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January 24, 2017     The Hinton News
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January 24, 2017

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8 - Hinton News Tues. Jan. 24, 2017 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF SPECIAL COMMISSIONER'S JUDICIAL SALE OF LEGAL NOTICE TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE The undersigned Substitute Trustee, by virtue of LEGAL NOTICE State of West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Division of Water and Waste Management PUBLIC NOTICE Notice CLOSED FOR WINTER What a man wants to do he generally can do, if he wants to The Campbell-Flannagan- badly enough. --Louis L'Amour Murrell House Museum at 422 VALUABLE ESTATE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, E. KENT HELI~MS, SPECIAL COMMISSIONER, by virtue of that certain Order entered the 14th day of November, 2016, in that certain Civil Action now pending before the Circuit Court of Summers County, West Vh'ginia, styled Curtis R. Jones, Piaintiffv. Clint E. Cothern. Clint E. Cothern Personal Representative of the Estate of Jcen L. Cothern, Unknown Heirs of the Estate ofJoan L. Cothern and Unknown Creditors ofciint E. Cothern and the Estate of Jean L. Cothern, Defendants, Civil Action No. 15-C-45, the said Court having directed the Special Commissioner to pest bond of Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($15,000.00) which has been accomplished and to make sale of the real estate that is the subject of said Civil Action, the undersigned Special Commissioner will offer for sale and sell at public auction to the highest bidder on the 27th. day of Janunry, 2017 at 11:00 a.m., at the front door of the Summers County Courthoase in the City of Hinten, Summers County, Wast Virginia, the real estate or premises that is the subject matter ofasid CivilAction, being and consisting of the following:. SUMMERS COUNTY, JUMPING BRANCH DISTRICT BEGINNING at a set 5/8" reber and cap set; thence S 22 36 39" E 466.69'to a 8" red oak; thence S 40o 57' 48" W 150.78' to a found 6" maple; thence S 32 58' 52" W 105.89' to a found 14" chestnut oak; thence S 17 50' 55" W 194.40' to a found 14" hickory; thence S 03 06' 58" W 122.25'to a found 24" chestnut oak; thence S 20 28' 51" E 233.11' to a found 12" ash; thence N 70 10' 16" W 312.03' to a point in a branch; thence S 87 22' 07" W 161.65' to the end era culvert at limestone cliff by road; thence with Secondary Route 27 the following courses and distances: N 03 40' 17" W 47.08'; N 08 22' 49" W 107.21'; N 00 43' 29" E 51.74'; N 11 29' 26" E 52.73'; N 19 12' 32" E 79.76!; N 19 21' 19" E 46.31'; N 17 4r 10" E 44.85'; N 10 39' 58" E 74.10'; N 14 27'28" E 38.03'; N 20 07"26" E 51.53'; N 25 12' 34" E 88.97'; N 27 44' ~7" E 42.22'; N 31 23' 57" E 28.08'; N 40 03' 15" E 48.11'; N44 03' 49" E 24.38'; N the authority vested in him by that certain Deed of" West Virginian Department of Environmental Trust, dated September 28, 2012, and duly recorded Protections, Public Information Office, 601 57th ST. Summers Street in Hinton has intheOfficeoftheClerkofthecountyCommisaionof SE, Charleston, WV25304-2345Telephone:(304)926- closed for the winter. We are Summers County, West Vh'ginia, in Document No. 0440. 165054, in Book No. 264, at Page 21, Brian A. Application for coverage under the general'Weet delighted to open the Museum for Dickenson and Tnsha Lee Boll did convey unto Mike Virginia Water Pollution Control Permit NO. visitors, school groups, reunion Day and Carl W. Poop, Trustees, certain real property WV0115924 described in said Deed of Trust; and the beneficiary Public Notice No.: SM`06-2017 parties, or folks just looking for a has elected to appoint S ..... Tcust .... I ...... Public Notice Date: January 24, 2017 peek at some local history. Call 304- Substitute Trustee by a Substitution of Trustee dated Paper: Hinton News January3,2017,andrecordedintheaforesaidClerk's The following has applied for ceverage under the 445-5769 to set up a date and time office; and default having been made under the General WV Water Pollution Control Permit No. aforementioned Deed of Trust, and the undersigned WV0115924 for this facility or activity: with our guide. Substitute Trustee having been instructed by AppI. No.: WVR310667 We welcome all to experience PeunyMae Loan Services, LLC to foreclose tl~ereunder, Applicant: Mountain Valley Fipelino,Hinton's History through the lives will offer for sale at public auction at the front door of LLC the Summers County Courthouse in Hinton, West . 625 LibertyAVE, ST. 1700 of the families that lived in the Virginia, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 on February 10, 2017 at 11:00 AM the following Location: Smithfield, Wetzel CO described real estate, together with its Latitude: 39:33:45 Longitude: improvements, easements and appurtenances 80:32:34 thereunto belonging, situate in Green Sulphur District, Receiving Stream: Mobley Rn/North FId Fishing Summers County, West Virginia, and more particularly Ck/Ohio Rv described as follows: Activity: All that certain lot or parcel of real estate together This application is for the discharge ofstormwater with any buildings or improvements thereon, situate associated with the disturbance of 6334 acres of land in Green Sulphur District, Summers County, West for the of construction of approximately 195 miles of V'trginia, more particularly bounded and described ns natural gas pipeline along with compressor stations, follows, ta-wit: meter stations, and interconnects through: Wetzel, Beginning at a railroad spike (set) east of exiting Harrison, Doddridge, Lewis, Braxton, Webster, fence lines (12" Red Oak painter pipe to be set) on the Nicholas, Greenbrler, Fayette, Summers, and Monroe division line between Donald counts 208.9 acre tract Counties in West Virginia. and Clarence Burdatta's 12.6 acre tract, of which this Business conducted: is a part, said spike bears N 06-42-39 W 228.00 feet Industrial from a set stone (fnd); thence leaving Counts and Implementation: N/A Clarence Burdette'e tract. N 79-19-10 W 330.00 feet On the basis of review of the application the"Water to a 1 " galvanized pipe (set) near a drain; thence Pollution Control Act (Chapter 22, Article 11-8(a))," continuing through Clarence Burdette's tract N 00- and the "West Virginia Legislative Rules," the State 29-32 E 300.00 feet to a 1/2" rebar (set); thence of Wsst Virginia will act on the above application. continuing through Clarence Burdette's tract S 72-55- Any interested perso~t may submit written 00 E 303.06 feet to a railroad spike (set) at the existing comments on the site registration permit application fence lines (pipe to be set) which bears S 06-42-39 E and may request a public hearing by addressing such 796.21 feet from a 1/2" iron rod sat flush on the east to the Director of the Division of Water and Waste House beginning in 1875. Call, email at cfm_ or message us on facebook. Our web site is cfm- HOUSE 4 RENT: Large two-story 3 bed- home on Temple St. Rent $250 p" rarity deposit, two references requ, V, enant pays all utilities. 304-466-2784 REALTY HC 85 Box 99, Broomstraw Ridge Road Jumping Branch, WV 25969 PH: 304-466-4246 FAX: 30-466-4576 E-maih Web Site: 49 58' 40" E_lO9.56'; N 46 05'25" E 45.2 r; H 30O 36,32,, side of a fence ]ine and ecuth of an existing road, on Management within 30 days of the date of the public Real Estate E 49.97'; N 34 1T29" E 68.39'; N 19 05' 40" E 50.40'; the division line between Donald Counts and Clarence notice. Such comments or requests should be addrse~d N 06 03' 26" E"43:95~-the-pulnt of Bejginning. Burdetto; thence with said original line S 06-42-39 E to: Containing8.380acrasassurveyed bySCSuz-vey0~ --274.00 feet to the beginning, containing 2.00 acres~ Director, DivisiorjofWaterandManagemant, DEP on March 21, 2008. more or less as shown on a plat. All bearing based on ATrN: Sharron Mullins, Permitting Section And being the same property conveyed to Clint E. the meridian of the year 2002, having a declination of 601 57th St. SE Charleston WV 25304-2345 CothernandJoanL.Cothern, hiSwife, asjointtenante 8degrees, 03 minutes west. There is to be included in The public cormnent period begins January 24 #1148 Bluestone Museum,... PRICE or cabins site...old home site... I tract or place for retreat. $60,000 with rights of survivorship, from Naomi G. Lilly, t)~k/a this conveyance a 12 foot wide right-of-way extending 2017 and ends February 23, 2017. -- -- ' SLASHED to $95,000 $120,000 ~ ~ -- Naomi G. Crawford, by Deed dated October 27, 2005, from the public road to the western most boundary Comments received within this period will be recorded in the Office of the Clerk of the County line of the tract herein described over and across the considered prior to acting on the vermit avnlicetion ~ ~ -- -- # 1 342 H O N GARTS C R E E K Commission of Summers County, West Virginia, in existing .gra..vel road. Correspendenceshouldinciudethename, adclressand #1269 523 TEMPLE STREET - 5 ROAD .... Beautiful home on 3 Deed Book 220 a o n And being the same property conveyed to Brian tpage385, doenL. C therndiedo " the telephone number of the writer and a concise bedrooms, 3 bath, brick home Gas #1321 HUNTING LAND, 39 plus acres, creeek borders the level or about September 23, 2013, and by virtue of the A. Dickenson and "Pasha Lee Bell by Deed dated the statement of the nature of the issues raised. The survivorehip clause contained in the aforeroferenced 12th day of September, 2012 from First Community Directer shail holda public hearing whenever a finding Radiator HotWater Heat OAK TRIM, acres of woodland in Lockbridge land. 3 Bedror'~ 2 baths, comfort Deed, title to said property fully vested in Cllnt E. Bank, which said Deed is to be recorded in the Office is made, on the basis of requests, that there isa OAK HA R DWOO D " FLOORS, area....PRICE REDUCED $40,000 in this ru~O~omfotable, home. Cothern. (See also Court Order CivilAction Ne. 10-C- of the Clerk of the County Commission of Summers significant degree of public interest on issues relevant County West Virginia prior to or simultaneously to the sate strabon rrmt a hcetmn and this 13, Circuit CourtofSummersCounty). , " " " " " " regi " pe " PP .... Central Air, Full Basement and One ~ Heat pu,,,"p and A/C, appliances. Theabevedeecribedrealsstateshallbessldfree herewzth, facility's coverage under the General Permit. Car Garage MOVE IN READY! #1324 marie, wv "Emma Jaens" Wood interior porches and of liens, but subject to the 2017 real estate taxes, " . At the time of the execution of the Deed of Trnst, Interested persons may centact thePublielnformation restrictionsandcevenantsandcenditionsasthesame thls property was reperted te have an Office te obtain further information. $98,500 - " County Store building. This historic Sunroom, patio, plus a 2 car may appear in the chain oftitle. . addrassof:430WicklineCemeteryRoad, Meadow. Theapplicatienmaybeinspected, byappeintment, ~ landmark building, formerly was a garage with apartmenet above. Title shall be conveyed by the Special Bndge, WV25976. at the Division of Water and Waste Management t The The referenced real estate wdl be conveyed with Pubhc Information t'rice at 6 1 th Conunissionecwithcovenantsofspecialwarrany. ". " " " O , 0 57 StreetSE, #1277- 310 Cedar Avenue - store...has living quarters attqched Must see to appreciate this special 2017 property taxes when due and payable against no covenants of warranty, and subject to all covenants, Charleston, WV, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on thesaidpropertyshallbepaldinfullbythepurchaser, restrlctlons, ensements, rightsofwayandreservationa business days. Copies of the application and the OUTSTANDING CUSTOM BUILT plus rooms over store. Almost acre place... $189,000 . ..._._'I~WMR _Ff~.. SALE: cer~firmationCaSh m' handot..theOn days.aleOf saleb "the" whiChclerk,s maYoffice beer avlsdile.matter, upenf thereCrdgroundin theall priorlien~afresazd" theGeneralDivisionPerrmt and Feet Sheet meat" a nominal ccet Individual=Y be obtamed from"uin HOME! 5 Bedrooms, 3 1/2 Baths, lot, outbuilding and parkinglot. Could The sale is subject to Y ' " "~ ~ Kitchen with Breakfast Nook, Formal make a nice Bed and Breakfast, #1344 HILLDALE ... GARAGE ... "* ~ *~~r~ ...... f~,mtv q%= ~=ll~P v~ rmv and encumbrances including wsthout limitation lien~ Telecommunication Device (TDD) ma contact our ~lrcm~ ,.,ou ................... ~. ............. II ,._~ ~ . ' . . ' . ' Y t for the Deed preparation, transfer tax and the 2016 Iorrealestatotaxes, lncmerater, sanztaryandsawel agency by celling (304) 926`0493. Oalls must be made . Dining Study, Great Room withcommercial location or unique home. formerly known as "Elmers" realestatepropertytax.Allothercestswillbepaidby charges. The purchasers at the sale shall b* 8:30a.m. te3:30p.m. Monday through Friday. Vaulted Ceiling, Media Room, Game -~4~ nnn narane some eouioment ..... responsible for paying the recording costs and also th~ ....... .v-- .. ~ vvv ~ ~ "" " "1 r ,.e,'.re.assr. . . ~Jan~, Room CeramcFIoors, Marble Floors included behind new Dollar ~, ~ .. ~ ~ .L:..~. ~n*h a=~ ^ taxonthepnv]legeoftransfemngrealproperty(th~ ~iven unaer my .anu ~.....o ~-~. ~=j ~- cest of the tax siam to be affix ..... p ed to the deed) The in Master Bath, Hardwood Floors. ~ "'" De~Em~ern:~t~iems parch ..... hallberespensibleforpaymentofalireal l.~.~Air NyftrlPlf~.]h-~. .............. #1325 - Leatherwood Road, 2 General... $55 000 ~PECIAL COMMISSIONER estate =sa. . =.J='-~.~u., ~ v=fv~, Large P'arKing/~rea[ (buuu or Living ........... Area~ MUST SEEm $405 000 oearoom, ] Dam very we, Kept nome. " The subject property will be sold in "AS IS" . ............. HNJan. 10 17 24 ' "'" ' Newer windows, kitchen and bath. #1345 169 Chestnut Street, 5 ' ' condition. The Substitute Trustee shall be under no (ZOl~-~-utmutmxu-~ummers LEGAL NOTICE ty .=---an,=. gte==torpa.... Dying County- Blink Properties LLC) ~uildino Propane Furnace, ceiling fans and bedroom, 2 baths, Custom .......... e ~[~VIST ~pe r t y to .vacate said property. To-Geldlie F. Ward Geldie F. Ward, Geldie F. Ward Wi~I~I]LI~ILTItNL.~. *~z~:~u, uu.00mcashand/orcertifiedfunds p.~la.'~w=wlp=.~MannTrnstseFirstCenturv lots .... water~ and electric partial basement. Near Bluestone Kitchen. Breakfast Nook, Extra- ........... asdepesitatthetimeofsalewiththehalunced .... d =...~e-. -'7.... "~="" '-- ' ~" " ":c~'ardDal'e available....$15,000 each...ownerState ParkH REDUCED $65,000. Multi-Use Kitchen, Two Zone MJ~F2~J~~1J~I~IA ~JJV a ablewi ............ ~ana, mc.,.,tnyanamtunmnownnelreOzm . ...... ,~ ....... P yFEDE~L ~AX~ the say oz Bate. Ward, Sr.; Any and All unknown heirs of Goldie Faye financing possible to qualified ~ Heating, 2 Car Attached Garage, Kl%-'=~J'N~A~U~'Jt2~JULl'qJLtN ...... s'~.~:m-meeventthatthereare Ward, or heirs at law, deviaees, creditors, Division of Hi=rhwavs L~?re, ,ix...L~ens .agam.stthe property, the United repressntati .............. igns, allknownheire, buyer .... #1327 GREENBRIER DRIVE In-Ground Pool Amazing Deck ~ vm[es woum n .... e ngnt to reaenm the provertv "" ncervatore fiduciaries administrators ~ Brick home 2 BR 2 Baths spacious' and Patio Area, Pergola, Storage Notice To Contractors withinaperindof120daysfromthedateofsuchsale leg~tto~ladr:r: ........ s other parties having an #IZ~I] b mites lrom ~inlon, spacious kitchen attached carport, detached Building, Outstanding VIEWS, Bidaydl]be,received#lectro icallybytheW st i or~epe.~?i.~_al~w~bl~:forredemptionu~n~e~qc~alle~w, undividedm'torestinthe'delinquentprepecty, andall 2 story home has extra hvmg 2 r ra Matur m ~VirginiaDepartm~f~app~o~tipn. ~w "lt~he~r~o~ger.~!~:~ .... ~-~ ~.~ = ofl~erpartiesthetmayhaveanyinterestinthesubject ........ ~ . ~ ca:Be igowithbsegt~ [ e Landscap' g,$195,000 Highways thr0ugh~h~e~fd ~'eas" ]]/d~ Se~ice .~