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January 2, 2001     The Hinton News
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January 2, 2001

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2 - Hinton News Tues. Jan. 2, 2001 From page 1 Hydropower on Bluestone Dam cost incurred for the deslgn and construction of the facilities, including the capital investment and a "reasonable rate of return on such capital investment." The benefits to the community, Leslie said, "will be of significant monetary amounts in the form of up- front dollars for construction and in royalties thereafter." Leslie said, up-front, when the turbines turn on the first day, the City of Hinton would receive $1 million. Thereafter the Tri-Cities Power Authority will receive "royalties" that will be split equally between the three cities. Hinton&apos;s share would be "substantial," he said, in excess of $100,000. The royalties, he explained, could be used a number of ways, including investing in other power generating facilities. The Power Authority, he pointed out, has "three other projects" pending that may be realized now that the Bluestone project has been assured "There will be other projects," he said. Leslie could not say who the financier would be for the project, that this would be explained in Feb., but did say he believed the "power purchaser and financier will be the same." The power will probably be purchased by one municipality from another, a municipality outside West Virginia, he said. It is "not likely" that the electricity will be distributed in Hinton, he said Leslie said the power generated will be flow of the river-- "green," which means no fossil fuel will be used to create it. It would not disturb aquatic life downstream of the Dam or disrupt a family outing on the New River. Leslie said the City intends to invest $50,000 in supplementing the Division of Natural Resources' fish stocking of the river. "That's something we want to do." Letter to the Editor Concerns Over Private Prison Dear Editor Open Letter to Steve Canterbury, Director Regional Jail Authority. I am writing to express concerns regarding the proposal'of Private and Municipal Systems, Inc. to construct and operate a private, for- profit correctional facility near Pence Springs. I acknowledge that there is a financial appeal, in wages, taxes and indirectly, and that infrastructure improvements in the water and sewage are anticipated. These are my concerns. 1. The Corporation is new, is not currently registered with the Tennessee Secretary of State, has no phone nor commercial address listed Although I read that the principals have experience, I am concerned about the viability and accountability of this enterprise. 2. The location is residential, presenting neighbors with the risk of disturbances, breakouts, hostage taking, assault, theft, increased traffic, lights, and noise. At the provided by private contractors or vendors and that persons convicted of any offenses against the US shall be housed in facilities managed and maintained by Federal employees." (copy of bill attached). My research has lead me to a conclusion similar to that voiced by Rep. Strickland (3/23/00) to a House committee, "In my opinion, the present cost of for profit prisons is too high." In 1996, the US General Accounting Office reviewed five studies of private prisons and found 'no substantial evidence' that for profit institutions saved tax dollars. I am clearly in agreement with the need for economic development in Summers County, and extend appreciation for all the work done to develop and explore this project. Unless and until all these expressed concerns and those of other area residents are satisfactorily addressed, I request that approval by the WV Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority and RAILROAD " RECOLLECTiOHS ]:.. By Roy C. Long Somebody had to warn it, and it had to be me, I decided. Everyone protested - i'd get killed trying to swim that choppy, wild river. But I rigged up a harness and tied a half-inch rope to it. I slipped off my jacket and shoes and dipped into the dark, icy, violent water. The Council on Aging This is a weekly publication of the Summers County Council on Aging, Inc., 120 Second Ave., Hinton. Patricia McDaniel, Executive Director Funded in part by the WV Bureau of Senior Services, Appalachian Area Agency on Aging, other grant and local resources and donations. Any older person is encouraged to participate in the program regardless of race, creed, handicap or national origin. The Summers County Council on Aging is an equal opportunity employer. Wednesday, January 3rd. Menu: Brown beans/onions, cabbage, pickle relish, fruit cocktail, cornbread, milk/butter. Thursday, January 4th. Menu: Meatloaf/gravy, potato salad, broccoli, plums, bread, milk]butter. Activities: Robin Cunningham with Voice Care. Topic: How Voice Care Following is a true story written by Mr. L B Allen and is a reprint from "TRACKS - C. & O. Rwy Magazine" December 1956 issue. Moving a mountain sometimes doesn't make an impression in itself. But if you start with that, then taken a suicide swim across a swirling river jagged with ax-sharp rocks and prevent a crack passenger train, carrying your line's president, from piling up... well! I lived through that, and I'd like to relive it with you. It happened in 1900 at the New River Gorge in West Virginia on a blustery cold day. It had snowed hard and the Alleghenies were blanketed by three feet of crusty whiteness. Icicles hung down menacingly everywhere, like witch fingers. I had been sent into the coal-rich gorge area as assistant resident engineer on a difficult Chesapeake & Ohio railroad construction job. About this New River... It flows out of the Carolinas and, in its lower end in central West Virginia, pushes through a gorge that has almost perpendicular sides several hundred feet high. Here, near Hawks Nest, the river is angry and defiant, at its snarling worst. Friday, January 5th. Menu: Baked ham, glazed sweet potatoes, shellie beans, cake/ice cream, rolls, milk]butter Activities: January Seniors' Birthday Party: 11:00 am. Special Singing by The Shining Lights, consisting of Bonnie Galford and Barbara Young: 11:00 am. Monday, January 8th. Menu: Spanish more, green beans, coleslaw, butterscotch pudding, french bread, milk]butter. Activities: Bible Study with Reverend Eddie Johnson: 11:00 am. In those days there was no supports people who choose to live highway or road or trail along the independently: II:00 am. Bingo For north side of the river through the Prizes: After Lunch gorge. Only one highway bridge and a few cable footbridges crossed the water. C & O had tracks on the north bank, but coal mined on the south bank had to be shuttled across the river on cables to the railroad. When C. & O. decided to build a branch on the other side, our job was to cut a shelf along the precipitous hillside for the road bed. There were no steam shovels then -just men and mules and muscles. Strictly pick and shovel. , But the grading progressed current sucked me under, slapping me against rocks. I thought my lungs would burst. Barely conscious, I fought for air, struggling to reach the other bank. I made it - half alive. Tattered, bleeding, frozen, I pulled myself up to the track level and hobbled towards the rock pileup. I saw a red blotch in the track - a bleeding man. The track walker! He had been on the tracks when the blast went off. I had thought him dead, having seen him fall under the spray of debris. But he was alive - unconscious and bloody, but, miraculously, with no bro]en bones. Rocks around him were as big as kegs. Then I heard it. A train whistle. No. 3 blowing for Fayette station four miles away. I had to warn it. I took the track walker's flag and torpedoes and stumbled eastward up the track. But I couldn't make it - couldn't. I was passing out. In desperation, I fastened the torpedoes to the rail, hoping they'd go off in warhing. Then - darkness. Next thing I knew I was awake again and the train's engineer was hovering over me. "Thank God, you stopped me," he said. "I would have plowed into that mess at fifty miles an hour!" Passengers from the train spilled onto the tracks, including a distinguished, white-haired gentleman. "Young man," he said, "we owe you our lives. Swimming that river - imagine!" The white-haired gentleman, of course, was George W. Stevens, C. & O. President. While the track was being cleared he insisted I have lunch in his car, occupied by numerous dignitaries. Soon after, I was promoted to take full charge of the tracklaying job - thanks to Mr. Stevens. The track later became an important link in the east bound main line. website <corrections.corn>, I read"I the WV Division of Corrections be rapidly, until there was Just one Tuesday, January 9th. Menu: That's how I took a big step up work in a medium security .withheld., ,e=,,..,p iprtgt remaining - a high, cky .lvit bhrslonig.,iJailbge,i..'the.tadder.,iFortunately;I':mas abl, e prlson...we founda shotgun shell... o'atzvely an.respecttuny  bltfl t ltjhtted over the river;rhi..hdi]-t:b.a&ts ;, fgu 'thill;;:,:d ltll:y'gltltp lith''-; i ztcamelnonawmt.Nomaterwliat ' yours;"  : ' y :"'%C!': c, 2 hoo ose lad to be blasted oithg,cvralread, mitk]butte. Aetivities'  Note" Atho.L..Batlen a ...... co 9 - ".- you do there will always be Larry Levine face of the mountain. The contractor Bingo for Prizes: ;After Lunch. C&O vice president, retired in 1947 something to use as a weapon...they can use a pen to kill." I feel that neighbors have a legitimate concern about safety. I read and hear from people who work in medium security facilities that assaults and escapes do occur. The P&MS, Inc. proposal acknowledges such risks indirectly by stating "the staffing pattern, in conjunction with the contemporary, secure design of the prison, will serve as a deterrent to escapees as well as a reduction of the level of violence within the prison." 3. The rural aspect of the location impedes the opportunity for out of town, and especially out of state, family and friends to visit. Transportation and accommodations are very limited. 4. Private, for profit prisons have a poor record industry wide. A study by the Association of State Attorneys General found that "Private prisons attempt to save money by cutting back on staff security and medical care." Representative Strickland of Ohio testified "The for profit prison industry.., is responsible for some of the most heinous public safety catastrophes in recent corrections history." The Wisconsin Department of Corrections details mistreatment of inmates in out-of-state private prisons including a "litany of gang and drug problems, health and sanitation concerns, unsanitary food service, medical issues and inmate mistreatment." 5. The proposal anticipates occupancy based on out-of-state and federal prisoners. In the last year, at least seven states have taken steps to protect their citizens from private prisons. (NJ, AL, UT, W1, AK, OK, and MT). At the national level, The Anti Prison Privatization Bill, HR 979, sets forth 'qb ensure that services related to the operation of a correctional facility and the incarceration of inmates are not Buck Route Box 350, Hinton FUND ESTABLISHED A fund for Brock Wright, son of Christy and Kevin Wright and grandson of City Councilman Bobby and Shirley Wheeler, ,as been 'established at City National Bank to aid in the expense associated with his Bone Marrow Transplant. Anyone wishing to make a donation may do so by mailing it tQ: 'The Brock Wright Fund, do City National Bank, P. O. Box 220, t[inton, WV 25951. BABY AND CHILDREN HANGERS NEEDED The MIHOW Baby Corner has recently been reorganized to provide a range of baby clothes, supplies and equipment to new parents. In order to better display the clothing the Baby Corner is in need of baby aiid children's hangers. Anyone who has hangers to donate, or knows of a store that might provide hangers, is asked to call 466-4659 or 466-2226 The Baby Corner is located at the REACHH House at 176 Pleasant St., Hinton. LETTERS POLICY Letters are welcome, but no more than one letter each month will be accepted from the same writer Preference will be given to letters of 300 words or less Longer letters may be shortened or rejected Letters must be signed and must include an address and phone number The telephone number will not be published Letters will be edited for grammar, spelling, taste, syntax, and libel. Names will not be withheld Address them to Letters to the Editor, P. O. Box 1000, Hinton, WV 25951. Adult Ccntinuin00 Education Clas+ Have Started!!! behind Lincoln School On Tuesday evening from 5:00-8:00 The class Will provide computer, parenting, Job search, and basic skills instruction leading to GED. Everyone is welcome. Please call 466-6026 for more details. [ figured one big blast would do it. He Menu changes may occur due to decided to use Judson, a special the availability of foods or due slow-acting powder, confident it tocircumstances beyond our control. would jar the bluff free of itsgrip NOTE: Lockbridge Area goes and topple it gently into the river, shopping every Monday -- The blast was to go off at 6:00 a. Thursday's opt. Hinton Area goes m. but was delayed, with one thing shopping every Friday. Pence and another, for more than an hour. Springs Area goes shopping every I had my doubts about it all. No 3, Friday. Meadow Creek]Sandstone the crack westbound-train, the Area goes shopping .every FAST-FLYING VIRGINIA was Wednesday. Any and all bus due across the river at 10 a.m. I had schedules are subject to change. suggested we delay the shot until the train had passed. But the contractor insisted there was no danger of blocking the main line If a few rocks did fly ontothe track there would be time to dear them off, he said. He couldn't let hi men stand idle and, besides, maybe the train would be hours late. So the blast went off. But instead of the muffled, gentle blast the contractor had expected, the mountain belched its side loose with tremendous fury, erupting rocks, dirt and stumps into the river and onto the opposite bank, blocking the tracks. And No. 3 due anytime! For it could be on time as well as late. Something had to be done - fast! Someone had to cross the river, to flag No. 3, but nobody would. REUNION PLANNING" MEETING Hinton High School class of 1951 is planning a 50 year reunion for Sept. 14 - 15 2001. For more information please contact Ginger T. Snider, 164 Pleasant Street, Hinton, W. VA. 25951 or call 466-3891. Also the committee needs the address of the following classmates: Lester Bennett, Charles E. Price and Geneview Wykle. $$* Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. --Thomas Edison 6.65%* enhanced one-year rate on Eagle Plus"! You can earn 6.65%* on your contract for one year when you purchase an]e Plus" single premium deferred annuity between January 1, 2001 and January 31, 2001! No up-front fees or annual main- tenance fees are charged, so yo _ur.eam/ns c?ntlnue to work for you. -as]e Plus" Is undevritten by lationwide Life Insurance Lompany. * Tl  6.65% ram rJ or a b r d S,65% md = L. rm  l % r rhe f' ct  dn ,,tj,,ou nm.m. Wl,drmvab berm F 59 VZ ny be a-t to a 10% IR5 pmaty. Lhl$ " wt mmd  ytctd rtta Natltnwide Is On YJr Sldt" iiiiiiii Q Ann H. Gore 210 Ballengee St. Hinton, WV Ph: 466-1075 Nationwide" after forty-seven active years with the railroad. He was the father of Mrs. J. N. Wills, Hinton. W. VA. 1/2 Hour Towing Road Service ,/Unlocking Service ,/General Moters Warranty Towing ,/Ford Motor Co. Warranty Towing ,/Light Mechanical Repairs ,/Free Storage first five days on Police Tows ,/Roll,Back ,/Complete Autobody Shop ,/Alignments ,/Bake Oven ,/AND MUCH! MUCH! MORE!! Notice MEDTCAL FUND ,, ESTABLISHED A Medical Fund for Raphael Jackson has been estal dish  at First Century Bank for anyone vho wishes to make donations towards his medical expenses. Donations may be mailed to First Century Bank, P. O. Drawe 70 Hinton, WV 25951 or contact Nincy Cales or Sharon Cole, 466-2311. BIG FOUR DRUG STORE Cor. 3rd AVE & TEMPLE ST. HiNTON W.Va. PHONE 466-323 ?.'1. iiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiii. mig, R. Pb,' ii!iiiii: iiiiiii ,:??,,!,,:i Glaucoma: M_g Proper Eye Pressure,',is Critical :, By definition, glaucoma i'an increase in pressure within the,eye- ball. The goal of glaucoma man- agement is to control this preure (referred to as intraocular pres- sure). If the buildup of pressure in the anterior chamber is not re- lieved, damage to the optic ri-5"ve and loss of vision (blindness) 9an result. Reduction of intraocu'iar pressure is accomplished witla; Eye Drops: Certain medicines such as beta blockers (eg. tim otol and cartelol) decrease the produc- tio....._an of fluid in the eye. Prostag- landins such as lantanoprost and cholinergic-like medicines such as pilocarpine increase the outOw or drainage of fluid from the ye. , ", r Laser Surgery: This procere may be performed in the doctclr's office or eye clinic. A high be'am. of light is aimed at the lens ;and reflected into a meshwork wifin the eye that allows for the flc of fluid from the eye. , ,, Conventional Surgery: If dt'6s and laser surgery are not suc6ess- fu, convcnonal surgery may I be , cd. ]Incisions are the,,is and/or smanportions of the me, h- work removed, allowing for fl,nid drainage and a reduction of pros- sure in the anterior eye chamber. a: A Jarrell's Exxon "Your Full-Service Service Station" 466'0133 NEW HOURS MONDAY - SATURDAY 7 - 7 SUNDAY CLOSED Mechanics on Duty Six Days a Week! ' BEST TIRE VALUES IN THE AREA!!! Large Inventowttt Struts Front End Alignments Air Conditioning Oil Changes Tire Mounting (European & American Equip) Computerized Wheel Balances != w r,. Brake Work Snap-On Computerized Diagnostic Equipment for Domesti & Import Vehicles Most Auto Repairs Full & Serf Service Gasoline * Head Mechanic--- Neal Cody * Mechanic--Tim Ward I t