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January 24, 2017     The Hinton News
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January 24, 2017

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Notice 2 - Hinton News Tues. Jan. 24, 2017 'r" I Moreand More Peo' ,, .e Reading our Newspaper i Because a recent survey found that The HINTON NEWS is the favored source for three out of five for local news and advertising items. Save $$$. Call O Monday through Friday, or send this coupon to the address below and we will bill you for your 52 week subscription, Name Address (please print) I L City. State .Zips___ TEAR & MAIL TO: THE HINTON NEWS P. O. BOX 1000 HINTON, WV 25951 t .J 11'-.. Corporate Culture has come from Letter To Editor the big cities of the world that build Wh e re H as T h e vertically instead of horizontally and has spread out into a megalopolis Eagle Gone that consumes too many natural resources to be sustained with fossil fuels. Most of the urban human Dear Editor: population do not understand Earth OnApril 2, 2001 my late husband, Science and money is the life support Dr. John Edward Elliston,. system that they depend on. The committed suicide in an effort to value of money and how muchthere aleviate himself of the anger and is available depends on the despair that engulfed him from the government that Issues it. How can realization that our election system this work out well for our living in the U,S.A. had failed to represent natural habitat? We find ourselves the people. In 2000, A1 Gore actually entrenched in an environmental war won the National Popular Vote with with fossil fuel corporations who are the majority of US citizens voting for blaming the unemployed and low him tobe the 43rd President, but the income masses for the problems and Electoral Delegates chose G.W. Bush failures of this society because we instead. What happened then, when have not devoted our lives to By Roy MORE ABOUT TRACK BICYCLES: An interesting piece of mail came to my desk from a former resident of Brooks and Hinton. George C. Miller of Valatie, New York writes to share some of his experiences with the light-weight bicycle powered rail car . George's father was Walter L. Miller who was employed as telegraph operator by the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company on August 1, 1902. He was promoted to train dispatcher during the period of time when employees for this position were picked because of their ability rather than seniority standing which came later. He apparently liked the position of telegraph operator better because he resigned as train dispatcher on March 20, 1916. Walter L. Miller retired Dec. 23, 1933 because of ill health (a stroke) after working 36 years for the railway company with a clear service record. The Millers lived at Brooks about 100 feet behind "RK" Cabin telegraph office where Walter Miller worked approximately 1918, 1919 and 1920. George states the office at Brooks was closed in 1920 (he thinks) and his father took a job at "IVIX~ Cabin. "MX" Cabin was directly across the Greenbrier River from where Butler's Drug Store now is. The road from Avis followed the Greenbrier River to "MX" cabin, made a sharp right onto a narrow bridge crossing the Greenbrier, making a sharp left and continued up the Bellepoint side of the river. The bridge had a plank floor and when a car went across it could be heard far and near. George says his father road a light-weight bicycle powered rail car to and from work at "MX~ Cabin in Bellepoint. He added a bicycle motor in the "V" frame and had a nice powered vehicle that also could be peddled. George says he was about 5 years old at the time and when his Dad knew trains were not due his Dad would let him and his older brother Raymond who was 17 months older than he, ride the car westbound until they would meet a section crew who would put them on the eastbound track and send them home. Those were the days, Eh George? The Millers moved to Avis in 1921 to be closer to his work at "MX" Cabin. He later bid in a vacancy at "CW" Cabin on the 3:00 p, m. until 11:00 p. m. shii~ where he remained until he suffered a stroke and was forced to retire December 23, 1938. During my 42 years of railroading I have never seen a track bicycle. In fact, I didn't know they existed until the last few years. Recently, while looking at pictures in my book entitled "Life On The New River'; A pictorial History of the New River Gorge by William E. Cox, a picture on page 25 caught my eye. It is a picture of Harvey Coal and Coke Company store at Harvey, West Virginia. There is the lower left corner of the picture stands a track bicycle just in the clear of the railroad tracks passing in front of the store. The mining town of Harvey was founded approximately 1893 and is on Loup Creek Subdivision of the C. & O.just a few miles west of Glen Jean. An Open Letter to the WV Legislature To: West Virginia State Legislature State Capitol Complex Charleston, West Virginia 25305 Phone: impact that the legalization of recreational, medical, and industrial marijuana can have on the State's budget crisis, WV farmers, and WV retailers: Being located within 250- mile radius of a significant amount of the eastern population of the United States and given the Federal prohibition on the transportation of cannabis across state lines, marijuana consumed in WV must be produced in state and the product youth of our State. However, newly released study on this subject by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, which was published in Scientific American ( articlelcolorado-s-teen-marijuana usage-dips-after-legalization/ ), found these concerns without merit. In fact, juvenile marijuana use has declined below the national average the Republicans pushed their way accumulating pecuniary wealth and (304) 347-4836 Fax: as demonstrated in Colorado and in Colorado since legalization. Other into the Oval Office and G.W. Bush are in the way of their mega gas (304) 347-4901 Emaih Washington State will act as a independent studies ( http:// announced that he was ready to " pipeline routes and fracking - ..... tremendous tourist draw. At take up. the reins of power" has operations.As we protest the leasing {lreWA'0SS~.~~V taxation levels of 25% per ounce, the medical-marijuana curb-opioid- happened again, 16 years later, with of our State and National Forests..................... ~= estimated state tax .... use~us_57dc610ce4b007~~ Donald ~TTu~ap. -Having less than "our ocean:~doastlines and ~he .............................. ~ ........ ~~ ~:::'~ "= ........" " ..D~ar.Se,~,~l,D¢~g,~,.~,~ • re~:e~s~oul~ amduntL to $194 )~sofound:legalizatioil£ow~:i 4(~,0f registered voters choosing corporate ~atteinpts to take our I am writing to congratt~late you ~dn '~ind, theYefore, represents: tlae demand for pai~ddllersin th~se Trump'and with Clinton winning the homes througli Imminen~ Domain on representing oflr citizens at a $~776'mflilb~' i~'~retail ....... states, thereby, reducing possible National PopularVotebymillions, for the extraction of fossil fuels so time so critical to WV state I wonder how could this obvious that they can profit from sales to government and to notify you of the mistake bemade and unchallenged, foreign markets, we are protecting most important issue facing our yet again? Maybe Citizens United of the USA from becoming a natural State today. As you should be aware 2010, when the U.S. Supreme Court resources sacrifice nation to the industrial hemp production is decided that corporations are people, mega cities of the world, currently legal under special and it would be fine for anyCommon sense would dictate that permits in the state, however, the corporation to donate as much we need to use our scientific and real benefit for WV in the medical money as it wanted into our political technological advancements to and tourism industries is for us to campaigns, has shown its effect? protect and preserve the life be the first movers in the mid- Could corporate television networks supporting ability of our planet. We Atlantic states to legalize medical• and advertising have put a slant on must slow the population growth of and recreational marijuana, and it the election results? With people by using the most humane would also be a tremendous step communication being what it now is, methods available. To maintain our forward for fiscal responsibility, 240 years ai~r the Electoral College• life style we do not have to use fossil public health, and sustaining WV's was put in place, should we not have fuels to generate electricity, reputation as the Colorado of the upgraded the necessary function of Renewable resource technologies East. The Denver Post this fall this essential branch of our U.S.A. Government? Could a more direct, people to elect wise judges to the Supreme Court to make policy, then vote on the policy through advanced technological communication, system of Government be developed? Do weeven need political hierarchies anymore? that are non-polluting have been published an article invented and could be developed if ( http // the corporations that bought up the 2016/10/26/colorado-weed-economic- patents would deem them as impact-report ) from the Marijuana economically feasible. Basically, the Policy Group, an organization question is what is your highest founded by researchers from BBC priority, money or life? Money should ~ Research & Consulting and the be a tool, not the desired end result. University of Colorado. So how big The value of life must not be defined was this windfall in Colorado? The sales, and - utilizing conventional supplier models of 50% retail markup, 30% wholesale markup - $271 million in agricultural revenues for WV farmers. It is not clear how much revenue will be generated from hotels, restaurants, and destinations catering to the needs of out-of-state visitors but what we do know is that every year since Colorado's legalization that their cannabis tourism has grown and that state in 2014 had 71.3 million visitors and tourism revenue of $18.6 billion. In comparison, West access to opioids, an issue critical to our State. On February 8th as the legislative session begins, marijuana legalization activists and supporters will be gathering in front of the Capitol by the river at 10 am. The program will include expert speakers including your fellow legislators explaining the importance of the issue at the industrial, medical, and recreational levels. I hope you can and we also hope you will be available to speak with us on this subject in your Virginia in 2014 had $4.5 billion in offices following the Make It Legal revenues. And we know from the Rally. _. Drug Policy Alliance six-month It is time to begin utilizing status report on Colorado ( http:H creative strategies like the www.drugpolicy.0rg/colorac[o-six- legalization of marijuana to reverse month-status-report ) that positive the agriculture, financial, and changes are immediate and rapid economic collapse of our State. Good including winning over the original luck in the new session and I hope opp0hents ahd established that the legislature and the Justice politicians of their state - many of administration can find solutions for who " are now its strongest the benefit of all West Virginlans CLOSED FOR WINTER The Campbell-Flannagan- Murrell House Museum at 422 Sumn'/ers Street in Hinton has closed for the winter. We are delighted to open the Museum for visitors, school groups~ reunion parties, or folks just looking for a peek at some local history. Call 304- 445-5769 to set up a date and time with our guide. Wc welcome all to experience Hinton's Histo~'y through the lives of the families that lived in the House beginning in 1875. Call, email at cfm_ or message us on facebook. Our web site is cfm- MEDICAL EXPENSE ACCOUNT A Medical Expense Account for Angle Cox has been established at First Century Bank. Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated. FRESH PECANS Ascension Church Annual Fresh Pecan (fall crop) sale now in progress. One pound shelled large pieces bags- $10.00, large halves- '$10.50. Call Joyce Ritter- 304-466-1515 or Cleo Mathews 304-466-1135. RAIROAD DAYS ANNIVERSARY CALENDAR Since the Railroad Museum will be closing for the winter months in. December the Railroad Days Calendar will be available at the Visitors Center at the intersection of Temple St. and 2nd Ave. Visitors Center hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesday through Saturday. Applications are now being accepted. Equal Opportunity Employer -I E --ERS POLICY i' Letters are welcome, but no more |i than one letter each month will be | "accepted from the sa~e writer. / Pr.eference~wili~be given toletters of ~:, ~y~axds.nrAess. Longer :Iette~/i may'be shortened or rejecr, e • /L Letters must be signed and-must include an address and phone~l number. The telephone number will not be published. Letters by_ E-mail will not be accepted unless followed up with a signed letter. " Letters will be edited for grammar, spelling, taste, syntax, and libel. Names will not be withheld. Address them to Letters to the Editor, P. O. Box 1000, Hi nton, ~¢" I 25951. Summers County Humane S0cieiy/ ACWP i is a non-profit group of local vOlunteers that is here to help. Do you need to have alpet spayed or neutered or need assistance with vaccinatijons? Please call 855-WV4-PETS and Leave a Message. Do you have a litter of puppies • or a dog to turn in or have seen a stray or lost dog? Please call My John, in 1993, had set up a by how big a number of money it is Marijuana Policy Groug's paper • support-ers. non-profit corporation, The ~leemed to be worth to the banking linked in the above article finds the One of the greatest concerns Spreading Chestnut, Ltd. which was industry, following: voiced by opponents of legalization ~Dedicated to the preservation and of marijuana is the impact on the restoration of eastern deciduous forest life.~ Having received great acclaim from the International Scientific Community for his [~ [~l research work on the American Chestnut tree blight, Dr. Elliston appreciated A1 Gore for taking a stand on the environmental issues facing our Earth and he supported turned U.S. to,yard by and for the of bakeries, multifamily residential a candidate who spoke the truth, as, 'too big to fail' banks and mega construction and performing arts opposed to the fossil fuel corporation corporations. Most of our USA based and sports venues, and sit at half the climate change deniers, who corporations have gone size ofthe oil and gas induStry's $1.9 discredited their own top scientists for discovering the 'Greenhouse Effect'. Nature is the art of God, creation and evolution together, moving through time to bring about the natural regeneration of living species with each individual having some genetic adaptation to better survive within its life supporting habitat. Life is possible on Earth because our planet is in a position in the universe where temperatures allow water (H20) to be liquid, our atmosphere, oceans, farmlands and forests in symbiotic relations that create this environment that has allowed so many beautifully adapted living species to evolve. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience as we live and die, over time, on Earth. A corporation, on the other hand, does not live or die, it makes a monetary profit or it goes bankrupt and no one is responsible for what is left in its wake. It is a government sanctio~n~d legal fiction that.exists ' only to stl~mulate economic growth. for a pecuniary profit. This The Corporate Culture has The nearly $700 million in poured money into. the mass marijuana sales in 2014 were communications industries of the greater than those of Colorado's gold United States of America andore mining industry. If comparing corrupted our political system to the nearly $1 billion in 2015 where our Democracy is no longer marijuana sales to 2014 economic by and for the people. With the data. The most recent data available Trump Presidency appointment, our to MPG for tliese sectors -- electoral delegates seem to have cannabist would leapfrog above that international and no longer have billion sales in 2014, according to any allegiance to this country, only MPG. to their corporate profit margin. Do News reporter, Shannon Clowe of we now have a socialist economic 59 News, has recently completed a system that is for the good of the for- series of stories on the feasibility of profit corporation instead offer the marijuana cultivation and its impact good of the people? Has our political on the economy of WV( http:H system become the vehicle for their unbridled greed? With the economy being based on how fast we can harvest the natural resources, what does this upcoming administrdtion forbode for our lives? What did that reality show television judge say? Was it "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.~. God blesses us all, every breath is a prayer and the planet that prays together stays together. Instead of the Ten Commandments I think that we should list the Seven Deadly Sins on the walls of the Oval Office, but Donald Trump wants to rule from his home in Trump Towers, NYC so he probably would not notice. Linda L. E Emrich 12900675/after-3-more-states- legalize-marijuana is-,this-plan,practical-on-wv- grounds , http :// 12903844/growing-opportunities- what benefits-could-wv-reap-from- legalizing-marijuana ). Her videos cover the current status of production, the viability of expanded production, and the advantages "of legalization for our State, and include remarks from venerable politicians Walt Helmick and Richard Neely. The WV Center on the Budget and Policy also has an excellent presentation on their website ( marijuana-could-impact-west- virginia) explaining the profound Hiinton and our future generations, our Animal Control Officer 304- Sincerely, ~ 466-4860. 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