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February 26, 2002
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2 - Hinton News Tues. Feb. 26, 2002 11 co y ug No question - Sheriff Garry sbou]d help the State Police, astheir Wheeler is one hard working public schedule permits. Support yes - servant. Although his job officially is part-time, his work schedule is full-time. No question - The Summers County Commission has poured thousands of dollars into the Sheriff's budget over and above the amount budgeted. The real question of funding for the Sheriff, rest with the good citizens of Summers County. It is obvious that the county budget will end up in the "red if spending continues at the present rate for the Sheriff's Office. The solution is easy, do the citizens want to pass an additional levy to supplement the funding level currently provided? The question is, can the citizensafford the additional taxes required to fund a full service Sheriff's Office? In truth and in fact, Summers County is a poor county; its citizen's ability to pay additional taxes can only be decided by its voters. This problem of local funding for sheriff's offices in West Virginia goes back in history to 1919. The legislature created the West Virginia State Police in that year to take on the primary police duties statewide• The State Police have never changed their mission, only improved and expanded their services as the primary law enforcement agency of our state. In creating the State Police agency years ago, it was recognized by the legislature at that time that the 55 local county sheriff's offices did not have the resources to be a full service law enforcement agency. The Constitution of West Virginia and the Code defines the required duties of the local sheriff: i.e. custody of prisoners, court security duties, and serving legal papers and a few other duties such as mental health transports to hospitals. Yes! it is true, the legislature did not strip the local sheriff's of peacekeeping rights. It did however create a state police force charged with the Supplant no! If Summers County citizens want and can afford a full service law enforcement agency in its sheriff's office, tell the County Commission to put the matter to a vote as soon as possible. If the citizens want lots of deputies, drug dogs, a police lab, a detective bureau, a vice squad, a narcotics unit, a large fleet of vehicles, coverage in every district 24-7 they can have it. Just pass a levy! If not, remember the State Police have all of the above resources available on request to any citizen of our state, simply call them directly. If the citizens chose not te have a law enforcement levy for additional deputies and resources, then don't hold SheriffWheeler responsible for all law enforcement needs, its really not his job in the first place as defined by law. Lets face the facts, if your local sheriff's office performs only its constitutional duties, the level of funding provided by the County Commission is more than adequate. One thing for sure; the County Comnission can not afford to operate the county in the "red." The present county commission has a statewide reputation for sound fiscal management with a very limited tax base. Citizens of Summers, its your call.rYou have a great Sheriff and an outstanding County Commission. Stop the "he said-she said" and address the matter at the polls and then live with the decision. Whatever the outcome of your vote, the West Virginia State Police will respond, it may be a trooper assigned to the Hinton Detachment or one from a neighboring county. However, you will have a professional well-trained officer at your service. If you live in the City of Hinton, your local municipal police will also respond to your call. So if you want to hear Sheriff Wheeler beat the drums more, you RAILROAD fIEf ;OLLECTIONS By Roy C. Long RUN FEB. 26th. STATION AGENTS HOLD IMPORTANT MEETING: When the railroads were in their early stage, station agents were employed at every passenger stop along the line. The Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company was no aexception. Many agents were employed along the main line between Clifton Forge, VA., and Handley, W.VA. and on all branch lines in between. Duties of Station Agents on the C. & O. were vague for many years covered by only four short paragraphs, reading: Station Agents "report to the superintendent, obey the orders of the train master or chief train dispatcher and conform to instructions issued by the Traffic and Accounting Departments. They will have supervision over the company's property and station employees; must preserve order in and about the station and keep the building and grounds in proper condition. They will attend to the sale of tickets, to the receiving and forwarding of freight and make' proper collections; see that cars are promptly loaded and unloaded and forwarded and make reports and remittances as directed; have office open for sale of tickets at least thirty minutes before train is due, and not sell tickets to persons who are in such condition as to be unable to take care of themselves, unless accompanied by attendants, or to persons whose conduct might endanger the lives of or would be an annoyance to other passengers. Saturday, February 19, 1916 a large-gathering of Station Agents met at the Hinton Y.M.C.A. for the purpose of organizing an "Agents Association" for a better understanding of their duties, how they could best serve the public and discuss problems existing at the Spring Creek and Ira Hannah from North Caldwell. Gauley  Subdivision was represented by Mr. W. B. Cabell from Belva. Mr. Cabell was tending to his stove fire on January 30, 1929 when there was a serious explosion causing severe burns to his body. He was never able to return to work following this accident. Agent Harry G. Huffman came to the meeting from Lester, W. VA. Mr. Huffman was promoted to yardmaster at Raleigh, Dec. 12, 1917 and went to Thurmond as Train Master when Mr. K. R. Ketcham left Thurmond and came here as superintendent of the Hinton Division. In my estimation, Harry Huffman was one of the most knowledgeable officers in terms of railroad operations and. employee relations to ever work for the C. & O. in an official capacity• He was a nice man to work with. The Alleghany Subdivision was well represented by W. E. Averill from Low Moor, VA.; L. Rucker from Alleghany, VA. Mr. Rucker was employed July 4, 1901 and resigned in 1926 to seek other employment; F. E. Fink came down from White Sulphur Springs, W. VA. as did A. C. Hill from Ronceverte. Ellet T. Bruce, Agent at Fort Springs attended. Mr. Bruce was employed January 1, 1902 and was promoted to train dispatcher May 21, 1917. He worked his first dispatching job on first trick at Thurmond and his last on third trick at Clifton Forge, VA. At first there was considerable enthusiasm exhibited for continuation of the meetings but they were allowed to smoulder and finally die out. We notice that company officials met with the group and that probably contributed greatly to its demise, the employes being unable to discuss their individual problems freely. I hope in remembering these names it will bring back recollections to the readers. They were indeed a great group of men. Letter to the Editor Compton's Assessment Needs More Thought Pharmacy & Your Health Dear Editor, I think that is why many times other I was one of the fortunate CNAs people would not want to work in that was able to visit our state's this profession. I am dedicated to Capitol on Save Our Seniors Day caregiving and love my job, but I am 2002. I was not there to simply sometimes discouraged when my "hawk my company's wares," but to pay check does not match the work help educate our Senators and I do. Delegates about the quality of I am encouraged by West Virginia nursing home care in West Virginia. nursing home owners who have a As a direct caregiver, I am more plan in place that will help me than offended that the SEIU union directly• The Nursing Home has been misrepresenting statistics Provider tax means that the owner that lead people to believe that of my company will pay more in nursing home care in West Virginia taxes and with the federal is unsafe. When you study the governments 3 to-lmatch, the state statistics, you will find that West of West Virginia will collect for Virginia's nursing homes are in the dollars• ! know if we can get three primary duty of law enforcement can chose to pay more, and I bet he various stations and how best to top ten for quality in the nation• Our dollars backfor every one we put in, statr:m  ] h dru .... rum haJder.' i Cdrrecttm " , .... T ilitite.£er: .thats,.a:.eY::°°:. " ,"' trainti /it a'muell highdrrie[ fdc. ' g  ....  ....... P-,,''",:';.."''"-,O-t ,e':t deicoie, oe,s,' r":iffits'ngoi'/Iet seal;- expertise than that reqt=ired of local Ed Note= Doug White is a H0t'S;rngs:'V/k.,=was ':ap-'po`i=ted 'c]eiciendie'" " "" ' S that couid cause actual ' :Ws "Vlg]m 'VeJ]lg'bt abou: :' t $8 deputies in a basic course at the fornver' volunteer sheriff's Chairman. Mr. Bobbitt had been harm to a resident, than 45 other million dollars. If this $8 million police academy. The State Police are deputy under Sheriff Garry required to respond to all calls for Wheeler. During his tenure here assistance, local sheriffs are not - nor he was responsible for securing should they be, it is not their over $80,000 in grants for the constitutional duty. Of course, they county Sheriff's Department. Council on Aging This is a weekly publication of the Summers County Council on Aging, Inc. 120 Second Ave., Hinton. Patricia McDaniel, Executive Director. Funded in part by the WV Bureau of Senior Services, Appalachian Area Agency on Aging, other grant and local resources and donations. Any older person is encouraged to participate in the program regardless of race, creed, handicap or national origin. The Summers County Council on Aging is an equal opportunity employer. Wednesday, February 27th. Menu: Roast beef/gravy, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, plums, bread, butter/milk. Activities: Blood Pressure Clinic by Lori Bennett, L.P.N., In-Home Respite: 10:45 am. Thursday, February 28th. Menu: Fish/tartar sauce, coleslaw, scalloped potatoes, apple cobbler, cornbread, butter/milk. Activities: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITAl: 8:30 am - 12:30 pm. Summers County Senior Center Quilters will quilt today: 10:30 am. Bingo fiJr Prizes: After lunch• Friday, March lst.Menu: Baked chicken, sweet potatoes, peas, cake/ ice cream, bread, butter/milk. Activities: March Senior's Birthday Party: Ii:00 am. Special Singing by NimitzlJumping Branch Senior Citizens Choir: 11:00 am. Monday, March 4th. Menu: Beef barbeoue, coleslaw, buttered carrots, fruit Cup, bun, butter/milk. Activities; Bible Study with Reverend E.._'$cion: 11:00 am. Tuesday, March 5th, Menu: Brown beans/onions, cabbage, pickle relish, sliced peaches, cornbread, butter/milk. Activities: Summers County Senior Center Quilters will quilt today: 10:30 am. Bingo for prizes: After Lunch. Menu changes may occur due to the availability of food or due to circumstances beyond our control. Now ACCEPTIN APPLICATIONS Concord College/Summers County Head Start is now accepting applications for the 2002/2003 program year• If you have a child between three and five they may be eligible to participate. (Children must be three by September 1, 2002). " For additional information, you may call 466-6016 and ask for Gall, Nancy, Riley, or Dottle. employed May 15, 1892 and retired at Hot Springs September 23, 1937. Mr. T. E. Wickline, Agent at Montgomery, W. VA., was appointed Secretary. Mr. Wickline was employed in 1904 and retired a Montgomery about 1950. Some of the older agents in attendance were W. J. Renner, of Covington, VA., employed July 1,. 1883; T. L. Dameron, Alderson, W. VA., employed Jan. 6, 1887 and S. I. Fleshman, Agent at Anthony, W. VA. Mr. Fleshman was employed January 8, 1887 and was sent to Marlinton as agent as soon as the tracks of the Greenbrier Railroad reached that point in 1901. He retired on pension May 9, 1935. Others attending who were agents on New River District were: C. N. Davidson from Deepwater, employed Nov. 1, 1910 and who died Dec. 23, 1939; H. O. Webb from Gauley, employed Sept. 12, 1912 and was promoted to Supervisor Station Service Oct. 27, 1938; R. A. Rappold from Hawks Nest; C. C. Huffman from Fayette. Mr. Huffman resigned his agents position to accept a position in the bank; Charles Hill attended from Nuttall, W. A. Robertson from Sewell and S. F. Sh0walter from Thurmond. Ed Smith came up from Quinnimont as did A• A. Addleman from Meadow Creek. The Greenbrier Subdivision was well represented by C. K. Livesay from Durbin, J. W. Shiffiett from Hosterman, J. C. Harris from Marlinton, E. H. Hannah from states• Additionally, West Virginia's staffing ratios are higher than 41 other states in the nation. In her recent editorial (Hinton News, Feb. 5), Delegate Compton basically agrees with the union and says we as caregivers are doing a terrible job. I wonder what Del. Compton did to bring positive changes to nursing home staffing while she had the opportunity as Chair of the Health and Human Resources Committee• I think Del. Compton should study all the facts and then help design the plan to fLX any issues, instead of just reporting the SEIU union's statistics and saying we need more staff• I must say that I believe more staffing would help: but I don't believe that is where we should start fixing "the staffing problem• A big part of ourstaffing problem is that we aren't keeping the people we already have trained. Given a choice between a job as a CNA making $7.00 per hour or jobs that are less physical or emotional that pay the same, most people would choose the less physical/less emotional job. So, while I think more staffing would be great, where will we find more workers and further, how will we pay for these new workers• I wish the legislators would take care of caregivers like me first, so that I will stay in this worthy profession• On a daily basis, I take care of residents.'I don't just give them a sponge bath and put a tray of food on their bedside table. I care for my residents as if they were my own family. I do not have an easy job and dollars will help to raise salaries for caregivers like me, I would hope our legislators would vote for the nursing home provider tax. Vicki Wheeler Summers Continuous Care Center P.O. Box 1240, Hinton SUMMERS COtrY HEALTH DEPARTMENT February Clinic Schedule February 26th-prenatal Clinic with the Assoc. in OB/GYN 9 AM-- 12N. February 27th-Lab Screenings- Cholesterol, blood sugar & hemoglobin 8AM--12N; Immunizations and TB Skin tests 1PM--4PM. LETTERS POLICY Letters are welcome, but no more than one letter each month will be accepted from the same writer. Preference will be given to letters of 300 words or less. Longer letters may be shortened or rejected• Letters must be signed and must include an address and phone number. The telephone number will not be published• Letters will be edited for grammar, spelling, taste, syntax, and libel. Names will not be withheld. Address them to Letters to the Editor, P. O. Box 1000, Hinton, WV 25951: Attend the Summers County Drug Awareness Forum at the Summers County High School on Monday, March 4, at 6 pm Longaberger" ALWAYS AT H 0 M E IN YOUR HOME r Versatile, beautiful and practical, Longaberger Products make homes more organized, functional and attractive. Choose from an extensive line of famous lumd-wovea Longaberger Baskets Pottery, fabric, wood accessories and wrought iron in the comfort and safety of your home. Qualifg Hostesses are eligible for free products. 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Thank you, Janis Boyd  Letter To The Ec0000tor Admiration fbr .C Mayor MatheWs Dear Editor, ,-, " This letter is written to epress admiration for your courage and determination in carrying .ut the duties of mayor, the office tvhich the voters of Hinton had wisdom to elect you. .-=, Our ties to Summers Cottony and Hinton are treasured and with interest the battle yu so valiantly wage. ,: God grant you strength to persevere. -..' Sincerely, , .:- Alice Aldine Duncan S4;ennett Cassada (native of Green Sulphur Springs, West VA.). . Lawrence E. Cassada (native of So. Boston/Halifax County, VA.) 307 Sussex Drive L Staunton, VA. 24401-2627 BIG FOUR DRUG STORE Cot. 3rd AVE & TEMPLE ST. HINTON W.Va PHONE 466-2323 !!iiii!iiiii ' iiii!!!i!!! " R. Ph; : : ":*" Medicines Useful ig Sore Throat := • i', . i , A soTe throat (medmal term s pclrgltis) is a cohunofip(qcm associated with the 16ffnn0n.c'ld, influenza ("flu"), infectious mono- nucleosis, thrush, and strep throat. Sore throat sometimes is misuitder- stood to be due to bacteriainfec- tions, but more often is cad by a virus. Bacterial sore throat [Tpi- cally is associated with pus fiYthe throat, a slight to moderately,igh white blood cell count, and 'd to moderate fever. But with a vir,ore throat there usually is no ls41is- charge, and the white bloo,cell count typically is normal .... [ There are many approaches to dealing with the pain and disc?m- fort of sore throat. The over-the- counter medicines often provide a high level of pain relief. These include aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen, and keto- profen. Local anesthetics in some throat lozenges also help relieve pain. And interestingly, frequent gargling with warm, salty water may provide dramatic sore throat relief. In the rare instances' when sore throat s proven to be dueto a bacterial infection'(via a ,/hrpat swab test), prescribed antibioics such as penicillin or erythromy- c/n may be in order. Antibiotics are ineffective in sore throat catmed by viruses. • = I:11 >- Presentation by "Strong Thru Our Plan" organizer, from Gilbert, W, Va. >- View "Painfully Obvious" program tO discourage teen drug abuse Organizers include: FMRS Health Systems, SC Family Resource Network, WV Prevention' :i', Resource Center, Operation Rescue Our Children, SC Safe and Drug Free Schools Program. ; .: • .4 L ' , v,. Ken Price, 466-3575 or Gall Kinsey, 252-7429 Funds for this sd provided by CSAP Block Grant through the WV .,' Prevention Resource Center, or kinseyOmarshsll4l, t/ I For more information call: