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February 14, 1980     The Hinton News
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February 14, 1980

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I C+ Ii d U I] I| T h 8' N if T g L I! IIlq Cc eli CI M b y er R; b W R 0 tt S! el t . C-Jbton News; Thurs. Feb. 14, 1980 Legal-Notice Legal Notice You Can Eat Well LEGAL NOTICE 'Ille City of His(on is accept- LEGAL NOTICE OF STATE PURCiIASlNG And Still Diet endloader-backhoe comparable The State of West Virginia request 'bids on: to a Case- Model 580C. Bidd- arl ers must accept for trade the FILE 41 If you've vowed to greet the Meyers. "Go to the small but- freshly ground black pepper, BID OPENING 1980 as a thin person but your eher, fish market, farm stand, and lemon juice. City's loader.backhoe, a 197,1 REQ NO. SPENDING UNIT COMMODITY DATE & TIME grape-fruit-only diet causes late rather than to the bakery. Stock Remove the tough outer lear-' di Long. Medal 445. ex!eg' Bids will be received until 8211 DNR 1 Greenmaster 2-21-80:11:00AM "night binges and the mere sight up' on fresh fruits and veget- es of the broccoli and cut one be. 4:00 p.m. on Febrdary 29, 1980 3 or equal of cottage cheese makes you shies in season then make them inch off the base. Quarter the at the City Clerk's office or by cringe -- give up! interesting. When you've creat- branches lengthwise. Peel the mail to City of His(on, Box 477, !8212 DNR I Groundmastel 2-21-80;11 :(h9 AM Give up tile mythical notion ed an appetizing-looking meal, broccoli stalks with a veget- loc ttinton, W.Va. 25951. 72 or equal tha! dieting means deprivation, you can eat moderately and feel able peeler all the way to the on Mark outside of envelope You can eat well yet dis- satisfied ". Perla's Broccoli in flower buds and set aside. courage weight gain by simply Yogurt Sauce (below) is an Prepare the sauce. In the top Trust Our " m( "Endioader Bid" No bids will be considered unless submitted on forms pre- limiting your portions, says It- easy, delicious way to sate the of a double-boiler, combine the co The Council reserves the right scribed by the Purchasing Division. alias cooking teachers and salivaries yet curb calories, yolks and cornstarch, and'wh. Our qualified staff will offer fel to reject any or all bids. Svecifications available uvon application, aulhor. Giuliano Bugialli in the Professional food stylist and isk unitl well-blended. Add the ic Janet L. Rush GLENN R. CUMMINGS, DIRECTOR February issue of House Beau- caterer, Martha Stewart, rel- yogurt, mustard and garlic, and de Clerk-Recorder Feb. 7, 14 quiet and efficient service in is Feb. 14, 19 tiful. "Pasta?" I'm always re- ies on a hearty breakfast to place the pan over simmering times of need anticipate ex ady to eat pasta! Even at mid- keep her going until a late( water. " ' " tr+ re: night. But, the secret is, three dinner of stir-fried vegetables Whisk the mixture until it every detail. ounces make a good serving, or pasta or sauteed veal so- thickens and heavily coats a th: Legal-Notice Legal-Notice Legal Notice Ws quality in food, not quan- allopini. Again, the key is in spoon. Do not let it come to a t LEGAL NOTICE OF STATE LiLy, that counts,"hesays, limiting portious. SaysMartha, 00so.wi,,.,00epera.d RONALD MEADOWS PURCHASING NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S NOTICE TO CREDITORS How do other famous chefs "A pound of meat should feed a large dash of lemon juice. The State of West Virginia SALE To the Creditors and Bene- stay slim? House Beautiful ask- four." Keep covered over warm but Purchasing Divisionwillaccept ficiaries of the estate of AI-edthreefoodexperts, whoare PerlaMeyers'Broeeoliin not boilingwater. RINERAt PK{}R$ sealed bids until 1:30 PM 2- 28. Notice is hereby given that berta Derett Chandler, deceas- constantly surrounded by food YogurtSauee In a large casserole, bring 80 on File 23 for DNR on Reqn. James W. Facemire, State Di- ed; temptations, to share their per- salted water to a boil. Add the No. 8210 for: 455 yds. misc. rector of the Farmers Home All persons having claims sonal se.crets and recipes. " 2 pounds fresh broccoli broccoli and cook for 5 to 6 fabric. Administration for the State of against the estate of the said Learp to sllop wisely", says Sauce: 3egg yolks, 2 taps. Dijon minutes, or until just tender.. 130 Tropic, Hint0n No bid will be considered un- West Virginia, a resident of the Alberta Derett Chandler, dec- chef and cookbook autimr Perla mustard,  tsp. cornstarch, 1 Drain and immediately rinse less submitted on forms pres- State of West Virginia, residing eased, whether due or not, are large clove garlic, crushed, 1-/: under cold water to stop cook- cribed by and available from in Marion County, West Vir- notified to exhibit same with the cups plain yogurt, salt and ing. Phene 466- 1,179 the Purchasing Division, bop- glnia, as Trustee under a Deed voucher thereof, legally verif- artment of Finance & Adm/n- of Trust dated May 10, 197".4. fed, to the undersigned, at my Dance-a-thon istration, Room W-130, Capitol recorded with the Clerk of the offlceintheCityofHinton, West + - + "" = . ..... "" . Building, Charieston, WestVir. County Court for Summers Co- "drginia, on or beforo June 4, CHUI00CH S0000VIC00S ginia, unty, WestVirginla, inBook77, 1980, at 10:00 o' clock, A.M., TO Be Held GLENN R. CUMMINGS, Page 533, executed by Pedro otherwise, they may by law, be " Baptist Nimitz Methodist Charge - /: | th+iio DIRECTOR Santiago and Margaret J. San- excluded from all benefits of Cook's Ch apel J me= Toler, Pastor Bruce N. Richmoml  ... . . Feb. 14, 21 tiago to a. Kenton Lambert, said estate. All beneficiaries of There will be a Dance.a-thon (RegularbapUst, Plpestem) B t.S:upt:jsKai Firs(Sunday Rev. Fr. RodgerHughesSt" Patrick , J State Director of the Farmers said estate are notified to be Sat. February 16, at the Moose JohnS. htkinsoa, P=.,r Stmday School; Worship. 11 &:lrdSumhD Mass 8chtlule Legal Notice Home Administration for the St- present on said day to protect Building, from 9 a.m. to 6:30 tl a.m Sunday School; Supt. a.m.; Evening Worship, 7pm.; Brooklyn 9:30 Saturday 5 p.m. Sundy, , , 9 ate of West Virginia and his their interests. Charles Bowleg; Ii a.m .Morn- Wed. Service. 7 p.m.; Young Mt Zion 11:00 A.M. a.m.: Weekdays, 7:30 a.m. p.m In8 Worship; 6 p,m. BYF; 7 People's Meeting, Wed., 7:36 Sand Knob 2:00 P.M. (Except Wednesdays, 7:30 successors in office as State Given under my |)and this the Adults and students are in- p.m. Evening Worship; Wed.. 7 p.m.: Mark Elllson. Sr.. youth Nimitz p.m.); lloly Days, 6 p.m.; First NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S Director or Acting State Dir- 4th day of February, 1980. vitcd to participate, p.m. Prayer btcetir.g, director; Juniors each Tuesday :tnd and (th Sunday Friday,, 6 p.m. at 7 p.m.: Senior Youth each Bethal 9:31}-Pluto " , SALE ector, Trustee for the benefit of Harold B. Eagle Prizes will be awarded to the Beech Run Wed night m 7:30 p.m. the United States of America, Commissioner of Accounts, Martha Ch,pel 1):00 Mad-'s Christian | youngest and oldest person. ,',,to, C=rlSpade f'-r "rr'' "- " am's Creek The undersigned, Craig Hall, acting through the Farmers Summers County, West 'dr- Also prizes for the most money Supt. C.L. Ratliff, Sunday Donal - . _ " Hills Chapel 2:00 P.M. Community Trustee, by virtue of the pow. Home Administration, will sell ginia ' . rrltn reeR. School, i0 a+m.; Worship Set- d spmoe, 'stor brought in, and the person with vieeeach2nd&41hSundaya111 Sunday ,.hool, I0 a.m.; S.S. BuCk . . PaulZutan(,Mln|ster. er invested in him in that cer- the following described real Feb. 14, 21, 28 the most sponsors. " Worship Services, Sunday, I! M d a.m. Prayer meeting Weds 7.uPt. me, v,nl.,, ttyan: l'eaen- Bel'epolnt Char,e a.m. and7:30p.m.; Bible Study tain deed of trust bearing the estate: Chuck Porter, from the radio 'p.m. " ing 1st & 3rd Sundays, )1 a.m. H a.m.; Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. date of May 14, 1979, executed A tract of land in Jumping ea OW station will be there in the River Valley First Iluber(ll. Groves. Mlnister b.y Wilmer Graham and Lavott- Branch District, Summers Co. Bridge ,,,,,,o,,,, First Christian afternoon to spin records, and Rt. 12 Fro'eat Hill Road D.D. EIweU, Pastor Church School, l0 am.: Morn- Everette Easley, Minister la Graham, his wife, said deed unty, West Virginia, about 135 reporting on the progress of the Sunday School 1o a.m : Steve mg Worship, 11 a.m.: Evening of trust being of record in the feet West of Alternate Route 3 eliIJenkln-.Ps=tor Sunday Sehooi. 9:45 a.m,; Mor. I News Dance-a-then. Please bring lO a.m Sunday School, Oakley McCoy. Sup(.; Morning Wor. Service. 7:30 p.m.: .UMYF sing Worship. 11 am.; Evening office of the Clerk of the Co- on the North and South side of your own lunch or snacks. Grimmetl, Sup(,: 11a.m. Morn. ship, I I a.m.: Midweek Service. Wednesday, 6 p.m. Worship 7 pm : Wednesday unty Commission of Summers State Local Service Route 3- 21, Sponsor sheets may be obt- ,ing Worship; 7:30 p.m. Evening 7:30 p.m.'. Evening Service. Mou,t P|sgah Evening Service. 7 p.m+ " Service'. 7 p.m, Youth Fellow. 7:30 p,m Morning Worship. 9:30 a.m: 217 County, West Virginia, in Trust more particularly described as By Alvie Martin dined at the Radio Shack, Lamb ship, Thurs Meadow Creel+ Church School. 10:30 a.m,: --, . Deed Book 94 at page 439, the follows: Mr, and Mrs. J.T. Gunter Auto, Sharons Studio of Dance, Central Rev. WllllamCarter Rev.(iriffle, C.Callahan uMw. r,,d.r, +:+0 ,. Emscqpal 466-1788, note therein secured being in Begiuning at an '.'X" on a rock celebrated their 51st wedding and Pattys School of Baton. m.t S.S. Supt. Mrs EE. Johnson: Talcott Church l, am, lloly Communion- Ist default, andat theLrequest of the in the center of Madams Cr- anniversary January 16. Proceeds will go to the Young u,,,. Ihmal tlllia., S.S. l0 a.m. every Sunday; holder and owner of said note, eek, set, a corner to Eugene __ People's Summer Theatre. :45 a.m+ Church School: 11 Prayer Service. Wed.. 6:30: and 3rd Sundays; ll a.m will sell at public auction at the Lipscomb from which a line Nell Gwinn celebrated his a+m. Morning Worship; 6:30 Worship Service. third Sunday, Mornmg prayer 2nd. 4lh and 5th D0 front door of the courthouse of bears N 57-13 W 95.35 feet to a birthday January 13. p.m+ nYv: 7:30 p.m. Evening II a.m Sundays. said Summers County, West VEPCO Pole No. KD-44, thence Worship: 7 p.m Wednesday TAI,cI)TT('IIAI{GE Vir- I R S Indian Mi[Is Church of Mid-Week Service Charles 11. ))ameron pastor with Lipscomb, N 2-57 W 443, 86 Mr. and Mrs. Elson Cyrus of s . econd Pastor, Reggle Bales FORFST HILt. Church School C h rist 302 5ec0Ad ginia, on the 8th day of Mar. feet (leaving Lipscomb at 53.85 Meadow Bridge are visitors of * James Keatley,  Supt.: Sun- 11:00 Worship t0:00 Is( and 3rd " ch, 1980, at eleven o' clock A.M. feet and joining S.L.S. Rte. 3-21, Mrs. Charlene Crook of Lock- Tatcou day hml l0 a.m. classes for Sunday 7:302nd Sunday night. hochley Hill Phone the following described proper- then leaving S.L,S. Rta, 3-21 at bridge. Firs!Faster'sun. Service,Carl E.jBoggSto 7 p.m.; everyall ageS;sunday,WOrshiPll a.m.Service'and 7 " TRINITV ty, to+wit : 83.85 feet and oining Lipscomb T,W, ('reek Road All that certain tract or par- then at approximately 208,85 Wesley Geddard, son of Ib- eta ]udson FreewilJ p.m, Wed. Church School I0:00 A.M. Wednesday Services. 7:30 p.m.. idweek prayer & praise hour. 7 Sunday +':30 3rd Sunday night day Evening, 6:30 pro.; eel of land situate in theeity of feet leaving Lipscomb and jo- ert and Paula Goddard of Lock. hey, Bert Willis, Pastor [ ]plant{ WOItSlm':NEWll:0011OPlJl /t ahdJrd L=lton tlinlon, Smnmers County, West ining Bill Reid) to a %" Iron bridge celebrated his third bir- Taxpayers, especially those Pele Weikle, Supt. : Sunday J. Earl (;ill, Minister Rev, Joe Grlmme, AI'SL Pro+for drug Virginia, being Lot Number 8 in Pipe, set, a corner to Richard thday January 31, )1o. i.- Spade. Pastor Sunday. Church School 10:00 Block 7, fronting 50 feet on Davis; thence leaving Reid and who itemize, should compile School, 10 a.m.; Preaching Benny Allen Supt., Sunday 7:304th Sunday night. Sunday Morning Bible Sludy, 10 founlajn Bailengee Street and extending with Davis, S 43.52 E 86.76 feet receipts and other records to Service, lsl, 3rd and 5th Sun. School, 10 : Preaching 2nd Sp 8menhs a.m; Sunday Morni||g Worship 4-2]] day. II a.m and 7 pm Satur- and 4th Sundays. 11 a.m OAKGIIOVE Services. II aJll.: Sunday back between parallel lines 140 to a %" Iron Pipe, set, a cor- ort support claims on their Fed- day Services. 7 p.m. Evening Services, 7 p.m+ ; Wed+ eral tax returns, the Internal Feamster Freewill woRslllP: lo:oo 2nd and 4th nesday evening service. 7 p.m feet and being the land on which ner to A,E. Gulley; thence Meetin Meadow Creek Two mlies norm or Aideron Sunday Church hool I):00: is located house number 1005 leaving Davis and with Gulley, g Revenue Serviceadvises. These , on (he Alia Road 7:301st Sunday night. H 1 i1 ton Pastor Leroy Pack Sunday School. l0 a.m ; Baphs! Ballengee Street. S 2-57 E 376.50 feet ( leaving Sportsmen's meetmgs will be records can be used to back up to a.m. Sunday School: Elmer" Youth beague, 6 p,m.: Evening Li ndside (oz SummerSt. of And being the same real es- Gulley at 291.66 feet and join- held March 18-20 in three area clairas in case the return is Richmond. Supt.; Bill Bleau. +services. 7 .m Red Sulphur Sunday morning Bible Sludy, l0 ate which was conveyed unto ing S,L,S. Rte. 3-21, then lea- cities to discuss 1981.82 game examined and also assist tax-, Adult Teacher: 11 a.m. . ]]eHepoint Marshall FowlPr. Pas(or ,lames ll. 1)avis, Minister the said Wilmer Graham and ring S.L,S, Rte. 3-21 at 321.66 nd fish seasons plus bag and payers by reminding them of . Morning Serv/ce: 7 p.m. Sun a.m : Sunday morning Worship .EvenitlgService; 7 p+m. Prayer Palor Service every second Sunday. 7 ..,rvice. 10:45 a+m : Stlndav Lavottia Graham, his wife, by feet and joining James Valland- creel limits according to 1)ist- potentially overlooked deduct- ',rvice. 'rhurs. " llarley N, Towler Jr." pan.: every fourlh Sunday, II Evening Service, 6:30 p.m.. BANK OF deed dated 14th day of May, ingham) to an "X" on a rock in rict Fisheries Biologisl, Jim ions. John Mann. S,S. Sul|: Sunday a.m Wednesday Evening Su'vice'. 1979, from Faryl E. Sears, and the center of Madams Creek Reed. For easy reference, the rec- Temps .sehml. io a.m.; Morning Wor+ 630 p.m. recorded in said Clerk's off- from which a line bears N 2-17 Meetings are scheduled as ords should be sorted into the w.w. Beaver, Pastor ship, I1 a.m.: BYF. Wed.. 7 John$oll Sunday School, 1(I amL W.IL p.m,: Evening Worship, 7:30 Minlster. I,eoFarlev ieein Deed Bookno. 134atpage W57.66feet toa VepcoPole No. follows: March 18, Princeton; eategorieswhichappoaronSch. ' C)Lhers Boone, Supt.: Preaching 1st und p.m.: Midweek Prayer Service. Eileen Skaggs, Lay Leader: 22. KD-74; thence leaving Valland- March 19, Lewisburg; March edule A of Form 1040, the IRS 3rd Sendays. ll am. Wed 7:30 p.m.: AWANAI Sludy, 9:45: Worship, II a.m Wed.. 6:30 v.m. liverview Chapel Terms : Cash in hand on day of ingham and with Madams Cr- 20, Becldey, The Princeton says. When itemizing, taxpay- C]lcstnut (.']rove Freedom Baplisl('hurrh Methodist Circuit SpeakerllarrvPilklngo, sale. eek, S 85-14 W 56.85 feet to the meeting will be held at the ers should bear in mind int- . c0mple PaMor Eddie Johnson StPe lh)v,'lhR'k, Pasior Greenville Sllnday "Mac" Jmell, ! Given under my hand this 2 point of beginning and contain. National Guard Armory, The crest paid on loans and mort- s.s lsl & 3rd Sundays al I I Supl. Sunday Seh+ml+ Diamon J .lames E,)laile), Pas(or 9:301,ord's Table: 11:04) Family day of Feb. 1980, ing a gross area of 0.50 of an site for the Lewisburg meeting gages, as well as payments for ,.m : s s 2nd & 4th Sundays al Wood Fh'sl and Third Sunday: Bible Hour: 4:00 J,mior Young H[MION Craig Hall Acre after deducting a Road will be the County Court He- medical insurance which are lo. ,: Preaching serviets Isl Jack ('ales-Assl SupL Wayside People; 7:30 Eroding Gospel Trustee area of 0.04 of an Acre and use. The Beekley Municipal documented on various finds- & 3r'l.undaysa! 9:45: Preae)l. Preaching I I am.. 7 pro. each Worship, 9:30 a.m; Sundoy Service " ivg ,or,,ice 4th Sill, nights al Sunday School. 10:30 a.m. WPdnesday 000ttAtD Feb. 7, 14, 21, 28 leaving a Net area of 0,46 of an Building will host the Beckley cial statements. These amounts 7: ,. . Prayer Service.Wed 7 p.m. Greenville 6:30 Semor Y.ung People: 7:30 acre more or less as surveyed meeting, are often deductible, and fre- ollinsbur#, Little 3tf Creek Sund+w School ,o a.m.: Wm.. Prayer meeting and rome FUNErAl by Harvey B. Neel of Lewis- Reed said, "All persons in- quently overlooked, sap, II a.m.: Bible Sludy, Study. burg, West Virginia in April (crested in fish or wildlife Medical expenses, uniondues i).,. Slalnaker. Pator IndependenlBaptislChurch Wed..7p.m. Jumping, Branch 10 a.m Sunday Sch(ml. classes off III. 12-on I,Iltle Wolf ('reek Creamery Legal Notice 1074. seasons, bag and creel limits and charitable contributions Jorall ages, Richard Ihflh>ran. Road. Sunday School 10 a.m.: Wet- Tabernacle AND BEING the same and regulaitons should plan now are a few other commonly Supt.: ii a.m. Mornmg Wet- IIonaldL. Ilannah, IPastor ship. Tp.m. Eh,oAIderman. Sr..I)astor [li PUBLIC NOTICE property conveyed unto Pedro to attend one of these meet- claimed deductions for which ship: 7 p.m. Nigh! Service. Sunday School, 10a.m; George Second Su,lav Tom Coffman, Supt.. Sunday (, IRSexaminers often requesting sermon by pastor Cook, Supl+; Worshipservlce. I1 Mt. lledding School. 9:45 a.m.: Mornmg a.m Sunday: Youlh meeling, Worship, 9 am.. Sunday Worship, 10:45 a.m. Youth and Margaret J. Santiago by ings and express their opinions, supporting evidence. Keeping Fellowship. 63( p.m Evening The Council of the City of deed dated the 2nd day of May, Four Mile ;:3o p.m Sun.: Evening Ser+ School. lo:3oa.m ., Hlnton will hold a public meet. 1974, and recorded in said CI. cancelled checks, pay tubs, and JamesSimms. Palor vice. 7:30 p.m. Sun.; Mid Week Mr. Alexander Worship. 7:30 p.m: Prayer iSunday School ing in the City Council Cham- erk's office, bills can be helpful in support, m a.m Sunday School: Paul Service. Wed 7:30 p.m Sunday School, I0 a.m: Wet+ Service. Wed. 7:30 p.m Grant +. l,o00: +,,:oo Epper v. Jr.,SSSupt+: Worship ]3iJ Creeh M,m, 7:30 p.m. Pentecostal Holiness Fundamental bers at City ltall at 7:30 p,m. on This real estate, being the ing these claims. However, the service 2nd and 41h Sundays, ll February 19, 1980 to receive same property described in said mS notes that taxpayers should a.m and 7 p.m.: Midweek Fddlellarrl.Paslor St. John 199MatnSIreel citizen input on the proposed Deed of Trust, will be sold to the West Virginia University has -not attach receipts or cancell- Prayer service, wed 7 p.m Sunday School, l0 a.m: Morn- St,nday School. 10 a.m. use of revenue sharing and (;ranvilleMart| ing Worship. |1 a.m, each Sun- Worship, 6 p.m Sunday Service. 7 pro.: Friday highest bidder at public auction received $740,351 from the U.S. ed checks to their tax returns. Calvary day: Evening services Sunday Fourlh Sunday Service, 7 pm Anglican other funds ,for the fiscal year on the 7th day of March, 1980, at Bureau of Health Manpower to Taxpayers should also bear in Calvary Baptist Church al 7 p.m. ; Prayer meeling, St. John July l, 1980 thru June 30, 1981, 1:00 P.M. at the door of the support health professions pro- mind that, as of 1979 when unday School 10:00 am Weds. al 7 p.m,; BYF, Sunday Worship, 9:30 a.n : Sunday }Jin[on Goat)el ' s'r.MlCuAELq Janet L, Rush Courthouse in and for said grams in the Schools of Dent- itemizing taxes, they cannot ,Worshtplla.m. evenmgservice al 6 p.m. School. 10:30 am. Tabernacle Fort /savannah lnn  Mr. lledding 102 Mai s1reel 7p.m. enchSunday+ Mid+week +, PII'I rove Sunday School. IO a.m. Wor- Fr. HarryB.SeotlllL Clerk- Recorder County. istry ($266,362), Medicine ( $380, taken an itemized deduction for prayer m(ting and BYF each Pstor. W. C, 8amps Lawrence Be.he(t. Palor Feb. 12, 14 The real estate to be sold 517), Nursing $33,402), and state and local taxes on gas- WedncedayatTp.m.,,,;ilsaGore, Sunoavclool, 10a.m,.. ,, Sunday School Supt. Bill Hawks ship. 7 p.m. Sunday School. I0 an;,: Morn. L 1 N ti oo, t,i,, approximately .46 Pharmacy ($60,070). oline diesel, and othe motor Pastor, - JamesYates. Pastor ing Worship. tl a.m.: You(h SUNDAY acres, ,fuels.  , Mornmg wor+ First & Third Sundays: meeting. 6:30 p.m.; F:vangelisl+ P.M. (,arr s [=reewil[ ship. II a.m.: Evening Worship, ChurehSchool, 10a.m ; Preach. ic service. 7::(0 p.m.: Bible All services eenfornt ega o ce Subject to reservations, exc. m,,te(.llinlon 7:30 pro.: Wednday Evening ing, I I a.m. al Meadow Bridge Sh,dy. Wed.. 7:30 pro. 19 BOOK OF eptiom, rights of way, and ease- , Services each Friday al 7:30 Service. 7:30 p.m Church: ChargeMYFmeelslhe LEGALNOTICE ments that appear of record, / D/4#'t g##W 7heft p.m wilhlhe Rev GeraldCarr Lduro, (..+rlP,l Pi,,sl Sundaysat 7p.m. oun[ ()live( PRAYER Coffee and di=eumlo TERMS OF SALE: Cash. ( speaker ,";econdSu.davs . ('lal'em'e E, Ratcliff, Paslor /ollowing service. Pa|oro Eddie Johnson Lockbridge, II a.m+: Lane. 7:30 Sunday School 10 a.m. Mormng EVERYONE Take notice that a 1978 Chev. Minimum of 10 per cent of sale -_+ t'/.+..;cT >.  . Broohs Sunday Sehm,I, Io a.m.: p.m. worship n a,m Evening wor. rolet four wheel drive truck, price on date of sale, balance "1"lll.?]+:j++-"f j,  l',l.r. Rev.JamesE.,lohn+o. Preaching, ,sl and 3rd Sunday. l+',,urth an.days: sh|pTP.M, Wed. evenlngTp.m. -t. jl[ Edward Cyrus. Supt.. Sunday II a.m,: Isl and 3rd Sunday Ine, lisa.; L('kbridgo, 7:30 Serial Number CKL24SF35906, within tel', (10) days or upon n{ :'(' 3,! School. I0 am. Preaching II evening. 7:30 p.m.: BYF. pro.: ,nd Sunday, .:30 a.m. :+ Church of God West Virginia tR|e number delivery of the Deed.) Title will ._. - rs    ./ = --+ / l+'rid, v. 7:+0 p n, Su.d"v Seh.ol I0:30 am: 41h K927548, which hall been re- be conveyed by Trustee's Deed "/ a.m , 2nd & 41h Sundays: Sun+ . , Bobby Simmons, Pastor [""''_ >A day nigh's. 7 p.m.; Prayer IO]C,S CJlaDC, ] Sunday. 9::1o a.n Sunday Sundayseht,,I.,Oam.: Morn+ . possessed by reason of default upon payment of balance, nleelins. Thurs 7::10 Schml. 10:30 a.m+ tng Worship. II a.m.: Evange. , Jehovah+ 's W.,t' in the terms of the retention of Dated this 8th day of February, Carl Edwards pastor lislie Service. 7:30 p.m.: Wed. Sunday, l0 a.m.. title or lien instrument, will be' 1980. ,:+ Ct111,'l(ll] Sunday School l0 a,m. Presbyteria I1 nigh! services. 7 p.m. offered for sale and .Id at JAMES W. FACEMIRE, l..Y+.  Pa,l.r.l|ev. lillh(:allowav F.M. Poster . Sunday, II am. Su,day School, Ei;. Crawh;rd. Worship services Sunday 11 Keller Madam's (..reel." Study: Tues., Supl. II a m. Morning Worship a.m. Except 5th Sunday. Dean K. Veltma.. Pastor '/eS]CVall cralic School: public auction to the highest Trustee., Today's complex corn- A thermometer is ml every Sunday; Preaching Is' Prayer service Wed, 7-9 p.m. Isl and 3rd Sundays 2:30 Worship Services held on Warren R. Me'llugh, Pastor Service Mootig. bidder as provided by law at Feb.14,21,28 puters follow certain example of an analog ;and3rdSunoaysa, and6 Youth meeling Wed 7 p.m. 10: m. Sunday School II a.m 10:30 a.m, on the 20th day of principles developed in the computer in which one - -- February 1980 at the following 1830's by English mathe, quantity is measured in p m " Pipestem premses: National Bank of matician Charles Babbage. terms of another quantity. andshme M eth odist Centerville M,,rn,.g Service: 7p.m. Sunday' night service: 7:.10 p,m Wed.. Church' of G T (;reenvllle prayer meeling, charge of the  Hob Ilambrlfk. Pastor Summers, Hinton, West Virg- Pastor: George Cook James Chapel lo a.m t';unday School: 7:45 class leader. p,m. Comnmnily Worship I{av Kealon.  ' "'I-''''-' . p []/ 'Supt, Harold GWlfln PaslrRev. ll.l).ShrewIblJry Service. [)+111.'+2 +pt'ill$ S(Ipl.; Stllldlly inia, unleu prior to the said + ,++ sale, the amount now due is paid Morning worship 11 A.M. School l0 a.m. Ed ard Ilowdofk, Putor a.m. ; Sla, lday to the undersigned, plus storage Prayer meefln= Wed McElh 011 ny Sunday School, l0 a.m. Johnny Worship, 7 P.m.; and xeepmg of same, The un - Nature Facts & Fmers /hlrm . " GrnsSy Mcedows dersigned reserves the right to The archerflsh, which lives in q:.  ....., 7 P.M. Mary Jane Memorial 10a.m. Sunday School; Worship Colner.ii a,m.:Supt':MidweekWrshiPPrayer.Service'Ser. Wed., evening ? p.m. /e=+"3 Keatley pri ns Piislor RellO H. Riehmood Service on Is! and 3rd Sundays. vice and Youth Fellowship,. Sunday Schooh 10 a.m,; Morn. 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