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January 15, 1985     The Hinton News
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January 15, 1985

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g b - Hinton News Tues. Jan. 15. lq85 Legal Notice ....... PUBLIC NOTICE MINING WITHIN ti8 FERT OF A PUBLIC NIGHWAY Nibltte ts hsreby given that Repert ! ~.,, & Supply Ca., la. has Itth,tt tired an ePPIicatiOn to the WeSt VttUlnta oe~ortmen! ot Natural Nesuurtes for Sarfase Mine, located on See atfaBments See attachments01.8 miles nertBaast ot Eiton, WV., fin Groan Sulphur District of Sgmmers County. WV LOngitude t9 dellreeS 47' 13" Latitude 37 dairies S1 ' tl" The orOOOsed te~tllty tS located within one t~undred feet ( t0O'l Ot West Virginia Secondary Route NO. 2 A hearing concerning the proposed mlntn~! activity within one hundred teat O! public highway wi!l be conducted on January 29, 191S et 7:00 P.M. at Oanese Fire House Attention: SMA 1498 NOTE : Date, time and location to be determined after obtaining SMAi N u in ber, Jan. IS I~G,.er, Sulphur $;- ml~ O O Scole: Genres H hway Mop rpenbrier County, Blue Sulph stric'ts Summers County, Green Sulphur Dis 'ictD S.HA Legal Notice LEGAL NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the accountOf the following Fiduciary is now before me for settlement: BObby F. Graham, Committee for Dora TherezO, an incompetent. Given under my hsnd this the 2rid day of January I9SS. DAVID L, PARMER Commissioner of Accounts Summers County, WV Jsn, 1S, 22 Legal Notice NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE The undersigned Trustee, by vir rue of the authority vested in him by that certain deed of trust executed by Eenton L. Moye and Geneva v. Maya, his wife, to the undersigned Trustee, dated December 9, 1983, and Of record in the Office of the Clerk of the County Court of Sum. mere County, West Virginia, in Trust Deed Book No. t04, page $08, and which trustdeed was given to secure osyment Ot certain note therein described, and the Parties having defaulted in payment of said note, end the undersigned having been requested so to do, NOW, THEREFORE, I, F. W. Sawyers, wilt proceed to sell st oubtic auction to the highest bidder et the front door of the Courthouse of Summers County, West virginia, on Wednesday, January 30, 198S, et 1100 A.M., Of Said day, the follow. ins described real estate situated in Talcott District Of Summers Co unty, West Virginia: BEGINNING ate setstoneon the south side of the State Hard Road, S. 20 W . 18 Ft. through the survey ot the HHIdale Homes Development Corn otny to e set stone; thence S. S2 ~,~W. 11~lpoies to a set stone corner to the H illdale SchOOlhOuse Iot; thence N . 9 Ii= W. 16 ~ 'poles to set stone; the. nee S T0 W 1 7 ~ poles to the BEGINNING. containing 1 acre and ~) DOteS Th~re is alSO conveyed one 1966 Parkwooo Mobile HOme, Serial No. t;~:/3, ideated on the above orooerty. And being the same oroperty ,r*nvPyed to Benton L. MOye and wlt~'by deed dated May 10, 1979, Iro.~ Daniel LerOy Bucktand and Vada Mae BuCkland. his wife, Of r#,,'OrQ tn Seid Clerk's Office in Deed Hook No 124, pegs 34. tF~M~ OF SALE: Cash on hand t,. ~l~y Of sale. t',lvi, n unOor my hand On this the 11 it, tray Of January, 1986: It W %awyers r~ iJ*,T E E i,tr~ t~. 2;/, 29 Legal Notice NOTICE OF FILING OF ESTATE ACCOUNTS I ,, tht* (~r*.Oit~r S end Beneficiaries of it,, w~thln o,~eaSed persons: I h.tve h.tore me the estates of the I'tllllwtliq dt~(eeseo persons and the ,~'''HiFIt'. ot the fiduciaries Of their ,... l,I l,,~, Decedent Cecil Dennis, I ,Hilt IRry Nellie Bennett BOX 614, I~ ~l~ I.l~. WV : Decedent: Edgar i,~..I,,n. F~duclery: Helen Speiden, ',,~A (,*~,Pthrier Dr., Htnton. WV; tl,,. ~.ill, l~t Bessie Hutchison. Ftduc. '.*; ~ t v~,lynHutchisOh. 726 Sum m ' '.t*'-- Ave. N W.. ROanoke, Va.; tl ,., ,.,I i*ll I R Ichard K e$1er , ; "l'~t~rV PemeteLyons, BuckRt.. It-. ,,. tt~nton, WV ; Decedent: ViOlet 41.t~fl Fiduciary: Edwin Black W '*liil . Jr 309 ~Bth St.. S. S., ' h/ttl.%tnn WV; DecedEnt: Basil It tit I',lltl. F tduciery: Sandra LaW, li I It, llnx So Balllrd. Wi ; DI{~ ,.ill.ill Ftt!rnice Heythe. Fiduciary: t~'.,I,,.ri He#the 419 remote St., It,.I.n, WV; Decedent: Benlamin ~l ,,.~dtlw.., Fiduciary" Florence Mad- ,it,w-,. ,t~r R t 87, BOX 3, Jumping tl, l ~, h. WV : Dececlen1: Arnie ,t,.tdl.. I iduciary: Anna Mae SPade, - tills 91"1, HifllOfl, WV. Ally liC.%on having a claim agaihst Ihl. I'% 14 ll' Of any above nam e~l ,1~.~ i- a persOni are nQtlflsd to '~t,=tH! "~*~me. with regally verified ~ t~,l, hpr ~.. Io fiduciary wtthln 75 , ~l not later thon March 31, i'/it.,, i~rlo suoervtsor within 128 ~l~,y~.. ~tladdTess below, not later th~tl May I$. 198S; otherwise any or al~ ~uf iI loire s may bY law be . ,~ i,ldi.d trom ell benefits Of said i.-. 14 ii. n~l hPn~'tl(iaries Of said estate .llnv ~t lllll.a r before fiduciary or ".,tl~.~v~*.or by dates ShOwn above to ..~n~.~ ,l~. r lalms and PT0tecI their ~. Ivl, ll un~ll.r m y hand thls 10th gay ,if tllllhqf y, t9IS II ii ill N (ill IP i IIItlt lilry SuPervisOr for ,.~*~ --, I.r~ County t tliilllI Clerk's Office - I~ll+ I~, 87 Legal Notice LEGAL NOTICE OF STATE PURCHASING The State of West Virginia Pur. chasing Division will accept sealed bidsuntil 11:O0a.m., I 31 8Son Fife 31 for Oe0ertment ot Natural Res- ources on Reqn. NO. 171S for: TO Supply 180 Rattan chairs. NO bid will be considered unless subm iSled on forms prescribed by and available from tho Purchasing Divisioh, Department of Finance & Administration, Room E - 108, Capitol Building, Charleston, West Vlrginie. GLENN R. CUMMINGS, DIRECTOR ;, Jan. 15, 22 ,i Legal Notice PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF WEST VIRGINIA CHARLESTON issued: December 10, 1944 CASE NO. 84 ~,60 G 30C MOUNTAINEER GAS COMPANY Apoticatton to change rates, effective November I, 1984, pursuant to R ule 30C, General Order NO. 183.4, Purchased Gas Application. PROCEDURAL ORDER On August 31, 1984, Mountaineer Gas Company (Mountaineer) flied an application pursuant to Rule 30C reouesting a revision in its our chased gas cost for furnishing gas service tO its customers in the State o1 West Virginia, By Interim Order entered on OctOber 31, 1984, an increased Purchased gas Increment of S5.162 per Mcf was apprOved for all gas suoolied by Mountsineer on and after NOvember 1. 1984. on an interim basis, until such time as final decision is rendered in this oroceeding, n lieu Of the previous rate of $S.043 oar Mcf The order of October 13, 1984, addltlonoily grant. ed PetitiOns to intervene filed by the Consumer Advocate Division and weirton Steel Corporation and re1 quested that the parties submit an agreed upon procedural schedule for the completion of this case by December 1, 1984. By order enter- ed on November 20, 1984, the petition to intervene filed by Westvaco Coroori tlon was granted by the Hearing Examiner. By telephone communications from Counsel for Mountaineer Gas Corn I)any and the Staff Attorney in this proceeding, the Hearing Exam- iner has been notified that the parties have agreed to 0roced- ural schedule. IT IS, THEREFORE,ORDERED that Mountaineer GeE Cam Dany submit 0repared direct testimony in support of Its application flied in this proceeding by $:00 a.m., on January 18, 1985; Commission Staff an,(:l the Intervenors shall submit prepared direct testimony Supporllng their respective positions in this proceed ins by S:00 p.m., on February S, 1965; Mountaineer shall submit pre. pared rebuttal testimony by S:00 p.m., on February 19, 19aS; Corn m Isston Staff and any Intervenors Shall submit prepared rebuttal test. ImPny by 5:g0 P.m., on February 22, 190S. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the matters involved herein be set for final hearing to be held in the Commission's Hearing Room in the Public Service Commission Build. ing, 201 Brooks Streel, Charleston, West Virginia, on February 26, 1985, at 9:30 e.m, IT I$ FURTHER ORDERED that M ounloineer Gas Company give notice Of the filing Of the application and of the hearing scheduled ther. son by posting COpy Of this order in all Places where bills ere paid for a Period Of at least fifteen ( 1St days prior tO the date Of hearing and that Mountaineer Gas Company give notice to tho Public Of the hearing scheduted for February 26, 1985, by dublishlng a cOPy of thl8 Order once a week for twO (2) weeks in news. PaPers Published and of general circulation tn each of the counties where Mountaineer's customers re. side. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Executive Secret~try serve a COOy Of &his Order upon all parties to this proceeding by United States Ftrlt Class Mail. Melissa K, Marland Hearing Exam iner MKM " mrs Jan, 15, 22 Legal Notice "ATTENTION" Ioattve Coal Reserve Property Owners If yOU own West Virginia COSl rights Of any sort that were not involved in en active mining oper atton between July 1st 1982 and June 30th 1983, yOu are required to complete the West Virginia Inactive Coal Reserve Property Return, Form STC 12:37, and return it to the West virginia stare Tax Depart merit. HOwever if e~y of your Droperltes inv01ve Bn active mining operation, such property must be reported on Form STC 12:36 instead which is to be filled out by the coal oroducer. The information you Sub mit will be used to value your coal property for tax purposes. The Intormati0n on this return is part of the reaopraisal program es required by the State Constitution and Code, end should not be con fused with the information that is required to be ti!ed with the county assessor on NOvember tat 1984 for ownership of Prooertles os Of July tat 1904, The '" West Virginia Inactive Coal Reserve Property Return". FOrm 5TC 12:37 may be picked up at the Summers County Assessor's Office. ShOuld you have any questions concerning this report, yOu may contact the State Tax Department at (304) 348 3940, Very truly yours Billy Dab Lilly Summers County Assessor Jan. 8, 16 Legal Notice BiD THE COUNTY COMMISSION OF SUMMERS COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA, will receive sealed bids for County wide tanker fire truck to be used for fire protection throughout Summers County, B ids will be received in the County Commission Office until 10:00 a.m on Tuesday, February 19, 1985. SoecificetiOns may be Obtained in the .County Corn m isston Office in the Courthouse. A contracturs~ delivery performance bOnd will be required. The Commission reserves the right tO reiect any or all Bids SO subm itled, Billy Joe Edwards, President Sum mere County Corn m isston Jan. 16, 22 Legal Notice BID THE COUNTY COMMISSION OF SUMMERS COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA, will receive bids for a three (3) year Comprehensive Bus iness Insurance Policy that wilt lnctude Public Employees Liabillty, Errors and Omissions, ana oil county buildings, vehicles and equip. ment Bids wittbe received in the County Commission Office until 10:00 o.m on Tuesday, February 19, 19SS. Specifications may be obtained in the County Comm ission Office in the Courthouse. T he COrn m tssion reserves the right to reject any or eli bids so subm Itted. Billy Joe Edwards, President Summers County Commission Jan, 15, 22 VA OWNED HOME G NO DOWN PAYMENT SMALL CLOSING COST SONS ~ FINANCING BY VA EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY UP TO 30 YEAR FIXED RATE LOW ORIGINATION FEE b 11e ilml Am. Eugene Jones, REALTOR All Types Remodeling Also Storm :And Replacement Windows. 20 Years Experience Licensed And Insured J0hn Houchins Gen. Contractors 466 - 4411 FOR SALE BELLEPOINT .. Building Lot 65 x 100 City Water & Gas. Will Sell Cheap. PENCE SPRINGS 5 Room Cottage Nice Kitchen Carpet & Drapes. Good Well & Septic System on Big Lot that Borders River Has Garage & Other Building. Suited For Home or Camp. This is Nice. PENCE SPRINGS River Lot About 100 x 300 Lot Runs From Road To River. ~CE SPRINGS ,.About 2 Acre Lot That borders Main Highway Next To Market. BELLEPOINT .Greenbrier Ave. 3 bedroom House Nice Kitchen Drapes Fire- palce Full basement. 12th. Ave. ..7 Room House Carpet Drapes Can be see by Appointment. PIPESTEM CREEK New Listing 2 Houses 1 4 Room 1 5 Room on about t4 Acres. Good water 2 Ponds can be seen by Appointment. 3 Nice Building Lots at Jumping Branch. 1 is over a acre. EldddD Ellisu Jr. Real ESTATE Broker 710 Tmple St. !:ALTOR Ph e 466 - 112"/ Donna El,son Saies Persm Phone 466 - 5415 .... 'el SPICER REAL ESTA1T Bellepoint 104 Central Avenue 3 BR, living room,kitchen, car- peted, full hasement, hot water baseboard heat. Carport 50' x 120' lot $37,500. Let Us List Your Property Residential, Farms, Camps, Lots Acreage. " Bellepoint - 317 Riverside Dr, 2 or 3 BR, Living Room, Dining Room. Modern Kitchen, carpet- ed. Force Air Heat, 50' x 140' Corner Lot. Home in Excellent Condition. $35,500. 411 Summers St. 2 Story, 5 Room Brick. Hot Water Heat, Needs Some Repairs. Bargain. $11,900. Nimitz Commercial Property. 36x52 Building. Rented, Furnish- ed Apt., Ample Parking. 50 x 150 Lot. Owner Financing. $58,000. 1~ Acre Wooded lot in Green- brier Co. at Auto Excellent Hunting. $1.000. Let Us List Your Property. Jerry C. Spicer REALTOR Shirley J. Spicer, Sales Person Anytime We Take Our Office Home With UB. W MLS Cashi0n & Toler Real Estate. luc. List your property with the No. 1 selling Company in the country. Local Agents now serving Hinton and Summers county. Autrey & Brenda Riteh Phone 466.1252 .... HELP WANTED AN ()HI() OIL CO. offers h~ah income, plus cash bonuses, benefits to malure person in Hinton area. Regardless of experience, write M. S. Read, American Lubricants Co., Box 426, Dayton, Ohio 45401, Jan. I - 221) II I I NOIICE IIIII I ~L Stamps . Bought, Sold. .35D express mail paying 50 cents. 466-* 3454. Sept. 18 - TFN II II I IIII R. EUGENE JONES, JR. Rt, 86, Box 99 JUMPING BRANCH. WV 25969 304/466-4246 Selling Is My Business Apartments For Rent Downtown. I',E ~UTIFUL SMALL FARM - ESTATE: - NIMITZ Large 2 story- home- 30 acres - over t/ of this land cleEred level Held - fenced - log Barn - outbulidingB - Bprlags - creek or Hver - 4 BR Home - 3 BathB - large LR wtth FP - very uniqne hard wood floors - well - this place MUST be seen to appreciate .... Call for details or appointmeut to see ... 81 ACRES - Sandstone area very privRte - older mobile home - many old outbuildings - old log home -" old sehool house" - over 20 acre cleared - 37,500. OLDER CAMP - l%acre let on Wtilowwood Rd. - fronts Greenbrier River - add'! bldg. - must sell to settle estate - make offer. 5 ACRES - JUMPING BRANCH - OFF BROOMSTRAW RD. - city water - nice wooded building site offers pHvncy. Price reduced to sell. 74 ACRE FARM GREEN SULPHUR - very private upon Mt, 2 BR block house - log outbuildings, pasture aod cropland - woods 38,000. SPLIT - FOYER GREEN SULPHUR SPRINGS-only lt;~ from 1- 64 interchange - large lot I acre - level brick Rnd siding - fruit trees. small barn - Price reduced. 1 ACRE BUILDING LOT - Ballangee area. level and cleEred. good neighborhood - 5,000.00. 7 ACRES PIPESTEM AREA - beautiful home site, clear field. Creek, nice woods. Private but close $14,00e. 1018t~ TEMPLE ST. - 2 story - great view of river.... 1318 TEMPLE ST, - 2 story - large lot. BUILDING LOT - Bellepoint - near Hospital. DOWNTOWN - LEASED STORE FRONT WITH APARTMENTS Upstairs - Excellent Iocotion - good investment. 10 ACRES - STREETER AREA - all fenced mostly cleared - very private - good land but access is rough ... 12,500. 120 ACRE FARM - GRIFFITll'S CREEK - over ~leared fields - fenced - spring new 50' x 24' buildhtg ~il~t~ll mtd ~ ~. service. 207 CENTRAL AVE. - BELLEPOINT - nice older 2 story home on level lot has new roof - beautiful oak door and trim. Full Basement ... a good investment. 407 6th AVE. - HINTON - large 2 story home - hardwood floors - close to high school - 4 BR. - large frent porch -New roof and heat - OWNER FINANCING $18,000.~0. CLASSIC 2 STORY HOME - TALCOTT - Large let with river frontage - detached double garage - garden - fruit trees ... 3 BR HOME - FOREST HILL - has full Basement - nice built in kitchen - den 2 baths - carport - ~ acre lot ... priced to sell .... HOUSE AND 13 ACRES - ELLISON RIDGE RD. - only 3 miles from Rt. 3 4 BR houBe - large living reom with fire place - laundry room. Fruit trees - mostly wooded land - Bmnil barn - large creek - Priced reduced .... ,M ~I.L liOME ON 114 ACRE LOT-HILLDALE- well and city water - detached garage - Excellent lot - Priced at $26,OOO;~:_ _ _ 12 x 44 TRAILER AND LOT .-RICHMOND BOTTOM - New River Road- jnst outside Hinton - lot IB cleared and level - has river rights 16,000.00. OLDER DUPLEX - Southside - 2 apts. oa large lot - needs some repairs .... 4 BR HOME ON 3~ACRES - MADAMS CREEK - beautiful home with basement - Hardwood floors - 3 baths - large Idtehen - fireplace - larger home for the family that needs space .... 3 BUILDING LOTS . NIMITZ - lillcre each level End cleared - city ~vaier and new street - only (t$,e0e.0e each. ~ACRE LOT - JuBt past Landfill - eleared and level - approved as Farmers Home housesite ... 30 ACRES WOODLAND - MEADOW CREEK - privRte - good for hunting or cabin - need 4 wheel in winter ... 8,eee. 185 ACRE FARM - BALLANGEE AREA - Larger 2 Btory home - 3 barns - other baildJngB - 2 ponds - RI! fenced mostly cleared ... good farm - OWNER FINANCING... 22% ACRE FOREST HILL. Nice cleared field la valley - private some woods - 13,SN, 25 ACRES - BARGER SPRINGS - about 6 acres cleared field - balance in woodB ... near river ... 14,@@0J0. 77 ACRE - WAR RIDGE - beautiful privRte farm - New 2 BR cabin creek thru land - mostly clenred feoced - good huntiag... 10 ACRES - RAMP ROAD - creek on property mostly wooded good site for eamper or cabin BUSINE&$ OPPORTUNITY .... Store - Resturant - Arcade bidg.,Campgrmmd~" lets far sale ,.. Complete operatiou near public hunting and fishing - only store for miles. 21 lots remaining and 39 acres yet to develop ... owner financing to qualified buyers.., .. Excellent opportua!t3' for right people ... CALL NOW ....~ ,,. ANY TIME ........ Many other properties to Rieet from. LIE We: Si(x Ovl inv, Ira~ lea~ mo J $ Sl