 2 Street. Hinton. WV lb,. ,uUi ,'e~iew ,*nd 'm~,nt current $20,000 homestead ,~,~,~,~a w-ll~ ~,~-ok~ hi ..... 1 .... for 30~a~ys ~ghming Fdb,-dary2/', 20i2',.......... exenmtion .............. ~'~"~'~' .. --o ...... , ..........., ,:. IIN':Fcb,'~8;/Harcli:(i Ia, 20,, " " : +i " ' " . nan=tens, ana a favomtefield grade ~'Ll~ ~L- ~'~ Orrl-"'CE ' spouse. Thls,, andWU!dwouldapplYonlyt a survlvlngbe allowed alsoare:als useful'available atPrgram details ~ Sou ate hereb not n ,n a county whether the voters of y " md tbat a Petition for ' or Autho,qty to engage in the Bail Bonding Business in that county ratified the actions of a ~.n ~ ~h~,,~h .~n 2012 the Thirty-First Judicia C rcuit Styled Plaid Groun . . . .~ ~ .~. -~'1-" .......... t~-- "~", "~ ' L~c, On~a/A I~iWs Bail Be ~ds Civi~ Action No. 09-P" county government to prowoe~ tam Youth Arts in the Parks 10. has been liled in tim Circuit Court of Monroe added tax relief at a countywide 8"00 a m to 8"00 n m daily, art The property ol!~.arming, : CountynndS.... wrsCounty, WestVirgini ..... kingelection HJRll3 must still be -'-- : "-- ' Y" -_ r,.._ra uutlmrity to engage in the Professional Bonding " exmm~ in the cen~er cou Ly~t u ACRES_located just past DOH is great. $175,0001, hunting, viewsz~.~,drm. Pasture Businessi...... rdance with the term ..... lprovisi .... approved by the state Senate as well .... ~;~,,,],~ o,a ~,~ navid L garage on RT. 12. This home was ~ and wooO'~p~-',,uit and nut trees, of West Virginia Code 51-10-1, ET SEQ., and that a k ~ .. ,~ k -n th N^vember ................. , .~ heann has b uemre it, WOUlU ue u e u "g eenscheduledbero,-etheitonorable Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery, a beauliful home and is now in need #1111 RIVER REST, Pence garden .~(~e and wildlife. 3BR x ..... Cbief Jodge of the Ci,'cait Court ofMon,'oe 2012 general election ballot ................ nts of upgrading and rel~airsl Paved Springs, 3 BR. ranch home orhome, porches, outbuildings and ~amarac~ m DecKle , vv V o~Uue County, West Virginia, on the 2rid day of April, 2012, Y " For RENT or SALE We Accept HUD " Own Houses Available" atl:0Op.m, lntheMonreeCountyCourth ..... 216 The House of Delegates also fromFayette, Nicholas, Raleigh, and Driveway, huge garage, patio, retreat with metal roof, screened "wood cook stove". $150,000 Main Street, Union, West Virginia. That a copy of said Petition may be obtained in said Clerks Office in Union, Monroe County, VCest Virginia, at which time and place you may appear and do what you deem praper. Plaid Group, LLC DBA Bill's Bail Bonds, By Counsel Edwnrd D. Knight, III WV State Bar #9082 Counsel for Petitioner. 201 West Washington Street . Lewisbm~, West Virginia, 254901 304-645-2626 HN lk|aa~h 20, 27 LEGAL NOTICE Reatoration of the Hinton Train Station - Phase IV 0,W State Proj~:t: U345-HIN/I'-2.02) ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS 001113 - 1 SECTION 001113 - ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Hinton, WV, will accept sealed bids for the Phase IV Restoration of the Hinton Train Station located en Front Street in Hinton, West Virginia. The project include.'; restoration of approximately 50 historic window units and 5 historic door assemblies, as well ns construction of approximately 5 new window units and 2 new door assemblies. Interior selective demolition and structural repairs are included, as well as limitc~l plumbing ~ugh-in work. Sealed bids will be received by the City of Hinten, PO Box ,177, City lhdl, Hinton, WV 25951, until April n, 2012, at 10:00 AM, All sealed bids will be opened and read aloud at the City Hull Building, Bids received after that time will not be accepted. Interested parties are invited to attend. Prospective bidders may pro:chase eoples of Bidding Documents fiann tlmArchitect. Cost of Bidding Documents is $65.00 per set, plus any shipping and bundling fees, This is non.refundable. Documents may ts~ inspected, fi'ev ofchnrge, at the following locations: Hinton City Hall VanNostrand Architects PLLC :122 Summers Street 29 East Main Street |linton, WV 25951 Buckhannon, WV 26201 (304} 466-3255 (304) 473-0555 A pre-bid conference will be held on March 26th, IO:OOAM, at tbe ltinton Train Station, Hinten, we. ATTENDANCE IS NOT REQUIRED, but strongly encouraged. The meeting will include visiting the pr*~ject site and reviewing the bidding documents. A certified chc~:k or bank draft, payable to Tbe City o~" llinton, or satisfactory bid bond executed by the bidder and acceptable sureties in an amount equal to live percent (5~;~ of the bid must be submlttcd with eaeb bid. The successful bidder will be required to furnish satisfi~ctory tmrfi, rmance and payment bonds signed by a West Virginia agent. Tbe City of Hinton will negotiate with the c~mtracter tu deLel'tlline the inethod of contract security be~t suited for tl~e project. Bids must be made on a lump sum basis. Bidders on this work will be required to comply with tbe President's Executive Order No. 11246, which prohit, its discrimination in employment regarding rat~, color, creed, sex or national origin, Bidders must comply with Title VI of the Civil I{ights Act of 1964, the Anti-Kickback Act, the Contract Work llours and Safety Act, the Anti-Lobbying Itequiremen t (Sc~e. 1352, Title 31, US Code), the Davis- I~ucon Act and the West Virginia Division of Labor Wages ['nr Constructton of Public Improvements pursuant t. the West Virginia Code 21-5A-3. In additi,m, no contract shall be nmde to parties listed on the (;enerul Servic,:s Administration's List of Partie.~ Excluth;d from Federal Pn,curenmnt or Non- Procurement l'n~grams, The Excluded l'm'ties List Sy~tl,m may |~ viewed at: No bid shall be withdrawn for a period of ninety t!~D days ufter the thne of bid opening without the L~,ns(,nt ,f tile Owner. The Owner r~.~erves tim right to reject any or MI bids aml waive any irregularity therein. by: City ~d'l linton Mr. Cris Mmtdows, City Manager ;$22 ~ummers Str~.~t i'O Ik~x 477 l linton, WV 25051 IIN Ma.~h 20 passed HB4392 last week by 65-30 Summers counties celebrate vote that would increase salaries for regional ecology through art in this county magistrates and lnembers of special exhibit, works inspired by their staff in the counties with less the nature of our public parks-- population to the same level as the especially wildflowers. salaries for those in the larger counties. The present two-tier Wednesday, April 18, 2012 system of salaries has been in effect Clay Center's Lunchtime Lecture since the state constitution was Wildflower Wonders: Seek & amended in 1984 to create the office Enjoy! of county magistrate to replace the 12:15 p.m. to 1:15 p.m., Clay former justices of the peace and Center in Charleston, WV. Springin constables in each magisterial Appalachia is a wonder to see with district, nature popping out all over the Delegate Patrick Lane, R- place! Take a closer look at the area's Kanawha, spoke against the bill rich ecology, especially its amazing prior to the vote in the House. He wildflowers. See their great said it was wrong to raise nearly diversity and ways to capture the double the saiaries of these beauty, yet leave all~aatural things magistrates over the past 12 yearsin their place: to $57,500 when the per capita income in West Virginia is $27,334. Continued on page 10 private well and septic. 11 rooms plus.., call for appointment to see... $7O,OOO #1159 Barger Springs area, CAMP ON 4 LOTS....Iocated on public stream access road. Cabin is one room, screened porch and storage room. Has electric, satelite dish and an OUTHOUSE Selling furnished NO WELL OR SEPTIC $17,500 #1158 OWN A HOME FOR LESS THAN RENT ~ 112 Main Street: Two story home - 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 baths, large kitchen with an abundance of cabinets and storage. New wiring, plumbing and roof. Newer double pane windows. Small back yard with patio area:. $29,000 #1137 2 miles to NEW RIVER and Hinton. 3 BR ranch style home on level lot. Relax on the covered back porch overlookiing the creek. Nice family room W~sher woodstove plus gas heat. ~ $49,500 #1152 - LUXURY WATERFRONT LOTS - Located on Fox Addition Road. RIVERFRONT ON THE NEW RIVER. Two Large Cement Pads for Motor Coaches or Campers. Large, pressure treated, wooden deck overlooking the New River. Private River Access. Electric, water and septic. New woven wire,fencing with 2 double entry gates. $79,900. porch on .378 acres. Deeded access to Greenbrier 'River.. $42",900 #t153 Nimitz/Jumping Branch area. Fronting on Rt. 3 a 3BR Brick home being sold rea~,q'qove in with all content~,~,~,~. Located on a lam"~ .~,,s listing has a detac"~.~.~'32' garage, covered back porch and fruit trees. Call for a viewing...: $89,000. #1155 QUALITY, CUSTOM BUILT, BRICK HOME - This 2 story, 8 year old grand home is situated on a 2.2 acre lot in the Jumping Branch area, Gourmet kitchen with S/S appliances, 3 bedrooms, luxury master bath with Jacuzzi tub, fireplace, study, hardwood" and ceramic floors, 4 sets of French doors, custom designed SUN ROOM, breezeway, two additional baths, central vac system, full basement and 2 car attached garage. Natural light floods the home. Custom window treatments and custom window seating is included. The lawn has extensive landscaping, bi-level deck and paved driveway $440,000. #1149 518 4th Ave. Hinton. 4 BR, 2 Bath, front and back porches, detached 2 car garage w/carport, picnic shelter with stone fireplace, and much more. Great view overlooking Hinton, partial basement. $70,000 #1124 Beautiful mountaintop farm, surveyed 180 acres, hayfields, pasture, woodland, springs and pond. Very private setting, unique home, several outbuildings, spring and well water. $295,000 #1134 BIG CREEK ROAD', 10 year old; 6 room 3 bath homeion acre lot. Nice front porch, patio and detached 1 car garage. $75,500 #1102 JUMPING BRANCH, 12 acre hobby farm, fenced, 3 stall barn, 2 car garage, chicken coop, mostly level to sloping land, 14X70 mobile home, 2 ponds....must see. $145,OOO #1146 1300 Summers Street - 2 separate units. LIVE in one unit and RENT the other unit to make your mortgage payment. Unit one - 3 BR one Bath. Unit two -BR one bath. REDUCED $45,000. #t105 712 TEMPLE ST. Historic 2 story brick home, 4 BR, 2 baths, bsm't. The home has beautiful oak trim and hardwood floors and staircase. Aspacious covered front porch, large fenced back yard, patio. Very nice home....$69,500. #1122 NEW RIVER ROAD, 3 acres with well, septic, electric, 3 BR 2 bath Dbl-wide home. New River short walk away. First time offered .... $50,000 #1120 POWLEYS CREEK ROAD, 752 acres of farm. This fenced property currently has horses, a creek, pond, barn, great views, good hunting. A great place to hike, ride ATVs,horses .... there is a old homesite with old well, electric. $169,000 Visit Our Website Sales Associate Diannia Perdue 304-466-3046 Sales Associate R. Eugene Jones, Jr. BROKER Bryan Boone 466-4246 304-466-4833